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How To Ask God For Money

The most frequently visited posts on my blog are about finances.

People are looking for answers in regard to how to ask God for money. They want to know the relationship between God and money. They want to know how to connect with God, get out of stress and struggle, create abundance and pay their bills.

If you are here for that same reason, then you have probably heard this answer:

Just have faith the size of a mustard seed. Just lift your thoughts, feelings and vibration into knowing that a way for all needs to be met is already here in Spirit.”

And you are probably sick of hearing it.

The thought going through your mind right now may well be: “Yeah, that’s great. Just do it. That’s original. But how?

How Do I Do It?

“How do I move from the place of worry, where I am, and into a place of believing in and manifesting my abundance when I feel the way I do? Quit with the gobbledygook already – I’m so tired of abstract ideas – and give me a plan to follow in plain English.”

So I will share with you the spiritual prescription I just wrote in response – from the heart – to a prayer request I received today.

Tuition & Bills Due

In that request a mother expressed concern over her ability to pay her daughter’s school tuition next week. Her concern is for her daughter, so the daughter can take her exams and go forward with her career plans.

While this mother clearly believes in God and knows God can deliver miracles, it is also clear, from her request, that her mind (quite naturally) has been awash in worry that the tuition will go unpaid and her daughter will not finish school and will not, therefore, have a good life.

I have edited out her name, but left references to her situation. I have also elaborated on how to infuse your own visualizations with things that are pleasing and uplift you, such as pleasing sounds and smells. And I will give you brief descriptions of ideal scenarios as jumping off points for creating your own life script.

Know this: if you have landed on this page, then this is meant for you. Just replace the situations described with your own. Create your own ideal scenarios. Infuse them with feelings and smells and sounds you love.

Then take this spiritual prescription – this effective way of praying to God for money and abundance – into your heart, follow it to the letter, and watch the good that comes to you.

I invite you to return to my blog and leave a comment when your good manifests. That way we can, together and through social proof, raise awareness of how to rapidly rise above financial setbacks.

Without further preface, here is the edited and expanded spiritual prescription for abundance.

Prescription For Improved Finances

Dearest Beloved In God,

Thank you so much for your prayer request.

First, know that there is no time and no space in God.

God is all there is. We have our very being in God, and can change things in an instant. Your job is simply to be able to receive.

So do not fear, and be open to any solution that presents itself to you and feels “in the flow.”

Since God can only do for you what He can do through you, through your belief and willingness to accept your good, the following is your “spiritual prescription.”

Use Your Imagination

Use the gift of your imagination to lift you out of despair and doubt and feel better fast.

Sit quietly and imagine the best possible outcome as often as possible. Imagine your daughter taking her exams, passing, and being exultant.

Imagine paying bills with joy. Sit with your eyes closed and move your hand as though you are paying them, whether by check or online. Imagine birds singing and bees humming and a sky full of beauty as you do so. Imagine the smell of roses or freshly mowed grass – whatever scent you love.

Think about how wonderful it is that you have had the opportunity to receive the products and services that these numbers represent. These numbers represent your abundance, blessings that you have been provided with in advance and ongoing.

Give mental thanks to everyone involved, from clerks in stores who accepted your credit card to utility companies that provide your home with heat and light.

If Imagining Is A Challenge

If positive scenarios are not coming to mind, or if you feel resistance or ingratitude toward those who provide what you use (such as credit card companies), then consider what your life (what our lives!) would be like without the people and companies that provide all these things for us – food, electricity, water, heat, gas, clothes, schools!

Do this only so long as it takes to get yourself into a place where you can see you live in a wonderful world of variety and possibilities and that you have been a recipient of good things in your life, and that each company has performed a valuable service for you, whether it’s providing heat, food, or financial services.

See if you can get into a strong feeling of appreciation for all that serves you and all you have in your life. Take your time.

Relax, there is no rush.

Should you sit in silence and give yourself time to develop the visualization yet still have trouble feeling grateful or feeling good, imagine living in a shack with no water, no floor but dirt, no access to school, and trying to eat on a dollar a day.

There are nearly a billion people living like that.

I say that not to make you feel guilty or to make you feel worse – far from it – but to try to give you some perspective on how much you have, even at your lowest point.

I ask you to compare how these others live with how you live only so that the contrast might fill you with relief that you have as much as you do.

I ask you to accept this fact: you are at a jumping off point for financial improvement far beyond where many others are in this world.

Give Thanks For Where You Are

So give sincere thanks for where you are right now, because it is a good place to be from the perspective of many others in the world.

(If you find yourself worrying about those people, ask God to bless them and make the decision that, as your own abundance grows, you will donate money to uplifting others, and then let thoughts of them go. You cannot help them right now in any way except by raising your own level of abundance. You do not uplift others by playing or staying small. You uplift the world as you uplift yourself into joy and abundance, so focus on doing that.)

So, to recap, schedule time sometime during the day to practice visualizing your ideal scenario. To help you understand what I mean, here are a few abbreviated examples to show what I’m talking about.

Brief Visualizing Examples

Challenge: manifest money to buy food

Imagine buying your favorite foods and smiling at everyone in the grocery store as you do so. Imagine pulling out cash and paying joyfully. See your refrigerator and cupboards full of good things you love. Imagine cooking and enjoying a wonderful meal with loved ones. Smell the aromas. Hear the sounds of cooking. Imagine your favorite music playing. See family members smiling and laughing. Laugh with them and feel good. Say “grace” in your mind for the food before you. Give thanks to God that it is so.

Challenge: get a job

Imagine yourself in a great interview. Everything is clicking. You look and feel great. Imagine the conversation just flowing. Imagine yourself really connecting. Imagine yourself feeling really seen and appreciated for who you are.You are suddenly aware of your own value and worth. You see it reflected in the eyes of the person you are talking to. Imagine yourself being hired and feeling exultant. Feel the handshake. See yourself signing the hiring forms. Imagine showing up on your first day, so happy and grateful. Imagine discovering you love the work you are doing. Imagine laughing with your co-workers on break. Imagine receiving your first check and dancing around. Give thanks to God that it is so.

Challenge: get a raise

See the person who is your boss smiling and patting you on the back. Hear words of appreciation about how much you contribute to the organization you work for. See you and your boss and co-workers solving a problem and feeling a real sense of unity. Feel you are in a Divine place, doing Divine service. See yourself really being a conduit for God’s love in your place of work. See a bonus check in your hands. Feel the joy of showing it to your loved ones and dancing around. Give thanks to God.

Challenge: find housing

See yourself signing a sales contract or lease. Feel keys in your hand. See yourself opening the door. Smell the new paint. Feel your bare feet on the wood floor or carpet. Look out the windows and see a beautiful sky. See yourself moving your furniture in and decorating. See and feel it being fun and joyful. See yourself and your loved ones dancing around in joy over your new digs and how great they are. Go through each room and ooh and ah over the closet space and features. See yourself throwing a housewarming party and having a great time. Hear the laughter. Give thanks to God.

Monitor Thoughts And Feelings

During the rest of your time, and as you go through your days, whether at work or at home or in the car, simply monitor your thoughts and feelings.

Should you notice you are worrying, gently shift your focus from any current “negative reality” to something better.

Do not make yourself wrong for any thought you have. Do not worry about getting your thoughts “right.”

Just get into a better place of feeling if you find yourself feeling less than great. Think thoughts that make you feel better such as: Everything is working out great. God loves me. I’m now in the flow. Life is an adventure. I’m going to have fun with this.

If you have a moment, show God what you want by again picturing it in your mind and feeling how good having that feels. Make yourself a receptive vessel by playfully visualizing and feeling the experience of what you want.

Let me emphasize: Make your visualizations joyful. Have fun with them. Imagine yourself in joy.

Once you get the hang of visualizing with joy and playfulness, do it as often as you can.

Yet do not force it. Do not “make” yourself do it. Only do it when it feels fun and refreshing. It’s better to visualize with joy for a minute than to sit in uncertainty or self-judgment or fear “trying” to visualize for half an hour.

Speak “The Word”

We create with our words, because our words are a form of vibration.

So speak The Word out loud with the intention to align with God’s love and joy as often as possible. If you do not know what to say, memorize phrases from affirmative prayers that resonate with you, especially those for abundance.

Here are examples of what you can say:

I am a beloved child of God and God gives me everything I want, Always and Forever.

God is absolute Love and is incapable of saying no to me.

God adores me beyond my understanding and longs to fulfill my needs before I even ask.

God knows what I want and is answering right now as I open completely to my good.

My soul says yes, completely yes, to financial abundance and ease.

God is sending His angels, and arranging circumstances so this illusion of lack is dissolved.

I am whole and healed and beautiful and abundant in this moment and always.

My daughter’s tuition is paid. I see her taking her tests and passing with flying colors!

She and I are sustained in every way.

It is not my business to know how God will do this.

I only know that God is doing this now.

My sole responsibility is to trust and affirm that all is well, that all is love, that all is abundance, that all is joyful.

My job is to simply hold the belief that You, God are with me, now, and that my needs and my daughter’s needs are met in love and gratitude.

I am safe. I am joyous. I am loved. I am love. I have no worries. I am carefree and renewed in mind, emotions and spirit.

My mind is peaceful and full of joy.

With love and gratitude I thank You, Great and Glorious God, for revelations of Your love and my abundance.

With love and gratitude I thank our great and glorious God for lifting us all up into an awareness of how blessed and rich we all are.

I affirm that all people rise into abundance and that the abundance I claim for myself is also showered upon all others.

I so love my life.

I am aligned with God. I am overflowing with love and gratitude.

I so love this opportunity to play, to breathe, to live, to love, to feel and to experience this interesting place and time of exciting change and transformation and possibility.

And so it is.

It is done.


Trust You’re Doing It Right

As you go through this process of simply paying attention to your thoughts and feelings throughout each day, let go of any concern about whether you are “doing it right.”

For instance, should you, at any time, find yourself thinking thoughts of fear or feeling panic or worry, please do not beat yourself up for it.

Simply do whatever you need to do to get yourself out of those feelings. The best thing would be to laugh. Laughter raises your vibration. It is impossible to be laughing and worried at the same time.

So laugh at the idea that anything – or any thought – is more powerful than God and God’s love for you. (People who tell you there is a devil who has equal power to God have not had a true experience of God. Bless them and affirm they are raised up out of their fears.)

Consider that we are talking about the omnipotent Creator of the Universe here.

He is All That Is. He creates everything – Universes, galaxies, stars, planets, people – everything.

He created you.

You are part of Him.

You are his child.

You are love.

You are, literally, a piece of Him.

You are holy.

He adores you.

The only catch is, on this earth, you do not necessarily feel the reality of that, so your spiritual mission is to get yourself into a feeling place of that truth.

You came here, to physical existence, to learn how to feel the amazing power of God’s love while physical “reality” pulls at you.

So affirm, affirm, affirm the best possible scenario.

Pray, pray, pray – joyfully.

Visualize the very best result.

Lift your thoughts any time they dip into worry or fear.

Persevere in cultivating joy, love and faith and you will create a beautiful, abundant life.

That is the power of The Lord which is also called The Law.

“As you speak, so it is done to you.”

“Ask and you will receive. Knock and the door shall open.”

Positive thoughts, feelings and visualizations of good are all powerful prayers that God must answer – and wants to answer – by coordinating events to bring that good to you.

I know this works. I am sustained by these practices.

Trust God. And trust that you deserve all good.

And above all, make your process of following this spiritual prescription as much fun as possible.

Accept You Are Worthy

The key to receiving is belief in your own worthiness. You must believe you are worthy of receiving, both consciously and subconsciously. If there is discordance between your subconscious and consciousness, you may give up on the process before your good manifests.

If you give up before you see the results of your internal efforts, the lack of results will, of course, confirm any belief you may have in your unworthiness. So stick with the prescription until you get the results you want!

Know this: you are worthy of abundance, joy, good health and every good thing there is.

Believe it. Repeat it over and over until you feel the truth of it.

If you need to invest in a hypnosis session or tape to embed feelings of deep worthiness in you to replace subconscious ideas of unworthiness that were handed down to you (and which have been handed down to virtually all of us) then do it.

Seek out whatever subconscious clearing methods you are drawn to. Do whatever it takes to believe in YOU as a valuable, worthy, God-inspired and God-filled being.

Do not give up, whatever you do. Persevere to success. The first success will lead to other successes. In a year – or less – your life can be completely transformed – and completely joyful – based upon the decisions you make in this moment about the action that you will take.

So here is the spiritual prescription in a nutshell:

1) Mark your calendar and block out time for visualizing every day for the next 30 days, even if it’s two minutes a day.

2) Print out the affirmations above now, keep them handy and speak them often until you choose better ones.

3) Schedule time to look through my affirmative prayers and print out those that resonate with you.

4) Put things in place that remind you to think positively, to speak your prayers and affirmations and to do your visualizing.

5) Develop the ability to be able to sincerely give thanks for where you are. Find the silver lining in your situation and in your life and make up an uplifting story about it that ends in triumph.

6) Get inspirational material and read it just before you turn out the light and go to sleep.

7) Avoid negatives – negative people, negative news, negative perspectives.

8) Notice what clearing techniques attract you. Do whatever you need to do to clear out subconscious blocks and beliefs of unworthiness (or beliefs that it is not spiritual or “good” to have money when others do not).

9) Decide you will not give a rat’s behind about what anyone else thinks about you doing any of this.

10) Know that your relationship to God is none of anyone else’s business. This is your path, your journey.

You need not apologize for wanting a better life or wanting money.

This is your life. Stand up for yourself. Program yourself for greatness and abundance and it must come.

You are not a beggar. You need not grovel.

God longs to give you the keys to His Kingdom.

I send you love, gratitude and blessings.

I see your situation resolved in joy.

I see you becoming suddenly aware of how powerful your thoughts are for creating your good and the good of others.

I see you flourishing and going forth in the joy and abundance of God.

I see you discovering you are Love incarnate.

I see you loving life and being blessed – and a blessing – everywhere you go.

Love throughout eternity from God through me to you,


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1 Frank { 03.27.12 at }

Brilliant !!

2 Elmer { 04.01.12 at }

I read all these though GOD’S GRACE AN THE BLESSED MOTHER. I PRAY FOR THE LIVING AND THE DEAD every nite before i go to sleep. Help all of us poor souls.

3 Douglas Karikoga { 06.12.12 at }

This actually works. My first time here and I already feel great and the problem I thought I had is now surmountable. I see electricity in my house, wife happily cooking in the kitchen. Thank you my Lord for giving me favour!

4 valoriah { 07.11.12 at }

God is working on my financial situation and clearing my debts now. He is working on transfering me to the job of my desire and filling me with money making ideas. I put all my trust in him as my creator and he surely sees to it that all my needs and wants are well taken care of. In God I surrender all my trust. Thank you JesusNthank you Lord!

5 Paloma { 07.28.12 at }

I Shall Win This Battle Cause It Is Done.

6 Tony chaker { 08.03.12 at }

Thank you God

7 RAGHUNANDANA.R { 08.19.12 at }

Please pray to God to bless Raghunandana.R with unlimited ultra monetary abundance, affluence, and a beautiful spouse from a rich and wealthy family. Raghunandana.R lives at Tumkur cities and Davangere cities, Karnataka state, India.

8 Fearon { 10.23.12 at }

I’ve always believed in what God can do but you have just reassured me. Thank you and may God bless you abundantly.

9 Charnell { 11.28.12 at }

I love this blog !! Stay blessed and keep doing what you do. This is truly a blessing it helped me understand my dreams and it reminds me how powerful God is !!

10 oliver18754 { 01.04.13 at }

Thank you and god bless you for making this post.

11 Clyo Beck { 01.07.13 at }

You’re welcome, Oliver.<3

12 Angel { 02.17.13 at }

Thank you for your posting.I will certainly be trying this out. I like many Christians have often wondered how God feels about asking for wealth . Thanks for the affirmation that I’d okay to ask our father in heaven for wealth and that doesn’t make us bad Christians. I have always felt God wants to elevate me & that I AM destined for greatness but gave always prayed careful prayers so as not to offend God & whenever I have gotten the courage to say what I really wanted in prayer I would feel bad after. . Thank you for this Step Aside Devil in Jesus’s Name I shall lend to many nations & never borrow..Amen

13 AOT { 02.18.13 at }

Thanks for this information about the proper way to pray for our financial needs. I learned much from it that I can share with others.

14 CAROL { 03.17.13 at }


15 CAROL { 03.17.13 at }

[have life, peace, joy, wealth, health in abundance, Amen.

16 Dudu { 03.21.13 at }

God if always faithful. No matter hw long it may take, pray, praise & have faith in him, he’s capable n will neva fails u, he is guaranteed. He also sits with us in the “waiting room”, its jst dat we don’t c him. God bless!!!

17 Pedro { 05.07.13 at }

I pretty much live my life this way without really thinking about it, but I think this way you presented it is excellent for sharing this way of living with others. Your expression seems more reverent than my other experiences with abundance messages. Great job. I pray you are able to help many people with your ministry.

18 Lena Buford { 07.23.13 at }

Ithank God for what he has alrealy done and i know my blessing is on the way.Thank you Lord for beening you all by your the name of Jesus.

19 Jean { 08.15.13 at }

Thank you so much for this! I have been suffering from anxiety due to my financial struggles. After reading this a wave of calm and peace hit my spirit. I read this all the way through twice. I truly believe my breakthrough is coming soon. Praise Jesus. I will read this everyday!

20 richard { 08.26.13 at }

Dera Clyo. Your blog is such a great thing for people who need help. Last week, I desperately needed help and I read this post over and over on Friday and said the prayer customizing it to my needs. Lo and behold I was gifted with a miracle. You are a miracle for helping others. MAY GOD BLESS YOU. I AM ETERNALLY GRATEFUL TO YOU AND TO My HIGHER POWER. thank you

21 Clyo Beck { 08.28.13 at }

Richard, you are so very welcome. Your Higher Power wants to give you all that makes your heart sing. Only believe and accept and good must come to you. Life then becomes an adventure to see what good thing Spirit has in store for us next. One day our world will be transformed as more and more people realize we are all in this together. Then we will each hold a vision for each other – not telling each other what to think or do, but seeing each other happy and finding our own solutions. We will hold a belief in the goodness of God, in the beneficence of the Universe and in the core of love within ourselves and others that cannot be vanquished. One day we will all experience miracles of love and joy and healing every day. You are a way-shower. You are walking the talk; spreading the love; preparing the fertile ground for an entirely new understanding of what it is to be human and divine at the same time. Thank you, my brother!

I send you much love,

22 Clyo Beck { 08.28.13 at }

Bless you Jean. You are not alone! You are coming through this beautifully. Your destiny is to triumph!

I send you much love.

23 Cathy { 09.03.13 at }

Dear Clyo,

I just downloaded PrayerForce to my Kindle. My life is such an incredible mess and morass of pain right now. Like Cynthia Stafford, who asked for financial help, I have done heavy work on cleaning up the horrible belief system that I was raised in, particularly money and what God’s will is. Why is it so sad that if you tell someone about your problems you always hear, well, it’s God’s will. No, I do not believe my present life is God’s will, because that would make God very cruel indeed — and I know that God is Love. The Bible, too, has become a treasured book for me. I guess if you want to find hate there you can. For some reason I see a great deal of love.

Thanks again, Clyo. Say a quick prayer for me, if you could.

24 Richard { 09.04.13 at }

I want to thank you again. Your website is like a tool from God. And as extension , you too are an instrument of God and I am being taught how to also be a instrument of God and to be of help tp others. Bless you and yours.

25 Rafael { 09.11.13 at }

I recently learned this prayer:
Heavenly God. In my present need, please help me to beleive that You are aware of my anxiety and You will do what is best for me. Give me me the strength to trust You and put present and future in Your Hands. Grant this through Christ our Lord. Amen
I have found this prayer to be uplifting and inspirational, and most of all, it reinforces my faith in God. This prayer comes into my thoughts
several times during the day and gives me hope that my problems will be resolved by the Power of God.

26 Maria { 10.06.13 at }

Please help me pray for a financial miracle blessing. Service was good and it spoke about tithing…also seed…and offering. Pray for God so show me and give me wisdom on what are causing HINDERANCES in my life. thank you

27 Teresa { 10.06.13 at }

I am one of the desperate ones I guess. My financial problems never end. It seems like every time I start getting my head above water something comes along and knocks me for a loop right back down on the ground. It is so hard to stay positive. I try to tell myself that something better is in store for me but some how I can`t grasp that to be reality. There is so much I need and no way of getting it. I barely pay my bills and none of them are ever on time. I constantly have to come up with ways of juggling what little money I have to do with in order to keep lights on. I can`t take a vacation, I can`t buy things I want, I can barely buy things I need. I have tried all this you talk about. I have tried to be positive and see the brighter side but I am just about at the end of my rope. A few prayers from people reading this would be of great help. Please tell me how I can make myself shift my feelings to positive.

28 Cathy { 10.12.13 at }

I want to echo what Angel said above. This was the massive struggle I have spent the last two months, in particular, resolving. I believe this is what Cynthia Stafford was talking about, too, when she also talked about this very difficult period in coming to grips with long-held “beliefs” and what is right and wrong to ask for. This is how I discovered Joseph Murphy, and this is what then led me to this site. I know it’s not a coincidence. I have two other people in my life whose lives are also going to be changed for the better by all of this.

29 Clyo Beck { 11.17.13 at }

Dearest Teresa,

You have hit the nail on the head: how does one shift one’s feelings to positive?

Also, you are being too hard on yourself. You are expecting to change your thoughts and vibration around in a straight line. Give yourself more slack.

First, you have to decide which you prefer: looking around at reality and feeling bad or insisting that, despite what’s around you, you will seek to land your eyes on something that pleases you and start a rampage of appreciation.

In each moment you have the choice to focus on what is and your real-life assessment about how you really, honestly feel about it – which is how we have been taught and programmed to live –

Or you have the choice to say, “Even though it feels like I may be lying to myself, I’m going to choose to put my attention on something that lifts me up, and I am going to reach for thoughts that feel better.”

That includes looking around at your reality and finding things to like about it.

EFT is a great technique for getting out of that panicked feeling about money and getting over resentments about not having enough and feeling like a victim of life.

When you don’t have enough money you can go around and round, thinking: I don’t have enough, I don’t have enough, how will I pay that, I can’t pay that, I’m going to wind up homeless….etc. for hours until you are exhausted.

When those thoughts start, they can be tapped out. In fact, none of us should ever take about anything that doesn’t feel good – anything bothering us or negative – without tapping as we lay out our case for how bad it is.

That’s because tapping clears the energy, whereas just repeating it without tapping reinforces it and strengthens the vibration of lack.

So learn how to tap and start tapping every day when you start to think thoughts that distress you.

Also, when you hear those thoughts, call on God and demand: “Give me better thoughts,” and then reach for them after tapping out the really terrible ones. Think of something better. In fact, write down a bunch of thoughts you can just read off and use to drown out those worried thoughts when you get them. Thoughts like:

“I am okay. I have always been okay. This is temporary. This is just my current vibration and I can change that. I am changing that. I really like going for walks. I’m going for a walk. Isn’t it wonderful that I can walk and see and hear? I am so blessed to have this coat and these shoes. I manifested these; didn’t I do a great job?” etc. and anything you can say without fighting with the statement.

The thing is, when you are dug deep into a hole, you need to build a ladder with many rungs to get out.

Every positive statement you utter is a rung.

Every time you tap out negativity, that is a rung.

Every day when you go to bed feeling a bit more positive about yourself is a rung.

Every time you triumph over getting yourself to think a thought or focus on something that makes you feel a little bit better about you and life instead of worse is a rung.

Or – instead of rungs – think about each small positive choice you make as a pebble, a pebble added to a tiny pile that will grow bigger and bigger over time so that it rises higher and higher and fills the hole so you can just step out.

Every positive thing you can do – like turning away from depressing thoughts – every technique you employ – angel cards, lists of affirmative statements, treasure maps, and especially EFT – anything that takes time away from focusing on terrible-feeling thoughts, that clears negative energy patterns and focuses you on better feeling thoughts raises your vibration, and that’s the name of the game.

Raise your vibration and you will find yourself in a completely different reality.

To begin getting acquainted with EFT and tap on panic, try tapping with this video:

To tap on never having enough money:

For best results, learn the points, learn the basic recipe and tap out your fears and worries every day to raise your vibration and change your life for good.

I send you much love.

30 Clyo Beck { 11.17.13 at }

Dearest Cathy,

You are so right – suffering is not God’s will. God’s will is your happiness.

God would have you clear your vibration and experience the love, joy and manifesting power of your own soul.

While, normally, I say a silent prayer for those who ask me, here is one I felt inspired to write for you.

I send you much love,

Dear God,

I know you are lifting Cathy up.
You are guiding her in clearing her energy and raising her vibration.
I know she is an eternal being on an adventure,
And I know she will know the truth of that, in this lifetime,
And it changes the quality of her life to joyfulness.

I know you lift her out of pain
And into joyful triumph.

I know that she and I are not separate
But working together on behalf of all humanity.

We thank you for our lives
We thank you for our struggles,
For our triumphs are just around the corner
And they will taste so much sweeter
For all we have learned and experienced.

I know that you chose her for a special purpose
And she is fulfilling that purpose now.
I know blessings beyond number are flowing to her
And that she recognizes and gives thanks for everything.

We thank you for this time, this life, this adventure.
We are uplifted forevermore and radiate our light to all.

And so it is, in the Highest and Best Good of All.

31 Glo { 03.05.14 at }

Thank for refreshing our ways of reflecting on nothing but the best that God has to offer us. God bless you and the rich and wealthy. May we all receive an abundance of financial the blessing .

32 Glo { 03.05.14 at }

Thank for the blessings. C

33 robert { 03.23.14 at }


34 jack { 06.26.14 at }

Thank you for this site just reading it made me cry. I feel so much better now thanks a billion and mostly the almighty creator

35 Stephen { 03.20.15 at }

I like so many need financial help quickly to pay many overdue bills, food, etc. Through job loss, and job cuts things only keep getting worse. I pray unceasingly and yet see so little changes. I do know I am much richer that others as I have a good wife and children. However I can not provide for them as I did in the past and seek God’s love for his provisions for my family. I dream of having my bills paid and giving money and my time to others. I want only to be happy and stop looking at my zero checking account and wonder how I will provide for my family with my low salary and high bills. God in Jesus name please fill me with your love and abundance and favor. Its been over 12 years of this and I am very weary and getting old. Thank you for all you have done for me and help me to hold on.

36 Rene { 06.05.15 at }

Dear Clyo
I have read “The Secret”, but I have to say the way you have stated “The Law” is truly inspirational. I have read it over and over and I am filled with so much peace, joy and love for our awesome God. You are truly amazing and the work God is doing through you is truly inspirational. I have been in a slump and feel that I did not see this by accident I was led here. And I am so grateful as it has already inspired me. Thank you thank you thank you! I wish you all the love and joy in the world. God bless you and your loved ones. Xxx

37 Clyo Beck { 06.15.15 at }

You are so welcome, Rene!

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