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A Prayer For Financial Support

 Sewing Basket Prayers by catiemouse at Photobucket

When having financial problems, a person may wonder what kind of prayer would be most helpful. 

Ultimately, each of us must turn inward and “feel” our way to a prayer (or inspirational prayers) that will turn the tide.

This image of a sewing basket under the word Prayers seems like a reminder that crafting a prayer that will “do the job” is like  tailoring a garment for a specific occasion.


Questions to ask when crafting a prayer may include: Does this prayer really fit the occasion or situation? (Is it getting at the crux of the issue? Is it what I really need?)

Does it cover my bare spots? (Does it take account of the fact that there are bound to be blind spots in how I’m looking at my situation?)

Does it clothe me in the energy I need to “wear” for this occasion, to give God the means to raise me up? (Is it addressing the root cause? Is it tapping into  healing energy? Or is it reinforcing negative ideas about who I am and what I deserve? It is surrounding me with healing energy so I can begin to change and accept more money into my life?)

Do I feel or believe anything in it as truth? (Or am I just “going through the motions” by mouthing platitudes, superstition or wishful thinking?)

Bottom line, what does it make me feel? (Good or worthless? Empowered or at the mercy of exterior forces such as Wall Street or a capricious deity?)


A good prayer, like a golden thread, connects you to something higher (Holy Spirit, healing energy, Love, a saint, your guardian angel) and evokes some emotion. 

An effective prayer may evoke a smile, gratitude, tears, or relief. It may open a place within where you see the depth of some unforgiveness you have been holding, and it may prompt you to beg to be shown how to forgive.

A powerful prayer may touch unhealed pain that burns like fire and may bring you to your knees in regret or recognition. It may then cause you to sob in gratitude for the help and opportunity to finally heal. It may  prompt you to feel  compassion and new understanding of yourself or others.

A prayer, when it has hit its mark, may fill you with the conviction, vision and resolve you need to love more, believe in yourself more, take a step closer to your divine self, and make positive changes. It may lift you out of anger into wisdom, and out of despair and into joy.

Some old prayers, like The Lord’s Prayer, have tremendous power. If you have never felt that power, try slowly repeating that prayer several times with reverence. 

Make it your daily mantra and it will work miracles. (As will the Never Failing Prayer To Saint Michael.)

Yet, do not be afraid of writing your own prayer. And, should you feel intuitively that your prayer is hitting its mark and helping you make the changes you need to make to go forward to a better future, then copy it onto beautiful paper. Treat it with respect. It is like a contract with God.

“I will change my thoughts and beliefs so I can love You, myself and all the world better, and You will bring me more of what I need to love more and be happy.”


I confess that when I read my own daily prayers (out of my book) they most often make me feel happy and, sometimes, quite elated. I often think, “How blessed I am that this came from my pen.”

So, although I did not plan to write this post today, when I read today’s prayer it filled me with such joy that I felt I must share a few words from it with you.

My hope is that it will evoke positive emotions and intentions for you, as well.


Dear God,

Your energy in this Universe is limitless.

It is ready to meet every need, comfort every heart, and fulfill every dream.

As many stars as there are in the sky – and there are trillions –
There is more of Your energy in the space between those stars
Than in the stars themselves.

For You are the Sculptor of all Energy.

You are the Creator of all Dreams.

You are the Master of the Universe.

You created this world and this universe freely and generously.

You did not hold back and You hold nothing back from me –

Not energy, not money, not fulfillment nor joy.

So I now release the need to hold back from myself.

Beginning with this moment, I release all blocks to my financial well-being.

I embrace the truth: money is just another form of energy,
and there is more than enough bountiful money energy for everyone, including me.

O God, my dreams are worthy of fulfillment!

I deserve money, ample income, every manner of financial support, and a joyful life!

Let me never doubt this!

Thank You, Glorious God.

I feel cash in my pockets and a joyful song in my heart.

And so it is.


“Therefore I say unto you, What things soever you desire, when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you shall have them.” Mark 11: 24

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1 augustin { 07.10.10 at }

Thank you for this nice prayer for financial support and to pray to guadian angel.i am eargly awiting for a housing loan and keep on praying it is getting late and i am pressed by the owner.Lord should hear my cry and fullfil.thank you for the encouyragemnt.

2 chinyard NGO { 08.15.10 at }

Request Letter for Livelihood Proposition


Subject: Request letter for contribution towards Livelihood proposition

Chaitanya Institute for Youth and Rural Development (CHINYARD) is a Non Governmental Organization based at Hubli working in and around Dharwad District. It is a registered NGO, registered under Bombay Public Trust Act-1950. The organization addresses various developmental concerns, the prime being women empowerment and child education. The organization recognizes prevalent of poverty which is linked with the structure of society. The underprivileged masses do not get adequate opportunity to lead life with dignity.

The districts is a drought prone area, most of the marginal and poor farmers depend upon only agriculture. Due to scanty rains land remains fallow. Thus rendering the above mentioned sections to migrate to metropolitan cities for livelihood options. The women lack livelihood opportunities in the place they live. In order to over come these situations CHINYARD training these women in alternative livelihood proposition. To augment the income of family the women would undertake additional work like tailoring, embroidery and Kasuti since they lack expertise, they require training in those mentioned fields and other fields which could augment their income of the family. CHINYARD has been involved in various training programmes of livelihood. The programme conducted with the financially base of the organization.

In order to expand this programme CHINYARD implores with individuals / Grant making agencies to contribute towards the scholarship programme.

Kindly note the contribution to the organization is exempted from the income tax. Since the organization has 12A and 80G exemption of tax, the organization also has permanent number of FCRA.

Looking forward to your contribution.

3 Clyo Beck { 09.04.10 at }

I spent some time on Google doing research on this organization. The website is very professional. It looks like it is a genuine NGO. It appears to be affiliated with a number of legitimate partners and to have gotten several awards for its work.

I could not find any reference that was negative. I did a search at (India’s consumer complaints) to see if there were any complaints about this organization. There were none.

So this comment appears not to be spam, but an attempt by the organization to publicize itself, its work and its ongoing need for funds. The request, I’m sure, was directed at me in its request for a contribution, but is also toward you, as the reader of this post and comments.

I would feel good about donating to this organization after the research I’ve done.

In addition, here are guidelines for giving to charitable organizations. I am cutting and pasting this information from ~ Clyo

**If it’s Spam, it’s a Scam!- If it sounds too good, if it shows up in your bulk folder or your spam folder – don’t touch it, just delete it

**Check out the charity- You can find some charity info at the BBB site

** There is no deadline to give- Take you time. Charities don’t have deadlines, but scammers do to stay under the radar. Tell them you will think about it. If they use high pressure tactics, they aren’t worth it and more than likely aren’t legit.

**Ask Questions- Found out the location of the charity, how much of the money is for Administration use and how will the money be used for the needs. If 50% or more of your donation goes to executives’ salaries, administrative cost and fundraising, skip them.

**Get information in Writing- Have them send you a brochure, a graph of their previous divisions of money, and their 990 tax form information that they file with the government.

Charities are required to provide Form 990 information on request (This excludes churches, synagogues and other places of worship. Don’t be fooled by their ‘tax-ID number’ these are only needed to for employer verification.

**Check out all charities for Police and Fire Departments- Check them out first, get the name, address and phone number to contact them back and do follow up.

**Get a Receipt- Preferably one with the charity name on it. A paper trail is always a good thing.

** Don’t donate with cash- Again the paper trail idea, check or credit card is best.

**Be protective with information- Don’t give information out over the phone like credit cards or personal information, unless you have checked them out or dealt with them before.

**Get the exact name of the organization- Many have names similar to legit organizations. They may change the wording slightly to throw you off.

**Contact the authorities- Police and or FBI can be contacted, have as much information as you can with you to give them. Even recording a call can be helpful if you get regular calls, make sure it is allowed in your state or if you have to let them know you are recording them.

The BEST way to give to charities is to contact them after you have done your own research. Don’t let the scammers scare you off, Please do give of yourself, time or money. Print out or email these tips to others who may not be aware.

4 Firoz { 12.13.10 at }

I need financial help

5 Rick { 02.06.11 at }

To make a long story short….Ive been unemployed for months & behind on my bills…. I was in the process of becoming homeless in just a few short days…. I prayed & searched for prayers to pray& prayed them. Shortly afterwards I met a man / angle who was a total stranger to me, we talked about Jesus & got to talking about my problems, again to shorten the story up, he GAVE not loaned me $2000.00 dollars… The power of God & prayer is awesome… Thank You Jesus…I love You so for ever & ever & always for everything…..So dont NEVER GIVE UP, Rick

6 marina { 02.25.11 at }

i am employed but becoz of financial problems, i am always in need of money and many times, have left behind my bills and tuition fees of my children…i have faith in God and this evening, i am praying for miracles becoz i have to pay the tuition fees of my daughter otherwise, she will not be able to take the pre-final examinations on monday…oh my God…help me…

7 Clyo Beck { 02.25.11 at }

Ask God to lift your thoughts, feelings and vibration into knowing that a way for all needs to be met is already here in Spirit.

Dearest Marina,

Thank you so much for your prayer request.

First, know that there is no time and no space in God.

God can change things in an instant.

Do not fear, and be open to any solution that presents itself to you and feels “in the flow.”

Since God can only do for you what He can do through you, through your belief and willingness to accept your good, the following is your “spiritual prescription.”

Do not allow your mind to focus on your fears and worries. Instead, sit quietly and imagine your daughter taking her exams, passing, and being exultant.

Imagine paying bills with joy. Sit with your eyes closed and move your hand as though you are paying them, whether by check or online.

Think about how wonderful it has been that you have had the opportunity to receive the products and services that these numbers represent. These numbers represent your abundance, blessings that you have been provided with in advance and ongoing.

Give mental thanks to everyone involved, from clerks in stores who took your credit card to utility companies that provide your home with heat and light.

Imagine what your life (what our lives!) would be like without the people and companies that provide all these things for us – food, electricity, water, heat, gas, clothes, schools! – it’s a wonderful world of possibilities. See if you can get into a strong feeling of appreciation for all of this.

If you have trouble doing that, imagine living in a shack with no water, no floor but dirt, no access to school, and trying to eat on a dollar a day.

There are nearly a billion people living like that.

I say that not to make you feel guilty – far from it – but to try to give you some perspective on how much we have, even at our lowest points.

(If you find yourself worrying about those people, ask God to bless them and make the decision that, as your own abundance grows, you will donate money to uplifting others, and then let thoughts of them go. You cannot help them right now in any way except by raising your own level of abundance. You do not uplift others by playing or staying small. You uplift the world as you uplift yourself into joy and abundance, so focus on doing that.)

So do not focus on any current “negative reality.”

Instead show God what you want by picturing it in your mind. Make yourself a receptive vessel by playfully visualizing exactly what you want.

Make your visualizations joyful. Have fun with it. Imagine yourself in joy.

Also speak The Word out loud as often as possible.

Here are examples of what you can say:

I am a beloved child of God and God gives me everything I want, Always and Forever.

God is absolute Love and is incapable of saying no to me.

God adores me beyond my understanding and longs to fulfill my needs before I even ask.

God knows what I want and is answering right now as I open completely to my good.

My soul says yes, completely yes.

God is sending His angels, and arranging circumstances so this illusion of lack is dissolved.

I am whole and healed and beautiful and abundant in this moment and always.

My daughter’s tuition is paid. I see her taking her tests and passing with flying colors!

She and I are sustained in every way.

It is not my business to know how God will do this.

I only know that God is doing this now.

My sole responsibility is to trust and affirm that all is well, that all is love, that all is abundance, that all is joyful.

My job is to simply hold the belief that You, God are with me, now, and that my needs and my daughter’s needs are met in love and gratitude.

I am safe. I am joyous. I am loved. I am love. I have no worries. I am carefree and renewed in mind, emotions and spirit.

My mind is peaceful and full of joy.

With love and gratitude I thank You, Great and Glorious God, for revelations of Your love and my abundance.

With love and gratitude I thank our great and glorious God for lifting us all up into an awareness of how blessed and rich we all are.

I affirm that all people rise into abundance and that the abundance I claim for myself is also showered upon all others.

I so love my life.

I so love this opportunity to play, to breathe, to live, to love, to feel and to experience this interesting place and time of exciting change and transformation and possibility.

And so it is.

It is done.

Lastly, Marina, pay attention to your thoughts and feelings throughout each day.

Should you, at any time, find yourself thinking thoughts of fear or feeling panic or worry, do not beat yourself up for it.

Simply do whatever you need to do to get yourself out of those feelings. The best thing would be to laugh.

Laugh at the idea that anything – or any thought – is more powerful than God and God’s love for you.

We are talking about the omnipotent Creator of the Universe here.

He creates Universe, galaxies, stars, planets, people – everything.

He created you.

You are part of Him.

You are his child.

You are love.

You are, literally, a piece of Him.

You are holy.

He adores you.

The only catch is, on this earth, we do not necessarily feel the reality of that, so you must get yourself into a feeling place of that.

You came here, to physical existence, to learn how to feel the amazing power of God’s love while physical “reality” pulls at you.

So affirm, affirm, affirm the best possible scenario.

Pray, pray, pray – joyfully.

Visualize the very best result.

Lift your thoughts any time they dip into worry or fear.

Persevere and it will be done to you.

“As you speak, so it is done to you.”

“Ask and you will receive. Knock and the door shall open.”

Positive thoughts, feelings and visualizations of good are all powerful prayers that God must answer – and wants to answer – by coordinating events to bring that good to you.

I know this works. I am sustained by these practices.

Trust God. And trust that you deserve all good.

You are worthy. Believe it. Repeat it over and over until you feel the truth of it.

You are not a beggar. You need not grovel.

God longs to give you the keys to His kingdom.

I send you love, gratitude and blessings for your comment.

I see your situation resolved in joy.

I see you becoming suddenly aware of how powerful your thoughts are for creating your good and the good of others.

I see you flourishing and going forth in the joy and abundance of God.

I see you loving life and being blessed – and a blessing – everywhere you go.

Please write back and tell me of the miracles that take place for you as a result of following this “spiritual prescription.”

Love throughout eternity from The Father through me to you,

8 Missy { 04.26.11 at }

I truly needed this today. I have been going through some storms over this past year and I know only God’s grace is going to bring me out of it. I can’t sleep at night because I’m consumed with my problems. I pray to God all day, but I did realize after reading this that I MUST change my way of thinking and speak into existence those things that I desire and see beyond my current “reality”. Thanks for the uplifting words and I encourage others. I know that I’ll be in a much better position to help others as I have had a TEST and will have a TESTIMONY!

9 grace { 05.11.11 at }

hi! please help me in prayers I am way too deep in financial debt and not knowing where to turn to or how I could come up ways to earn money to pay for my astounding debt of 1.1M I am employed and all the money goes to paying my debt there’s nothing even left for me and my kids I don’t know how this wll play out at the end of this month I need 50k to pay a debt..I am at my wits end so please help me pray..

10 Clyo Beck { 05.19.11 at }

Congratulations! That is a beautiful and powerful realization you made. Your life will change. There will be no stopping you now that you know what you must do. May God bless you a thousandfold and make you a joyful light of proof for others. ~ Clyo

11 Roy { 09.19.11 at }

For years I have been running as business and, while around me have done well, I am still struggling to even have the money to cover bills of education of my children. I have tried everything but just do not know the reason why I am not successful. I have ignored God for too long but now I have embraced him and I have a prayer on my lips every moment. You too pray for me so that He may give me the guidance to improve my business. Thank you.

12 DM { 09.24.11 at }

The prayers you post here are already helping me, but a friend and I are both struggling financially–I had to accept a reduced schedule and reduced pay–not even enough to cover basic living expenses, let alone help others, and I had hoped I’d be able to do both–as well as enjoy my hobby. Meanwhile, my friend is trying to find a job and is getting very depressed about his situation. Please keep us in prayer so that we can receive the help we need–and be receptive to the help we need. Thank you and blessings!

13 Clyo Beck { 09.27.11 at }

Thank you so much for letting me know that my prayers are helping you!

I have always been a great believer in “facing reality” but I’ve learned that it really pays to put on “rose-tinted glasses” and get yourself so you can 1) see something positive about every situation and 2) create an expectancy that something really good is coming, no matter what the “reality” of the situation.

Doing this really does work. So, as trite as it may sound, do whatever you need to do so you do not think of yourself as struggling, but as being in a period of positive transition and intimately connected to your Creator who loves you and is working with you to make this right for you.

It’s easy to get depressed when we do not see a way for positive change to occur. Yet creating the way to improved circumstances is not your job.

Your job – and your friend’s job – is to visualize and believe in the inevitability of getting what you want.

Your job is to cultivate belief so strong that someone can get in your face and say negative things about your prospects, the job outlook, the economy, etc., but that those comments will have no emotional effect on you because you (and your friend) will just know that something good is coming to you both and that you are going to wind up living wonderful lives and doing work you love.

It’s all about belief. And sustaining belief for a long enough period of time to allow for the changes you want to occur.

Things do not, normally, happen instantaneously because we would wind up with all sorts of things we really don’t want. If things and events manifested instantaneously then, all you’d have to do is, for instance, think of an elephant and one would be in your living room. That wouldn’t be good. So there is a delay.

And if you are trying to turn around a belief like “this is so hard, I am so scared and I am a fool to pray and believe something good can ever come out of this” to “this is a great opportunity to co-create something really fantastic with God and to let so much well-being come to me that it’s going to knock my socks off with delight; so I’m just going to relax, know that I have a Divine Appointment with my wonderful new job, that it’s mine by Divine Right, that I’m following my intuition and my joy which will unfailingly take me to my good, that I am going to relax in knowing I am deeply loved and looked after, and I’m going to enjoy every day of this journey to my new job” it can take a while.

The main thing is to believe you deserve what you want and that it is coming to you. See it. Feel it. Spend time imagining it. Speak “The Word,” i.e. “A wonderful new job is mine by Divine Right. I love it, the boss loves me, I love the work, I love the pay, I am open to a great new life in every way.”

Know this: God does not say, “No,” ever.

What usually happens is that we become discouraged when an answer doesn’t show up right away. We begin to feel foolish for ever believing, and we stop our efforts to stay positive.

Then, feeling fearful and angry and abandoned, we cannot hear the “still, small voice” that will lead us to opportunity or decisions that might result in the positive outcomes we want.

Firmly stuck in thoughts about the “reality” of the situation we’re in, it’s so easy then to give up and go downhill, as one negative and depressing thought tends to lead to another.

Then we attract criticism from others, usually for not “trying hard enough.” It can be a vicious circle in which we then start blaming and hating ourselves for being failures, for not knowing the answers, for not knowing what to do.

That is real despair, and deadly. Whatever you do, love yourself, believe in yourself and your own inner wisdom, your own ability to connect with God and get the guidance you need.

God has not given up on you. You are not, in any way, defective. You are a courageous extension of Source Energy, of God, and you are learning how to co-create here on earth. This is the beginning. Learn how co-creation works and the sky is the limit. You can be such blessings, not just for yourselves, but for all others who are struggling and think themselves unworthy of good things.

Some ask , “Why do we have to do any of this in the first place?”

The answer is because we have free will and we are required to exert it. Loving and joyful co-creation is the purpose of life. We are required to figure out what we want and to go after it through co-creation via our thought.

Here’s the rub: We usually figure out what we truly want by experiencing what we do not want. Life is, in fact, a series of refining what we want.

There are plenty of people telling us what we should want – and what we should buy and how we should live – but only through experience can you come to a real answer for yourself about what would make your own heart sing and bring fulfillment.

Please know that you and your friend are so loved and you are both called, in this difficult time, to be co-creators of good and joyous lives.

Not only that, now that you know how very rough it can be for people who are struggling, and how very hard it can be to “keep the faith” when the world around you is trumpeting news of economic woe, you will have so much more empathy for those, in the future, who are going through what you are going through now. You will have wisdom you would not, otherwise, have had.

You will never forget. And you will be looking for win-win situations for everyone.

You will be visualizing a world in which everyone has a good job, relief in his or her heart, and a smile on one’s face.

You will be looking for other opportunities to hone your skills of co-creation.

So God bless you on your hero’s journey. Keep the faith.

I see you as happy, healthy, fulfilled and very happy with your new jobs and paychecks!

14 Zoe { 01.04.12 at }

Thank you, We are a Military family struggling financially. I take responsibility, but my faith is strong. I know God will see us through this difficult time. I will use your prayers and way of thinking to extend my need to our creator. Thank you for positive words. Thank you for showing me how to pray. Thank you for reminding me that I need to believe in his promise.

15 Robin { 02.12.12 at }

I thank you for these financial prayers. I have been praying for a financial miracle in my life for several months now. I am believing that God wants to bless me and I can feel it in my soul. I thank God for answering my prayers to him and continue to pray that he may grant me my heart desires. I am in desperate need of employment or some form of financial abundance in my life. I pray God will give me the miraculous gift that I have asked for in Jesus Name Amen!!!!!!

16 Bingerma { 02.21.12 at }

Dear Clyo,
Thanks a lot for uplifting messages and guide how to pray. After reading it, I feel good and not worried anymore. Believe it or not I was pretty worried and upset since two weeks ago how cope up my bills coz I work only as a casual/on call. But after reading your messages suddenly I got a peace of mind. Thanks God and to you for guiding find this site. I imagine I can pay my rent for my apartment on March 1, pay my hydro, cable, cellphone and etc.

17 mel { 05.15.12 at }

Shoulder Wound of Jesus Christ
Can be said once for serious emergencies, NEVER known to fail…
Oh loving Jesus, meek lamb of God, I a miserable sinner salute and worship the most sacred wound of Thy Shoulder, On which Thou didst bear Thy heavy cross, which so tore Thy flesh and laid Thy bones as to inflict an anguish greater than any other wound of Thy most Blessed Body.
I adore Thee, Oh Jesus most sorrowful, I praise and glorify Thee, and give thankfully to thee for this most Holy and sacred and painful wound, beseeching Thee by that exceeding pain, and by the crushing burden of Thy heavy Cross to be merciful to me on towards Heaven along the way of Thy Cross.(Mention Petition). Amen to all.

18 anna { 07.08.12 at }

I am a single mum working f/t with several health issues so i can no longer work 2 jobs. I am on the verge of losing my home and have tried everything to keep my home for my son & I. I just came across your site and Prayers tonight. As I have been praying for a family member who has been diagnosed with cancer, I now need to start praying for us not to lose our house. Please help pray for us.

19 Clyo Beck { 07.12.12 at }

Know that God thinks you have struggled enough. You deserve a rest; you deserve happiness; you deserve relief. Believe you deserve it; believe there is a way for you to be led to safety and a better way of being. God loves you so much, and does not want you to be sad or worried or to struggle.

You are scared, now, I know. You want to live, you want your family member to live. You do not want to hear “pie in the sky” platitudes from me.

Yet, if you could get yourself out of fear – if you could understand that there is no death, that your loved one – even if he or she dies – will not be lost, you might be able to “let go and trust that whatever is best for your loved one’s over all life experience will unfold.

Your relative may heal, or may not. Whatever happens is part of that person’s journey, but it is not the end, never the end.

You might want to go to the library and see if you can get a copy of “Dying To Be Me” by Anita Moorjani. It may be of comfort to you, and to your loved one. A new perspective may arise which might change everything.

We come from a limitless place where we can “fly.” There are no physical boundaries and we feel no pain, but only love and joy.

We then project ourselves into these bodies for the experience and to learn, thinking we will be able to remember the great love God has for us, and thinking we can stay out of fear.

But, for so many of us, by the time we grow up, it’s like we have been caught in quicksand. We feel ourselves sinking, and we cannot remember the joy or the immense love there is for us. We cannot, for the life of us, remember that we are Divine spiritual beings, cut from the cloth of God, and that we are endowed with the power to think a change and then see it almost magically appear.

We get back to the truth when we discover a way to focus our minds on love, peace, belief, joy, and the expectation that we can imagine and believe in something better and it must – whether in a day or a year – come about, for this is spiritual law.

So your work is to defy all that tells you things are not coming to you, and to believe all will be well, no matter what happens.

It is going back and forth between belief and disbelief that keeps us – seemingly – stuck. Good (solutions) begins flowing to us, then it starts flowing away, then it starts flowing back, then starts flowing away.

So our task is to cultivate belief, to imagine good things unfolding and, in essence, to be a “fool” for God, to believe – really believe – long enough for the solutions to flow into place, for God is coordinating them even as I write this to you.

Now, to using this prayer to St. Michael.

The “magic” of this prayer lies in its ability to allow you to turn your problem over to St. Michael and to rest easy about it. When you know this most powerful of Archangels is working on your behalf, you no longer feel alone, and you can imagine positive change happening. This is so important.

You must love your mind and yourself into positive belief and expectation that a solution is coming to you, and stay positive long enough – no matter what is going on in your life or how dire it appears to be – that all will be well and good is making its way to you.

Life is full of stories of people on the brink of disaster – or even having gone over – then surrendering and seeing solutions move into place.

It may make no sense right now, but a river of love flows through you. That’s God’s love. Get in touch with that love – which is the core material of which you are made – and follow its promptings. Do what feels good; what makes you feel good. Be kind and gentle to yourself in your mind.

Tell yourself what a good job you have always done, and that good things are unfolding for you and they must.

Do as Philippians 4:8 advises:

“Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honorable, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.”

God bless you. I am praying for you. I speak the Word on your behalf now.

Dear God, I speak the Word for Your Beloved Child. Give these words full power as I speak to her directly:

Anna, your life transforms into sweet joy in the coming months. You see “beyond the veil.” You receive dreams and personal revelations about your value to God. You feel safe and see wonderful solutions unfolding. Your health improves and you grow excited about life and its possibilities. You ride the current of love that powers your being and you are reborn. Your life is a testament that we live in a loving Universe, and we are the work of an infinitely loving Creator. As your life improves, so do you contribute to the advancement and enlightenment of all humanity. And so it is. Amen.

It is great work you do. I am humbled by your courage and strength.

20 Joan { 08.07.12 at }

I am trying very hard to be positive and visualize my life without the stress and anxiety of money woes. I have a hard time seeing myself as worthy, knowing I am responsible for making poor financial decisions. I feel guilty that I resent that my husband has MS and the “earning” responsibility falls on me. He didn’t ask for his condition. Not only do I need prayers to alleviate my financial burdens, but to lift the anger in my heart. I feel my anger and resentments make me unworthy of God’s blessings in my life….please help me pray.

21 Joan { 08.14.12 at }

Since I last posted, I have spent much time reflecting on my past mistakes and asking the Lord for forgivenes. I know we are saved by His Grace because Jesus paid the price for my sins. Today I had a feeling come over me and I know I’ve been forgiven. I have never felt so humbled in my life. I have no more anger or resentments and if I feel myself drifting that way, I stop and reflect on the steps I am taking towards a better life. That starts with believing I am worthy and BELIEVING!! Thank you, My Heavenly Father!!!

22 bridgid brown nyokeng { 08.24.12 at }

i am a single mum of two , and all the while have been struggling to support my children, paybills, house rent…transport and children education. nowadays the cost of living is getting higher and with my little salary i find it difficult to make ends meet. besides that i am diagnosed of hyperthyroid and liver infection. please help me father. i believe nothing is impossible to you. praise to you lord jesus christ. alelluia.

23 Becca { 10.08.12 at }

This for you Clyo. I too have studied Joseph Murphy’s books. I asked God to give wisdom for how to ‘get the feeling’ in my prayers and I believed He would. Within 24 hrs, I found your blog. This very specific blog! That you posted in 2009!. Thank you for the love and for planting the seeds of love. Joy,peace,harmony and love are sent to you. I thank God for guiding me to your post for the answer to my prayer. Isn’t it wonderfull!

24 Clyo Beck { 10.09.12 at }

Yes it is. That’s fantastic. Good job, Becca! You are “in the flow.” And thanks for sending me your blessing.

25 Becky { 11.28.12 at }

Our family is in a financial struggle & I continue to pray but haven’t seen anything yet to help us. I would appreciate additional prayers sent our way. Thank you!

26 Maria Karagiannis { 03.05.13 at }

Beginning with this moment, I release all blocks to my financial well-being.

I embrace the truth: money is just another form of energy,
and there is more than enough bountiful money energy for everyone, including me.

O God, my dreams are worthy of fulfillment!

I deserve money, ample income, every manner of financial support, and a joyful life!

Let me never doubt this!
God please answer my prayer for relief of this financial sinkhole I am in…it has been a difficult time for my family and I . I pray for good health first of all and the blessing to release me from the financial burdens I face. I feel in my heart that you will not let me down but I am faced with so much legal issues in and effort to save the home we live in. Please lord answer my prayers for this relief, I have an elderly mother and she is stressed for our situation. In God’s name I pray for relief.
Maria karagiannis

27 Clyo Beck { 03.12.13 at }

Prayer for Maria

Dear God,

I thank you that You lift Maria’s thoughts up out of worry and into joyous expectancy.
She no longer sees herself as being burdened.
Instead, she imagines her burdens lifted from her shoulders by You.

Maria feels light and joyful.
Nothing bothers her now; she knows relief is already here.

She knows this is an opportunity for spiritual mastery –
A time to see what’s working in her life
A time to give thanks for the sun, the earth, the grass, her family and her life
And a time to surrender everything that does not seem to be working to You.

She turns her focus from the clamoring worries that would consume her
And focuses, instead, on feeling Your love for her.

She knows that, no matter how things appear
She has not failed in any way
And You adore her.

She is lifted up in your love
And all that distressed her falls from her.

All worries dissolve as she follows Your guidance unerringly.
She is led to a stress-free and joyous life,
One better than she has ever before known.

Our faith is in You, Lord, that You lift us up
And You carry us where we cannot go on our own.

Maria is renewed in body, mind, and spirit.
She loves her life and is an inspiration for her friends and family.

She surrenders her life and all she is to Your joyful idea for her and her life.
We thank You, Gracious God, for Your adoring love, guidance, and abundance.

All things are now working out in the Highest Good of All Concerned.
We are joyous co-creators with You, giving You our thoughts, emotions, bodies and minds.

Do with them what You will, for the Highest Good of All.

We trust all is unfolding in perfection.
We simply ask that Maria now this perfection for what it is, as it unfolds
So she lives in joy through this transitioning change.

I thank You for Your love and blessings.
I see Maria’s life changing in wonderful ways.
i know it, I see it, I feel it.
Her earthly life now shift and moves into a new configuration
So that it corresponds with Your Divine Blueprint for her,
A blueprint that we know is embedded with love and joy.

Thank You, Our Source of All Good, Our God, Our Beloved.

And so it is.

28 Liza { 05.03.14 at }

Thank you for posting this powerful prayer that I have right away used to pray for my present financial worries. I pray that The Lord will help me pay my rent for March. April and May and also to the two people whom I borrowed money from over a year ago as they want their money now and being nasty about it. Dear God please save us from this financial mess my family has been in for awhile now. Please forgive me for fighting with my 16 year old son today because he ate the food for lunch that I was saving for our dinner tonight. I felt so shamed of telling him off not to eat the food but only because I don’t have the money to buy for food tonight. I therefore leave my worries to The Lord that he is watching n knows our needs. Amen.

29 Liza { 05.09.14 at }

This prayer is powerful that I am declaring victory over my problems.
God is watching me right now as I post this.

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