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Never Failing Prayer To St. Michael

Archangel Saint Michael

Archangel St. Michael in triumph

Disclaimer: I am convinced that the archangel St. Michael not only exists, but is an immensely powerful and active protective force.

Whether this is “just in my mind” or not, I can tell you I could care less because, as they say, “the proof is in the pudding.”

My life was spared three times. (I was a slow learner.)

How do I know it was St. Michael? I don’t, in that I can’t prove it to anyone else.

However, too many coincidences (along with a resonance in my heart and gut) tell me it was  St. Michael who saved me in each instance.

Now, my conceit says that I was saved so I could write Prayerforce and these little blog posts.

Hah! It’s far more likely that I was spared because I wouldn’t learn my lessons if I died – plus I had a divine appointment to meet the man who would become my husband, to end his loneliness.


The prayer below comes from a woman who built St. Michael a shrine in Tarpon Springs, Florida.

Located at the corner of Grand and Hope, (Grand Hope – no coincidence there) the chapel serves as a living  reminder that prayers are answered. (If you visit, it’s the Shrine of Saint Michael Taxiarchis, 113 Hope Street, Tarpon Springs, FL.)

In 1939, Maria Tsalichi’s young son Steve was gravely ill. He had fallen into a coma and was expected to die.

Maria reported, afterwards, that her son had awoken and spoken (she thought he was delirious) to say, “Yes, but my mother has no money,” and then to her: “Taxiarchis (the archangel St. Michael) wants you to build his shrine.”

As this conversation continued, Maria realized that her son’s words were coming from another place and promised to build the shrine. After her son recovered she kept her promise, although it took a lot of faith and perseverence since she was not a wealthy woman.

If you are ever in the vicinity, stop by. Light a candle, and settle into stillness. See if you can feel the singing vibration that lives there. I fall into it so deeply that I can sit there for fifty minutes in meditation (despite Florida heat and only overhead fans going) and the time flies. I come away renewed, restored and grateful.


Note that this ritual calls for you to light a candle in the chapel once a week for nine weeks. However, you need not go to Tarpon Springs for it to be effective. You can visit your own place of worship, light a candle and follow the directions there, since God and St. Michael are everywhere you believe them to be.

So what if your normal “place of worship” is in your own home?

Well, let me clarify that this is not like one of those terrible e-mails we have all gotten that gives you (what can be) a lovely image of Jesus or a prayer and then implies that if you “follow the rules” and “pass it on” you will experience some blessing (like winning the lottery) but if you just delete it you will be struck by tragedy.

No matter how lovely the prayer or image, I delete those e-mails without sending them on, because that threatening message is toxic.

All you really need do is reverently say the prayer below every day for nine weeks.

Should it feel sacred and strengthening to visit a place of worship each Tuesday (for nine successive Tuesdays) to light a candle and leave a copy of the prayer for some other person to find, then do so, by all means.

Just don’t do it out of superstition, fear or resentful obligation.

St. Michael is God’s servant and wants to help you. All you need bring to him is a sincere and willing heart, although gratitude is always a plus, and joy is a good gift to bring him as well, if you can manage it.

However, just come as you are, be yourself, and do your best to make the moment meaningful. If you can feel as though you are communicating with the divine in a sacred moment, it doesn’t matter where you are.

People have experienced miracles, healing and revelation in jail and in the gutter. So wherever you are, and whatever you offer of yourself, is enough.

Now, finally, the prayer –


St. Michael, I resort to your protection and, in my faith, offer this light which shall burn every Tuesday.

Comfort me in my difficulties and though lodging in the house of our savior, intercede for me and my family that we will be able to hold God close to our hearts and be provided for in all of our necessities.

I beseech you to have infinite pity in regard to the favours I ask of you (name them), that I may be able to overcome all difficulties as you did the dragon at your feet.


Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed are thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb – Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen.


Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.


Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be, World without End. Amen.

This prayer is to be said for nine (9) Tuesdays in succession, and each Tuesday a candle shall be lighted and a copy of this prayer left in the church to help another soul in distress and support the devotion to St. Michael.

This miraculous Saint grants everything, no matter how difficult, and before the termination of the nine (9) weeks of Wednesdays.

~ ~ ~

May You Feel God’s blessing upon you now.

Old black & white image of St. Michael's Shrine

Old black & white image of St. Michael's Shrine

Lifting personal and world energies since 2003.

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1 Father Paul Boardman { 04.12.09 at }

I visited St. Michael Taxiarchis on Good Friday. I found the presence of the Holy Spirit to be very strong. So strong in fact I found myself prostrate on the floor before the altar. A wonderful time of prayer was realized by our company of four. I met MariaDim blessed and anointed her with oil. She radiated the presence of God. We all rededicated our lives to Jesus. Very appropriate to do on Good Friday 2009. St. Michael has always been special to me from my conversion. My last Church before retirement in 05 was Saint Michael’s. Thank you Maria Dim for your obedience to Jesus.
Father Paul Boardman+
Summerfield Florida

2 Clyo Beck { 04.16.09 at }

Thank you, Father Boardman, for relating your beautiful experience of feeling the Holy Spirit at St. Michael Taxiarchis. ~ Clyo

3 A Prayer For Financial Support | Prayerforce.Org Prayer Blog { 04.16.09 at }

Thanks for the prayer. I do feel “energy” when I say it. It’s true about prayer and visualization. Very powerful. I just kind of forget to do it. So thanks for the reminders.

4 jojo { 08.21.09 at }

Thanks for the prayer. As I now only have 9 1/2 hrs for my miracle, I guess I saw it too late. Yet, it is still comforting. Pls pray for my 3 children, dog and I, for we are in desperate times and will be homeless again in 9 1/2 hours despite all my efforts.
Please pray, if not for me, then just my kids.

5 Nancy { 09.08.09 at }

St. Michael not only heals physical illnesses, he heals difficult situations and emotional distress. The healing at St. Michael’s shrine is nothing short of miraculous.

6 Nancy { 09.08.09 at }

St. Michael not only heals physical illnesses, he also heals difficult situations and emotional distress. St. Michael’s healing is truly miraculous.

7 Lynne { 09.30.09 at }

Please send info to me @

8 Karen { 01.07.10 at }

I started praying to st. michael in September, wrote a prayer, and sent it to the shrine in tarpon springs on his feast day September 29. INDEED, several miracles did occur. It was extraordinary. I was almost out of money , took each day at a time, did my best not to panic, and received the exact amount of money I asked for. I need another miracle to happen today and I am praying fervently. I am praying that St. Michael helps me, so I can help as many other people as I can.

9 Madeline { 02.25.10 at }

St. Michael send me a pious and fervent, adoring the Lord and honoring the Virgen Mary, catholic spouse to love me.

10 Lauren { 03.21.10 at }

My husband and I are planning togo to St. Michael’s Shrine this Good Friday, 2010…We are in great need, facing foreclosure, on food stamps, in huge debt, without health insurance and my husband has been out of work for almost 2 yrs. He is 56 yrd. old,was a VP of software sales…he cannot find work…the economy as well as his age prevent him getting hired. We are in need of so many miracles. I beleive with all my heart that we will be answered..God has a plan and will not abandon us. We look forward to this Good Friday so we can lay our prayers at the feet of St. Michael. Please pray for us too. My husband’s mane is Patrick. With gratitude and sincerity.

11 Maria { 04.29.10 at }

I will pray to St. Michael for financial hope. I am interested in knowing if St. Michael’s in Tarpon Springs in Catholic or Greek Orthodox?

12 mg { 05.03.10 at }

Please pray for my daughter. she was raped by her boss and the police decided that they are not proceeding with her case. Please pray that my daughter stays safe and although they could not find the date rape drugs please somehow the medication they found on her report please pray that somehow a miracle is given to us and it is somehow proven that this drug can possible cause a black out for people who should not be taking it. Please pray.

Thank you

13 Clyo Beck { 05.08.10 at }

Hi Maria,

Tarpon Springs is a Greek community and the caring woman who takes care of the chapel is Greek. While I never asked her, my assumption is that the affiliation of the chapel is Greek Catholic. Saint Michael himself, however, is a powerful and universal spiritual benefactor who will help anyone regardless of religious affiliation. God bless you. May you feel the energy of Saint Michael as you pray and know that you are loved.

14 Clyo Beck { 05.08.10 at }

Dearest M.G.,

I am so sorry to hear of this violation. It must feel so devastating to your daughter to be so used and abused and then have what feels like a further insult heaped upon her. And you must feel so frustrated. This is your baby who has been so wronged.

When wrong happens, we expect justice to balance the scale. When justice is not forthcoming, we can feel small, powerless and afraid. If violation can go unpunished one time, then is this the way of the world? Can we ever be safe? These are the questions that go around and around in our minds as our hearts pound and we relive what has happened.

The worst consequence of violation is not the one act, but the re-living of it over and over. This creates spiritual and mental damage. It weakens us. We can feel afraid of everyone and everything. We can believe we are powerless, unable to discern danger or protect ourselves. And we can even come to believe we are unworthy of God’s love and protection, else why would it have occurred?

So the one thing that your daughter must embrace from this experience is a determination to learn greater self-love and respect for her own soul.

She must refuse to allow herself to so what so many young women do in similar situations, which is to blame and second-guess themselves.

The spiritual onus is on this man. This was a test for him of his compassion and integrity. He demonstrated cruelty, instead, and failed.

So, if you can, please pray for the highest and best result for all concerned. Pray even for the man who did this to her. Pray as sincerely as you can. Be willing for him to get off completely because sending him love will do far more than any earthly punishment. That love will either melt his cruelty and bring him back to God so that he may, himself, come to your daughter weeping and apologizing, or the thoughts of love she sends him will plunge him into an inner hell due to the conflict it creates inside him.

This is what Jesus told us to do. We are to bless those that hurt us. Curse him and the curse comes back to you. Bless him and the blessing comes back to you. To bless him and send sincere love to him is “to pour coals upon his head” [Proverbs 25:21-22] if he will not change. So, even if you feel like a liar and a hypocrite, pray that he is blessed and that the situation is in God’s hands, that God knows best, and that this resolves in the highest and best good for all concerned.

Please tell your daughter:

Do not pray for justice. Do not pray for his punishment. Pray for the capacity to send him spiritual love and forgive him. Forgive the experience, and forgive yourself for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. You did the best you could at the time. You could not have done any better.

As impossible as this may feel, this is your choice: You can either hurt yourself over and over with this experience, this betrayal, this violation, and do it for years so that it poisons your life, or you can ask God to help you forgive it all, bless it all, bless yourself, bless the man, and heal so completely that you can love and trust and be happy again. (Bless those who curse you, and pray for those who spitefully use you. – Luke 6:28)

The key is for her to realize she has not been diminished. To God she is perfect and beautiful and completely deserving of being loved and protected. (Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you” – I Corinthians 3: 16.) And God does not ever want such a thing to happen to her, or to any woman, ever again.

For a woman to be truly protected she must connect with the great love within her and with her soul’s intuition. A woman cannot do things to please others. She cannot let other people or things (like culture or fashion) or even biological urges be the authorities in her life. She must learn to cultivate the still, small voice that is true to who she is. That is the voice that will keep her safe. It will whisper things like, “Don’t go out with him” or “stick to soda water this evening” or “call yourself a cab now.”

Yet, like every young person, your daughter is learning discernment. She is learning what is her voice and what is the world’s voice. The world’s voice will sometimes play fast and rough with us, but the inner voice – the soul’s voice – never will.

I will pray for your daughter’s safety and healing, but it is your daughter who holds the key to both. She will become truly powerful when she is able to get to that place where she can ask and contemplate this question without fear:

If there were a spiritual reason for this entire experience, what would that be?

When she finds the spiritual reason she will be able to forgive. Then the experience will have no more power over her. It will no longer hurt her. She will not feel sorry for herself because she will see that her lesson is to tenderly love and care for herself. She may even learn to feel sorry for him.

He is the one who has done wrong and who is so spiritually disconnected that he would hurt her like this. When he dies, he will face her pain – will feel the pain he caused her, regardless of any repentance.

That is no comfort to her now, nor should it be.

So how does she get to a place where she can ask such a question, receive an answer, achieve forgiveness and release all pain?

Let her sit in silence and pray until she feels God’s presence. Encourage her to connect with the Force that can heal all things and make all things right within her.

Remember the words often attributed to Mother Teresa which she referred to and believed in:

“In the final analysis, nothing is between you and them. Everything is between you and God.”

Get close to God, speak to God, feel God’s love within you guiding you, follow that guidance, bless other people always, and you will always, always be safe.

15 Karen { 08.05.10 at }

Please help me get thru August and September. Please guide and protect me. Please lead me down the right path which you have planned for me.

16 Ruth Mckay { 08.20.10 at }

Please pray for me. God bless you all.

17 Joe { 08.22.10 at }

Please pray for my wife Diane and I…we are currently separated. My wife has special need of prayer as do her sons who are atheists. Thank You.

18 alan { 09.25.10 at }

my wife and i need a miracle from god before its too late we are at financial ends and i need prayer for our family and a quick miracle from god its very rough please pray for us

19 nallamothu { 10.06.10 at }

please pray for my financial plroblems. i pay all my debts. i need a debt free life. please pray for my terrible debt problems.

20 Karen { 10.11.10 at }

I am in need of help and guidance. Please send an angel.

21 Maria sumbillo { 10.15.10 at }

I wishing and praying for st. Michael to obtain my greencard and for everyone who is praying for it.

22 Maria sumbillo { 10.15.10 at }

St. Michael the arch angel drive away the darkness that manifested in my mother, edgar, and my brother reynaldo.

23 maryellen { 10.27.10 at }

My mother and her sister had a disagreement. my mother told me that her sister had “cursed my marriage’ out of anger and spite. These women are in their ninties and have been good friends most of their lives up to the deaths of their husbands about five years ago.
I did not believe in such things and told my mother so, but I emotionally felt like I had been hit with a thunderbolt.

shortly after, i retired from a long, joyful career as an elementary teacher. the process of retiring was grueling and heart-wrenching for me. i focused long and hard on the dissemination of a 34 year collection of materials, ideas and gimmicks for motivating kids to be the best they could be.

i noticed that my husband was beginning to become annoyed with the whole process and seemed to be traveling more and more.
once i was fully retired he was remote when he was home or gone most of the time. my son who had been living with us while going to law school moved in with some of his friends.

having no purpose was very depressing and lonely. i had little joy.

i spoke to a priest about my apprehension about my marriage. he said not to worry, my husband would not leave me.

that was in august.

the following January my husband and I took a trip to Florida to visit some relatives that live there. We returned on Valentines Day.

The week we returned, all ‘HELL’ broke loose.

My husbands MD thought he had acid indegestion and prescribed prilosec. as a cautionary measure, he sent him for a stress test as well.
the stress test was scheduled for 7:30 monday morning. he returned with a diagnosis containing the word “suspicious”. his doctor scheduled a heart catheterization. four days after the catheterization he underwent quadruple bypass surgery at 59 years of age.

while he was recuperating in the hospital, my mother who was 92 at that time slipped off a chair and hurt her back, tailbone and shoulder.

the following october i was still caring for my husband who was growing stronger everyday. He had opted to sell real estate in lieu of his old job which required alot of travel.

in late summer my dog, ‘the love of my life’ had torn his acl and had to undergo rather costly surgery, he was supposed to remain quiet which proved to be a very difficult task. to make my life a little more interesting, while my mother was visiting she slipped and fell again and fractured her spine. because H1N1 was running rapid in the hospitals, the doctor advised i keep her at home and care for her here.

i was exhausted, overwhelmed and discouraged one evening after finishing the dishes at 9:00. i decided to go for a walk. there is a dog, a doberman, that lives in the house across the street. he charge at me full force just as i was entering my driveway. his owner appeared and called him back. when i came inside, my heart still pounding in my chest, i saw my dog broken hearted that he could not have been there to protect me and with glazed over eyes that were speaking to me of excruciating pain. i bent down to hug and comfort him and the next thing i knew half of my upper lipped had been ripped off.
it was a long gory evening trying to locate a plastic surgeon in an emergency room bursting with stabbings, gunshot victims, drug addicts, cops and h1n1 victims. i finally left the hospital at 8:30 Sunday morning with 54 stitches in my lip.

the point of this story is that the following tuesday at 4:00 was my standard “Hour of Adoration”. I wanted to go. When i arrived, there was this big guy named Michael there praying and on the stand next to him was a prayer to st. michael. The big guy named Michael is not there ordinarily and that was the first time I had ever seen a prayer to st. michael in the adoration chapel. i feel that St. Michael was communicating with me that day and is telling me that he is battling for me. St. Michael I feel certain is watching over me & protecting me. Trust in him and he will help you too. I am strongly devoted to him. By the way, my husband is strong and healthy, my lip is healing beautifully and my mother is doing very well. Now I’m praying to St. Michaael & Martha to help my son find meaningful employment, with good people to help him along the way.

24 Karen { 11.14.10 at }

Thank you for helping me through difficult times.

25 Todd Perline { 11.23.10 at }

Dear Saint Michael, please pray for my family and I, I am out of work and trying my best to handle things. I recently went through a divorce and have a beautiful 5 year old girl. Please help me make ends meet.

26 Reg { 11.26.10 at }

Thank you st michael for your protection.

27 Andrea { 12.09.10 at }

Please pray for my aunt Pauline, she is sick and needs the Lord’s healing.

28 Karen { 12.23.10 at }

I am in need of your intercession. Please help me get through this week. I do not know how it will be possible without your help. Please continue to protect me.

29 Karen { 12.31.10 at }

Please help me so that I can help others. Thank you for your blessings.

30 Karen { 01.15.11 at }

Please help me in this very challenging time.

31 carol { 01.20.11 at }

Please pray for me, I have been stricken with kidneey stones that will not stop. Bacteria clings to the stones and causes infections, this has been going on for close to 5 yrs now. I again have a pic line (my 8th) and live most of my life on IV therapy for antibiotics. I have become very weak. My diabetes is out of control, and i have again gained weight, which is hampering my health. Please let me loose it for my health. Let my son be released from the devil for his addictions, and put his family first. And please help my grandaughter free herself from a man who thinks the only way, is illegal ways to obtain money. I fear for her and my great grandson, please protect them, and please wake her up to what he is. Let her see the light and get her education and go on in life without him. Please St. Michael protect my family, as I love them so much and would love to live long enough to enjoy more years with them. Thank you in advance for your help. I am hoping to visit the shrine this week, and will light my candles. I come to you with a broken heart, one in which you and our almighty Savior can only heal.

32 Karen { 01.30.11 at }

Please let me know your will. I do not know what to do. Please send your help to me.

33 Karen { 02.01.11 at }

Please relieve my mother of her agony and pain.

34 Karen { 02.04.11 at }

Please help me get through this day. Please send a message to Patrick and Sarah. Thank you for your intercession.

35 Karen { 02.19.11 at }

Thank you for all of your blessings. Please send speedy relief. Please help Barbara with her mission.

36 Ann { 02.21.11 at }

Thank you for building such a beautiful shrine and Thank you to Archangel Michael, our wonderful protector. Take comfort in knowing that faith, hope and love prevail and that we are not alone.

37 Karen { 02.27.11 at }

Please protect my mother and father.

38 Karen { 03.08.11 at }

Please help Barbara and heal Flo. Please guide me to make the right decisions.

39 viv { 03.16.11 at }

Please pray for me that I may sort out my life in the right direction and get a job or another miracle that will make me finanacially independent. Please protect my mother, father , brothers and sisters nieces and nephews from all harm and sickness. Lord remember your mercy

40 Karen { 03.18.11 at }

Please send a message to Barbara to call Patrick.

41 Emily { 03.20.11 at }

Please help me pray for Shawn’s return to me.

42 Ann { 03.28.11 at }

Dear Archangel Michael,
Thank you for your blessings.

43 Karen { 03.30.11 at }

Please help and guide me through this day.

44 Clyo Beck { 04.01.11 at }

This may not be what you want to read, but I feel I must remind you God gave each of us free will and that you must be careful, in your prayer requests, to be sure you are not asking God to impose your will upon another.

The truth is that neither God nor St. Michael will overrule Shawn’s desire and bring him back to you if his coming back to you will not be the best action for all concerned.

Although your prayer request is understandable because it can be difficult to let go of those people who wish to leave our lives, and while you may think that it would be best for Shawn to come back to you, you cannot know that his coming back to you would really be the best thing for you or him.

So I invite you to turn your prayers to opening yourself up to what God knows is best for both you and Shawn, whatever that is.

If it is in the highest and best good of all concerned for the two of you to get back together, then it can happen. If it isn’t, then it will not happen or, if Shawn does return, you will either not be happy or he will not stay for long.

Because of this I invite you to restate your prayer request so it is something like this:

“If it is in the highest and best good of all concerned, Shawn realizes how wonderful I am, he realizes how much he loves me, he realizes how much he would miss me if I were no longer part of his life, and we are a joyous couple from now on.

“However, if it is not in the highest and best good that we get back together, then help me release him in joy and love, and guide me in attracting someone who is a joyful, loving match for me and for whom I am a joyful, loving match.”

The best thing you can do is speak an affirmative prayer, like the one above, and then spend time every day visualizing yourself experiencing an ideal relationship, the best relationship you can imagine.

So I invite you to think very carefully about how you want to be treated.

Imagine how you want a conversation to feel. Imagine how you want to be spoken to. Imagine how you want to be looked at and touched.

Do you like to hold hands? Do you like to receive flowers? Would it be wonderful to be excited about the same kinds of music? What kinds of things do you love to do? Would you like someone who liked to share those things with you? Would that add to the fun?

We are each looking for a “playmate” in life, someone we can be best friends with and have fun with as we experience life.

We want someone who appreciates what we enjoy and who can help us understand and appreciate our life experiences better.

So imagine the types of things you want to do with your partner, the way you want him to show affection and concern, the way you want him to express his enthusiasm.

Do not focus on what you do not want, such as “I do not want him ignoring me and watching T.V.” but see yourself being together in situations that would make you feel good.

Most important: imagine the relationship as easy and fun and fulfilling. Imagine yourself feeling cherished, deeply loved and valued. Imagine yourself appreciating, loving and valuing your partner so that both your needs are met and you become strong sources of support and love for one another.

You will do yourself far more good through taking this approach than through pining after someone who, perhaps, is not your best match.

The world is a huge place with so many people looking to love and be loved.

My wish for you is that you may open to your perfect match and enjoy the joy and love and the right companionship that your Creator has cued up for you rather than hanging on to the past.

Also, I hope you do not feel that you have done something wrong by wanting Shawn back. We have all been through this kind of loss and longing. Who has not prayed from the depth of despair, “Please bring him (or her) back to me?” I certain have. Even our love songs encourage this pining. Yet, I know now that pining over those who have left us is no way to be happy or to open to true love.

Create a new story for yourself about what you deserve, visualize it as though you have it now, repeat your visualization and affirmative prayers until you can feel the truth of it, and it must come because God always says “yes” to what will, in the long run, bring you the greatest joy.

Love and blessings –

45 Annie { 04.28.11 at }

Is this prayer to be said daily for 9 weeks? Or just each Tuesday when I light a candle for 9 weeks?

46 Annie { 05.02.11 at }

Is this prayer to be said daily during the nine weeks or just every tuesday during the nine weeks when I light a candle?

47 Dina { 05.05.11 at }

St Michael please help me as I go through this divorce. Please watch over my son as he deals with the changes we are going through so that he may become patient and revert to his loving ways. Bless my parents as they help us adjust to our new life – I pray to you St Michael with all my faith.

48 grace { 05.11.11 at }

St. Michael this is the first time that I come across your prayer..everything around me is a blur I am consumed with despair over my financial woes..I go to the adoration chapel to somehow ease my pain..I don’t know where to turn to I don’t know where to go I don’t know how my situation will turn out I can’t even think how to go about bringing money to myself so I can pay my dues..please help I am in desperate need of financial assistance..I am way in too deep and is drowning..please help me with this prayer.. I will cause pain to a lot of people with my crisis so help me please..

49 Clyo Beck { 05.19.11 at }

The requirement is to say the prayer every Tuesday, however, if it comforts you to pray more, please do so. In all things, follow your heart and do what feels joyful and meaningful.

St. Michael confers grace upon us despite whatever we have done to bring about the unpleasant situations of our lives. This was an important message that Jesus tried to impress upon his followers. While we are all subject to the Law of Attraction (which some call Karma) God is more than willing to erase the slate of what we have been creating and give us a miracle of blessing instead.

I have experienced this myself, having set myself up for disaster through negative thinking and fear, and then having been, literally, saved from death. Grace is real and it is given freely and in the greatest love.

Yet reeling from the brink of disaster, even when we are saved by grace, takes a toll on body, mind and spirit.

To create better situations on an ongoing basis, create a spiritual practice that includes daily prayer, daily meditation and some sort of inspirational input that is meaningful and joyful to you, whether that is reading inspirational stories or watching an inspiring video. Do what feels good and empowering and loving for yourself.

Such a practice, when practiced daily, will steadily raise your thoughts and body to a positive vibration. Fears will melt and you will begin, naturally, to attract better experiences and situations. Soon your joyfulness will be a light for others to follow.

However, if you just cannot do more than pray every Tuesday, then let that be enough. Do what you can. Do it with love and that is all God or St. Michael asks of you.

Love yourself, forgive yourself, believe you are worthy of grace and joy for you are a child of the Most High Who Adores You.

Many blessings to you and thanks for leaving your comment. ~ Clyo

50 Clyo Beck { 05.19.11 at }

My apologies for not responding. I was away and unable to check on my blog. I have replied to your second inquiry. ~ Clyo

51 Katarina Djordjevic { 06.02.11 at }

Please, pray:
That Our Lord God strength the relationship between Dejan M. and me!
That our love will grow stronger day by day and that we always place God in the center of our lives!
Thank you for all your prayers
Praying for you

52 Nigel { 08.15.11 at }

I heard about this prayer and now I finally got it and I pray to God that I continule to say this prayer and be strong

53 mike { 08.21.11 at }

please pray for me St Michael
as i have lost everything my home, my car, my love
and my money please say a pray to help get me back on track
with my finaces and my love and bless all please

54 Michael { 08.29.11 at }

Please give me strength and wisdom St Michael I have many evil forces working against me please defend me in the name of Jesus Christ I pray.

55 niko { 09.08.11 at }

i will go to st nikolas this sun to recive communion.

I would like to do this at st michael.

Is there liturgy every sun and communion @ st Michel?

thanks nik

56 Clyo Beck { 09.19.11 at }

No, there is no liturgy held on Sunday’s at St. Michael’s Shrine in Tarpon Springs. There are, however, a few special celebrations held there on certain holy days, such as Epiphany, when there is chanting and the breaking of bread, but those are rare.

St. Michael’s is a shrine, not a church with a congregation. It has no pastor and is still not, to my knowledge, under the auspices of any church. It was built and originally maintained by a woman whose son was in the hospital and expected to die. The Archangel Michael appeared to the son and gave the woman a message through her son, because she could not see St. Michael herself. Only her son, close to death, could see him.

Although she thought her son was hallucinating, she promised him, on what she thought was his deathbed, that she would build a shrine to St. Michael. Her son subsequently recovered and, although she was a poor woman and local church authorities apparently fought her every step of the way, she found a way to raise the money and the shrine was built. As I’ve written before, the power of St. Michael’s Shrine is in the energy contained within the place. This is a place to go for silence and contemplation, a place to feel the presence and experience the vibration of St. Michael in your body and mind. In my experience, words – even a liturgy – would be a distraction from what is a very special, holy and healing experience.

57 Nicole { 09.22.11 at }

Many years I have given to a man that wasn’t always deserving of my love. At times he was good but at times he mistreated me. Through it all, I kept my faith that we would someday get better and he’d finally give me what I’ve been patiently waiting for (his love). Tuesday – 9/20 was the worst we’ve ever been to each other. St. Michael, I ask for your help to get us pass what has happened and allow us to reunite and love one another. Create a union with him, myself, you and God. Please hear my prayer.

58 cindy { 09.25.11 at }

What hours am I able to visit the shrine.

59 Clyo Beck { 09.27.11 at }

The shrine is usually opened from 8 a.m until 6 p.m. every day. ~ Clyo

60 Dawn { 09.28.11 at }

I offer a special prayer for a dear friend that is seeking St. Michael’s protection. St. Michael, please guide, love, and protect her always.

61 Whitney { 09.29.11 at }

Dawn, thank you so much for your prayers. I’m glad I made the trip to St. Michael’s shrine! One of the readings on this feast day is the story from Revelation of Michael battling against the dragon, the devil, in heaven. It calls the devil “the accuser of our brothers, who accuses them before our God day and night. (The angels) conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony.” The devil did not try to fight God and the angels in the open, with weapons and honesty, but through underhanded false accusations of his brothers, giving false witness, before God. At least, that’s the way I read it. I pray for all of us who have been falsely accused, had our reputations and in some cases our own perception of ourselves, damaged by the wicked choices of others, or for anyone who is in any kind of situation where they have to endure the falsity and the underhandedness of others. I believe Michael is present for all of us. I pray he protects all of us with what is true and what is right and good on this feast day of the archangels.

62 Joyce { 09.29.11 at }

Dear St Michael, today is your day and I have felt you right besides me all day long. I have made a promise to visit you before the end of this year. Please help me keep that promise. My aunt, daughter, son and I are going through some terrible times actually so I am asking you St Michael to help us in our needs and to keep an eye on my children for me. We have been surrounded by evil spirits but I know that you already have your feet on their neck. Please allow us to get back on our feet and to serve you well. Thank you and see you soon.

63 Clyo Beck { 09.29.11 at }

Yes! Today, September 29th, is Michaelmas, the feast day of Saint Michael the Archangel. It is traditional to eat treats made with blackberries, such as blackberry pie, on this day. From Forwardmovement.Org:

“Today’s observance of St. Michael and All Angels call us to remember the vastness of God’s creation in which angels and archangels fill the heavenly court. Scripture tells us that angels are God’s messengers who do God’s bidding and they take many forms. Angels are not “really good people” or “sweet little babies.” They are of their own heavenly order.”

“Michael is one of the archangels named in scripture along with Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael. In the Old Testament, Michael is the defender of Israel. In the Book of Revelation, Michael is God’s champion who destroys Satan.”

“We inhabit a cosmos greater than anything we can imagine, yet all is within the reign of God.”

“Today is also Rosh Hashanah. Let’s remember to wish our Jewish friends a Happy New Year.”

For more information and links about Michaelmas, see

64 EA { 09.30.11 at }

Ms. Beck, thank you for this site. I was praying to Archangel Michael today, asking him to intercede for me and my family, and needed a picture in front of me while I prayed, and I stumbled on your blog! I pray that Archangel Michael will protect me and my family and take my prayer to Our Lord. I really need a major financial blessing and miracle. I’m scared and anxious all the time because we’re having a hard time making ends meet. Archangel Michael, please pray for me. Amen

65 Clyo Beck { 10.01.11 at }

You are so welcome! Visuals are so very important. In fact, you might want to save that picture to your computer, print it out, and put it where you see it often.

Then, every time you see it, tell yourself that money is coming to you and that St. Michael is guiding you to make the decisions necessary to make life easier for you, long term.

The secret of prayer is that it is not God that you need to convince to give you relief, but it is your own subconscious – the iceberg of beliefs and decisions we have beneath the surface of conscious thought – that we must convince to allow in the good. That is what is meant by building faith or allowing faith.

That is why Jesus exhorted his followers to “be like little children.” Little children’s subconscious minds are not yet filled with beliefs based upon experiences of lack. They are open, new and innocent, without cynicism, without all the experience that tells the adult that something wanted is “impossible.”

Cultivate belief that what you ask is already yours. See it, feel it, think it. And let the image of St. Michael remind and connect you to that belief every day.

You are so loved by God. St. Michael wants only to awaken you to the good that awaits and to help you banish thoughts of lack and fear.

God bless and keep you well and happy always.

I send you much love ~ Clyo

66 Immanuel Ashok { 10.10.11 at }

I pray to St Michael, for my new born (4 months)daughter who has contracted eczema a skin disease, which causes a great deal of white patches on her face and all over her body, with the constant irritation of itching. She is so small that she does not even know how to scratch properly. It puts her into a great deal of discomfort and as a parent, both me and my wife are unable to see this. I pray that St. Michael, removes the work of Satan on my daughter, restores her skin colours, and her complete health. I pray that he relays the healing of GOD to our little daughter.

I also pray to St. Michael to restore our land and home which was taken away from us by a shameless and evil builder. We have filed a case in the court for its restoration. I pray that St. Michael, destroys all our enemies in this endeavor and restores the land and house that rightfully belongs to my mother, brothers and me.

67 Clyo Beck { 10.12.11 at }

Dear Immanuel,

Although I am not a doctor and not qualified to give medical advice even for eczema, I can tell you that I had eczema as a child and it was due to food allergies, not because of Satan. It has been speculated that, due to the many additives and modifications to our diet that have occurred in the last fifty years, our bodies are having difficulty coping with them. I know it is easy to blame Satan and, surely, that is what we have been taught. Yet, I find that to be of little help and to be, instead, a hindrance to healing.

Instead of fearing and blaming Satan and praying against an entity that we are told was rendered powerless by St. Michael, it would be better to say a prayer that affirms your daughter is healed. Meditate in silence and ask for guidance as to what to do for your daughter. Visualize her body being clear and clean. You are not powerless. Your thoughts and prayers are of utmost important. Therefore, cultivate absolute belief that what you want already has come to pass in Divine Mind. Once it is in Divine Mind, it must come to pass in your life. Therefore, continue your spiritual practice as you wait with patient expectation and have faith. Sending you much love. ~ Clyo

68 Clyo Beck { 10.12.11 at }

Also, in regard to the house and land. Spend time every day imagining yourself accepting the key to the house. “See” yourself and your family walking through the house and dancing. Exclaim, out loud, that the house is yours by Divine Right. Bless those who you feel have hurt you. Bless them and keep on blessing them. Affirm that they are good, good people and that the love of God is within them, loving them. Be patient. Do not lust for vengeance. Do not lust to “be right” or be avenged. Tell God that you will accept whatever is right in His eyes. Have faith that God, when evoked, makes no unfair contracts. If the house is yours by Divine Right, then it will be returned to you. No one can keep it from you. We are all one, Immanuel. The people who “took” your house and lands are testing your own idea of what you deserve. God longs to give you the keys to your own kingdom, but you must believe you deserve to receive them. We are all taught to be humble, to believe we are nothing compared to God and, therefore, undeserving. So much of what we have been taught sabotages us.

Know that God loves you deeply and wants you to be happy. Believe that you are deeply good and deserving. Have faith that God is the only power in the Universe. I am visualizing that you receive your home and lands back and live happily, doing good in all your thoughts, words and deeds. ~ Blessings upon you and yours, Clyo

69 abrham feseha { 10.18.11 at }

Hi Dear
Please St. Michael be my own meat & spirit. Please St.Michael give me your response, please every day help me pray to St. Michael .
“Thank you St.Michael for your protection.”

70 Joyce { 10.18.11 at }

Good afternoon, I am please to inform you that St Michael kept his promises and helped me. I visited the Shrine on Friday morning. It was worth the trip. To my astonishment, my son who is 18 years old, without a fuss decided to accompany me to Tarpon Springs. What a cozy and healing place! When I arrived there, I could not hold my tears back. I felt at peace and happiness at the same time…what a feeling. I promised St Michael that I will return with friends and relatives. May He watch over us and protect us all.

71 Joyce { 11.03.11 at }

St. Michael, pray for us. My daughter turned 21 yesterday…please protect her always with your shield. Thank you St Michael for everything.

72 Clyo Beck { 11.03.11 at }

Here is a prayer for your daughter, Joyce. She may be 21, but she will always be your “baby girl.” See her surrounded in God’s love and safe always. I send you much love. ~ Clyo

Prayer Of Protection For My Child

Dear Mother/Father God,

My child is so precious to me.
Give me the words You would have me speak for her welfare.
Help me cleanse my mind of worry.

Fill my mind with the knowledge
Of how much You love my baby girl
And how Your power protects her.

I decree You speak to my child and guide her in Right Action.
I affirm that, as she explores life, she hears Your Voice clearly.
She listens to Your whispered warnings, follows Your guidance
And is safe in Your love.

And if she becomes so full of enthusiasm—or confusion—
That she takes a wrong step,
You hold out Your arms, dear Lord, and You catch her.

For You move Heaven and Earth to protect her.
You whisper and paths change.
You send a thought and danger turns away.
And my child, hearing You, turns toward safety.

For nothing is stronger than You.
No evil can circumvent Your Knowing;
No force can penetrate Your Net of Protection.

I rest easy, knowing my child is in Your care
And You never fail me.

I affirm my child is safe in Your Arms, now and forever.
Thank You, Merciful God, for keeping my child safe.

And so it is.

73 Rita { 11.12.11 at }

I pray and ask for prayers for my ex husband and his family to leave my family in peace. I also ask for my child’s healing. Amen

74 Karen { 12.11.11 at }

Please help my mother and father. Please relieve their pain and suffering.

75 Jeevan { 12.27.11 at }

Dear Prayer Warriors In Jesus Christ,I Am Jeevan,Plz Fasting Pray For My Forgiveness God’s Kindness And Unity And Spiritual Guidence And Devotion Development And Spiritual Growth And Good Health Thank You.

76 Jeevan { 12.27.11 at }

Dear Prayer Warriors In Jesus Christ, I Am Jeevan,Please Pray For My Physical Mind Spritual Guidance From God And God’s Blessings And Graces And Good Health, And God’s Great Wisdom, And Humble Mind before God Jesus And Holy Spirit, And God’s Kindness, And Good Friends, And Jovial Mind,Good And Beautiful Bride with God’s Blessings And Graces, And Good Family And God’s Blessed Children’s, And Save My Soul God Jesus,This Prayer Request Plz Fasting Pray For My Soul And Entirelife,Thank Jesus Christ,Thank You.

77 Jeevan { 12.27.11 at }

Dear Prayer Warriors In Jesus Christ,Please Fasting Pray For My Dad’s [ Ethirajan ] Peaceful Retirement life And Jovial Mind And God’s Blessings And Graces And Good Health,god’s grace in every moment through out the year,Wisdom In Taking Decision For The Children’S Future To Surrender In God’s Hand,Amen, I am Jeevan: The First son in the Family,Physical Mind Spritual Guidence From God,God’s Blessings And Graces And Good Health,And God’s Great Wisdom,And Humble Mind before God Jesus And Holy Sprit,And God’s Kindness,Devotion Development And Good Friends,And Jovial Mind,Good And Beautiful Bride with God’s Blessings And Graces, And Good Family And God’s Blessed Children’s This Prayer Request For The First Son’s Soul And Entirelife,Amen, My Brother: [ Rajkumar ] Transfer to native Place,Good Family With God’s Grace And Blessings,God’s Wisdom,And Humble Mind Before God Jesus,Good Friends And Jovial Mind,Good Wife Good Children’s With God’s Blessings And Graces,Good Health,And Kindness Mind Of God,Amen, My Sister [ Sheeba chandra leela ] :To Get Good Job,And Good Life Partner Blessed By God,And Peaceful Entirelife,Good Friends And Jovial Mind,Good Health And Blessed Children’s By God’s Grace,God’s Blessings And Grace Please Pray For This, Amen. [ My Mother Gunaseeli Ethirajan: With God’s Blessings And Graces In Peaceful Family Life,And Good Health And Peaceful in office, And Promotion, and children’s Bright future,and Good health for husband,by god’s grace and blessing to purchace to lands,And Jovial Mind,god’s grace in entire family members,special prayer for mother in laws health and blessings and grace from God,two sister’s family and children’s to be blessed by God,one sister name shakila to covert Hindu From Christian,Please Remember This For Your Fasting Prayer To Pray for all This Request,Thankyou,Amen.

78 Kate { 01.10.12 at }

Dear St. Michael
Please protect my brother and our entire family. Give him strength and comfort during this time of spiritual war fare. Free him from all false accusations, soften the hearts of the accusers and deliver them from hate, anger and vengence. Surround my brother with your love and protection from these evil and false accusation, vindicate his name.

79 Karen { 01.11.12 at }

Thank you for all of your blessings. I can see how you have been with me through my most difficult times. Please give me the strength to help my parents.

80 Karen { 01.16.12 at }

Clyo, it was a blessing to speak with you today. Thank you so much for praying with me and encouraging me.
Thank you for continuing to lift our intentions before the Lord.
May God continue to bless your ministry in Jesus name.

81 Clyo Beck { 01.16.12 at }

You are so welcome, Karen!

82 joseph geribo { 01.23.12 at }

please st. michael we are in so much financial trouble and on the verge of lbeing homeless. my wife and i are too old to be hired byu anyone, we have lost our painting business and have no insuraance or any other resources. we are at the end of any hope. please pray for susan and i thank you in the love of christ our lord.

83 Ann { 02.03.12 at }

Dear Archangel Michael,
Please be with me and my family as I have my surgery
on March 13th, 2012. Please give me all of the strength
that I need for a strong recovery with divine and perfect health.
Thank you, Archangel Michael, our guardian and protector.
Dear Clyo, Thank you for this beautiful website. Would you please include us in your prayers also? Thank you.

84 Daniela { 02.07.12 at }

Hello to all,
I wanted to share my story. On January 1 2011 all of my family and I went to St. Michaels Shrine. We felt very happy praying in the altar. We all bough holy water and the holy oil. As we were otside sitting in the tables my mom asked my brother and I to ask the kind woman if she could explain to us the story of the shrine. She gave us the prayers and a small booklet with the stories. We sat down and translated a few of them to my family since they speak spanish. My mom said to us that we were in holy land. We went back to the cars and my mom had exchanged cars in the middle of the way, she wanted to talk with my uncle. Since my grandma ate chips my mom cleaned the seat before we went to the shrine. As my uncle approached the door lock inside of the car he told my mom that something was shinig on the seat. My mom picked up a small metal looking jesus christ on a cross. She began asking if it belonged to any of us that were on the other car, but no one had ever seen it. Since that moment we realized that God had sent St. Michael to take care of us and increase our faith. From that moment on we always do the prayer every tuesday . A year has passed and we have been blessed with St. Michaels presence. He has done many miracles for all of our family. We are very thankful with him and with God for showing us the way to his shrine that day. I hope you all enjoy what we lived.

85 mrs chioma p.eugene.okorie { 02.14.12 at }

i know that st micheal knows my heart because it is so heavy but i have faith that he will surely fight all my seen and unseen battles.

86 mrs chioma p.eugene.okorie { 02.14.12 at }

i am writing u from ghana and i know i can”t come there but i can be saying the prayer in my house.

87 Kate { 02.20.12 at }

Please be with my brother and family, especially in the next few days. Make this your battle and fight it for us. Reveal all truths, protect us and give us peace, strength and healing.

88 Paula { 02.21.12 at }

Was wondering if I can leave a copy of the prayer in my church on sunday as I will be doing the prayer from my home on tuesday?

89 Valerie { 02.22.12 at }

My six year old Donovan who was born with paralyzed vocal cords and wears a trach, a feeding tube and has to be on oxygen 24 hours a day. After his last check with the ENT, the Dr. was excited and told me his vocal cords are moving. God is Good!

90 Virginia n { 03.07.12 at }

Dear st Michael. Thank you for all the blessings . I pray for my son who is in college in NYC. Protect him and keep him safe from harm. I also pray for my two other sons still living at home with me. Thank you for giving us so many blessings. I also pray for the soul of my father marcelino and my mother Carmelita that they live with god and all the saints and angels in heaven. Lastly I am praying for me and my second husband that I would get pregnant again and have a baby this year. It would be our first child together and I pray that this request would be granted. I pray for this blessing with all my heart and soul. Please st Michael , help us…thank you

91 Virginia n { 03.07.12 at }

Dear st Michael …I pray for my very best friend patricia m to heal and get better from that terrible fall from work. She has stayed strong and in great pain for two years with very little relief. Please help her and heal her. I pray to Jesus and mother Mary with all my heart and soul. Thank you for all the blessings in my life. Amen

92 Michele { 03.19.12 at }

Dear Archangel Michael,
Please support and heal Munchkin. Fight with her and make the tumor go away, so that she can live many more healthy years with us. Thank you, Michele

93 Clyo Beck { 03.21.12 at }

Sorry for such a tardy reply – yes, by all means. Leave a copy of the prayer in your church on Sunday. Neither God nor St. Michael are sticklers for detail. The intent in your heart is really all that matters. Many blessings to you.

94 Greg { 04.05.12 at }

Please pray for the soul of Father Arthur Larkin [RC] who died on 10 July 2001 aged 43. I passed his grave today and was drawn back to it to pray for him. May he rest in peace.

95 Sabina { 04.05.12 at }

Please pray for Greg B. He is in a terrible crisis that may end his life. Divine intervention is needed urgently for him. Thank you.

96 Richard { 04.05.12 at }

St. Michael please guard and defend all elderly people. May they be free of all anxiety and always have a protector in whom they can trust.

97 Joyce { 04.06.12 at }

Thank you Clyo for this wonderful prayer. My daughter had become my ennemi due to the false accusations of her father. She had stopped calling me since Sept 2011. However, as a mother, I will continue to pray for her and for her dad as well. May St Michael protect her always, wherever she is. I plan on going back to the Shrine in a few weeks as I promised St Michael and I will bring friends and family. I pray with my heart and soul for eveyone who needs help, in Jesus name, our Savior. Amen.

98 Bruno { 04.10.12 at }

May St Michael protect our Christian brothers and sisters in the Middle East. They live under difficult circumstances just because they are Christians.

99 sherina { 04.24.12 at }

dear archangel michael,please help me out of my situations you already know of ,work ,money ,private you give me strenth guideance ,protection always be with me today and everyday.
thank you

100 Techie { 05.21.12 at }

I have been looking for prayer and miracle to cure my illness. I am now into 57 Days Rosary Novena, St. Jude Novena, Novena to Our Lady Of Perpertual Help. I’ve read a note that St.Michael really helps those in need, in sickness in all just call and pray to him while looking for a prayer online I saw your site, God is Good for I ‘ve found you..pls helpe to pray to St. Michael to cure my Depression, Anxiety and i have Also ovarian cyst. I will follow your instruction but can go to church every tuesday? Thank you and God bless you..

101 Liz { 05.23.12 at }

Today is Tuesday and I just finished my 3rd Tuesday prayer and lit a candle. On my first Tuesday I lit a candle in a church. Last Tuesday I did it at home, I bought a long blue $2 candle (the kind they have at the churches) at a nearby grocery store and believe it or not, the candle stayed lit all week. It went out tonight, right before lighting tonight’s candle. My aunt even accidentally tipped it over a few dashes ago, the wax spilled all over but it still didn’t go out. It stayed lit faithfully from last Tuesday till tonight, that’s a miracle to me and renews my hope in this prayer and St. Michael. Like a lot of people, I am having financial problems and have been unsuccessful in landing a decent job. I pray that I can be more positive and trusting of God. It’s so hard to stay positive when you’ve failed so many times, and when everything is at stake but it’s also SO IMPORTANT! Mark 11:24 says “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” I need a job and a place to live, I am now living with a family member who doesn’t want me here but it’s so hard to get an apartment cause of the prices here in NY. I want to visit the St. Michael shrine in Tarpon Springs so bad only God knows but I don’t have the money to go. In Jesus name I ask for my prayers to be answered, I pray that our Father answers everyone else here who is struggling and turning to St. Michael for help. God bless. 

102 natlie { 05.23.12 at }

I pray to God for a speedy miracle in my life. That I will be able to pay off all my bills, purchase my home. I also pray that my son gets accepted at univrsity and give his heart to Jesus, I am praying for a miracle in our lives.

103 Clyo Beck { 05.24.12 at }

Believe it is all coming to pass and do not allow yourself to doubt, for as soon as you asked, God began moving the cooperative components into place. As you ask and believe, it is done unto you. So see it, affirm it, give thanks for it, believe it is all coming, and it must. That is Divine Law. Be not impatient, but imagine all unfolding in perfect harmony. “I exhort you to be of good cheer…” – Acts 27:22. I send you much love. ~ Clyo

104 Clyo Beck { 05.24.12 at }

Get your mind off your need. Put your mind on imagining yourself in your new little apartment. See it small but perfect, with everything you need. Do not put up barriers to God connecting you with the right place by thinking that what you want is unrealistic. Once, in California, back when the cheapest house was $100,000 – and everyone told me, including realtors, that I would never find a house for under that amount, I made up my mind that I would. I could afford a house costing $60,000 so I affirmed one would come to me. Now, it took 2 years, but one Sunday I looked in the real estate section of the newspaper – as I did every Sunday – and two houses for $63,000 were listed. I immediately went to see both. The first was an absolute dump, a repossession from a bank. The foundation was crumbling. The second was a perfect little bungalow that needed paint and a few minor repairs from termite damage for the sale to go through. I put my faith in God, and I was led. It did not happen overnight. It did not happen until I “let go” and stopped focusing on how I didn’t have a house, but was living on rent and under the heel of a landlord. When I let go, all cooperative components moved into place. I bought the house. It was a total blessings. Humorously, people who had told me I couldn’t ever find a house for under $100,000 were angry at me. They accused me of cheating the owner, who had set the price. The reason miracles do not happen overnight is because of all the reasons – and fears- we have for them not being possible. Let go of the impossible. Picture yourself in your new digs. Rejoice at how wonderful it feels; how perfect everything has worked out, and it will. Meanwhile, send your family member love. Anytime you think of this person, see this person, or interact with this person, silently send him or her love. Silently pray, “May you be safe, may you happy, may you be healthy, may your life be filled with ease.” God will bring you these blessings – is anxious to bring it all to you as fast as possible. Make yourself receptive by imagining it already done and sending love constantly into the situation. God bless you. Write back when you have your new place. Love, Clyo

105 Clyo Beck { 05.24.12 at }

Follow your intuition. God gave it to you for a reason. God loves you. Tell yourself that over and over. It will help with your anxiety. There is nothing wrong with you that awareness of how you are adored will not cure. Be aware that, often, beneath depression is anger. That anger is always anger we do not feel we have a right to have. The best thing you can do is try to get in touch with every possible resentment or anger you have, one isse or person at a time. Then say this to whoever or whatever did whatever was done: “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.” It is a quick way to give God a way to heal the wrongs against you THROUGH you, by your taking spiritual responsibility for them. If you are angry at the world for being what it is, or afraid of the world, use the same prayer. Think it silently as often as possible. Another thing to consider is EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique. In my experience, it works wonders. It could be the answer to your prayer. Pay attention. See if you see any more references to EFT. Or, if you feel attracted to checking it out, follow your intuition and do so asap. It may change your life. Know that you are on a path of healing and that you are not meant to struggle or suffer all your life. God wants you to be free and happy. I send you much love. ~ Clyo

106 Joseph { 05.29.12 at }

Please pray for my sister Natasha who is going through a rough marriage and the marriage is heading to a breakdown. Let the will of the Almighty be done.

107 h and j { 06.05.12 at }

pray for us that we will be bless with a home and that my child dermikus will come back home to live and find him a job

108 Jacob { 06.12.12 at }

Dear Archangel Michael, Protect me from evil and to calm me down when I feel fear and anxiety. Help me become stronger then that.

109 Ayela { 06.14.12 at }

This just might help someone.

Prayer to Angel Michael Gabriel Raphael

Light 3 white candles on a white plate and put sugar all around it. Place a glass of Water next to it. Ask the archangels for 3 wishes: one for business, one for impossible and one for love. 
Do this petition for three days. On the third day publish this prayer.

St. Michael, St. Gabriel, and St. Raphael, please be with me today. Please hear and answer my prayers with your divine grace, intervention, and kindness, I love you all, please help me so that my prayer requests all come true quickly, Amen.
[mention your request here]
Heavenly Father, you have given us archangels to assist us 
during our pilgrimage on earth. Saint Michael is our 
protector, I ask him to come to my aid, fight for all my 
loved ones, and protect us from danger. Saint Gabriel is a 
messenger for the Good News, I ask him to help me clearly 
hear your voice and to teach me the truth. Saint Raphael 
is the healing angel, I ask him to take my need for 
healing and that of everyone I know, lift it up to your 
throne of grace and deliver back to us the gift of 
recovery. Help us O Lord to realize more fully the reality 
of the archangels and their desire to serve us. Holy 
Angels pray for us. Amen 

Say for 3 days and see what happens on 4th day.
Note from Donor: Powerful prayer
Note from Donor: 3 day prayer to St.Michael,St.Gabriel and to St. Raphael

110 MAJ { 06.24.12 at }

I started praying to saint Michael only. A few days ago, and I’ve been feeling stronger than ever I have heard so many good things about his strength and will continue devoting because in 3 days I’ve seen multiple positive changes

111 h and j { 06.25.12 at }

pray for my husband and i that we will get all our bills paid off.pray that my family will get along.jimmy Dianne Lakeysha Brinnisha Robert Sr. Robert Jr. Irving Linda Delonn Josephine Herbert Dermikus Harmony Montego Mitchell Peaches Dina Adrian Taylar Asia Chrisian Tandi Taron Desiree D’andrya Dairus Floyd Cynthia Nora Brian Brandi Brianna Angel Khristian Nyla Armani Trayson.this family has been fueding for a long time.we need peace

112 Divya { 06.26.12 at }

this is d 1st tym tat iv heard a novena prayer to st.michael…as i m goin thru a dificlt situatn f findin a suitable life partner..i hav ful confidence dat before d cmpletion f ths prayer wl b answrd by d intrcesn f dat i may b able to testify wd joy abt it..
Queen of angels pray 4 us!

113 Jacob { 07.05.12 at }


Have you ever experienced situations a lot of times where you have done everything right to achieve or do something in life which is right morally and will do good to you and will not harm anyone else. And yet failed. failed over again and again. It may be due to some silly reason that you fail. Or may be even if you achieve it finally there will be a lot of unnecessary hurdles. Be Sure Its the Evil one who is testing you, and eventually you will move away from God and that is what he wants. If this is your situation in life, and you think why it is happening always in your life, it is St Michael that you should pray to and ask for help. For me and my wife, St Michael helped us miraculously. I was busy with my work and was not thinking of having a baby for first 2 years of marriage. And then when we wanted we were n0t having one, we went to doctors and they told us we both were having no issues. Our parents were also putting pressure and they stopped talking to us and pressure was building up. We had lost hope and started getting weird fears that we will never have a kid and started losing hope and trust in God. But we were still praying but not with much trust in him.

Then one day a priest visited one of my relatives for praying, this priest who does not know us by any chance, asked them if any of their relatives is working out of the country and asked us to call him ASAP. Yes, ASAP is what he told. You should believe God wants to help you fight Evil, he will assign you to St Michael who takes care of the fight. We called him the next day and he told us to pray to St Michael and offer a mass in honor of St Micheal and also to hand over our life to St Michael. There is a tradition in Esatern church to dedicate ourselves to Saints like we are handing over our lives fully to the Saint. Even Country of Russia and Firefighting dept of USA is dedicated to St Michael. We were skeptical first since we knew St Micheal is related to fighting Evil and could believe we were chained by Evil, we were ashamed and unhappy about this. I remember I was ashamed of telling parents about this. I am speaking from my heart.

We did what the asked us to do and went over our lives as usual in frustration and anger that God left us to be chained by Evil one. Also he had asked us to say the Prayer of St Michael daily which we did. We also kept Photos in our room so that we remember to pray to him daily. For someone who is sinking he will try to catch even a straw to save their life.

My wife conceived 2 months later and gave birth to a wonderful kid whom we named Michael. Whether you believe it or NOT, I would personally want to believe it a miracle. If you are objecting, please tell me why the priest ask for us when he does not know us at all.


114 mimi { 07.06.12 at }

I believe a lot in the power of Novena’s , Please I will like to know If i can also say this prayer for 9 consecutive days.

115 Karen { 07.07.12 at }

Please heal my mother. She is in need of your mercy.

116 Ann { 07.11.12 at }

We thank you, our Archangel Michael for your help and protection.
Please continue to watch over our family, each one of us as we go
through these difficulties. Please send us strength, wisdom, perfect health and love, We ask this in Jesus’s name. Amen

117 Clyo Beck { 07.12.12 at }

You may always pray to God, in whatever way calls to you, yet the history of the prayer is to use it over a period of weeks. If you want to say it every day, please do. Do what feels right to you. God bless you. Know that there is great love for you here and in the angelic realms.

118 Clyo Beck { 07.12.12 at }

Hello Jacob – It’s so good to read your post, and I’m personally happy that you have given me the opportunity to address this issue of how a person who tries always to be good could possibly be sinful or – in the centuries old religious language – have given himself over to “The Evil One.”

Whether we call it “sin,” “negative subconscious programming,” or “energy disruptions in our 1st chakras,” we all carry blocks to our good.

This is because we are ALL ONE.

There is nothing in you that is not in humanity, and there is nothing that comes to your attention or that you see in the world that is not within you.

This does not make you bad. It makes you human – and DIVINE.

We all share the same energy. We are “cut from the same cloth” and “made in the image and likeness of God” – which is energy.

In brief, there is nothing to fear or be ashamed of.

Although we all have patterns, programs, energy disruptions and “sin” – it does not mean we want to give ourselves over to what would hurt us or others.

On the contrary, most of us are actively seeking healing of one kind or other; we are actively seeking to do good, and we are actively seeking to be better aligned with our beautiful Creator so that we can rise up out of our earthly limitations – of pain, anger, sickness and so forth – while in these bodies and living on Earth.

This is not something to fear, but something in which we may rejoice because, as we find this stuff and heal it, we also help to heal it for all humanity.

If you replace the word “sin” with the word “limitations” ” or “negative programming” perhaps that will help you understand what’s going on so you will feel better about it.

The thing is, we have old traditions and old language. The old language has a lot of power, however, so I wouldn’t necessarily throw it out.

There’s a lot of power in the idea of casting your sin upon Saint Michael.

The idea of casting your subconscious programs upon Saint Michael may not feel so powerful. 😉

Yet, it sounds like that is really what happened. Those subconscious programs, that were blocking you from having the joy of having your own child, were cleansed by St. Michael’s powerful energy and then there was nothing to block the conception.

Bottom line, you must do what works. You felt compelled to follow the advice, so it was good advice for you. Sounds like you were counseled well and sincerely by a priest who knows, from experience, what can work when people are really ready to turn things over and be changed from the inside out.

Be sure to keep your priest in your prayers. Bless him and thank God for him. The Church and the clergy – and priests in general – are not respected because of the Church covering up child abuse and allowing the offending priests to keep being priests.

Yet most priests and nuns are absolutely wonderful, sincere people who are strongly connected to God and can be of great comfort and help.

You had a unique and wonderful experience, and I thank you so much for sharing it with us. God bless you and God bless your priest! We each have a different path to travel. Whether someone else thinks it was a miracle or not is irrelevant. Whether we call it sin or shared programming, you got your heart’s desire. That’s all that matters. That is always a miracle and a reason for thanksgiving.

Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful child!

May your family grow strong and happy in awareness of the great and abiding love God has for you for, while language and concepts about what holds us back will continue to change, God’s love for us will never change. It is immense, powerful, and full of joy.

Many blessings ~

119 johnson { 07.16.12 at }

pls pray for me to clean my mind with sexual, lesbian, cruel, anger, revenge, unfaith, unhappy, unbeleive, fear,jealous, evil mind clear with blood of jesus.I need holy spirit blessing from my mind filled with jesus thinks.

120 Marie Madeline Dalliah { 07.16.12 at }

I am legally married, I’m facing marital problems for the past 25 years. My husband is having affair with a strange women (2) he always sleeps out and never pays attention to me and to his three lawful daughters, there’s no love communication whatsoever.
Please help me.

121 Mary { 08.01.12 at }

Please i urge you to pray for me that i maybe reunited with my baby father for the sake of our baby. Shes just a few months old. Her father and i dont communicate because for some reason we always fight when we are together. I love him and i know that he loves me but something is keeping us apart. Please pray for me to rekindle a broken relationship. Its hurts too much and i think about it everyday…

122 Estrella B Aguon { 08.02.12 at }

Pls send me a prayer for my angel saint michael my guardian angel and healing prayer too.

123 grace { 08.14.12 at }

dear st michael , please pray for my mothers health, she is very sick and needs a miracle to recover. please pray for me st michael to meet and marry a lovely man now, and have children too, amen thankyou

124 grace { 08.14.12 at }

dear st michael , please pray for my mothers health, she is very sick and needs a miracle to recover. please pray for me st michael to meet and marry a lovely man now, and have children too, amen thankyou

125 TIm { 08.15.12 at }

Please pray for my son Patrick. Patrick is in the Army and is doing work that puts in harms way on a regular basis.
Your prayers for will be greatly appreciated.

126 Tarnish a { 08.21.12 at }

Good morning I writing to at micheal dis morning.i been having a lot of pain,sad,don’t really have much,I’m writing to you today asking you to help me my kids my sister my moms our love one help us thru these changes make miracles for us we been stiffening for to long at least one of us so that person could help us all in your name I call on amen love raenisha

127 Brian { 08.21.12 at }

Dear Clyo Beck,

I hope you will be able to have the time to read this. Some incredible things are happening to me and I would like to share it with you and those others that are reading this. First I must give some background, please forgive me for the length I have experienced a lot and it has not always been positive.

From my earliest memories I have been racked with anxiety and fears of abandonment. I was a sickly child, especially my 1st two years. Mono, Shigalla (dysentary, Diarrhea), Pneumonia, etc. it goes on but you get idea. When I was a baby I crawled under a car and it backed up and rolled over the back of my leg. At 4, I was forced to ingest cat feces by older kids and they tried to force me and another 4 year-old girl to have sex. At 10 I nearly drowned in a near by river where I lived, was under water for 2:00-2:30 min. and the Ranger that was their thought I was a goner. I didn’t panic, and luckily I had a large lung capacity due to swimming year round up to 5,000 yards a day.

A year later my cousin Tina died tragically in collision train vs car accident. When I met her I was 8 and she was 11 and she only stay us for a week. She was the first girl I loved, we were inseparable, it seem she had just as much fun playing with me as I did for her. Then my parents got divorced a year after that. I sunk into depression, I felt abandoned, unloved. I didn’t know how to deal with the grief and what I was feeling. My Dad had told me he just wants to be friends and do fun things together. At that time though I needed a Father. I wanted, at that time, nothing more than to die.

I wrote about death in every paper I could at school, I felt utterly helpless and alone. I felt like I had no love in my life, and utterly worthless to myself, my family, even society. I even thought that that piece of cat feces served a more important purpose in life than myself. This is how hard I am to myself. I beat myself up.

Looking back, I think it has something to do with my Mom. I had learning disabilities, it would take me hours to do my homework, and the next day I would not turn in my work to the teacher, because I was so distracted. You need to understand my mind works lightning speed with repeating thoughts, I physically can’t keep up. It takes along time learn strategies to work around, and with it. Especially when the Special Ed teachers lack credibility to you, and you feel they don’t understand because they don’t have the same drawbacks as you.

From Oct.-Apr. I wrote about my thoughts, and plans about death. My self-esteem, I had none. I even thought Hell was the life. That hell was life on this earth. Remember I was 12 or 13. I remember sitting doing homework and often I would just stare at the dull pocket knife in my hand think I should just slice my neck from ear to ear as deep as I can. I could never do it though. Sometimes I would feel a presence in my room when doing homework. It would comfort me, I would feel safe. I always thought it might be Tina watching over me. It could be someone or something else, but that’s the conclusion I came up with at the time.

I started binge drinking at 13, and as time passed on I dabbled in cocaine. These were misguided attempts to escape what I was feeling and could not handle at the time. I struggled through high school I would cry with tears streaming down my face not knowing why almost daily. No one even asking are you okay? Do you want to talk?

I felt like a glass window you can see it, acknowledge it’s there, but not even pay attention to it as if it’s not there, because you can see through it. That’s how it felt to me. Like I could die the next day and no one would grieve or care, and life would carry one as if I never existed.

My peers would ridicule and torment me relentlessly daily. It’s as if, I was on my knees surrendering, wanting them to just stop, hands in the air, and would just kick me down anyway. I was on a team and we were going home on a bus and my teammates everyone threw food on me and would not stop until we got home.

I told the team captains and the coach what was happening at the time and they did nothing. The coach punished one person yet the whole bus was from end to end covered in food. I equated it to carrying my cross that day, but I also felt something die inside me that day. I felt like Jesus must felt when he was getting spat on. That same coach also humiliated me in front of the whole team for the sin of requesting more playing time.

Later that year, mentally and physically my body just broke down and I was bed ridden for 2 weeks, I don’t even remember going to the restroom, or eating. It was just near constant sleep, and I felt like I was dying for lack of love.

I turned to hate making friends I should not have. I never acted on any this, thank you Jesus, but through these experiences I had a lot of hate within me. Through the years I turned away from drugs and used alcohol more responsibly. I got help with the depression, tried to overcome the anxiety, and PTSD. I got married and tried to move on with my life, but I could not shake something within myself, but I didn’t know what it was. I said I’m sorry over and over again. The feeling of somehow being inferior.

I’ve said these things to come to this point. I didn’t realize it at the time, but 11 years ago I met a Preacher named Kenneth and God I believe sent me to him. I say this because I was seeking and searching for something. I remember even asking Kenneth and a friend of his that I don’t understand how you can read the bible so much?

They responded with something like this, “I don’t know how you can not have this with you?” The bible prepares you to face the enemy, and is your weapon against it without it you are helpless against the enemy.”

I continued asking questions from time to time going to church services, though not Catholic, I just can’t. After my experiences, I’ve had I just can’t.

I was fondled when I was 12 at the hands of a Brother at the local Jesuit High School twice, I was close to 2 priests I looked to as father figures and felt abandoned by them, my best friend upon entering dream states(at least I thought he was dreaming) would wake me up and sexually assault me, and another person who I thought was my friend fondled me, and when I was in crisis at 2:30 A.M. I went to the rectory and the a priest opened the door. I was standing in driving rain needing help from him. My best friend just found out that he had HIV and he said, “Were closed come back tomorrow when we are opened”. He turned me away and closed the door, I remember just weeping underneath a statue of the Virgin Mary.

It was at least in the top five darkest days of my life. I will never understand it, how as leader in the church, a student and teacher of Jesus Christ, turn someone away when that person is in obvious crisis. I wasn’t out in driving rain out for midnight stroll.

But Kenneth was patient, he answered my questions, he guided me. It brought me to a point of great hardship and despair. For four year I have been racked with endless health issues. For perspective here is what I am dealing with. Severe upper right sided abdominal pain that affects my right shoulder blade or both the pain goes into my chest 8-10 on pain scale. I vomit 30 min.-3 hours after eating, and it’s been so bad I throw-up fluids such as water and broth. I’ve been living on a bagel a day for months at a time. Almost constant daily diarrhea. I am truly tired of vomiting my bile, especially when it’s mixed with nothing and is pure bile. It’s truly the most disgusting taste you will ever taste. I have my gallbladder out recently, but I still have symptoms. I’m made to suffer with this because no one takes me seriously and they just say it’s IBS.

I have resigned myself never to go back to a Doctor again unless my life is threaten with imminent death. This experience has taught me that I no longer fear death. What I fear is long drawn out suffering that these doctors seem determined to have me go through.

About a month ago a friend introduced me to a Prayer relating to St. Michael. She said it was powerful and may help me. Upon investigating it I came across your website, and I have been determined to do it. I am getting the candles this week, so i can do it at home as I don’t have a church I belong to yet. I printed up the prayer so I could have it, but it came with all the responses and something told me not to throw those away, so I saved it, I’m glad I did! What really got to me was MG and your response to her message. You said some really wise things.

It never occurred to me to do some of the things you told the mother and daughter to for my own situation and you discussed how to pray more effectively. I cried like a baby reading that I got goose bumps. I did what you said to do, I pray for forgiveness for those things that never occurred to me to ask forgiveness for, I prayed for more faith, knowledge, to put my past finally behind me, to help guide my kids teach my kids about Jesus and God, and to prepare me to serve them for their glory. It was the most powerful prayer I ever prayed, I put everything I could into that one prayer. I came out no longer worrying about my past it was done.

A couple days after that my friend Kenneth gave me a CD of him speaking to his congregation testifying using passages within the bible to prove his point that all we need is Jesus. I wept when I heard this, it felt like this was of divine origin, Jesus was speaking from heaven and Kenneth’s voice was being used as a voice so that we may hear what Jesus has to say.

It’s been a week and a half now and I feel at peace with confidence, I feel renewed, rejuvenated. Like the bonds of my past have been cut from me and I know longer feel guilt, or doubt. I feel like I am being transformed. I walk different, I’m not as angry as I used to be, everything about me is changing it seems like, but for the better, and the more I pray and read the bible, the more passion I have for it and I love talking about it.

I wish to thank you for your part in this you really helped me. Soon I will do this prayer that I have committed myself to do. Hopefully someday I can see the shrine, and God willing you so I may thank you in person. May God Bless You. Please forgive me for any errors.

128 angie { 08.24.12 at }

Hi Arcangel, I don’t know where else to turn. I am askingfor a blessing, a money blessing, if you could help another, I’m offering my heart.please bless everyone else also. Thank you. With love. Also help me believe, I have lost my way.

129 Alisa { 09.04.12 at }

Thank you for sharing this prayer. I’ve been going through a most difficult time after losing my mother, and sometimes it seems that the more I pray, the more my faith seems to be tested. Your advice here in the comments were what I needed to hear. Thank you so much.

130 Sydney { 09.06.12 at }

Please pray for my family, I know many people are very indefferent about ghost and demons. But I have lived my whole life in this house and have seen many things… Whatever it is I feel it getting stronger and it scares me.. Please pray for my family and there safty. Thank you

131 edgar ricardo { 09.07.12 at }

Archangel Michael please protect my family and I. Help me find a full time job that I can keep and make a decent wage. Please help those around me understand who I am. Help my wife and I better understand each other. Also protect my health and help me make a healthy lifestyle change. I ask this in Jesus’s name Amen.

132 Clyo Beck { 09.18.12 at }

So glad you found comfort. In truth, we are all here to help and sustain each other. There is love everywhere for you. You have to be willing to risk, to reach out, and to trust that God loves you and will meet every need if you will but ask and assert that you are receiving love from the Universe in every moment. Ask and ye shall receive.

133 Clyo Beck { 09.18.12 at }

Speak to it. Send it love. Love heals all. Affirm that, when the time is right, it will go into the Light. When afraid, repeat the 23rd Psalm until you feel calm and assured of God’s love and protection.

134 Clyo Beck { 09.18.12 at }

Beautiful Angie, you are undergoing what every human undergoes: spiritual crisis.

Here’s a prayer for you.

Dear God,

I choose to know that I am here for a purpose.

I choose to know that my purpose is to be happy living fully as myself.

I chose to let all my innate, God-given brilliance shine out into the world for the highest good of all.

I let go of all the “how’s and when’s” and focus on giving my gifts at the highest level.

It is my intention to allow divine guidance to lead me to my highest purpose in life in the way that is perfectly suited to my desires, my personality and innate abilities.

I am divinely guided, blessed, safe, abundant.

The steps WILL appear before me just as I need them.

It is my intention to be, in some way, a light of healing, inspiration and transformation for others.

I want to be of Divine Service.

I trust You show me how.

I surrender all the things I “need” to happen and remember this.

I put my faith in You, Divine Wisdom of the Universe, and that You are abundantly providing for me as I am guided in my life’s purpose.

I remember that that divine loves and supports me always.

In joy, I am creating everything in my life every day, in every moment.

I am a powerful co-creator with God who adores me.

It is God’s will that my life be filled with joy!

And I can count on that, forever and ever.

I feel joyous anticipation about what is on its way to me.

I feel excited anticipation about what will happen next.

From this place, I am a powerful magnet drawing to me all that I need to fully feel my life energy.

From this place, I am a powerful magnet drawing to me all that I need to fulfill my life purpose.

From this place, I feel a growing awareness of my oneness with You, O God.

Thank You so much, God. I am at ease and empowered as never before.

And so it is.

135 Clyo Beck { 09.18.12 at }

Dear Brian,

You have been through so much. While you and I both know that – in the world as we envision it – abusing others like this isn’t even possible for people, I ask you to take a moment and give yourself some real credit. You are incredibly strong to endure all this, feel all your feelings, acknowledge them all, validate them all, and come out still saying, “I’m still going to keep reaching for God and love and peace.”

We all come into this life connected to our Source, to God. Our spirit selves are vibrating the energy of love as we enter the body. Yet what you know inside your heart – that God is love and God adores you and we are here to love one another and make life easier for one another – hit up against the brick wall of the world saying just the opposite.

So who was the kid in you supposed to believe? That small, inner voice? Or a hostile world taking a swipe at you at every turn?

So you have had to deal with totally incompatible energies embedded inside you. The love – which is the real you – and these conflicting energies thrust upon you by the world.

All that diarrhea and vomiting – boy that makes so much intuitive sense to me, given what you went through. All this unresolved stuff has been making you sick. And no wonder!

You have not been able to digest having gone through one terrible experience after another. Those energies have still been in your body, having their effect. Your body has not been able to handle the energies of abuse and invalidation of your inner essence. There has needed to be a clearing of these energies – a release and resolution of all that conflict.

Every person’s spiritual path is different. Sometimes healing and resolution comes in a moment of grace after years of stumbling around in darkness. We can be lifted to a higher plane of forgiveness and insight so suddenly so that the physical problems disappear as the old energies dissolve.

That is what we call a miracle and it is that which we all pray to receive, or rather to have the capacity to receive, for it is without hesitation given to us.

You needed either to release those old energies or have cleansing, higher vibration energies flow through you. When old negative energies are cleared out, our vibratory patterns naturally rise. It sounds like you had that experience. Divine energy swept through you. The energy of the recording on the CD acted was the facilitating agent. That is fantastic.

I am so glad you gutted it out – literally – and decided you will triumph.

There are so many kids these days who are going through this kind of stuff. They are sensitive and loving and cannot figure out why everyone is treating them so horribly. Those that come to the conclusion that there is something wrong with them – and that the world is totally hostile to who they are and things will never be better – are tempted to commit suicide to escape what seems like a hopeless situation.

It’s obvious that, on a very deep level, you made the decision that the love within you will triumph over all that hateful stuff that was thrown at you.

It sounds, to me, like your life has been a course in spiritual mastery.

Congratulations on being an intrepid and tenacious seeker, Brian. Your own soul has the answers and has been leading you one step at a time through a minefield. You have survived! Now, keep trusting your intuition and follow your own wisdom and joy.

You will, finally, get to a feeling place while in the body similar to that which you knew before you were born. You will absolutely know you are a Light bearer. You will absolutely know love of the self is the foundation for all healing. Since you understand emotions – from high to low – you can empathize with and understand others and spread love in the world just by walking in it.

We really need emotional intelligence specialists in this world, to let people know that it’s okay to have feelings, and that they have feelings for a reason, and that the reason is to guide them to better lives.

You know what feels good and you know what feels bad. And it’s just natural to gravitate to what feels better from wherever you are. Yet no one tells these kids that. Instead they blame themselves for feeling bad and just feel worse and worse.

My sense is that you are moving rapidly to a place of perfect health.

Those who interact with you, in the future – even with a casual word – will be changed by being near you and your positive energy.

Yet I cannot help but wonder if the ministry is calling to you.

If so, you will be the minister you so longed to find in the world when you were young. You will be the one who has integrity and who can be trusted. You will be the one who would never turn away a soul in need of spiritual comfort, even after closing hours.

There is so much power in surviving the experiences you have had. As you say, you are no longer afraid of death. Once free from the fear of death, you are free to be completely yourself, to put yourself “out there” to be fully yourself and give your gifts.

Anyone who aspires to be a leader will face criticism of what he does or does not do. That criticism is either going to be that the person did not do enough or went “over the top.” You have to know that, no matter what you do, someone will criticize it. There may be ten thousand people who adore you, but there will be one who can’t stand what you stand for.

I think you have learned the lesson that stops so many people from following their dreams: that you cannot pay attention to those who criticize you because there will always be someone who does, whether you ever hear about that person or not. Your job is to bless those people, turn your attention away from them, and continue on your own joyful path, true to your own spirit.

True spiritual power means you do not change or adjust the essence of who you are for anyone’s opinion, or no matter how much abuse is served up to you.

True spiritual power means you do what feels right to you, no matter what. You follow your own intuition and joy. You value yourself as an adored child of God. And you trust your guidance by following up on it immediately when you get it.

Brian, I feel you are a compassionate advocate of loving kindness. You are someone who really sees what’s going on. You are someone who feels the truth of what’s going on.

You are someone that knows – in your gut – the price we pay in society when we abandon Jesus’ message to love each other and be kind to one another. And you have lived the life that shows the price paid.

Thanks for your very kind words. I am so glad I contributed something positive to your path.

I send you much love,

136 moya { 09.19.12 at }

Tuesday, Sept 17, 2012. I was traveling to Florida to visit a friend and came upon info about St Michael’s shrine in Tarpon Springs. My friend, whose husband is a scientologist, wept when she arrived and sat in the chapel. She told her husband after being so moved by the presence of god, she wanted to return to the christian faith. I cried before I even arrived at the chapel. My heart just broke and I wept. The feeling I received in that chapel was profound longing and sadness for those who are afflicted with suffering, but it is a healing place. M Murphy

137 Sandra Goodine { 09.29.12 at }

Dear saint Michael, I pray for your powerful protection for myself as well as my loved ones. I seem to be fighting a spirtual battle these days and need your powerful intervention. Keep me and loved ones safe from those of them who wish us harm. Defend us in battle. Stay by our sides. In Jesus name I pray Amen.

138 MC { 10.13.12 at }

Thank you St. Michael, I prayed hard this morning and my number one prayer which is my fear was quickly overcome, I felt you there and right in there I become strong. Thank you Jesus!

139 Charles { 10.16.12 at }

Please pray for my wife, Ijeoma, who will be due to deliver her baby by the end of October; May the lord grant and the baby good health and safe delivery to the glory of God, amen

140 Clyo Beck { 10.16.12 at }

Dear God,

I affirm that Charles and his family are one with you and never apart from you.
So loved and blessed by you, Ijeoma delivers easily and with great happiness.
Their baby is perfect.
This family is united in Your love and joy.
I speak these words in full faith that it is done.
We give thanks for the children in our lives who are the hope of the world
And great blessings to us all.
And so it is.

141 overkill { 10.17.12 at }

Came here to pray for myself, am now praying for all who posted here as well.

142 bee { 10.23.12 at }

Thank you so much for this prayer, it has helped me and my family in our time of need :) Michael is my favorite angel and it gives me comfort to pray to him.

143 charlene jennex { 11.01.12 at }

Our mother Lillian is undergoing a needle biopsy next Wednesday the 7th of Nov.They told her she has stage 3a lung cancer but need to know what type before they can start any treatment. She has severe COPD, 40% lung capacity remaining so an operation is out of the question.Please pray for her biopsy to be a success and also that she is cured from this awful disease. A miracle would be nice for them to find no cancer at all. thank you, God Bless

144 Louise { 11.04.12 at }

Please pray for me to find someone I can love, who can also love me, and who loves God, and pray that I will get pregnant and give birth to a happy healthy child. Pray that my house sells at a good price and that all the awful problems that have been plaguing me and the people who have damaged me and put thorns in may way will drop out of my life. Pray that my sister will experience relief from the illness she is battling and that she will be freed from it. Pray for our family, as we have been through much and need peace, happiness, and relief.

145 Amy { 11.06.12 at }

Im going through a painful situation at this very instance. My relationship with the man I love is over. My heart is in pain and I wish St Michael could help me. If he could go before the presence of the Almighty and ask if God could unite us again. :’–( Please St Michael help me.

146 April { 11.13.12 at }

Thank you for this prayer and information about this shrine. I can definitely say my prayers are being answered. Thank you Saint Michael and to the nice lady who I spoke to at the shrine.

147 philip paul dou { 11.15.12 at }

Good night. I am teaching at St. Michael’s Brahman in Madang Provincein Papua New Guinea…I somehow stumbled upon the site after going through problems and difficulties as expressed by many i’ve read herein. After reading through the experience shared I feenlilightened

148 philip paul dou { 11.15.12 at }

All the answers I was looking for were there…St. Michael intercede for my family and me in All our problem and difficulties we are going through now…we beseech Thee…this is my 7day in praying St. Michael’s never failing prayer. I have also prayed to St. Jude Thaddeus, St. Raphael and St. Therese – The Little Flower…Help us in your prayers…Amen

149 Clyo Beck { 11.16.12 at }

Fantastic! God bless you. – Clyo

150 Clyo Beck { 11.16.12 at }

Dearest Charlene,

By now you know the results. I pray that you feel the presence of God, and that your mother does as well. It may help you to read Anita Moorjani’s beautiful book, Dying To Be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing.

I have prayed for you and your mother, and I send you much love,

151 Clyo Beck { 11.16.12 at }

As you speak The Word, so is it done unto you. I now speak the Word on your behalf.

All negative stress now falls away from your life. You are now a magnet for good. An ocean of relief washes over your sister, and your lives get better and better. And so it is. Amen.

Now, Louise, Imagine what you want, believe it is coming, affirm it is coming, give thanks to God in your prayers that it is coming, and it must come. That is Law.

God bless you, Louis. I send you much love,

152 Clyo Beck { 11.16.12 at }

May St. Michael heal the pain in your heart with the cool balm of his love.

Remember, Amy, that you are a valuable one-of-a-kind vessel for the holy spirit of God. Seek God’s presence – be silent and meditate – and see if you are not led to more joyful thoughts. Authentic joy is an attractor. If you can learn to be truly joyful in your life, the man you still love may yet be attracted to you and come back, if you even want him then. The irony is that, once you are in that joyful place, you will attract someone else.

So seek those things that give you joy. Obviously, this man – and thinking about him – is not doing that. Wean your mind from the pain. A wonderful help with that is Emotional Freedom Technique. Pray to God and ask to be led to what will give you relief and set you on your right path, the one that will intersect with the one who will love you truest and best. If this man is it, he will return. If he isn’t, you will look back one day and – hard as it is to believe – be glad of this breakup.

I send you much love,

153 neb { 11.22.12 at }

Dear st. michael
plz pray for me to get a suitable marriage proposal designed by jesus thrugh ur intercession all r possible.

154 adriana { 11.27.12 at }

please pray for my son joshua, and for his sister amanda, they re going thru a difficult time as a divorce would on children and as for myself, but esp. for joshua i feel that he is being told negative things and does not know who to believe or where he stands in life

155 Karen { 11.27.12 at }

Please guide me in finding a job. I feel I am losing hope. Help me Padre Pio.

156 Tad { 11.27.12 at }

Dear St Michael
Thank you St Michael my prayers were answered I was homeless and now I have a home for myself and and my 3 children. I do have other challenges and I know I going to overcome them in Jesus’ Might Name. Guide me now St Michael in this trying time cover me with the blood of Jesus thank you St Michael thank you

157 Margo { 11.28.12 at }

I turn to You St.Michael in prayer for my Husband. I ask for his protection, may You shine upon him and help him through a difficult financial circumstances with his business.
Please bring more peace, love and financial freedom to our family.
Help us overcome all difficulties.
I pray for our marriage and our 4 little kids. Protect us always and send your love and positive energy in our way.May our life turn around and our dreams manifest. In Jesus name.AMEN

158 MM { 11.28.12 at }

St. Michael please grant change in my family, turn around all negative forces and bless us with peace, harmony and financial freedom .Amen

159 sm { 12.12.12 at }

Please guide me st. Michel and please help me by blessing my efforts regarding Permanent Residency Status. Please pray for me that I receive my Permanent Residency at the earliest. Hear and answer my prayers. Amen.

160 nb { 12.21.12 at }


161 NB { 12.28.12 at }

plz pray for a 23 year old girl who is in critical condition for a speedy recovery also for a stable health.

162 TS { 01.08.13 at }

I was at this church several times and the feeling I get of St. Michael is amazing! Whenever I have been there, it is difficult for me to leave. That is a special place! Thank God that we have places where we can really feel His presence and know He is watching over us! Thank you, Maria, for doing this for us!

163 amu { 01.12.13 at }

Please pray for my daughter. We are going through a difficult time with her using drugs. I’m scared and she needs prayers.

164 Cathy { 01.20.13 at }

St Michael, please pray for me and help me financially and give me guidance as to what I’m suppose to be doing with my life. I’m unemployed for the last 2 years and now living with my sister in a different state. I’m watching my nephew who has Down Syndrome so that my sister can devote her time too making her business work without having to worry about her son’s safety. I enjoy taking care of him but I’m also stressed cuz I have no money and no insurance. I’m 50 years old and feel like I haven’t accomplished anything in my life. Although I do have 3 wonderful children who are healthy and 5 grandchildren that are healthy as well but is this what I’m supposed to be doing? I feel lost like its not enough plus I hate to depend on my sister to buy me things. She is so thankful that I’m watching her son that she would do anything for me but I hate asking for anything since I live with them for free and they feed me as well. Please guide me and help me figure out what I’m supposed to be doing please. I know that at this time I’m right where I’m suppose to be taking care of my nephew but I can’t help but wonder if I’m suppose to be doing something else as we’ll. thank you for your prayers I really do need them.

165 Catherine { 01.21.13 at }

Please pray for me St. Michael. My husband has left me and asked for a divorce because i am overweight and has met another woman. Please restore my marriage and let it be better than what it was before. We are still living together until he saves money to move back to europe to be with her and his family.

Please St. Michael forgive me of my sins, have mercy on my husband and this other woman and heal my broken marriage. Please shine our beautiful memories in his heart of our love and how we were. Please let me lose weight fast.

Lord and St Michael thank you very much for hearing my prayers
With Love … Catherine

166 vanesha { 01.26.13 at }

I pray that St. Michael bring back my happiness and take all my sorrow and tears away. Please bless me in your prayers.

167 vanesha { 01.26.13 at }

I pray that St. Michael bring back my happiness and take all my sorrow and tears away. Please bless me in your prayers and keep my loved ones safe.

168 A { 01.27.13 at }

Oh Michael, please use your favorable communication with God to intercede on my behalf about my prayer to reunite D and A.R.M.

169 GERRY { 01.31.13 at }

Please guide me st. Michel and please help me keep me in your prayers plz hear the prayers in my heart. You know what I need requires a miracle. I’ve been begg ing and asking and praying for this for so long . Please ask god to hear my prayers and give me my miracle for my daughter edel lou and myself. St. Michael heal the pain in our heart with the cool balm of your love.
Thank u god bless

170 Sandra { 02.05.13 at }

Please help our employer to restore my husband’s job. Please help my son bring up his average so he can stay in school and I hope, finish.

171 scott { 02.05.13 at }

Please pray the door opens for a job i applied for. This job will meet all my family and my needs, plus will be able to help others in need as well.

172 SM { 02.12.13 at }

Please join your payers with sm that god bless her abundantly, tuns his eyes of mercy to her.God hear and answer our prayers for SM by approving her residency status. Amen.

173 sm { 02.19.13 at }

Dear Brother in Christ! I (SM) personally ask you to pray for me to our god, our heavenly father for approval of permanent residency status. I have applied for the same since 2010 and since then submitting all the documents and facing all the question asked by the embassy. The process of approval is in last stage. Pray with me that all the person dealing with the documents turns the result in my favor. I pray that god for his greater glory blesses my efforts and approves my permanent residency of Canada.
I (SM) ask approval of my permanent residency in his name for his greater glory. pray with me to god to hear and answer our prayers. Amen.

174 AB { 02.20.13 at }

I was told about this beautiful Chapel and was amazed about the story behind it. Me and my mom visited the Shrine and we prayed for many things but the most thing i prayed for was the years of hurt i went thru with my Ex Fiance and so many trials and tribulations… little did i know that God, The Blessed and Beautiful Virgin Mary, and ofcourse St. Michael the Archangel prepared for me the best guy ever ….after a few months …i met him…and just about 9 times of me and him visiting there..he proposed to me there! Believe and trust in the Lord and ..if its in His will, it will happen. Amen!

175 sm { 02.26.13 at }

St. Michael, the archangel, please join your prayers with SM that god bless her abundantly, and approve her permanent residency status and keep her safe and under your divine protection. Amen.

176 maiky { 03.01.13 at }

I am so upset for losing my wallet which contains money for our wedding. After reading some of the prayers here, i feel quite ashamed of my shallow concern. I hope everyone’s prayer here gets answered. I pray for healing, peace, love and God’s blessings and protection for everyone here..

177 Lisa { 03.03.13 at }

to be honest..I found this site while searching for the Prayer to St. Michael. We were given this prayer by a Catholic woman and her husband last year because we were (at the time) plagued with spirits. And some were not so nice. After reciting the prayer that day, as well as the Lord’s Prayer, we indeed experienced several miracles. The spirits moved on or were taken care of and it became much easier to breath in our house. Why I wanted a copy of the prayer is to re-inforce what was said and learned that day. Although we are not Catholic, we are Christian and I believe that St. Michael did indeed help us and is truly working with the Lord. I have witnessed the power of prayer and am grateful to see a site, such as this, to let the world know that YES God is with us. We may not always see him working in our lives.., DO NOT give up, the answers from HIM are right around the corner. Sometimes you may have to look a little, but the answers are there.
God Bless

178 Simone { 03.03.13 at }

St Michael my prayer going forward is that u provide me with me soul mate
Of many years of praying and requesting my needs i now leave it onto you
I will start every Tuesday to light a candle, I believe my God never fails
His child. God Bless

179 J { 03.05.13 at }

St. Michael, please intercede on my behalf so that I may redeploy in April. thank you

180 SM { 03.12.13 at }

With all trust and hope, i ask you my dear St. Michale, the archangel, please pray to Lord our God to favor SM with permanent residency status.Ask god to turn his eyes of mercy urgently unto SM and make her to reach to Canada as a permanent resident at the earliest. hear and answer our prayers lord.Amen.

181 Clyo Beck { 03.12.13 at }

Thank you, Lisa, for your testimony.

Yes, God is alive and with us, loving us, in every moment. Real help is always closer than we know.

Thank you so much for your encouraging, heartfelt words. God Bless you.


182 Clyo Beck { 03.12.13 at }

Dearest Maiky,

Thank you so much for your blessings. We all know what it’s like to lose money and how, when it happens, it does not feel trivial at all – nor does our distress feel shallow, but very deep.

You are so dear to pray for others when you, yourself, have been experiencing distress! So here’s a prayer for you.

Dearest God, Our Creator and the Source of Our Good,

In the name of Jesus the Christ, Whom You sent to teach us love,
We affirm that this is a good and gracious world we live in
And that it is filled with amazingly good and generous, loving and helpful people.

United with You, We speak to Maily and her life and we say:

We affirm that you are a beautiful person who does not need to suffer.
We affirm that, if losing your wallet was a manifestation of your changing energy and changing life,
That future manifestations will be ones of joyful gain and not of worrisome loss.
We affirm that your wallet and all that is yours by Divine Right is returned to you.
We affirm that the money for your wedding is either returned to you by Divine Right
Or is replaced by Divine Source through another, joyous avenue.

We see you overjoyed with joy and gratitude.
We see you give the person who returns your wallet a reward.
We declare that this entire experience and everyone involved is infused with God’s blessings.
We thank God for you, and for your bringing this to us so that we might have the opportunity to write this prayer.
We thank God for reminding us to be love and teach love in every situation.

We bless the person or persons who have your wallet, or anyone who may find your wallet.
We declare that this situation is a transforming situation and more than it appears to be.
We declare that you, Maiky, receive the Divine Transformation and have a closer relationship with God as a result.
We declare that we are truly One and that we send you our love, from the deepest core of our existences.
We are love, we pulse love, we send you our love,
And you experience a beautiful revelation infused with love.
You go forth a different person – more truly yourself and more aligned with God

And so it is.

183 jadav { 03.13.13 at }

St. Michael, please intercede on my behalf so that I may redeploy in April to start school in May 2013

184 sylvia { 03.17.13 at }

i did the prayer of st michael and i went to the chapel i left the prayer but there inside the chapel the did not have any candle to burn juat the alter but it had only the two candles that were burning it is a 24 hr. adoration so i just left the prayer and i totally forget it was tuesday so i got there at 11:30 p.m. so i burned the candle at home i asked st. michael to forgive for burning it at home let me know what i should do did i actually missed a tuesday let me know god bless sylvia

185 sylvia { 03.20.13 at }

please can someone fill me w/my question answer please Thank You God Bless Sylvia

186 neb { 03.25.13 at }

St. Michaelplz pray for me to get ride away frm evil attack. iam sometimes very nervous.

187 paul { 03.25.13 at }

Dear St Michael my prayer for u is i always get annoyed by the evil so plz save me frm all dangers frm evil.

188 SM { 03.26.13 at }

St. Michael, The arch angel, remove all the devil works from my life and from my file placed for permanent residency as you did the satan at your feet. Bless me and protect me with your divine blessings and make me to reach Toronto at the earliest as a permanent resident.
St. Michael, The archangel, help me out for your grater glory. Amen.

189 Karen { 03.28.13 at }

St. Michael, Please give me strength to carry on.

190 MM { 03.29.13 at }

Please pray for me St. Michael that my daughter is cured of all her illnesses and is blessed to overcome all obstacles and prejudices to excel in her final exams.

191 ynna { 04.03.13 at }

St.Michael,please intercede on my behalf that i will hired again for a job and find better location for my business and meet helpful people
to help me physically,emotionally,financially and spiritually. That my family can miraculously be a permanent residence of new zealand. Thank you.

192 Clyo Beck { 04.10.13 at }

Dear Sylvia,

The purpose of the ritual is to create a bond of trust and a feeling of expectation in you – an expectation, a knowing – that your prayers will be answered. As you focus on the outcome you want and build your practice and increase your expectation from week to week, you allow the good that Saint Michael is working on your behalf to reach you.

The truth is that what you ask is already yours. It is already created. It is waiting to be received.

If you have done something that makes you doubt that your ritual or prayer is valid or “enough” – or if you fear that you did not do it “right” – then that may interfere with your ability to receive.

If you have any doubt at all in your heart about your prayer being effective or the ritual being done correctly, then start over.

Above all things, know that Saint Michael loves you and is not offended by anything you do.

He knows you are doing your best.

<3 I send you much love,

193 Mahie { 04.19.13 at }

Please pray for me St. Michael that I am cured of all my skin allergy ailment and is blessed to overcome all obstacles and prejudices to excel in life’s journey.

Thank You.


194 Rhonda { 04.23.13 at }

At the top of this article you say to pray the prayer every day for nine weeks. At the bottom you say pray the prayer only on Tuesdays for 9 weeks and light a candle. Which is correct?

195 Rhonda { 04.23.13 at }

I am praying to Saint Michael for healing for my family and for job/financial stability for my husband/family. I in year 4 of this JOB like time in my life. But even Job (old testament) wasn’t tested this long. I don’t even know what God wants from me anymore. I’m about to stop caring.

196 Rhonda { 04.23.13 at }

And let me add I’m Queen of positive thinking and seeing my blessings as happening. Then when I am enjoying them the rug is ripped from under me. I can’t imagine a loving God wanting us to feel loss, suffering, and poverty on and on an on while truly trying everything to do and have better.

197 Liz { 04.24.13 at }

Started this novena 8 weeks ago. just got back from Florida. yesterday where I got to go to Saint Michael’s shrine. so grateful I was there. Started going back to church as well. cannot explain how much at peace I am right now. I feel as if praying to St. Michael allowed me to let Jesus fully into my heart. one more week until my novena is done. I do belive that St. Michael will. answer my prayer . will keep you updated…

198 Rhonda { 04.24.13 at }

I just went back and read the comments and got the answer to how often to pray. Thank you. Also some of your responses to others were very uplifting to me personally. Thank you for this prayer and your site. God Bless you.

199 Molly { 04.25.13 at }

I humbly pray that St Michael assist my girls to perform very well in their studies and be admitted to university this year. I pray to God for his grace and love and protection over them so nothing bad come to them and so that they are embraced in Gods love always

Much love

200 MG { 04.25.13 at }

I pray to St Michael to bless my husband, to forgive him and wherever he is if it pleases the Lord to come back and to be a loving husband, understanding, caring, playful and joyous; but if it does not please you Lord, Our God, I pray for my Lord to send me someone who will be my soulmate, someone who will love me, play with me, listen music with me, assist me in everything, be with me always, whom I will feel so happy with, and live our lives together, I ask you St Michael to intervene and help me find true love for eternity. Amen

201 Elizabeth { 05.05.13 at }

I need prayers for peace in my life..i m committed to a person who is emotionally killing me..not getting sleep peace in my life.he s an ignorant person who always thinks only about himself.i need prayers to change according to him and his nature..and also I need prayers for his conversion to a loving expressing person

202 NicoleKelly { 05.15.13 at }

Thank you for this site & the Novena. I finished the nine weeks yesterday & now I am waiting. I went through 4 St. Michael candles during the weeks of my novenas & I bought a special candle that is a piece of glass with St. Michaels picture (the famous one of him with his foot on the devil arm ready to deliver the final blow to his evil head) it looks kind of like stained glass & it has a candle holder attached so when the candle burns it lights up the picture. I plan on burning it every Tuesday even though my novena is over. As a “thank you” to St. Michael & I also bought pretty St. Michael lace prayer cards to leave at restaurants, stores etc…. to help other souls who are seeking intervention through St. Michael.

203 JBJ { 05.28.13 at }

Please Saint Michael
I pray that you soften the heart of my manager, that she will become a more spirtual person and not have so much hatred in her heart. I pray that my family will find happiness very soon. I pray that you will bestow the favors that I pary for. Love in my heart always.
I visited your shrine on Monday, May 27,2013. What a beautiful pleace. It was so peaceful. I will be visiting it again and again.

204 JJ { 06.02.13 at }

Its Sunday today, I can’t wait until Tuesday to pray to you St. Michael. My brother has become very alcoholic and has not come home for 17 days now and also has not reported to work. His company is terminating him and will cancel his work visa. He is newly married and his wife (now in India) will join him next week. If he loses his job now and does not come back home what will I answer his family. I am do desperately trying to reach him and he is not answering my calls, I dont know what demonic situation he is in, but St. Michael, please pray for him so that all the negative energies surrounding him should melt away and he should turn a new leaf. Although a hindu by birth, Lord Jesus was always a part and parcel of my life, I surrender myself totally to you bestow the favours that my brother needs. I have been living without any peace of mind for many days now.

205 beth { 06.15.13 at }

Thank you St Michael, for helping my son get good grades this semester, pls continue to guide & light his career path & also on his test this coming Sept2013. Pls give him a retentive memory so he will be able to answer all the questions correctly. Thank you for the protection you are giving to all of us….amen..amen

206 gerry { 07.04.13 at }

Please guide me st. Michel and please help meOur God, I pray for my Lord to send me someone who will be my soulmate, someone who will love me, , listen music with me, assist me in everything, be with me always, whom I will feel so happy with, and live our lives together, I ask you St Michael to intervene and help me find true love for eternity keep me in your prayers plz hear the prayers in my heart. You know what I need requires a miracle. I’ve been begg ing and asking and praying for this for so long . Please ask god to hear my prayers and give me my miracle for my daughter edel lou and myself. St. Michael heal the pain in our heart with the cool balm of your love.please grant change in my family, turn around all negative forces and bless us with peace
Thank u god bless

207 lou .. dell .. gerry { 07.04.13 at }

St. Michael, The archangel, remove all the evil from my life and my daughters. St. Michael bring back my family’s happiness and take all my sorrow and tears away. Please bless me in your prayers and keep my loved ones safe. Bless me and protect me with your divine blessings archangel, help me out for your greater glory. Shine your light. Amen.

208 Brian { 07.09.13 at }

Hi, Clyo, I wrote to you last year in Aug.2012, and I was wondering if you could provide me with some clarity or explanation, maybe? There have weird circumstances that have been surrounding since we last talked. Firstly, the St. Michael has been an invaluable tool for and a skill I have been trying to perfect, THANK YOU so much for posting this site, I believe it has saved me and my family. Since, last wrote to you, I was admitted in the hospital. Due my gallbladder removal my body has no control over the flow of bile, so I had too much of it in my intestines and stomach, which is called Alkaline Reflux. It cause severe stomach damage, and if progressed further could have perforated my stomach. Then I broke my elbow, only my third fracture in my life. Then, here’s where it’s a little strange, I have had pneumonia before, but nothing like this. On the fourth day of a cold or something, in mid May, really late for me getting a cold. This usually happens in winter. On the fourth day, though, after about 5 P.M., from lower back to head, I had severe increasing pain to point it was above a 10 on the pain scale and the only thing I could do was lay down. I could not open my eyes because when I saw light it felt I was getting pierced in the eyeballs with a knife, instantly. I had other symptoms to and they where so similar to Meningitis that an advice Dr. thought it sounded like Viral Meningitis. The only thing dr.’s found was that I had Pneumonia even after tapping my spine for the fluid. Then I had a back issue 2 weeks later. I write these things for background for what I’m going to tell you, now.
I moved to my current home in Dec. 2011-present. Almost, My son and daughter had there nightmares increase. My Son, was so scared he would not tell me his dreams, he would just cry in my arms and tell me he promised he would not tell. My daughter was scared to sleep alone and later told me she could not sleep until 11 or 11:30 at night and when she did her covers would be completely covering her, like a cocoon. My wife and I, our relationship tanked bordering on being abusive, and we’d be yelling at each other and the kids I’m sure could hear us, causing more fear for them. As time went on my daughter behavior turned and she would lie at school, and to us the parents. She lied about being bullied, she lied to best friend at school about wanting to beat them up or kill them, and she used those words. She also wasn’t putting forth effort in math, like she wasn’t trying. She was seriously in danger of being held back.
During this time I was and am still in grief over what’s transpired in my life with my health, being forclosed on, my marriage, my parenting, and my job which I’m still in danger of losing. I was in despair and I lost hope when it came to my marriage. I was severely depressed and I knew it. I told you before that I was know longer afraid of death. I am and was so tired and weary of this suffering that I had a death wish. I’ve had temptations as a passing thought in my mind to just walk in front of a bus or a thought of “Why can’t I just have a Mack truck just hit me and get it over with. But, in my heart and mind I know why I am still here. My friend and children need me, and I need to find out what God’s purpose is and serve him and Jesus and live through God’s vision for me. I can’t do that if I’m dead or going through all this grief and despair.
Then recently, my friend at work a Reverend told me something. You need to completely surrender yourself to Jesus. I thought I did that but I guess I didn’t do it right. He says that I ask the Lord to take this from me, but like thief I take it back and put it on myself again. When I do this I don’t even know I’m doing it or realize how I’m doing it. Also, this is where it gets strange.
My daughter told me recently that she see’ Ghosts or Spirits in the house. She said they where here at the house since we moved in. There are 3 and she, after talking to her said names, Lucas Smith a man possibly a father, Layla Smith a mother, and a child Tyler Smith. She said the mother and father where mean and the kid was nice. She said she sees the all the time at the house and that the boy follows her to school. I think they died tragically but I don’t know how. But, she saw that the boy was bleeding from the head. I felt things to, like a weight on my shoulders upon entering the house. When, I went the shed in my yard at around 2-3:30 A.M. I would feel like I would have to enter the house quickly or I would be in some sort of danger. I my room I would here doors being slammed or mumbling voices or child foot steps in the attic. After my last illness it was a Thurs. at about 1:00 A.M. that’s when I surrendered myself to the Lord. 1st I did the St. Michael’s prayer, Prayed to St. Jude, and the Guardian Angel. I made my prayer to Jesus surrendering to him and to serve only God’s will, my own or to anyone else, and the asked loved family and close friends that have died in my life. My God Father who was a Priest, My favorite Cousin Tina, My favorite Grandma, my friend Margarita, and my swim coach Hank who I’ve a special connection with, to help me with the Ghosts or Spirits. I bought white candles, and crosses, I put the crosses over our heads where we sleep, and the last one over the front door. The Mom and Dad left, and before they left my daughter said that hate God and my son who saw them in his dreams said that he couldn’t tell me what happened in his dreams, because they said he told me they would kill him, he’s 7 she’s 8. I also, sought help from a priest in the area.
The follow-up is they the Mom and Dad are gone, My daughter can see and hear and talk to Spirits or Ghosts. The Boy, Tyler is still here along with the five people I called. My daughter said I helped the boy and saved him and brought him to God. She said the Priest I called did an Exorcism and I needed to bless the house and they all said to get more candles. But she said something else during the conversation that she saw wings on all of them including the boy. She said that I actually made God and Jesus smile from time to time. She sees the flying around us when we are driving. She also, said the mom and dad where attacking us and our puppy because they hated us. I have been told that I am being attack by the Enemy and this situation could kill me. But I overcame this situation with the help of Jesus and my very special friends and family. I am trying to make sense of all of this in my mind, can you help me? I am feeling very blessed at what has transpired, though.

209 Clyo Beck { 07.10.13 at }

Dear Brian,

I’m so grateful that my prior post helped you and your family.

In regard to the experiences you have been having, my first reaction was to suggest that you move out of your current residence. Yet, that response, I realize, was based in fear and expediency. The truth is, you and your daughter are in that place for a reason – to learn something crucial to your spiritual growth.

Having written that, I must admit that your situation is out of my area of expertise. My sense is that you would be best served by consulting with an accurate – and loving – medium who can put your experiences in a context that makes sense.

My guess is that your experience is part of a growing global experience in which humanity is learning that we are energy beings and we – truly – never die.

Your daughter’s true path may, in fact, be to grow into her psychic gifts so she becomes a gifted medium who can comfort the bereaved so they know that their lost loved ones are really not so far away.

There is, however, so much fear among some Christians in regard to consulting psychics and mediums that it is difficult for most sensitive people to reveal what they see. Certainly there are a number of scriptural passages that pastors have pointed to which appear to say that psychics and mediums are to be avoided as they are associating with “the devil.”

Clarity is needed in that regard, and I’ll attempt to provide a bit here.

First off, we are energy beings. We do not die, but simply withdraw our consciousness from the body.

This is demonstrated when a recently departed (what a good word – not dead, but simply departed from the physical plane) person appears to a loved one via a dream – or sometimes at the side of the bed – to give a spoken or unspoken message of love and well-being.

The message there is always: “I’m still alive, but across the divide between physical and non-physical; I am well; I am happy; our separation isn’t forever – and try to be happy without me.”

Yet even these loving messages, conveyed with the most loving of intentions by the departed – can still frighten those who receive them and those who hear about them.

If we are afraid of those we knew and love when they appear to us in spirit form, what can we expect to feel when we begin to see strangers?

I think it’s safe to say we feel absolute terror. And when we feel ongoing stress and/or terror, we are vulnerable and weak; so it’s only natural for the immune system to start to fail and to get sick – or even die.

Second, we are creators. This means that our thoughts can create energetic forms. So, when we imagine a devil, we give form to that being as we imagine it. When we imagine that our imaginary creation has power over us – and power to hurt us – well we are really defeating ourselves with our own imaginations.

Jesus knew this. So he taught his disciples – and they taught their followers – not to be imagining spirits or trying to talk with them, because it could lead them to thinking they were getting Divine Guidance when, in truth, the “guidance” they were getting was not from “the top” and, depending upon the evolution of the soul that departed, could come from a limited perspective.

Yet, he also knew that people had created a “fall guy” – the devil – on which they blamed all their problems; so he did refer to it.

The truth is, you are in control of your mind and your life. You can love the devil – or any “entity” out of its power by aligning with God’s love. And that’s what you did.

Yet, there’s a point here that I want to make clear: When you combine our ability – as a species – to create thought forms and then empower them with the terror we’ve seen in movies and all we’ve been told about how spirits are evil and able to hurt us, you then have a perfect storm wherein our beliefs and terrors can not only make us sick, but can open us up to psychic attacks by entities humanity has created out of fear.

It all, of course, seems very real and “outside of us.”

So should we “fight” these entities? No. We created them and fighting them only gives them more strength because we create more conflict within ourselves through the fight.

So, the first realization we must come to is this: There is nothing to fear but fear itself. No matter how real our fears feel; no matter what is appearing outside of us to mirror our own fears to us, they are not real, and they can all be dissolved.

How do we dissolve fear?

The only antidote to fear is love. The best road to love is understanding.

First, understand you are always safe. As you learned, God and the Archangels will always intervene between you and your worldly fears – no matter how deeply embedded.

Second, realize that your daughter has a great gift. God did not give her that gift for it to be feared and spurned. Therefore, help her seek out the very best instruction on how to use and channel her gift to be of the highest service to others.

Her ability to see what’s invisible to others may, in fact, turn out to be her spiritual calling and livelihood. If being a medium is her path and she shuts it off due to fear, it’s unlikely she will ever be happy.

Far too many sensitive and psychic people have felt like misfits, with the result that they turn against themselves, their families and – not infrequently – to drugs and alcohol to stop the visions.

That is always a tragic, downhill spiral. So consider yourself blessed that you are being given this chance to support and love your daughter – and her gifts – while there is still time to help her learn to love herself for being who she is and having the the abilities she has.

So start an education process, and surround that process with love.

Pray with her, blessing it and giving thanks for it – and all your amazing (if terrifying) experiences.

Encourage her to dedicate her gift to the enlightenment of humankind so we can all stop living in the stone age – so we can stop fearing what we do not yet understand.

To that end, I suggest you both start your education by reading the following article:–But-convince-sceptical-Marianne-Power-.html

My sense is that your daughter (if not you, as well) needs to talk with a good medium. Since not all people who aspire to be mediums are equally gifted, I suggest approaching the top people and seeing what you can learn from those who are recognized world-wide as being not just accurate but sensitive and loving in their approach.

Check out: and

See what resources they have that can help you.

My sense is that your daughter, especially, would benefit from a reading from John Edwards. He is offering the possibility of getting a reading for just $75 as opposed to his normal fee ($800). As he writes on his website, he trusts that if a person needs one of these, events will unfold so that person gets it.

I agree. If you or your daughter are meant to get one of these readings, it will happen because the Universe (God) will arrange it. So affirm and trust that you both are being led to – and are receiving – the right information and education that you need to rise out of fear and into empowerment.

While you are waiting for the wheels of the Universe to bring enlightening experiences to you on the subject of mediumship, my sense is that it would be a good idea for you and your daughter to go through Gordon Smith’s course,

Intuitive Studies

By all means, send love to the spirits who she sees and ask that they be blessed. If they are, somehow, trapped in a nether world between the earth plane and where they belong – if they are, in fact, figments of human imagination and fear – ask that they be lovingly escorted into the All-Loving Light to be dissolved or healed or whatever is best for all concerned.

Be aware that they may have stuck around just to awaken your daughter to her gifts. If so, they have performed a service.

Fear kills and love heals. So do whatever you can to love and value the experiences you have had. They have taught you that you have the power to surrender your fears to God and allow God to heal your life.

Envision the very best result you can imagine coming out of this: your daughter finding her right identity, feeling joyous within herself, and able to help others overcome their own fears and losses.

Her life is full of beautiful possibility.

You sound like a loving, supportive and open-minded father who will help her successfully navigate this “road less traveled.”

I know all will be well and that your faith will grow even stronger over time.

Much joy awaits you – it will be an exciting, expansive time for you.

I send you much love, Brian. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to seek my own guidance and get clearer myself on this controversial subject!

210 jack p { 07.13.13 at }

I do believe in prayer and believe there is a plan for all of us. St. Michael, I ask for your intervention for my situation. I know I am not worthy and I pray almost daily to be forgiven of my sins and to help me be a better Christian and Catholic. If you can assist me, I would be eternally grateful.

211 Mike { 08.03.13 at }

Please pray for my son Richard who is a satan worshiper and claims to be possessed.bring my son back to me and the Lord

212 Elizabeth { 08.07.13 at }

St Michael pls protect me from negative thoughts and depression..lost faith in god..

213 Renee { 08.07.13 at }

St. Michael – please guide me to find what I’m truly looking for. I’m at a crossroads and would love to be guided to find my true love. Also, Flo and Trevor’s souls belong together so I pray they both realize that. I find such peace in reciting your prayer and lighting a candle in your honor. Will not lose faith.

214 Marlene { 08.22.13 at }

Pl pray for my daughter Elizabeth to meet the right life partner and to break off her present relationship with chaitanya who is a non Christian

215 Clyo Beck { 08.28.13 at }

Dearest Marlene, remember, the core of you is love. Get in touch with that, and the fear you have for your daughter and that she will not be happy or “saved” will melt.

Oh, Marlene, there is so much beauty in other religions; there is beauty even in atheists. Try to see the beauty in the person you do not think is a fit partner for your daughter. It could be that this is the person who is right for her. So try not to judge. Remember Jesus said, “Judge not lest ye be judged.” Try to simply send love to Chaitanya until you actually feel a gentle, loving kindness for him – no matter his qualities. Love is the true healer. Alternately, when you dislike him or disapprove of him – even if you have what others would think are good reasons – you add to the problem and the confusion. Your daughter may marry this man just to prove she is her own person and can think for herself. So if he isn’t right for her and their marriage proves unhappy (and certainly if you hold resentment against him and they feel that when they come into your home, that will contribute to an unhappy marriage) you will have contributed to that unhappiness by impelling her to push against you and go against your wishes.

The thing is, you are holding a vision of unhappiness for your daughter. So please do whatever you can to heal your own judgments and inability to hold an image of her being radiantly happy, no matter who she chooses as a partner. The more love you send into the situation; the more joy you envision her experiencing, the more clarity and true love you bring to the situation.

If you really want this man to go away, then love him with all your heart and visualize your daughter being radiantly happy in her marriage. Ask God to bless him mightily and help you open your heart so you can accept him as a son. God doesn’t make unequal contracts. If you ask for their happiness – truly and humbly and honestly – and they marry, then it must result in your being happy about their relationship as well. If he isn’t right for her and they will not be happy together, then either he or she will break it off in time.

Judgment is never the healer of situations – only love is. So do as Christ would – if you would be a Christian – and send out only love and acceptance. Christ accepted all, loved them, bathed their feet. So, even though it isn’t easy, we must realize that if we do not, at least, try to follow his example, we are hypocrites and not really Christians at all.

I know you love Jesus and all he stood for. So honor Him and his sacrifice through this sacrifice of your own judgment.

While based in a mother’s love and worry, your judgment is serving a negative purpose and is, in the language of the ancients “the devil’s playground.”

Sorry if I sound harsh, for it is not my intent. I hold a vision of you releasing all judgment, being flooded with love, and renewing your faith in Christ as He would have you do it.

I send you much love.

216 Jackie { 09.01.13 at }

I am not Catholic but I praying about it. There are. Some things I don’t understand. I intend to do this novena. I have been doing different Novenas lately. I need to know when I light the candle on Tuesdays, do I let the candle burn out and light a new one each Tuesday. Please help me. My boyfriend who I dated for several months and fell totally I love left me in December for another woman. I was not intimate with him but the other woman was and still is. I promised Jesus Christ that I would wait until marriage before I was intimate with a man. It will making love to me and casual to satisfy urges. I still am very much in love with him. He lied, cheated, and was not man enough to face when he broke up with me and then when he told about the other woman. He said it would kill to hurt me and I think he did everything he could not to hurt. That is why I didn’t know about this other woman for a long time. He admitted he led me on because he didn’t know what to do to keep from hurting. I am so hurt that I feel nothing inside. I can’t feel Jesus or his angels. I know Jesus is with me because I see that one set of footprints in the sand. I have asked Jesus to forgive my love and the other woman who he is now engaged to. I don’t want them to go to Hell. I want then to enjoy Jesus’s kingdom of heaven. Please pray for that Jesus will take my pain away and heal my broken heart. Please answer my question about the candle and do we pray this pray everyday or just on Tuesday’s. I can’t light a candle at church but I can light one at home and take a copy of this novena prayer to my Methodist Church for someone see, read and hopefully help them. Is this ok? Thank you and may God Bless you always.

Answer to Jackie:

Dearest Jackie –

How well I know the experience of loving and losing. It is devastating. My prayers are with you.

In answer to your questions, light a new candle each Tuesday. As to whether your compromise is okay – that is really up to you, and I’ll explain why. See my separate comment post.

217 Jackie { 09.01.13 at }

I am not Catholic but I am priayig about it. I have prayed several novenas. I want to know if ou ar to say this St. Michael novena everyday or just on Tuesdays? I am Methodist right now and I can’t light a candle there. I will need to say this novena at home and light my candle at home. I can make copies of the this novena and leave it at my church on Tuesday for others to find and hopefully it wil help them. When Light my candle do I lt burn itself out and light a new one each Tuesday? I am doing this novena because the love of my life left me in December for anothe woman and totally broke my heart. He lied to me, cheated on me, aand was not not man enoough to break up with me and to el about this other woman. Hesaid it wold kill him if he hurt me. I would like to think he did these things to me to spare my hurt. In the end he knew he would have to hurt to tell me the truth. I am still very much in love with him. I have asked God to help to forgive him and I asked God to for him and this other woman. I was not intimate with this man because I promised Jesus Christ I would not be intimate with a man until marriage. I am 55 and have kept this promise all these years. The other woman has been intimat with him since they started dating. I know they have. I feel nothing inside not even Jesus. I look behind me and see one set of footprints and I knoww Jesus is carryng me. I just don’t feel anythng. I can’t even get in contact with my guardian angel or th archangels. I am in a depression that I am taking medication for and seeking help for. Please pray for me that I wil fnd my soulmate and Jesus will heal me of my depression, heartache, and saddness. I want to feel again. Take care and God Bless you always.

218 Cindy { 09.02.13 at }

This is the 3rd day of my petition and I want to thank you St Michael, St Raphael, St Gabriel for being there with me and to hear my prayers. Please intercede and pray for me. Thank you.

Put three candles in the highest place you have at home, inside a plate with sugar all around the candles.

Light the candles. Ask for three wishes to your guardian angels ST. RAFAEL, ST. MICHAEL, and ST. GABRIEL.

Ask one wish for business, one wish for love, and one impossible wish.

Publish this spell on the third day after you requested the wishes [by mailing it to another person, posting it to a usenet newsgroup, or announcing your thanks to the saints in a newspaper classified ad] and see what happens on the fourth day…

St. Michael, St. Gabriel, and St. Raphael, please be with me today. Please hear and answer my prayers with your divine grace, intervention, and kindness, I love you all, please help me so that my prayer requests all come true quickly, Amen.

[mention your request here]

Heavenly Father, you have given us archangels to assist us during our pilgrimage on earth. Saint Michael is our protector, I ask him to come to my aid, fight for all my loved ones, and protect us from danger. Saint Gabriel is a messenger for the Good News, I ask him to help me clearly hear your voice and to teach me the truth. Saint Raphael is the healing angel, I ask him to take my need for healing and that of everyone I know, lift it up to your throne of grace and deliver back to us the gift of recovery. Help us O Lord to realize more fully the reality of the archangels and their desire to serve us. Holy Angels pray for us. Amen

219 Jackie { 09.10.13 at }

I am doing this prayer to St. Michael. I am a Methodist and can’t leave a candle burning there. I do leave the prayer there for another person to find and hopefully help. I light the candle at home on Tuesdays but I can’t leave it burning when I am at work due to safety. Do I leave the burning to burn itself out or do I blow the candle out. The love of my life left for another woman and my heart is broken to pieces. I was not intimate with him because I promised Jesus I would wait until marriage. The other woman didn’t wait. They are engaged. I just want him back. I love him so much. I am 55 and this is the first time I have truly been in love. I thought God brought him to me. I don’t know what to do. Please help me. Clyo, may God Bless you always.

220 mm { 09.29.13 at }

St.Michael I pray for your protection and happiness for my family.
St. Michael I pray for financial windfall and success in our life. Please stump on our lack and remove everything negative from our life and bring your love, light, guidance and release all tension.
We pray for our own house, and our own life and our own world in Jesus name. AMEN

221 mm { 09.29.13 at }

St. Michael thank you for all your help already.AMEN

222 sofie { 10.04.13 at }

st. michael i am still waiting for my prayers to be granted. please help us sell our home and help us to have financial security. Please help my daughter pass the university exam and that we may provide for our children’ needs.

223 Mother of 2 { 10.25.13 at }

My husband and I have been married for 16 years and our home of 16 years was just foreclosed on. Dear Saint Michael, please help us.

Please pray for me and my family for we are in desperate need of financial help. Our home was just foreclosed on and we now have to find a place to live. We are barely surviving on my husband’s salary. We have 2 small boys the Lord blessed us with after several years of trying and miscarriages.

Now I’m scared and have been praying for a solution to our problem. God, we need a financial miracle.

224 Njay { 11.12.13 at }

Hello Clyo, I’m really moved to start this Novena and will start on November 19th. However I have a challenge. I have searched and have found no Catholic Church that lights candles. I live in Abuja Nigeria and I guess we are not used to it. So my question is; Will the Novena still be effective if I do not light candles at all? Please also send response to my email if you can. Thank you.

225 Clyo Beck { 11.17.13 at }

Oh, Jackie – and this reply is so late.

Breakups are devastating. The fastest relief is gotten through EFT; releasing the pain energy.

Tap through these two videos as much as you need to start to feel better:

I send you much love,

226 Torian Anderson { 11.23.13 at }

I want to thank you St. Michael for helping me in a desperate situation involving a envious neighbor. I want to thank you for the peace in my home for they have stopped playing loud music which impeded on my privacy in my home. I can’t thank you enough and love and appreciate your help in my times of need.

227 Karen { 12.02.13 at }

I am grateful for your blessings. Please guide me in my search for a job. Please continue to help my parents and keep Bill safe in his dangerous work.

228 Akeishia { 12.17.13 at }

Dear St. Michael I need your help! Please pray for me. I’m a single mom that needs a financial miracle. I lost my job and have been struggling to the point where all I do is cry. I’m facing depression right now and would appreciate any prayer for a financial windfall. I do not like my 6 year old son seeing me crying and stressed out. I thank you in advance!

229 Maura { 12.29.13 at }

St. Michael. Please pray for me and my children. Please help us and protect us through this difficult time.

I have been in an abusive marriage for 18 years. It isn’t physical abuse. It has been constant emotional, mental, and verbal abuse. (Some sexual) He is incredible at manipulating any situation and looking like he has done no wrong. He moved me away from my family and friends. I am surrounded by his very dominant controlling family.

For the last 12 years, I have had no control over my own home, my job and my children. No control of finances, my privacy and my travels. I have been stripped of all responsibility as a mother and a grown woman deserves.

I once was a strong independent woman when we met. But being a few years older, he quickly manipulated me and we were married within 9 months. He has had everyone fooled all these years that he is the perfect husband and father. But behind the closed doors of our house, everything is different…Jeckel and Hyde.

I look like a negligent mother who sits at home and does nothing. I have no friends where we live. He gets in the way of that. I am very emotionally close to my children for they feel his wrath quite often. However, he plays mind games with them and then plays the perfect dad. He has become more and more involved in our community because he likes to be in control and have the spotlight on him. I couldn’t say a bad word about him if I tried to anyone in the community.

I am now suffering from severe depression, major anxiety attacks, very low self esteem, and am on a list of medications to attempt to stabilize myself. I have now taken medical leave from my job twice because I work with him and can’t handle the stress and tension. He harasses me at work also. I have been out of work since September.

I have tried to divorce him the last three years. He is so manipulative that he was able to talk me out of it. Almost a year ago, I finally filed for divorce without him knowing. I have no support system where I live so it was extremely difficult. He went crazy when he found out and made my life a living hell for months. He did not move out because his abuse was not physical. But all the other abuse was more detrimental to me and my children we had to continue to live in that environment. I was not allowed to tell my kids about the divorce. I was now suffering from severe migraines multiple times a week. He was documenting everything I was not doing for the kids. He was going for sole custody. By this September I was so emotionally exhausted and he wanted me to drop the divorce. I wouldn’t but I put it on “hold” for three months. I went to counseling with him…which he had refused to do over the years. Two counselors cancelled our second appointment explaining he was severely abusive and I have to get out.

It is now a week away from when the divorce either continues or is dropped. I have been living in this jail for so long. He has killed my spirit. I don’t know who I am anymore. I can’t even imagine how to survive on.My own with my kids because he stripped away all my sense of independence. My family has been alienated by how long this has dragged out. They are not able to see how he controls me and how I have to go along so often to keep the peace for my children’s sake. I’ll never be able to leave this area and go home to my family with my kids because of the laws. I feel helpless. No laws protect women who are abused emotionally, mentally, physically, and sexually. It doesn’t count.

I have been turning to the angels more lately and helping me to feel more connected to God again. I come from a very Catholic family. I feel a strong connection with St. Michael more recently. As my husband tries to manipulate me these last few days that everything is great, I am imploring and deeply praying that St. Michael and all the angels will come surround me as I try to stay strong and tell this man I am finishing this divorce. I will be in terrible financial situations because of not working due to him and I will look bad in front of the courts because of my depression, anxieties, and multiple physical illnesses now. But I am putting my faith in St. Michael and God that they will protect me and my children. They will take care of the issues that my husband created for me and that I can start a new life with my child somewhere that we can live in peace, happiness, and joy. That I have a new job I am not afraid to go to and that can financially support us. I am blessed that my connections with my family and friends will be made stronger and closer this time.

Please. From the the depths of my heart, I ask anyone reading this to pray for my children and I to break free from these chains and be set free. I know there are lessons for me to learn from this phase of my life.. I have already learned plenty. I have already started working on forgiving my husband because this is just the type of person he is. I just can’t be with him anymore and he needs to let us go.

Please St. Michael, Dear God and all the Archangels and angels, please help me through this long devastating journey and bring it to a quick and possibly harmonious ending for everyone.

Thank you for allowing me to share my story.

230 shell { 01.01.14 at }


I’m asking for prayers of reconciliation for myself and the love of my life. she is my best friend and I hope one day for her to be my wife. But recently we had been arguing and it scared her and she left. I know this seems silly but she was the one person who loved me and I love her. Please bring us back together again, let our foundation be strong and loving please let me get the apartment that I recently applied for. I want to create a home for my family including her. I love her and I want her in my life forever.
Thank you

231 lou .. dell .. gerry { 01.06.14 at }

St. Michael, The archangel, remove all the evil from my life and my daughters. St. Michael bring back my family’s happiness and take all my sorrow and tears away. Please bless me in your prayers and keep my loved ones safe. Bless me and protect me with your divine blessings archangel, help me out for your greater glory. Shine your light. Amen.

232 hmldjr { 02.02.14 at }

The Taxiarchis is Greek Orthodox.

233 Clyo Beck { 02.21.14 at }

Dearest Jackie –

How well I know the experience of loving and losing. It is devastating. My prayers are with you.

I see you have left a few comments, basically with the same issue. You may not have seen it, but I posted URLs to a couple of tapping videos to help you in a previous reply

In answer to your questions here, light a new candle each Tuesday. As to whether your compromise is okay – that is really up to you, and I’ll explain why.

Any ritual you do is done to take you out of your normal state of mind and inspire belief that your prayer is being answered. If you have any doubt that the ritual or the novena you are doing will work – or that you are, perhaps, doing it the “wrong” way or that it will not work because you are not Catholic – then it is unlikely to have the effect you want.

So the answer as to whether this will work for you or not, I cannot say because it depends upon whether you believe it will. We are told that we only need faith the size of a mustard seed, but we do need some feeling of faith and belief that, if we do A, then B will result. This is not a criticism, Jackie, yet if you are doing novena after novena and trying one thing after another with no effect, then perhaps you need to look at a different approach.

The truth is, the answer to your prayer is created the moment you utter it. The problem is that, when we are mired in pain, we cannot feel the nudges toward the answer or new experiences awaiting us just down the road. Did you know that God requires no rituals? They are simply a comfort to us, a way of connecting and getting in a mindset that allows us to receive.

The only thing God desires of you is that you do whatever you can to rise out of the delusion of powerlessness.

It’s safe to say that God desires that you follow the loving guidance you get and that you stop fighting your own happiness by reminding yourself that you are unhappy. Instead, find reasons to feel grateful and happy and, when you have a choice to think a depressing thought (such as “I’ll never find love”), choose instead to deliberately think a better thought (such as, “True love is coming to me and I’ll know it when I see it.)

In other words, find what is working in your life and do whatever it takes to focus on that instead of this story of lost love and unending grief.

I counsel you to do so because, over time, what you focus on increases. Focus on misery and loss you will, likely, remain miserable for some time.

So choose, instead, to be kind to yourself. You have suffered enough. So find something in your life for which to be grateful, focus on that, and – over time – more things will enter your life that will make you feel grateful and, eventually, happy.


Jackie, you are the creator of your experience. Do you realize this? Most people do not, yet this is what Jesus tried to get people to understand.

Truth be told, because Jesus’ teachings were so revolutionary, being a Christian was banned in the Roman Empire – they were too powerful. Realizing they couldn’t stop the Christian movement, Roman officials made Christianity legal and co-opted it.

In other words, the Roman officials who took possession of Jesus’ teachings interpreted them to suit their own ends. So people were taught that they had no power. This served two purposes. People had to pay for Church intercession – prayer – and the Roman state would not be threatened by spiritually empowered citizens who knew they could change the reality of their lives by changing their thoughts and believing change was imminent.

The end result has been an obstinate refusal to accept the power with which we have been endowed – by our Creator – to create our lives and reality. Instead, people keep putting the job on Jesus to fix what is wrong in their lives.

While it’s true that God – and Christ – will work with you to raise you up when you are down in the dumps, raising your vibration from low to high tends to be a process. And, while what we call miracles of healing can happen, so much depends upon what is going on in you – what you can hear – and whether you can allow yourself to be lifted. So many people get trapped in the memories of bad experiences and keep reliving them instead of doing whatever it takes to let those thoughts go. Then, deep in despair, they cry out for a miracle.

Yet life is not about living an up and down life in which you go from crisis to last minute miracle and back again in an endless loop – unless a person really likes the extreme drama of that kind of life.

Life is about realizing you are a co-creator with God and you are creating your own experience, one thought at a time.

Life is about realizing this is a loving universe and God is always for you, never against you.

Life is about growing into realization that you are an eternal being who never dies and is never alone – and feeling the truth of that.

Life is about realizing that people show up in your life as reflections of your own beliefs about who you are and what you deserve, and when you don’t like what you see, your choice is to change any disapproving judgment of yourself so different – and more loving – people show up.

Life is about realizing that God energizes your every thought – good or bad – and that every thought begins attracting matching experiences.

Life is about realizing that, if you just let go of those thoughts that make you feel miserable, eventually you will be taken to something better. You don’t have to work hard to get to happiness. If you let it, the Universe – God – will carry you to where you want to be.

Life is about feeling your hands in the clay of life creation and enjoying the journey of seeing how God unfolds it all, because when you are deliberately creating, that which eventually shows up is usually much better than anything you imagined.

Still, to have a life you enjoy, you must imagine what you want, not waste your mental energies imagining or reliving what you do not (or did not) want to experience.

You must also allow this enlightenment to penetrate you: that God wants you to have what you want; that God wants you to be happy in this lifetime.

Then it’s up to you to let go of struggle, and let what you want unfold.

It’s up to you to go with what feels good (loving, expansive, empowering, energizing, joyful) instead of holding yourself back from what would give you immense joy – which is what you do when you keep returning to past stories of misery, lack and loss.

I say this with everything that I am and hope you “hear” it with your deep being:


You must change your inner story of who you are.

Right now your life has played out a story with several themes. Of those I see:

“I have to sacrifice for God”
“Sex is bad.”
“I must choose between God and a man I would like to be my lover/husband.”
“I have missed out on love.”
“I cannot get over this grief.”

Thoughts which give you relief might be something like:

“God wants me to be happy.”
“Sex, when combined with love, is not just good, but HOLY.”
“God asks me to choose joy over misery and love over fear and nothing else.”
“True and joyous love awaits me and I will recognize the man for me when I see him.”
“Life is a journey. I am an eternal being and nothing is so important that I should make myself miserable and keep myself stuck in misery. I declare myself healed and see evidence that I feel better and more joyous every day.”

Your unhappiness is not something that is easily healed because it has to do with how you think of yourself. You are not living by the expansive love in your heart, but by the constriction set upon you by other people’s rules. Yet most of these rules were created by men who lived 2000 years ago, men who viewed women as property and wanted them to be chaste, docile, and obedient. Women who were free and enjoyed sex were called whores and stoned to death.

This is not to say that we do not need a few guidelines for healthy sexual behavior.

Yet, certainly, it is easier to tell people to not have sex at all than to teach them how to approach sex from a sacred perspective, and to pray before, during and after sex so that it is a holy act – married or not.

God gave us sexual urges so that we might celebrate and love each other in ecstasy. Also, in experiencing orgasm, we get a tiny taste of the power of Divine energy. So sex outside of marriage – where there is true love and respect – is not bad in God’s eyes. So, while I am a strong believer in marriage and commitment, depriving yourself of love and pleasure is the exact opposite of what God would want for you.

It sounds like you were afraid, and acted in alignment with your fear. Perhaps you were afraid of God’s judgment, or of sex itself, or of being used sexually and abandoned, or in fear that someone would disapprove of you – and so you lived your life in according to your fears.

Many of us do, after all, that is how we have been taught. We have been taught to believe in a schizophrenic, judgmental God who sometimes slaps us around and sometimes loves us.

That God, I assure you, does not exist. (Yet, if you want to believe in that kind of God, you are free to do so, because God gave us free will.)

Or, maybe this man was not loving and was a liar and a cheat. If so, you have deep healing to do in regard to your inner patterns and programs because it means you not only attracted an individual who was bound to hurt you, but you made excuses for him and now are in hell over losing someone who treated you badly.

Apart from all this, you are grieving over this man even though you have no idea if you would have even enjoyed having sex with him. It’s possible it is a blessing that he took up with someone else. I cannot tell you how many marriages break up because of sexual incompatibility. So maybe you made a good long-term decision for yourself.

Or, maybe you deprived yourself of companionship, love and sexual fulfillment with a man who might have, when both of you were truly ready, been ready to commit to marriage.

I say none of this to make you regret anything. I cannot know the truth of your relationship with him based upon your few words. I only want you to realize that what you are experiencing is a product of your own belief systems and energy wounds. And they do not seem to be making you very happy.

The fact is, these topics about sex and marriage are complex and there simply is no one right answer for everyone, except this:

Never have sex with someone you do not love with all your heart and who you believe feels the same about you (and for which you have solid evidence to back up your belief in how that person treats you.)

Sexual relationships should never be casually undertaken because that other person will have an affect on you and change you, either building you up or tearing you down with how he or she treats you. It is certain that the other person’s energy will enter your own energy system and affect it. So you only want an energy exchange with a person who loves and respects you, not with a person who views you as a notch on his or her belt or who is excited by your body but has no respect for your heart and mind.

Everyone with whom you interact has the potential for raising or lowering your vibration. It is only wise to associate with people who make you laugh and feel good about yourself and to avoid people who criticize you, criticize others, or find things about which to be unhappy.

Now, at this point, what has happened is water under the bridge, and you are just trying to do damage control for your emotions.

The quickest way I know to heal emotional pain is through EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique. So – provided it feels like relief – pray to be guided to the perfect practitioner for you and then do a search to find one. Allow yourself to be guided to an energy healer who will help you get over your pain.

I urge you to do this because people hang on to lost loves for years; sometimes they never let go of “the one that got away.” So I urge you to be kind to yourself, seek relief through EFT, and put this episode behind you.

Regarding your worry about your former boyfriend and his new girlfriend going to hell – do not trouble your mind with those kinds of worries. No one is going to “Hell.”

Jesus clearly said that heaven was not a physical place, and tried to get his followers to understand it is a level of being – a perception or attitude, if you will. In current terminology, we refer to this level of being as one’s level of vibration.

Likewise, hell is not a physical place either, but a level of being. You can be on the earth and in hell at the same time because hell is a state of vibration – a state of being – in which you experience misery and torment.

When we die and shed our bodies, we become – once again – the pure, positive, loving beings we are when not projected into physical form. So we all return to “heaven” and no soul – I assure you – is “left behind” or goes to a physical “hell” after leaving the body.

While a human brain may be so crazy, sociopathic or diseased that it cannot hear the loving guidance of the Source energy within it, once the body dies that filter falls away and the person’s true identity returns to Source, shedding the lower vibrations picked up in its life on planet earth.

The fun would be, of course, to align with our Source while we are here, in physical form, and experience more of the love and joyfulness that is the essence of our true being.

To do that, we each are called to raise our vibrations.

The way to raise your vibration – and perception – from one of misery to one of joy is by changing your thoughts so that you do not think thoughts that make you feel miserable and hopeless, but think thoughts such as “I live in a loving universe, I am deeply worthy and loved, and I have so much for which to be grateful,” so that God can send you experiences that match those statements.

As Jesus tried to get people to understand, the Kingdom is right here, right now. But you must have eyes to see and ears to hear, i.e. you must be on the same wavelength to perceive what is right before your eyes, waiting for you to bump into it.

The Kingdom is yours once you realize you have the power to change your life by changing the quality of your thinking.

The way to change your thoughts is through prayer, meditation, energy work such as EFT, and focusing your attention on inspirational and uplifting ideas.

You can do it!

I send you much love,

234 Natasha B { 03.11.14 at }

Some people travel across the world to find a holy place, and all this time I’ve had one in my backyard.
By chance (or grace of God), I discovered this shrine just 10 minutes from home. Even better, I discovered it today, Tuesday. I felt positivity here and mercy. I was moved by the devotion of everyone praying. Such stillness and focus.
I prayed for my gentle healing of leukemia and anxious, wounded mind. I prayed for my friends facing cancer.
I feel so humbled to have been there, a holy place of miracles.

235 Mary Anne T. { 04.03.14 at }

Dear St. Michael
Please help me put my special someone back in my life. Please stop his cruel and ignoring of me… for lifetime… I know you know how hard i have tried and that only you can answer this prayer. Thank you for bringing him into my life and return him to me ..

236 Teresa Larsen { 05.13.14 at }

Please pray to have bad neighbors move out soon.

237 Robert Russo { 05.21.14 at }

My friend Elliott and I are very badly in need of financial help. I just had a kne rplacement, and now I need surgery on my left ankle to make matters worse. Please pray for me

238 Angela { 06.13.14 at }

Can I ask for a protection and miracle prayer? I’ve been divorced for 2 years and am having major issues between my ex and our son and myself. I’m praying for my son. He is so very angry at both of us. The divorce was not amicable and the kids have felt in the middle. They are now in their late teens and early 20’s. My oldest is so bitter and upset and lost. He dropped out of school with school loans, is unmotivated, very depressed, hopeless and has almost given up. He’s living with me because his step mother kicked him out of her home and his father wouldn’t stand up for his son. My ex makes very good money, but will not help his son with anymore schooling or anything since he dropped out. I can understand this point, but he is struggling so much financially, emotionally, mentally and has no spiritual interest whatsoever. He’s so angry at the world and everyone and keeps sinking lower and lower. He’s so angry at me that I feel I’ve lost him. I’ve tried every possible to reach him and pray for him and ask the Angels to help, but I don’t know what to pray for. I don’t want to be selfish in my prayers or ask for something that is not in His plan.

My other son is a special needs child and there is a lot of resentment between the two of them because of the more attention the other one required, and now he is successful at college, where my oldest feels like a total failure. He is working in a warehouse with hope for anything better and has settled. I gave him a move out date to hope to motivate him, but it’s made it worse. He’s sunken lower. He is on ant-depressants and seen a doctor, but refuses counseling or even talking about anything.

Please join me in praying for him and provide any prayer guidance. My heart aches and is broken. It was a rough marriage and divorce on everyone involved.

239 Anne { 06.22.14 at }

I want all who use this site to know they are being prayed for. I would also like to ask for prayers for my eldest son who is a drug addict and also suffers from epilepsy. Also my second son to be happy and find a home and loving and caring partner, and receive a miracle as he can’t have children. I would also like to ask for prayers for prayers for my brother and a dear friend who both have cancer. And for me too that my faith stays strong and so does my mind and body.

I want to say thank you for St Michael and Gods blessings as over this last year I had a breakdown and since going to Medgigorije last May I have said the rosary every day. My husband is not a catholic but started to say the rosary with me when I was struggling to function due to the breakdown. Then out of the blue this morning he told me he would like to become a catholic. I spoke to my priest and my husband will be seeing him this week. I feel so very blessed by God and thank you St Michael.

240 Michael { 06.23.14 at }

I’ll tell you an amazing story that happened to me last night.

Recently I ran into some trouble with an abcense from one of my university classes, instead of this just being a trivial matter of remaking up the 2 hours, the university was telling me that there was probably going to be a termination of my studies. As you can expect I was terrified. To cut a long story short, I usually go to bed and read ‘verse of the day’ in order to contemplate my future with God. Last night the verse described that God would always be with us through times of trial and also guide us during ‘rocky’ times. I was waiting to see the head of the department (today) for the lesson I’d missed. Whilst reading through some internet news I accidentally clicked on a link that talked about St Michael. I actually think it’s from this site (I was tired, sorry). I read about St Michael, the strongest of the Archangels, the prince, the one who will defeat satan in the end of days and the one who (some believe – I don’t care if it’s true or not) will be the angel of ‘death’ to guide us to heaven (if we are lucky enough to enter – I hope we all are and my prayers are with you all). I also read that his colour is a royal purple, but seen as a blue when his ‘aura’ is powerful. I also read that he is one of the few angels that will instantly come to your side when you summon him, and he is one of the very few who will actually give you earthly signs of his presence almost immediately and abruptly.

After I read all this, I sat and thought about how many people may have been lucky enough to witness an angel showing his presence. I thought that it would be amazing to experience. For some reason, and completely off point, I decided to look at the international space station cameras for live views of the earth and space. I have no idea why I did it, but I decided to do so. There are a few links and I chose one which was live and only had a dark screen on (I later found out that this meant they were on the dark side of the earth), but never the less I left it on with the hope of seeing something spectacular. Whilst I was drifting off I remembvered that all you have to do is ask Michael to come and to show you his presence. So I asked him to come by my side and do be with me tomorrow, in all honesty I didn’t feel anything soothing but a cold air started to blow on me (my window was open but it’s 22 oC here). This was the opposite of the warmth people suggest they feel. After I felt the air I decided to speak out, St Michael show me a physical sign on this earth that you are here. Immediately my phone started to make a loud beep noise and there was a glow coming from it. I turned and the whole screen was blue (I was watching the camera from my smartphone). What happened was the camera feed cut off, but there is no other sat cam that goes blue when the feed goes _ i coincidentally found this out by checking every other cam that had, “signal lost temporarilly” written on them. Today I went to my meeting with the head, I asked Michael to guide my words and help me. The head should have told me to do a 2 week semester in summer, but for some reason he told me to write an essay and hand it in to him on Wednesday (considereing that the initial decision was “probable expulsion” and considering the blue light – I believe that this was a true miracle!)

Thank you St Michael, and stay with me always.


241 Marion { 06.29.14 at }

Dear St. Michael,

Please pray along with me to help me find gainful employment in a work place that is very positive with good people who are willing to help one another and work as a team. I pray that I will find this soon.

Thank you

242 Liz { 07.02.14 at }

Please pray for my baby. After years of trying to get pregnant we made an adoption plan. Weeks later we were picked by a expectant mother. Please pray for our jobs to be secure and get us through this process.

243 Karen { 07.11.14 at }

Please send an angel

244 Nancy { 07.11.14 at }

I was recently denied entry into the united states and my visa immediately canceled, i plan on reapplying for another visa by next week because i really want to give birth to my child in the US to secure a brighter future for her. Saint Michael intercede on my behalf to the Lord Almighty and i shall come back to give testimony. In Jesus name i believe, amen

245 Anne { 07.17.14 at }

I pray to st Michael every day and he never lets me down, he is so special to me

246 janice { 07.17.14 at }

i have been with my children’s father for ninteen years and another woman just took him away from me; he left me and my kids to struggle; after three months he calls me and tell me to he wants to come back… i know its not normal cause the woman is dealing with obeah… please i need prayers

247 Anne { 07.26.14 at }

I pray the never failing prayer every day and thank St Michael for all the graces and blessings I have received .

248 Ray { 08.05.14 at }

I learned about the St Michael’s Shrine while making plans for a short trip to Tarpon Springs. While reading about the shrine and the miracles, I came across this blog and the Prayer to St Michael that you posted.
Today is Tuesday and I started praying to St Michael.

My requests are many and varied:
– bless my house and those who live in it
– give me strength to carry on
– make me a more spiritual being
– bless my dearly departed one
– bless someone who left me in anger and who is trying to restart her life. Much blessings to her. Heal the hurt in both our hearts. Blessings to all.

So, it’s not a specific requests… it’s many requests rolled up into one, so to speak.

Thanks for posting the prayer.

249 Ray { 08.05.14 at }

A quick question:

Next Tuesday I may go to a church to light a candle and say the prayer to St Michael.
The instructions say to leave a copy of this prayer there.

Are copies of this prayer available for purchase online, or will printing the webpage be all right?

250 Sandra { 08.06.14 at }

Please send an intervention for two people in great need.

251 Jeanette K { 08.12.14 at }

Dear St Michael

Please intercede and help my brother John who is suffering lung cancer. Please grant him the miracle he deserves, he has such a strong will to live even though he is in great suffering.

Thank you and God Bless you all

252 v rose { 08.12.14 at }

please send a angel to bless my home

253 Denise { 08.21.14 at }

Please send me help to protect me and my children on their journey. I pray that they will be safe and free from harm. We have been through so much recently and the load has been heavy for us to carry. It is not ours to carry as their father has brought much pain and suffering to us by his actions and thoughtlessness.

We ask for help to free us from this pain as our hearts are weary.

254 Katerina { 09.04.14 at }

I turn to You St.Michael in prayer for my Husband and I. I ask for your protection, may you place your hand upon us and help us through a difficult financial time.
Please bring peace, love, good health and financial freedom to our family.
Help us overcome all difficulties and help us live financially well I am able to help my family and my dear cousin.

Protect us always and send your love and positive energy to us. May our life turn around and our dreams manifest. In the name of Jesus .. AMEN

255 Ann { 10.06.14 at }

Pls pls Dear farther pls ask saint Michael to assist my son tomorrow to get this job he graduate 4 years now and cannot find a job pls pls come to. His assistance amen! My favorite saint a desperate mother

256 Karen { 10.10.14 at }

Thank you for prayers answered. Please guide me to make the right decisions. Please allow me to take care of my parents.

257 Cathy { 10.12.14 at }

I have just come across this prayer and I will commit to praying it every Tuesday for 9 weeks under candle light. I strongly believe in miracles because I can honestly testify that I have prayed to God and I have been answered. Sometimes you just don’t realise that your prayer has been answered. I believe that God ALWAYS hears us and answers our prayers (even if sometimes the answer is no). I am really excited to embark on this journey with St Michael. Everyone on this forum please intercede for me that the Lord may grant my requests Amen

258 monette { 10.24.14 at }

thank you angel michael. pls watch over me and my children. be with us in every way every day. Amen.

259 Michael { 10.31.14 at }

My wife has not contacted me in over 4 months. My heart is bleeding right now! I pray for the Lord’s divine intervention. I pray that he stops our divorce dead in its tracks! I pray with all mercy that father you open the doors of communication back up with us. Continue leading me closer to you father. I truly have seen where I erred in this marriage, and what an angry man I was when I returned home from Iraq. I pray feverously for forgiveness from my wife, and open her heart of stone bringing it back to the Love she has for me. So much to say, we are in our early 40’s, but sat next to each other in high school, everyday at lunch, not even knowing we would meet again 20 years later and get married! Lord, I know Nothing is impossible for you! I pray for the full restoration of our marriage, and let us begin our reconciliation. Dear father, I am still waiting on a job also to support my family. I pray the job I have pending now, comes true! Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.” Mark 10:27 Thank you all so much, God Bless!

260 phyllis { 12.14.14 at }

I pray for a loving relationship. I pray for my prince charming to come and take me away. Ive been in horrible relationships my whole life and all I pray for is someone to love me and respect me and not cheat on me. someone who wants to enjoy life and not sit in a bar all the time. Someone who is not afraid to show his feelings. Please pray for me. I don’t want to be alone anymore.

261 MM { 12.21.14 at }

Thank you, Saint Michael, Archangel, Conqueror of satan, Protector of God’s children, for being the Divine expression of protection. I hope to visit the shrine in January, 2015. Until then I will leave my request here. Please grant healing to my brother-in-law. Allow him to heal or receive a heart transplant. Archangel Michael, please keep safe helpless victims of violence and allow a safe transition to world peace.

262 Chika { 01.06.15 at }

Thank You Lord for showing me this site today which is Tuesday and for the grace to undertake the prayers immediately. I am sure St. Michael has a hand in my finding this site today, my testimonies are assured as I have the powerful saint Michael handling my case.
Thank You Jesus

263 hrisna { 01.08.15 at }

My partner and I are being separated from each other due to two different states. We both love each other a lot and want to marry but our families are unable to understand our emotions. They have separated us. Please pray for me and my partner to reunite again and we both get married to each other and live a happy life together. We both are in pain. Please help us.

264 joseph { 01.15.15 at }

Thank you archangel Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel for hearing my prayer and doing miracles in my life

265 Cecilia { 01.27.15 at }

Please pray for me , that I receive an urgent financial blessing. I have been out of work for awhile. I’ll be starting a new job soon, but I am out of savings and have no resources. I need funds to support myself until then. I may not see a check of any kind for at least eight weeks. Please pray that I get a financial miracle. Thank you.

266 steven { 02.02.15 at }

Please prey for my son Sebastian aged 5 who has recently been diagnosed with a medical condition called NF1, as a result has a benign tumour on his optic nerve that is effecting his vision.

Without going to much into the condition due to its association with NF1 it is very slow growing tumour and has probably been present for a few years resulting in Sebastian eye sight getting progressively worse. The only option is to have chemo which he started in December 2014. The potently outcomes as explained by the Oncologist is A. stop it from growing further and maintain the current level of eye sight 36/6. B. Reduce the size of the tumour which could elievate the pressure on the optic nerve and Sebastian eye sight could improve.

Option B is the one I am choosing to believe. I will practice the prayer to saint Michael and hope that my prays can be answered.

Peace and love to you all.

267 Tish { 02.07.15 at }

Is praying for finances not a sin? I prayed not on a Thursday for protection from an evil I feel in our house. I feel a change. I lit a candle today (a sat.) to thank him … And the candle went out. Is this not good? I worship one GOD and his Son Jesus and the Blessed Mother. I know Michael is an angel of protection. I hope it wasn’t disrespectful!

268 Jim { 02.12.15 at }

I ask you St. Michael Taxiarchis to pray for me to help get my health and streignth back. I need to start a new business so I ask you to give me the confidence to go forward. And also to re-unite me with my past love, since we are not together anymore. You can also use me for any work that you need done. thanks, in Jesus name Amen

269 Karen { 02.13.15 at }

Please help me become financially secure and to be able to take good care of my parents and bill.

270 ravi { 02.15.15 at }

Dear st Michael.. I pray to you to help me in getting a VISA to US at the earliest, since i am not able to go to US my fiance has stopped talking to me and she thinks is not sincere in my relationship. please help me Amen.

271 mary montano { 02.19.15 at }

please say a pray for my daughter who has a concusion and she is not her self .also my grandson he my son ,I raised him at the age of 1 years old he needs so much help w/ his girl fraind and children and cant find a good job and a home for 5 children please I need prayers

272 Chas { 03.17.15 at }

St. Michael, please watch over and protect the U.S., Europe, Israel and the rest of the world from the threat of ISIS.

273 deedee { 03.31.15 at }

Our family had a problem in 2012 that I pray to God every night. Just one day, I woke up with the thought of St. Michael. I checked from the internet and it was advised to pray and light a candle every Tuesday. So I did. The first Tuesday night, I felt his spirit. I was only half asleep but I know he visited me. Since then, I started to call him and he never failed me.

At work, I called St. Michael in a difficult tasks and his presence was very strong I was able to pass. He shielded me a lot of times.

I fail to light a candle on some Tuesdays but I never fail to call and thank St. Michael in any day. I believe in his spirit. Have faith and he works in miracles.

For now, I ask St. Michael to help me in financial crisis.

274 Suresh { 04.05.15 at }

Archangel Michael- Kindly bless me and protect me from all evils, dangers, obstacles and calamities. Be always with me at all times, guiding me. Help me financially and help me in my job. Help me at all times. Thank you and I love you.

275 cj { 04.07.15 at }

Please pray for my family: we are going through a very very difficult time we have lost so much since 2009: loved ones have passed unexpectedly, unemployment, family businesses closed, bad health, problems with bankruptcy, irs, home re-modification loans, and our home is currently in foreclosure. Their have been times when even food wasn’t enough. My faith is still strong and I believe in that we can overcome hardships. Please pray for us, so that our legal & banking problems become resolved, employment is gained, our home is kept and that the family’s love and loyal is regained.

276 Ann { 04.22.15 at }

Dear Archangel Michael,
Please send healing to Upendra P. We pray that the new
clincal trial medication will work to heal his brain cancer.
Please be with his family, wife and children also.
Thank you.

277 Clyo Beck { 04.24.15 at }

It sounds like your thoughts began a downward spiral and have continued, spiraling out of control so that the Law of Attraction has brought you worse and worse things.

The answer? You must change your point of attraction, aligning it with your Source.

“Ask and ye shall receive.”

You have asked and Source has answered. That is done. You need not ask any more. Your work now is to align with the rescue and well-being that you have asked for. In other words, the vibrational turnaround is waiting for you to align with it so it can manifest into physical form.

That may sound “woo-woo” so let me try this:

You must find a way to get your mind off the reality of your hardships. You must begin reaching for better feeling thoughts and stop taking one step forward (praying, affirming) and two steps back (lamenting and fearing what’s happening and fearing worse things will happen.)

You have to get your mind(s) off what brings you down and find thoughts that buoy you up, and then make doing that your constant spiritual practice.

In this way you will re-train your Vibrational Point of Attraction so it brings you good things again. (Obviously, with the advent of the first negative event or so you and your family went into fear or grief mode and began training it downward, with the results snowballing into what you see in your reality today.)

While I don’t know if a death preceded your financial meltdown, it is not uncommon for people to go into mourning after a death and then see their lives and finances fall apart when they are not able to get over their loss.

If this is what happened to you, it can be reversed. You will have to be very deliberate about how you think, however, and intend to raise your feelings up from despair and fear into happiness. You have a challenge before you, but it is far from insurmountable.

Well-being is being rained upon you in every moment, yet, if you are not a vibrational match to it, you cannot see it or let it in.

Miracles are supposed to be common occurrences, but they require a degree of belief that, in your current situation, may be difficult to muster.

There are other ways to raise your vibration to a point where you can strengthen your belief and then see evidence that what you believe is real.

There is no question of your worthiness. Your value is not in question. Source adores you. Life is supposed to be good for you. When it’s not, it means you are out of alignment with the pure positive energy that is trying to get through and lead you to better times. Your faith has been shaken. It happens to all of us.

Imagine what you want as an outcome and distract yourself from all ideas to the contrary. Tell jokes. Give hugs. Do whatever it takes to raise your feelings to a higher place. Expect good things to happen.

For extensive instruction on how to change your vibration and lift yourself up, read my advice here:

Decide you are going to keep reaching for better thoughts – intend to be happy no matter what – and things must turn around for you. It is Law.

For right now – if you do not know how to feel better, I have copied the contents of a letter sent to another person in dire financial straits. Her emotions and situation turned around very quickly. The woman to whom I wrote was a single parent with a daughter. Since it sounds like you have a larger family, I have added (FAMILY) in parenthesis for you where I had written “daughter.” It probably was not necessary. You will get the idea of how to apply these things to your specific situation as you read on.

Much love,


Go to your local library and check out as much beautiful sacred music as you can. Suggestions are:

– Ralph Vaughn Williams Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis
– anything recorded by The Sixteen Choir (conductor Harry Christophers)
– anything that makes you feel joyous or puts you in a grateful, reverential state

Get a variety so you can choose your favorites and not tire of hearing them. If you don’t have a CD player, borrow one.

Listen to this music whenever worry rears its ugly head. Put the music on and praise God in whatever way feels expansive, joyful, uplifting – whether through singing along, listening quietly in reverence, moving to the music or just using it as background as you attend to other tasks.

If your daughter (FAMILY) is willing, take a bit of time to listen to the most beautiful, uplifting piece together, holding hands, facing each other.

Tell each other: “God is with us; we are aligning with our Higher Selves. “And we are going places and having fun!”

Ask your daughter (FAMILY MEMBERS TO TAKE TURNS) to look into your eyes and say: Mom, (DAD) I see you getting a job. I love you so much. I see you as so capable. And I will keep this vision for you. I see us safe and happy in our home.”

Thank her (THEM) and accept.

Do this in a spirit of play. Hopefully, the music will make you feel empowered, perhaps invincible as it conveys the power and glory that is behind you, supporting you, loving you, creating opportunities for you.

Keep your eyes open for signs.

Tell yourself that you and your skills are needed and wanted.

You are not a beggar at the table.

“I am a glorious child of God.”

“I am always safe, always free to choose my path.”

“I choose joy. I choose love. I choose faith.”

“I choose knowing that I am always safe.”

“I choose knowing that I am an eternal being who never dies.”

“I choose knowing that my child and I are so loved.”

“I choose to relax and flow into what God has prepared for me.”

“I know I can trust God, no matter what people say or how circumstances may look.”

“Daniel was delivered from the lion’s den. God is doing no less for me.”

“We are learning to play in this sandbox of life.”

“We are learning to KNOW our own power.”

“We are rising up above mortal worries and fears.”

“We are the future.”

“My daughter (CHILDREN ARE) is the future.”

“We are building a new world in which there is no fear, no want, no war.”

“We are living the change we want to see.”

“We are brave, we are bold, we are joyful, and we came here to triumph.”

“And we will. And we are.”

“We are triumphant in this moment.”

“Nothing has any power over us except for what God wills for us.”

“And that is perfect peace and joy and love.”

“I am a messenger of love.”

“I turn my great love upon myself and soothe my worries.”

“I turn my great love upon all others when I am able.”

“I never criticize myself.”

“I learn never to criticize others.”

“I find I am a master at living this life of love.”

“I am in the flow, tapped in, turned on, and so, so grateful.”

“Life is good. Life is wonderful. Life is for me, on my side always.”

“We are floating to a glorious future.”

“I trust the river of life to carry us.”

“I am enough and I have always been.”

“I put my heart, my soul, my life in the belief that well-being rains down upon us like manna from Heaven.”

“I keep my mind on the beauty and joy that is coming, not on what is around me.”

“I expect to triumph.”

“That is the secret. Knowing my success is assured; that God never, ever lets me down. That all I have to do is believe in my own worthiness, which God has never doubted.”

“This is a great opportunity for me to build faith and see the power of faith in action.”

“I am grateful for this opportunity to build faith. It will help me help change the world.”

“It will make me a joyful, deliberate creator.”

“And the lessons my daughter will learn are amazing.”

“I am so grateful for this time, this place, the beauty of life.”

“I am so grateful for this ride on the river of life.”

“I am so grateful to be me, to feel all I feel, and to know that the better I feel the more closely I am aligning with my Source.”

“I am so grateful to know that the more closely I align with my Source, the quicker my blessings will rain down upon me, for I can now receive them.”

“I am so grateful to know that I never have to get it done; that I am always going to be in a continual state of evolving into something more; that I am a leading-edge creator.”

“I am so grateful to know that – even if I fight it – God has created the river of life so it flows in the direction of what I want.”

“If I think about my life I can see that everything that has ever occurred in my life was the result of my wanting it.”

“I wanted a job, I got it.”

“I wanted a place to live, I got it.”

“I wanted a child, she was born.”

“Just as a child takes nine months to gestate, so do some desires take time to manifest.”

“Yet God knows my need. I KNOW my good is right around the corner.”

“I can feel it. It’s coming.”

“My eyes are open. I expect to see it and fully receive it.”

“Meanwhile, I will make a list of all I have to be grateful for every night.”

“I will fall asleep reminding myself of all that I have in my life that is working – from running water and electricity to the joy of inhabiting this beautiful body that does everything of it that I ask. I can see. I can laugh. I can do everything. I am so capable.”

“And I will bless everyone. I will bless those who let me go.”

“I will bless the systems I am in. I am so grateful for the help I have received.”

“Most of all, I will bless all them because they are touching my life as teachers.”

“They are teaching me to love, to trust, to KNOW I am One with the One, forever embraced, forever adored, forever a creator with Christ, in charge of my life through the thoughts I think.”

“How easy it is to change a thought of worry to a thought of love.”

“It is just a process, a worthwhile process that is changing my life forever.”

“My mind and heart are at peace.”

“My Soul is rejoicing as I join it in blessing the world. I bless all others. I am a blessing to myself and my child, forever.”

“And so it is.”

“Thank You God for all that I am, for all that I have, and for all I am receiving.”

“I know You love me forever without end and, one day, when I leave this earthly experience and rejoin You as the pure, positive energy I am, we shall laugh and laugh and rejoice over how well I did, how I transcended the worries of this mortal world; how I was in this world but not of it.”

“And we will laugh over how much fun I learned to have creating what’s next.”


In this positive frame of mind, see if you can find an image in a magazine or on the Internet that makes you feel the way you want to feel in life. Meditate on that image every day, imagining that you are there. Get the feeling of it.

It’s the feeling of joyful well-being that you are reaching for. Get that and maintain it. Cut off any thoughts of worry. Do not let them get a toehold.

Put on the music or look at your photo or look at the miracle of your daughter – whatever works for you to realize that this is just a moment in time and you have the power, through how you think about it and during it, to create your destiny so you really like it.

Dream. This is a time for dreaming. Yes, go on interviews if you get them, fix meals, do the dishes, etc. but realizing it is all changing in accordance with how you dream. Dream of having a happy time during the interview before you go, the night before. Imagine it as you fall asleep. Dream of being offered a job. Dream whatever feels good.

I don’t know why, but I imagine you on a cruise ship. Now, I don’t know that they hire people with children, but I am wondering if you are hanging on to something that is no longer you. Maybe you are being called to leave the city, leave the old home, leave it all behind and go elsewhere.

There are opportunities in other countries to teach English. You don’t necessarily need a teaching degree.

Dream. Dream of open possibilities. Feel how good it feels to be free with possibilities, to leave for a new adventure.

There were people who left their old lives behind in the past before there were cars, trains or planes to take them. They carried their possessions on their backs, took their children in tow, and and went in search of a better life, following their dreams and trusting in God.

And those people wound up in good places and created improved lives for themselves.

I’m not saying that is what you should do. I’m saying, look into yourself. None of this happened by accident. You are being called to something better, something that you have asked for, that you long for, that your Soul is calling you toward.

Trust that you are being led. Trust that you are being evicted from your old life because a new and better one awaits. Give yourself up to it. Look around. See what calls you. Follow little leads of joy.

When you have a thought that feels joyful – such as “I wonder if I might be able to get a job in Hawaii” whatever you do, do not create a case against it. Act on the thought immediately. See if you can find lists of jobs in Hawaii on the Internet or wherever. See if you can apply.

In short, expect solutions. Explore in joy, expect in joy.

When doors close, look for other doors. The right ones are waiting for you to pass through them.

Again, I tell you this is all happening for a reason and that reason is to lead you to a better, happier life.

I was kicked out of my old life with no money, no idea what I was going to do.

Fortunately for me, I had spent years meditating and developing my faith. I gave in to it because I had nothing else. I didn’t worry. (In truth I was too stunned to worry.) And, after a miraculous, meandering journey of several months, I found I had landed safely.

And there I met my husband. In the space of two years I moved into a new world with a wonderful, loving husband who still says, “I’m crazy about you baby,” even after 12 years. I moved into a new world and found myself part of a wonderful family – a family I had always wanted and longed for, being a lonely, only child of parents who never spoke to each other. Everything I have ever wanted I have. Everyone gets along. I have grandchildren without ever having given birth.

I received what the logical part of me said was impossible.

I tell you: nothing you want is impossible. The river of life is taking you to what you want. The only question is, will you resist and take years and years to get there, or will you cooperate and let the current take you swiftly there? Because the current is taking you, regardless.

You have asked in your heart for love and sanity and security and so much more, and God has answered, “Yes,” and life is taking you to all of it.

God knows your deepest desires better than you do.

You are being led to home, to love, to work you love.

Trust and go.


Put your mind on that new life, on the feelings you will have in that new life. Have those feelings now. Watch videos of Hawaii (if it feels joyful to think of moving to Hawaii) and tell yourself you and your daughter are going there, to a wonderful, amazing life.

I promise you, with everything that I am and know, that when you do this you will go in the direction of your dreams, to what God has prepared for you. It is waiting. Can you get a sense of it as you read this? It is as real as I am, sitting here, writing even though you can’t see me; even though, to you I am just words on a page, an idea only, someone unseen, whom you cannot touch or see.

You cannot yet touch or see your new life, but it exists; it awaits.

Believe in it. Love it. Hear it calling you.

As long as there is breath in my body, I shall visualize you happy in your new, wonderful life, secure and filled with the knowledge of how God loves you, how you are a Co-creator through the thoughts you think and never again fearing anything or anyone, but feeling the truth of your own Divinity.

I send you much love.


278 Susan { 05.08.15 at }

Please pray for my 12 year old son, who has been in a coma for almost four months from lack of oxygen. The doctors say he will never wake up, but I know all things are possible to God.

279 Andy { 05.15.15 at }

Dear Clyo,
I have a job but a few days back I found out that my boss will do all she can to get me redundant. I pray that through the intercession of St. Michael she is not successful as her motives are greed and make more money for the company. If you and all those that read my email can please intercede to St. Michael for me that he protects my job.
Thank you.

280 Mousa { 05.17.15 at }

Please Archangel. Michael your prayers for the Beloved Our Lord Jesus Christ… to take care spiritually, physically of my family here and in my country…. and in heaven…
Please the chief of angel and soldiers of God help me in front of The Holy God to win the lottery that i missed my dad so much , my sister, give to the poor people, charity, the churches, visit Your Holy land, around my country doing welfare like you my master….. please accept the prays of Your Archangel Michael …. Amine….. Please this week +++

281 hs { 05.18.15 at }

St Jude, friend of Jesus I pray to you for reconciliation of my relationship with my fiance and for the miracle of a second chance.god..please help me…its very painful suffering
I beg you please bring him back to me..each day i am just waiting for him to come back to me.I always stood by him through thick and thin.
Father please do the miracle lord.i dont want to loose him. please make him understand my feeling, my love lord…I pray we will live together in harmony with sympathy, compassion and humility, and that we inherit Your blessings Father.Lord, I believe it is in your Will that we are reconciled back to each other despite anything we’ve done to each other in the past.
I ask in the name of Jesus that You will do whatever it takes to protect and defend this relationship and place a hedge of protection. In Your Mighty Holy Name O’God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit- Amen.

282 Judie { 05.28.15 at }

I found this page looking for a strong, helpful Novena. I have had 3 spine surgeries, last one was only 14 months ago. I am 68 years old & have been in so much pain & am fearful the dr. will want to operate again. I need prayer & I need a miracle.
Thank you & God Bless you

283 Clyo Beck { 05.28.15 at }

Dearest Andy –

Help Saint Michael by getting your mind off your worry.

When you think of working, imagine everyone valuing you. Make a little movie in your mind that feels good. Your boss can change her mind. She may even leave the company. Or you might have a better job come your way. Trust that good is coming to you and spend time every day – just a few minutes – visualizing and imagining co-workers and bosses saying things to you that make you feel good, confirming the good you want. (Like people saying, “I’m so glad we hired you. You are worth your weight in gold. We couldn’t do without you.”)

Spend a few seconds or minutes visualizing – and FEELING – what it’s like to be valued and appreciated for who you are as well as what you do.

I’ve known people who worried for twenty years about getting laid off. For twenty years they were alternately worried and angry.

Don’t waste your life worrying or being afraid. Life is supposed to be good for you.

Believe it. Feel it. And only good can come to you.

BTW, to God your worth is not in question. You are valuable beyond words.

Know that the Heavens are on your side, and visualize what you want – what lifts your heart – to help bring it about!

Much love,

284 Clyo Beck { 05.28.15 at }

Dearest Susan,

My dear Child of God, I pray that you will find and sense your unbreakable connection with God so that you can “let go and let God.”

Yes, your son may awake. Such things have been known to happen. Yet, if it does not, his life here is a very small part of his being.

He is eternal. The larger part of him is quite alive and quite joyful.

On the other hand, while I know you do not want to say goodbye to him, it could be that it is best for him to be free of his body.

If you are able, sit with him and hold his hand. Through your tears, tell him this:

“I will be delighted if you come back to me. You know that is my first choice. Yet, I will be delighted if you choose to go, on your own, despite all that is being done to keep your body alive. I want – truly want – what is best for you, my dear. I know, if you do not awake, I will see you again. We will laugh again and, when I have gone to where you are now, I will feel only joy. My wish for you, my darling, is only joy. If there is no joy here on earth for you anymore, then I understand. I will not insist on you re-inhabiting this earthly form which I so love. Thank you for being my son, my precious child. Thank you for our time together. Speak to me in my dreams, dearest. Tell me whether to hang on and visualize you waking up and alive and happy, or whether to let you go. I will abide by your wishes because I love you more than life itself.”

Now, I’m not suggesting you take him off life support. I’m asking you to be open to his wishes. Most importantly, I’m asking you to try and realize that he isn’t dead, although he isn’t in the body you know and recognize as his. There is no death. He is not unhappy. Yet, he is aware of your grief and misery and it gives him no joy. He would prefer for you to open up to the love that is pouring down upon you, which you cannot feel in your immense grief.

We each have our own destiny. It’s important to give him permission to fulfill his intention.

So, instead of insisting that he come back to you, or that God bring him back to you, insist to God that your mind be illuminated.

Insist that God help you find a path to travel, on this earth, that will bring you to happiness.

When you are able to think of the good times you had with your son without weeping for their loss, you will be on the way to recovery.

You will not be a bad mother to seek relief or to dream of one day feeling better and at peace with all that has happened.

Your son does not want you to go on living in agony, fear and doubt. He, no doubt, wants it resolved for both of you.

If you feel joyful at the idea of his waking up – if you feel certain that he will awake, as opposed to being afraid that he will not, then you may be in tune with his wishes. Then, if it gives you joy to do so, insist that he will wake up and fully recover. Spend time every day imagining it and feeling the joy that would give you.

If your situation, however, has degenerated into a fight between you and the doctors and you are afraid they are right but afraid to admit it, I can only imagine how horrible a place for you that that must be.

The best advice I can offer is this:

In every moment of your day, reach for thoughts that make you feel better about what’s going on.

For instance, instead of thinking, “I’m losing him. What will I do without him?” Think “I’ve been told there is no death. That’s what Jesus was trying to show us. Maybe I don’t really believe that. But it would be nice if it were true. What if it is true? What if my son is wonderfully alive this very moment and watching me? He would feel sad. I don’t want to make him sad. Maybe I can feel better. Maybe we both can feel better, he there and me here. \maybe one day he’ll appear to me in my dreams and I will not feel so far from him, or so helpless, or so alone. What if I’m not alone? What if his consciousness is here, trying to tell me it’s okay, but I am in such pain, I can’t hear him? Maybe I owe it to him to try to feel better so I can hear him and find out what he wants. It won’t be easy. But maybe feeling better is the best contribution I can make to this situation instead of always feeling so horrible. Maybe I’ll try. Maybe he’d like that. Maybe he’s with me, now, urging me on. Maybe I’ll just talk to him in my mind. Maybe he can hear me. I wonder what he would say to me, right now, if I could hear him? Maybe he’d laugh and say, “You’re a mess, mom. I love you and I am sorry all this has gone this way. But I’m not gone. So talk to me. You’ll feel better if you believe I hear you and I’m loving you; so why not do it? I really am, you know. Hey, have you been taking care of yourself?”

You know your son would want you to take care of yourself.

So try to feel better so that you can make peace with whatever happens, even the worst case scenario.

You won’t be bringing it about. Instead, by not fighting and hating it so much, you may be able to get into a more positive place where you can hear your guidance better – even communicate with your son – so that you gain a broader perspective about life here. You may then be able to make peace with all that you have gone through.

Ultimately, every one of us loses every person we love. Earth is a stage upon which we walk on and then off, according to our own devices.

Every child has the will of an ancient soul and an agenda created before he was born.

We do not know the paths of those we meet, give birth to, or love. Most of us do not even know our own paths.

Your job is to live in the moment and do whatever it takes to find relief from your pain in that moment.

Your work is to slowly and painstakingly lift yourself out of despair into belief and hope and knowing that you can go on and find happiness without any other person – not even your son.

I hope you are able to take in my words and not be offended by them.

You need hugs and much TLC, not advice on how to go on. Words don’t teach. Only an experience of the Divine interceding in your life, lifting you and illuminating you, will help you. So imagine that.

Imagine being lifted and held and comforted and carried to the other side of this terrible experience, and that you will experience the presence and power of God so that it changes your life for the better, no matter what the outcome.

Much love to you, Susan.
You deserve to feel the love pouring upon you.

285 dhina { 05.28.15 at }

me and girlfriend are in very good relationship over the years but suddenly in her home her parents are looking for another guy to get her married. I don’t want this to happen. I want all the efforts of her parents and her relatives turn failure and i should get married to her and lead a harmonious life.

286 KerryAnne { 06.01.15 at }

Please pray for my husband and my marriage. My husband became depressed and alternates between depression and anger towards me. He blames me for everything wrong in his life. He feels no joy, hope, or love. This has been going on for about 4 months now. He is surrounded by angry and negative people who fuel his anger. We are getting professional help, and gradually he is improving, however my heart is broken every day and my anxiety over our future is high. He is barely functioning at work or at home, just seems zoned out. I have been with him for 25 years, we have 3 children who need their dad, and I am just so lonely and heartbroken without him. Please pray that his depression lifts and he can see the light and love that surround him. Please pray that I can have the wisdom to know what to say or do (or not say or do) to bring him back. I am afraid that he will never love me again. Another problem is that since he became depressed, he has been destroying my reputation with his friends and family, and I am afraid that it will be difficult to recover these relationships, and that the hate and anger he is spreading about me will continue. His behavior in the last few months is truly so unlike him. I do not know who this man is. Please pray that my husband returns. I know St Michael can battle negative forces, I believe he can battle the negativity and depression and anger and gossip that are preying on my husband. Please pray for us!

287 ENTS { 06.03.15 at }

Thank you for the opportunity to publish a prayer to Saint Michael which helped me get through an extremely difficult divorce from a really vicious man. All dealings are not over, there are still a couple of financial matters to deal with but I have been waiting to get the strength to do it. Thanks to Saint Michael the worst is over.

Prayer to St. Michael, For Personal Protection

Dear St. Michael, the Archangel! Glorious Prince, chief and champion of the heavenly hosts; guardian of the souls of men; conqueror of the rebel angels! How beautiful art thou, in thy heaven-made armour. We love thee, dear Prince of Heaven!

We, thy happy supplicants, yearn to enjoy thy special protection. Obtain for us from God a share of thy sturdy courage; pray that we may have a strong and tender love for our Redeemer and, in every danger or temptation, be invincible against the enemy.

O standard-bearer of our salvation! Be with us in our dealings with J, with your great heart and mighty sword of fire, protect us from his dishonest schemes, his anger and revenge. Give us the strength and the power to defeat him, tie his hands and his tongue and don’t allow him to hurt us anymore, deliver us from him and his evil designs, and give us justice by vanishing him as you vanished Satan.

Dear Saint Michael, protect us and don’t allow him to hurt his own son anymore. Dear Prince of Heaven, give us the victory in this situation! I promise that when all dealings are successfully over with him, I will publish this prayer in as many places as I can to honour thy power of protection and glorify God.

As a token of my faith and gratitude, I offer thee the light of this candle.

In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

288 Lu { 06.09.15 at }

I am so grateful to the Lord. Thank you for posting this prayer. I stumbled upon this site a few weeks ago. My hubby has been unemployed for a couple of years. It has been very difficult finding a job. We were coming up to a point where we had no money for rent. I started to light the candle every Tuesday and putting God first Everyday. We started to live in a mindset that our prayers are already answered. My hubby has found a job. Amen! If you are doing this don’t give up. It has brought me closer to the Lord and I have seen a difference in my life in a matter of weeks. The job was just the icing on the cake.

I do have a question. Do I continue to light the candle for the reminder of the weeks left since the prayer was answered? Also is there anything I need to do to show my gratitude for St. Michael?

Thank You.

289 Mrudula { 06.11.15 at }

I want to pray for my daughter’s happeness in marriage . It is just one year of their marriage and my daughter is unable to adjust in this marriage . I pray that a miracle happens and their marriage is saved. Iam so disturbed O lord .. and so troubled. Iam in despair. It is all for a silly reason i know that they are going through but she is unable to see through it . God please grant her the power to overcome her obstacles.. She should be able to see that she has got such a wonderful husband… I pray that they remain together forever .. Amen please pray

290 Rosey { 06.15.15 at }

Dearest Saint Michael

Please intercede for my uncle bennachan who is struggling for his life. Please touch his whole body from head to toe with your healing touch, with your miraculous touch, with your healing power, with your miraculous power and completely, speedily and miraculously make him open his eyes and make his condition improve for the better, Please do not make the doctors give up on him. I’m begging you to make the doctors and nurses be angels in disguise and help him to recover speedily. Please make uncle bennachan talk to mum and please make us receive the call today giving us the great news that uncle bennachan’s condition is improving. Please help Saint Michael. I will forever be grateful to you. Amen

291 Clyo Beck { 06.15.15 at }

Dearest Lu –

What a great story. Congratulations on having such a meaningful and rich spiritual experience.

About lighting the candles:

How do you feel when you light a candle now? Does it make you feel happy and grateful? Do you still want to light candles? If so, then continue lighting them. If, however, you feel complete – or even impatient to be finished – stop. The process IS complete. Lighting the candle was simply a tool – and a reminder – to help you maintain the mindset that your prayers were already answered.

Remember “Ask and Ye Shall Receive”

The fact is that, in the moment that you ask, the answer to your prayer is given.

Yet, of course, things do not normally happen instantaneously on the earth plane. There usually is a path or process you travel which leads you to the answer. The trick is to savor that path, knowing that you are getting closer to the answer to your prayer with every step of your journey, even if you see no evidence of it.

We attain true wisdom when we stop questioning whether a prayer will be answered (they always are) and realize, instead, that we know that the prayer is already answered, we are moving forward toward receiving that answer, and there is nothing to worry about.

As you have seen, nothing is denied you. Understand that and life starts to be a lot of fun. We can enjoy the ride, knowing that all we have asked for – and more – is unfolding in perfection.

Remember that you are worthy. You need not beg or plead. You need not give offerings or make some payment of gratitude.

Saint Michael loves you and feels joy in your joy. That is all the thanks St. Michael needs – to know that you are understanding that you are a worthy being – and that you are so loved and adored – and that anything you need will be giving to you.

You just need to line up with it by preparing yourself to receive – by believing that “neither hell nor high water” can keep your good from you.

Things are meant to get better and better for you. Life is meant to be full of revelations and joy. You are meant to line up with the incredible love and joy within you and radiate it to everyone because you get it. You get that life is supposed to be good. You get that God doesn’t reward with one hand and punish with the other.

You get that God is all loving. You remember what Jesus said in Matthew 7:9:

“Which of you, if your son asks for bread, will give him a stone?

God gives us everything we ask for, every time, no exceptions.

The only reason we don’t receive it is when we give fear and disbelief a home in our minds.

It is disbelief that keeps us from traveling the path to fulfillment.

Believe, instead, that blessings are your birthright and you’ll see wonderful things unfold in your life, all your life.

It sounds like you are doing everything right. Congratulations!

For anyone else reading this, to summarize:

    Appreciate all that is going right.
    Give thanks every day that we live in a loving, giving universe created by a loving, giving Creator, until you realize we really, really do.
    If something goes wrong, trust that it’s all going to be sorted out and that everything always works out for you.
    Do whatever it takes to believe nothing can hold your good from you.

    Believe God means for you to be happy!

That’s enough! Your love of life and joy in living is all you need offer up.

And no apologies are due when we get off track. We just need to do whatever helps us to believe and feel good again.

Much love,

292 Clyo Beck { 06.16.15 at }

Dearest Tish –

Oh, boy. Climbing up on my soapbox… 😉

Tish, to think that money or finances is evil – or to think that it is sinful to pray for money – is the result of a profound misunderstanding that has been inflicted upon us for centuries.

Remember Matthew 7:9? Here is the New International Version, which makes it easy to understand:

“Which of you, if your son asks for bread, will give him a stone?

God does not hold back. God will not laugh at you and give you another bill when you ask for more money. You wouldn’t do that to anyone. Well, God really won’t do that to anyone, because God is all-loving and all-giving.

Have you thought about where the good in your life comes from?

All good comes from God, including resources and money. So who else shall we ask to help us when we have cut off the flow of money in our lives, but God?

Admittedly, it is putting the cart before the horse to worship money because money comes from God. Worship God, instead, ask to be guided to a new source of money, and do whatever you must in order to believe it’s absolutely coming – and it must. That is Law.

People have been taught that God rewards with one hand and punishes with another, but that is an old fear-based belief based in ignorance. Man styled God in his own image instead of realizing what God is and that we are made in His image, not the other way around.

God is pure love. God gives everything to you and holds nothing back. It is our own fear that we are offending God and do not deserve to receive what we need that holds it from us.

I hope you can fully “hear” and receive this, because it’s important that you do:

You cannot offend God.

You cannot offend St. Michael.

They are so far above and beyond petty human resentments that we should be laughing at the thought, but people have trouble conceiving of God as what God truly is.

Let’s look at it in another way. Answer this question: Do you think our Sun is ever offended by anything we do on earth? Do you think anything we do can offend our Sun so that it stops shining on us? (To read up on the facts about our Sun, see:

I hope you answered no and think that the idea is ridiculous.

Well, our God shines brighter than the Sun. Our God created the Sun, the stars, and everything in the Universe. Our God contains everything. Our God is infinite, and more loving than we can conceive. (Our God is never bothered by anything we do, because God understands it all.) And Our Amazing God radiates that Divine Love to you 24/7.

So, if you want to please God, be gentle and loving toward yourself. Do not sweat such small stuff. Worrying about offending God or St. Michael will make you anxious, not happy. You are meant to be happy and joyful. That’s why you have life. It is so you can play on earth and see the hand of our Creator in everything and rejoice in it.

You can’t enjoy life if you’re worried about making a mistake and offending God or St. Michael.

You can’t receive God’s blessings when you keep them away with fear and trepidation.

Remember Matthew 7:7? The International Version:

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

If you need money, you cannot help but ask for it. If you don’t pray out loud, you will utter a silent prayer through your need. You cannot help but do so.

So your prayers go out, whether you want them to or not. And the answer to your prayers is given, period. Your only work is to believe that things are working out and money is coming.

Your work is to expect to be led through a door that takes you to a source of more money.

Your work is not to tell God how to get the money to you, or in what form it should come.

More money may come through a raise or a new job, a bequest, an inheritance, or a gift. You may get a deal on a new apartment that costs half what you’re paying now. You may have a hobby that you suddenly see can generate you more cash. Or maybe you get a roommate. Or maybe you marry and your spouse has a great job – or is even a millionaire.

You can’t know how it will unfold; so let go of that.

What you can do is find what makes you happy – to think, to say, and to do – and then think, say, and do that. You can follow the excellent advice in Philippians 4:8, which will align you with the pure positive energy of God and bring all good things to you:

“Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue, and if there is anything praiseworthy – meditate on these things.”

In other words:

Think thoughts that make you happy. Think thoughts that paint a bright future. Think thoughts of appreciation of all that you love and all that is going right in your world.

Speak words that make you feel happy, optimistic, and interested in life.

Do things that you like or love to do. Find more things that are fun, that interest you and give you joy.

And when you find that something you thought, said, or did made you feel crummy, don’t do it again!

So, instead of telling yourself, “What if I offended St. Michael,” which has to feel bad, try something like, “St. Michael loves me and is always on my side. I trust that St. Michael is helping me understand how to believe good things are coming to me. I know all the details are working out and life always works out for me. My life is good and it’s getting better. That’s the plan God has for me, and I like it!”

Instead of being afraid, trust. Trust and expect to be led. Keep telling yourself, over and over, that you are being led to more money and your financial needs are being taken care of. Repeat it until you believe it. Once you believe it the path will unfold very quickly.

Tish, you are so beloved by God! Try to get a sense of it. You will be filled with such joy and anticipation once you know that anything you need or want is coming to you, on your path, in perfect timing.

Believe you are infinitely worthy, because you are!

Much love,

293 Clyo Beck { 06.16.15 at }

Dearest Njay –

Yes, the Novena will still be effective, provided you believe it is. If you have any doubt, then create a ritual that helps make it all more real for you.

How does this idea feel?

Create a little altar in your home, with a little picture of St. Michael. Light a candle before the picture. Sit and meditate and have a mental conversation with St. Michael. Think of him as the most loving being you can imagine. Make your conversation joyful. Imagine him telling you wonderful things. Share with him how happy you will feel when the answer – the solution – has manifested so you see it in your life. Feel the happiness. Really get yourself into that space of relief and happiness. Imagine receiving what you ask – and having it all work out. Give thanks that you have received, then blow the candle out. Or, if you prefer – and you can do it safely – leave the candle burning.

If the candle cannot safely remain burning inside – or if you want to use a large candle (say one in a big glass that will burn for days) you can set it outside afterwards and let it burn out there. (There is an alcove outside of St. Michael’s chapel where the caretaker puts large candles. They burn for days out there.) If the wind blows it out, don’t worry. You can bring it in next time and light it again.

The thing is: We are not trying to convince St. Michael to help us. That help is assured. We are using this ritual to convince our minds to believe St. Michael – although invisible to the naked eye – is real and helping us. Candles are powerful symbols of Divine Light that help us get in a mood of belief. We can use them to good effect. Yet, the real power is in you – and it is your belief.

Even if your belief is “the size of a mustard seed,” that is where the power lies, and not in the symbol or ritual. The ritual is a tool to stop the mind from worrying about a problem and get it focused on believing that the problem is solved and the solution now unfolding.

What’s vitally important is that you feel that you are making connection through the Novena (and lighting of the candle) and that you believe you now have Divine help.

Truly, it is not St. Michael who is picky, it is we who are picky; it is we who need rituals to convince our doubting minds to believe.

“Believe it and you’ll see it” – with or without the candle. The entire Universe – not just St. Michael – is ready to work on your behalf. It’s waiting for you to believe and accept that your life is meant to unfold in grace, ease, and joy. It’s waiting for you to align with what it is ready to send your way.

If believing in what you do not experience were easy, there would be no hunger or poverty, no illness or disabilities. The hungry would be able to stop noticing their hunger and imagine plenty long enough for plenty to appear. But how convincing an empty, growling stomach is – especially if one has been hungry for a lifetime!

It is understanding and believing in the profound nature of God – who withholds nothing – that is our work.

Our work is to build belief – to build knowing – that we are worthy of every good thing, and every good thing is coming over time.

Our work is to build belief until we know deep inside ourselves that what we want cannot be held from us, but is inevitably making its way to us.

Believe it and it must be. That is spiritual law.

Much love,

294 Clyo Beck { 06.16.15 at }

Printing the webpage is fine, Ray. Use it with my blessings.

Much love,

295 Clyo Beck { 06.16.15 at }

You are so welcome. <3

296 Lu { 06.18.15 at }

Thank you so much for your response. It was such a blessing to read.

297 Karen { 06.25.15 at }

I am in dire need of money. Please help me in my new and daring endeavor to make money and overcome the many obstacles each new day brings. I have gotten some new energy by reading this site. I was completely and totally out of energy before coming to this site.

298 Rue { 08.27.15 at }

Are you still running this prayer blog? I only ask because the last post I see is from 2014. I as It your reply. Thank you Rue.

299 Nadine { 08.28.15 at }

May our Risen Lord forgives all the sins of my father Belavandran Ambaraj and our Almighty shall welcome him to the kingdom of heaven.

300 Minna M { 08.30.15 at }

My Dad has been miraculously saved after being seriously ill and in CCU for almost two weeks. I firmly believe there was Archangel Michael’s intervention, as I prayed to Him fervently during those two weeks, and I pray to Him every single day now.
I believe in Saint Michael’s presence amongst us.
I’ve a question, is it okay to keep a small statue of Saint Michael in the house and light a candle ?
Thank you for posting the special prayer to Saint Michael, my leading light.

301 Minna M { 08.30.15 at }

Please show me the right path, and the truth about many trying and confusing situations in our lives.

302 Erik { 09.08.15 at }

My wife and I are going through an extremely difficult time facing serious legal problems. We are been charged with serious accusations which could have devastating consequences, including prison. We pray for these legal problems to be resolved in our favor for once and for all and for her and I to return to having a peaceful, happy life alongside our daughter.

303 Matilde Leon { 09.14.15 at }

Thank YOU St. Michael.

304 Maria { 09.23.15 at }

I’m in need of some prayer healing by Saint Michael over the loss of my boyfriend who I had to leave and still miss, Saint Michael please bring Mike back through reconciliation and if not someone better. God knows the desires of my heart.

305 CAC { 09.27.15 at }

Please pray for me and my family to receive a spouse whom will love, cherish, honor, provide and be loyal to us. In Jesus name I ask for gods grace and mercy to be shown to me and my family. I have been lonely for a while and I am deserving of true love a man whom will protect, provide for me and my family and profess his love for me always. I hope this man is jl but only God knows his true heart and intentions. I pray that if it is him that God reveal my love for him and he reveal his love to me as soon as possible. So we may start a wonderful loving friendship and meaningful love relationship. Amen

306 Clyo Beck { 10.17.15 at }


307 Clyo Beck { 10.17.15 at }

Ah, Rue, life – including my grandchildren – tends to occupy me. I notice, also, that I get many of the same questions – about lost love and financial problems – over and over; so am trusting that those who will benefit from my advice will find those relevant posts easily, and that advice written to others will help them as well.

The answers are are all in you and if you do not find what you need to understand your own wisdom on one site, another source will appear. Have faith, for you are meant to be happy.

Much love,

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