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Prosperity Prayer

 MONEY PRAYER: My Bank Account Is Full

Most Merciful Creator,

I have a spiritual bank account.

I fill it with positive intentions, thoughts, words, and images.

I decide to have a loving relationship with money.
I trust myself to make good choices.
I visualize myself deserving all good things.
I see myself bathed in abundance and joy.
I thank you for every good thing in life.
I expect and affirm only good every day.

As positive thoughts, words and imaginings impact my life,
I receive ideas and inspiration for creating abundance.

As I visualize abundance for myself and others,
I act on the inspiration and ideas I receive.

As I act on the inspiration and ideas I receive
the wealth that is within me begins to emerge. 

As  glorious wealth begins to manifest, 
I feel even more excited about life,
and use my talents in wonderful ways
to create abundance for all.

As I use my talents to create abundance,
I feel a wonderful sense of fulfillment.

As I feel more and more fulfillment,
I appreciate everyone and everything. 

As my appreciation grows, my joy grows, 
and my earthly bank account begins to fill.

As my joy increases, my spiritual bank account runs over
and fills my earthly bank account to overflowing.

Surrounded by true friends who love me for myself,
I am now in a continual flow of good.

I take time every day to picture myself
as wealthy in body, mind, spirit and finances.

I visualize, expect and receive only the best.

My bank account is full.

I am so grateful to You, God.

Thank you for loving me, guiding me, caring for me, and providing for me.

May these feelings of joy and prosperity be contagious.

May my feelings of well-being shower blessings everywhere,
And may I help create a new day of sweet abundance for everyone.

And so it is.

Thank You, God. Every cell in my body sings in praise of you.


“Go your way; and as you have believed, so let it be done for you.” Matthew 8:13

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