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The #1 Most Powerful Way To Attract Money

What is the best way to attract money? Create a visualization that is filled with such positive emotion that it suspends awareness of any negative reality and shows God the wonderful result we want.

Since finances will be on many people’s minds for months, it’s vital that we begin to pair finances with fun in our minds through visualization. How we think about our finances, and how we word and envision our prayers, will determine how fast positive economic changes will take place not just for us, but for everyone. 


Visualize money coming to you. See yourself taking the mail out of your mailbox and finding checks made out to you. Imagine your paycheck doubled. Imagine money flowing into your bank account. Imagine yourself taking that vacation you’ve always wanted. Imagine yourself feeling carefree and doing what you love.

Can you begin to picture it? Does it make you happy?

If so, go someplace private and close your eyes. Really imagine and “get into” these events. Feel the joy, as though it is happening right now. If you want to shout with joy, then shout with joy. If you want to dance around the room, then dance around the room.

Feel it as though it’s real.

Assuming visualizing feels good, spend a few moments having fun with these types of fantasies every day. Feel the joyful feelings you will have when that money arrives, or when you take that trip. Then, during the rest of the day, pay attention to what you feel like doing, because God will lead you to more money as a result of your asking for it.


Those  pictures you are holding in your head are showing God what you want. Your feelings of joy are fueling your request. God always delivers what we want, and he knows what we want by what we think about.

When God doesn’t deliver, it is because we are either ambivalent about what we have asked for, or have not “asked” properly. For instance, when we hold negative images in our minds, God will send us more of what we have negatively imagined.

This is “the Law” referred to in the Bible, is synonymous with The Lord and refers to the Law of Attraction.

Impartial, The Lord or Law cuts both ways. Visualize negative and you’ll get negative. Visualize positive and you’ll get positive. Visualize negative and you’ll get negative. Our thoughts are magnets.

That is why Jesus told us to love our enemies. When we love our enemies, we are really loving ourselves. When we hate our enemies, we are sending and attracting hate to ourselves.

The same thing is true for money. When we fear and hate money, we drive it away.

When we beg God directly and earnestly for money for one minute out of the day, then feel angry at Him for “having” to beg, or spend the day complaining or feeling afraid about not having enough  money, we are invoking The Law, often with a vengeance, and this is why God has gotten a bad rap as being a “vengeful” God.

Yet, God has created a universe in which positive thoughts outweigh negative, otherwise we would have destroyed ourselves long ago. So God has really stacked the deck in our favor.

That is not the work of a vengeful God, but of a Creator who understands we are learning and need time to evolve.


A negative economic situation is a consequence of millions of people not knowing or not applying the law.

In our own era, some worried and feared the good times couldn’t go on. Some some saw the suffering in other parts of the world and felt guilty. Some practiced greed which is a manifestation of fear that there isn’t enough; that we better grab it all now because who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Fear of loss, raging against paying taxes, and greed are all negative emotions and must eventually deliver financial loss to whomever has fallen into this kind of negative thinking, no matter how rich he is when he begins this mental “diet.”

Yet, many others felt angry that they did not have more; that they could not seem to live the American Dream and could not buy all they saw advertised on television.

Whenever anger, fear, guilt, greed and selfishness are a person’s dominant thoughts, or when he sees and insists “the world is going to hell”, his own thoughts will create that hell for him. It is The Law.


So instead of predicting that things are “going to hell” picture what heaven on earth would look like to you and hold that in your mind. Picture your desired result, the end result, of having money clearly. Feel great joy as you imagine it,  and God will show you the way to get it.

Remember, money is neither good nor bad. Money is merely a means of exchange. It has no power in and of itself. It  doesn’t really come and go on its own. Journaling and “talking” to it is merely a device for getting information about our inner beliefs and how we attract or repel money.

Money can buy you a beautiful bouquet of flowers to give an ailing friend, or buy you a pen and paper so you can write an ugly letter to someone you don’t like. Whichever use you choose for it, there is no sin in money itself. Choosing whether to express love or a lack of love is entirely our responsibility and our choice.


The best way to create more money is to love and appreciate God, and to love and appreciate everything that God has given you, including yourself.

If love, appreciation and joy are not your primary emotions during the day, then you must do what it takes to generate those feelings.

Close your eyes and visualize having the type of life that would naturally make you feel happy and grateful.

Joyfully live that life, in your mind, for a few minutes every day. Make it so real that you forget everything else.

Do that every day and you will see what you visualize show up in your life, guaranteed.

Now, doing this requires an act of faith in God, faith that God is a loving, abundant and unconditional provider and that God is able to perform miracles of manifestation through you.

If you were raised with the idea that God withholds love and is judgmental, or that money is bad, then try my 7-point plan to shift your thoughts so that you begin to experience the truth of God’s love and immense power to do good in your life,  and money becomes your friend.

Next post: a money prayer.

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1 Jw { 03.04.10 at }

Thanks for this article. You are a brilliant writer.

2 kelechi .l. o { 08.24.10 at }

prayer for me that God should give me money ,since i travel for 8 mnth now i have not been able to feed my self or solve my problems , my businesss partners they always dispoint me .i am confuse , where is GOD?

3 amy { 10.13.10 at }

i have lots of personal loan and i need to pay them the soonest. but i dont have any other source

4 MITHUN ROY { 11.02.10 at }


5 gwilliams { 11.28.10 at }

I am thankful for my financial situation. This is a prayer request. Please increase my bank assets and investments so I can have more money than ever to enjoy life. Amen.

6 dave { 12.28.10 at }

feel it,believe in him,trust God,and ask him everything u want, for 9 days then u will see.Remember what i said 2 u, u need faith.try it,u will see.ME;I’M A BELIVER.THAT THE REASON I GOT EVERYTHING FROM GOD.SO IT’S EASY BE LIKE ME. U WILL GET WHAT U WANT.

7 dave { 12.28.10 at }

feel it,believe in him,trust God,and ask him everything u want, for 9 days then u will see.Remember what i said 2 u, u need faith.try it,u will see.

8 Vipul J { 12.31.10 at }

Dear Father in Heaven,

My life has been in constant struggle and so much in pain and debt that I can’t express all of it in words. I am 24 years old and I never have felt love in my love. I have no support and no matter how hard I try my life doesn’t improve. Please bless me with the strength to earn a lot of money, fight back my poverty, and poor times. I want to have enough money to be able to give my family a good life and also enough money and power so as to touch other poor peoples lives and buy them good moments, food and clothes. I am not a good looking person and so no girl has ever even come close to me. I have never experienced love. All around me gives me so much hatred that I want to kill myself right now. If 2011 doesn’t bring me any respite or good things I promise I will kill myself, come in thy court and in heaven punish myself in front of your eyes asking why you gave me such a hard life on earth. Why have you forsaken me and why did you bring upon me failure, pain and more burden each coming day?

I try to do 2-3 jobs working almost 18-20 hours to try to earn money and reach financial stability but nothing is really working and I am tired struggling. I wanted to get good education but I couldn’t even complete my graduation and became a college dropout. Please absolve me of my sins my lord because I just can’t take it anymore. There are so many tears in my eyes but to the outside world I am always smiling so that they can’t see the pain inside me. Please come soon and touch my life Lord Jesus… I am losing all hopes now…. I need a miracle in my life just about now.. Please show me your love.
Your son in pain,
Vipul Jain

9 Mark E Flowers { 02.21.11 at }

Dear God,

Thank you for everything that I have. I am really appreciative of everything that you have done for me, so I know that you will do this for me as well.. Please send an abundance of people to my website to buy my product so that I will not only be a blessing to myself but to others. In Jesus Name, Amen

10 akwan kwame { 04.12.11 at }

please help me financially.thank you.

11 Gordana { 04.27.11 at }

Dear God help Vipul J, to find a way toward your lite and reach the inner peace he deserves. I have been in his situation, and found that it is when you “relax” and not worry so much about every little thing, that…my problems somehow resolve themselves. The only way I can explain it is, that while you struggle, wiggle and contort to get out of a problem, you just get more tangled, like a fish in a net…when you decide to let your worries go, you relax, start thinking of other things and the obstacles melt away. Sometimes a funny movie is a short term distraction, even if you go alone. Enjoy it, laugh out loud and don’t care about others around you, and you will find a slight relief. Laughter…even forced, helps the endorphins in your brain to be released, making you feel better. I send you love my brother…and wish you much joy. G

12 Clyo Beck { 05.19.11 at }

You are so right, Gordana. Bless you! Yet, for those who just cannot relax about their finances or who cannot seem to get themselves to do the visualizations as I suggest, there is another way!

The 7 Levels of Miracles is a revolutionary take on the creation and attraction of money and miracles. It goes deep, using EFT/Tapping to neutralize negative and limiting “vows” or beliefs within our chakras that block connection with God and the miracles and financial freedom that brings.

This works because we are in an energy universe and God flows energy through us. Yet, so many people take in beliefs as children that block the flow. So many of us have these deep-seated beliefs that we do not deserve blessings or that life has to be struggle. Yet, we couldn’t help it. It’s what we saw; it’s what we were told; it’s what we experienced as reality.

This is particularly true if we grew up in a family that struggled over finances or focused on the idea of our being sinful and undeserving.

But there is great news! These beliefs CAN BE CHANGED and the Chakras cleansed. I took this course and it was a life-changer.

Know this: it isn’t God that has abandoned you. It is living on this earth that has filled you with expectations of struggle and failure. So change those beliefs and expectations! Doing so will change your life. ~ Clyo

13 Clyo Beck { 05.19.11 at }

Think money. Imagine yourself rolling in it. Know that money is not the root of evil, only that what we do with it can be evil. Do whatever it takes to feel money is good.

Practice feeling worthy. Imagine yourself wearing the robes of a beloved king. Do whatever it takes to see yourself as a wealthy and beloved child of God. Close your eyes and visualize it.

Know that this life is just a breath in the eternity of who you are. This momentary lack does not define you, you who are a child of the Most High, you who are the beloved child of The Creator of The Universe.

Stand up tall. Think good thoughts about yourself. Praise yourself for being in this situation of testing and learning how to accept God’s love to a greater degree.

Raise your thoughts about yourself and your situation. Know that you would not have the desire for financial security if God were not desirous of leading you to it.

Feel yourself as the emperor you are, the Beloved that you are. Know this: that when God is for you, no one and nothing can be against you.

Open to your guidance. Pray and meditate. Always, always remind yourself that God adores you. The answer to your needs for money must come. Believe this. Expect a solution. Keep your eyes open. Be willing to be courageous and follow your guidance.

Create a new story for your life, one in which you tell how your situation completely reversed and money poured in. Feel joyful as you create this new story, the story you will tell, in truth, in the future after it has transpired. Tell this new story to yourself until you believe it.

Bless everyone you see. Bless all who have wronged you. Ask God to send them money, to make them rich. For God makes no unfair contracts. God will not deliver wealth to them and none to you.

All this is your work, should you choose to accept it. Do it well and sincerely and with joy and playfulness and your life will change dramatically for the better and all financial problems will evaporate into the nothingness from which they came.

My love to you. May God bless you richly. ~ Clyo

14 Aletta Brook { 06.10.11 at }

Thank you God for every thing you have done for me. I appreciate. I believe there’s a reason for every thing that happens in one’s life. Thanks God I learned from your lessons. I am where I am because of you. I was sick to death you healed me. My family is blessed. God there’s a little voice at the back of my mind that says ”I fear money” take this voice away from now on I am free of that fear. Thank you Jesus. For all those people who have no shelter, food and clothes, let alone luxury I bless them in your name. Lord your are my shepers I shal not want. Lord increase my love in abundance so I can love my enemies. I pray Lord father that you bless my kids with jobs they like. Father Lord here I am bless me with money in abundance so I can do thing I would like to do (buying a big house, Supporting my family, giving back to the community, paying my debts, traveling and a big investment that will not end) that I cant right now. Thanks you Lord. Amen.

15 Aletta Brook { 06.10.11 at }

Thank you God for every thing you have done for me. I appreciate. I believe there’s a reason for every thing that happens in one’s life. Thanks God I learned from your lessons. I am where I am because of you. I was sick to death you healed me. My family is blessed. God there’s a little voice at the back of my mind that says ”I fear money” take this voice away from now on I am free of that fear. Thank you Jesus. For all those people who have no shelter, food and clothes, let alone luxury I bless them in your name. Lord your are my shepert I shall not want. Lord increase my love in abundance so I can love my enemies. I pray Lord father that you bless my kids with jobs they like. Father Lord here I am bless me with money in abundance so I can do thing I would like to do (buying a big house, Supporting my family, giving back to the community, paying my debts, travelling and a big investment that will not end) that I cant right now. Thanks you Lord. Amen.

16 Balstrots { 08.21.11 at }

HI, I just joined this community. I’m from India. I like this forum…….hope to learn lot of things here 😉

17 Mitterand { 08.24.11 at }

Dear Lord ,
I pray for your divine protection and finaces i know all riches come from you so i pray that you should make me a wealthy man and use me to help the poor and needy in all ways and aspects May the lord be my guide and helper in life through Jesus Name

18 shiela { 09.15.11 at }

my lord i thought i was the only one in this kind of situation i have right now.. im sorry that sometimes specially right now im thinking that you dont listening to me.. that you dont answer my prayers.. im just so tired because there is no concrete answer or even just a clue that my life will be better soon.. i dont know until when i will struggle in life.. or beg to other people just to borrow money to pay all my debts.. i dont know why it happened to me.. im really losing hope.. Pls my Lord help me… i need your love.. i need your care.. pls guide me and my family and all the people who really trust you and need you.. right now i really need financial blessings my Lord pls pls pray for me..

19 Jane { 12.13.11 at }

Dear Lord

I request prayer, i have many loans that i fail to pay them back. I am always struggling financial hence i request your intervention in my life to pull me out from debts in order to be financial stable. My children are suffering because of this situation.

Please Lord help me iam always in pain.


20 Raul { 03.26.12 at }

Dear God,
I wanna thank for my life, for the chance to experience life here on earth, I am not sure yet why have You created me with different from all other, what ever your purpose is, I accept it, I dont get mad at people laughing at me and calling me freak by not having legs and feet and one arm, I get sad at times not to enjoy what ordinary peolple enjoys, then I smile and thankful for not creating them incmplete like me.. Bless them oh God to be wise and feel happy for being complete that they could do much to make their life in a good positive way.. I thank you God for the food you gave me today, for the clothes I am wearing today, I really appreciate your kindness, I wish I could share this blessings to those who doesnt have food to eat, to those who are cold and dont wear anything to keep them warm.. I love you My God, my body is not complete but im I offer it to You, please accept it and make it your

21 ann { 07.08.12 at }

Thank you god for making me aware of what I have to learn..Please help me to have a house of my own where I can be happy and help others. Thank you

22 James { 07.30.12 at }

I really like the above post by “ann” and I would like to borrow her prayer for my own as well. I will add a few more words to it:

Thank you god for making me aware of what I have to learn..Please help me to have a house of my own where I can be happy and help others. Thank you.

Also, that I pay off all my current debts and not be afraid to attract a large amount of money.

23 LEE { 09.30.12 at }

Yes, I beieve in the Power of Prayer to Almight God in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. That my money problems are over i claim IT from GOD in the name of JESUS AMEN.

24 Reshaud { 03.15.13 at }

Thank you for your many blessings! My family and I are healthy, wealthy and wise!! Thank you in advance for continious blessings!! Thank you!!

25 Name { 03.19.13 at }

Hello Beautiful..
We all have problems in our life and we all want to get rid of them. I am not some famous dude or something but i want all you disbelievers to know that i was actually homeless.. i never had anything good in my life. i was a hustler, but still i was hardly surviving.. One day i snatched a bag from a guy.. i found a book the secret………………………………………………………..!!!

In a Year friends, i have done things what i couldn’t dream off then… i am improving everyday.

26 David { 07.23.13 at }

I love and appreciate God, and love and appreciate everything that God has given me, including my self.
I pray that God will help me out of my financial situation & give me an abundance of wealth, so I never have to struggle again In Jesus name amen!

27 keyur s { 10.27.13 at }

Dear god,
thank you for giving me everything that i have guys don’t lose hope
god is always there to help you my friend vipul try it hard u will get job and u will compelete your education always remember where there is will definately there is the way nothing is impossible
god gives us bad days to learn so that in feature we can live independently for ever

28 keyur s { 10.27.13 at }

friends it’s law of nature what u do is what u get if u do bad u will get same if u do good u will get good

an action is equal to an opposite reaction

29 Clyo Beck { 11.17.13 at }

It’s not quite that simple. In fact, your interpretation of the Law of Attraction would have us believe that we all knowingly attract what we get. Further, it implies that any time something bad happens to a person it is because that person did something to deserve it.

That is untrue.

Consider the Boston gangster, James ‘Whitey’ Bulger, who ruled his turf for sixty years – killing people since Harry Truman was president – yet did not come to justice until this year, at the age of 84. I think it’s safe to say that good people, who tried to do the right thing, were hurt by him and his activities.

Also, consider Erich Priebke, a Nazi war criminal to escaped to Argentina and lived as a free and happy man for fifty years under his own name. He recently died at the age of 100, with no regrets except – probably – speaking to reporter Sam Donaldson in 1994 and admitting who he was.

Where was the Law of Attraction all these years for these people? Could it be that they didn’t see themselves as doing wrong and, subconsciously, felt no guilt or shame so that they couldn’t be brought down by LOA?

On the other end of the spectrum, would you say that all 600,000 people who lost their homes to Cyclone Haiyan were doing wrong and that having their lives torn apart was their punishment?

I’m sure if you interviewed survivors, you would find the majority are good people who have always tried to do their best by everyone.

We do not, for the most part, attract disaster and pain consciously. Too many good people have suffered without apparent cause and too many people who have been responsible for the suffering of others have gotten away with it and lived happy lives.

So what’s going on? Because we all have negative thoughts. There are no angels on this earth. Even Mother Teresa felt depression upon ocassion, and even people we call monsters often have redeeming qualities and are kind to someone.

The truth is that wee attract experiences that match our energy patterns. In other words, if it’s in your vibration, chances are you will experience it at some point.

Since the people in the Philippines affected by Typhoon Haiyan were mostly poor and powerless, we can be sure their vibrations absolutely match the hell that they are going through now. Yet, what was their “sin”? It was being humble, poor, and just trying to live the best way they could. It was having normal guilt, fears and shame. It was ignorance of their vibrational patterns.

Consider, also, what they “knew” – that they had (and have even stronger now ) knowledge embedded in them as fact: that their area of the world is a victim to climate change and increasingly ferocious storms, and that they were in increasing danger. That knowledge is in their energy vibration as well – as well as ours. We who live in safer areas also expect that someone, somewhere is going to be devastated by a hurricane or cyclone. That vibration is in us and we contribute to the global reality as well.

My point is: we all have energy patterns in us that create our day-to-day life experience – that attract the “like” you refer to – but we aren’t taught to recognize 1) that what’s continually recreating our reality is our vibration and energy and 2) that we can clear our energy, raise our vibrations, and create better realities than what we are currently experiencing.

Blaming people for what happens to them not only misses the boat, but confuses everyone about what is really going on.

So, yes, it’s wonderful to fill your mind with loving and joyful thoughts.

It’s wonderful to turn around and pray and bless those with whom we find ourselves angry and, sometimes, curse.

It’s wonderful – and advisable – to practice The Golden Rule as much as possible.

But bad things to happen to good people and vice-versa because of unconscious forces.

So clearing your vibrational field of negative, self-punishing patterns is essential because it is your over all vibration that determines what you experience.

30 David Solomon { 04.13.14 at }

Dear Lord.

I have sinned all my life. I now repent my sins and beg forgiveness. I see the light and pray you anoint me with financial wealth in abundance. Give me hope that I can help others and care for my family and friends. I love you lord and worship you. Dear Lord, hear my prayer.


31 rick { 01.13.15 at }

pray for favor and and more than enough and thank you lord for hearing my petion

32 molula { 04.23.15 at }

Dear God,

I ask you to bless me finacially, i’m indebted, and need you to give me money today, in the Name of Jesus. Amen

33 Alfred B. Nepay { 05.27.15 at }

Dear God, I am asking you to please bless me financially, I want to purchase a car and I want you to give me the money to the car. Amen

34 Peggie { 05.27.15 at }

Father God, I am in dire need of a financial blessing right now. I need a home for me and my grandchildren. We are about to be homeless, please save us now in Jesus’ Holy Name. Amen

35 Fernandez { 11.16.15 at }

I m from India. I am thankful for all that God has given me. I feel left out and lonely but yet i thank God coz there must me many worse than me. I pray to get loads of money. I will be honest. I want to not only live a stylish life but also with out thinking twice open my purse and help all the needy people that I come across. Help me God. I surely have no wrong intentions coz I have no one to compete with. I thank you always for all that you have given me. Amen.

36 Suzanne { 11.18.15 at }

I pray to my heavenly father to help me with enough money to change my health and life. I am in need of costly dental work and need to have enough money to restore my teeth. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen

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