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Affirmative Prayer And Visualization A Powerful Combination

If your life is not ideal and does not seem to be changing despite prayer… or if you are praying for others but you see no answer to your prayers, then you must do more to uplift your thoughts and emotions.

Joy is God’s energy of manifestation. One way to lift yourself up into joy is through using this technology to get yourself visualizing daily.

I know from my own experience that daily visualizations coupled with joy-filled affirmative prayers are very effective. And practice does indeed “make perfect.”

This is how I turned a medical condition in my shoulder – that I was told was “incurable” – completely around.

If you’re wondering what my medical condition was, the rotator cuff in my left shoulder was torn, and it was brutal. (The rotator cuff is the group of muscles and tendons that stabilize the shoulder.)

Doctors said there was no point in surgery at my age and I would just have to “live with” never again being able to raise my left arm above my waist or being able to fasten anything behind my back – not even tie apron strings.

My reaction, as I’m sure you can guess, was: “You have got to be kidding.”


In extreme pain for months despite trying things like massage and physical therapy, I was very frustrated. And I was, initially, peeved because I  did not understand how I could be “too old” to have surgery.

But that negative prognosis and the advice to not even consider surgery as an option turned out to be a great gift since I had no choice but to look inside for the answer to my healing.

I prayed for relief, then received an idea about how to visualize my healing.

I tried the visualization first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Results were immediate.

I started to improve significantly after just a few days. It was so exciting to realize that I was steadily gaining back more range of motion day after day!

Once I started to show my body what I wanted of it through visualization, it only took about six weeks to regain my range of motion so that I could once again raise my left arm all the way up over my head.

Yet how many of us are as disciplined in maintaining a visualization practice for other things we want to create in our lives?

The truth is that much of our motivation is inspired by urgency and pain. When you are hurting, it gets your attention and it’s easier to surrender and make time for what you need to do.


For other things, such as just seeking minor improvements in your life – a raise, a new car, an improvement in your relationships – it takes discipline to sit down day after day and visualize what you want until it happens, and most people have trouble both in creating a visualizing and then in keeping it up.

While visualization can yield results very quickly at times, you have to be prepared to do your visualizations for the long haul.

For example, it could take a month, two months, six months or a year to turn around a very bad financial situation, save your marriage, etc. if you are doing your visualization without being in the “feeling place” of believing in what you are visualizing.

Your results also depend upon your flexibility and willingness to follow the guidance you get as a result of visualizing.


Releasing resistance to the cure or manifestation that you want is essential.

Yet, due to subconscious programing and old ways of thinking about what’s possible and what’s not, it can be difficult to get yourself into a place where you actually let go of your resistance to receiving what you want.

To do that you must feel optimistic. You must feel that what you want is possible, if only during your visualizations.

Yet it can be difficult to put in the time necessary to get in that place of believing.

And, with all the distractions we face, it can be easy to fall into bed exhausted without visualizing.

This is where Mind Movies come in. Mind Movies can get you to a place of believing.

One way to turn things around and make visualization into an almost effortless habit is through installing Mind Movies on your computer and watching in “subliminal mode” as you do other tasks.

I use Mind Movies. The inspiring Shifra Hendrie also uses them and sent me this email about them:

“As Einstein said… “Imagination is even more important than knowledge, because it’s a preview of life’s coming attractions.”

“It’s well known today that our past-based limiting beliefs can keep us stuck in the same old patterns … BUT our power of visualization, especially when we use it to create rich, colorful and exciting images, can dismantle those blocks and fears… open the flow… and gently pull us forward to where we really want to be.

“Mind Movies helps you to quickly & easily create customized short videos that speak directly to your subconscious and make multi-sensory visualization – with powerful words, rich, colorful images, and exciting, evocative music – as easy as pie.

“Natalie Ledwell, co-founder of Mind Movies, spoke for my last interview series, and she’s told me that they are releasing their upgraded 2.0 version … and that it is astoundingly effective and extremely simple to use. I think Mind Movies are great, and I have version 1.0 … but if what they tell me is true, 2.0 is even better.”

We cannot get enough positive input in our lives, as a result all use this kind of visualization help; so check out Mind Movies.

P.S. Are you looking for spiritual mentoring, including assistance with creating and using a personal visualization similar to what I used to recover from my own torn rotator cuff injury without surgery?

Then contact me at clyo(at) for my fee schedule because I would love to help you step into transformation.

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