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GDP Or Gross National Happiness

Our current measure of a society’s well-being is based solely on economics. The index for measurement of that well-being is the nation’s GDP or Gross Domestic Product.

Yet, since a high GDP does not correlate with a high degree of happiness within a nation, this way of measuring the well-being of a nation’s people is deeply flawed.

Watch this 3 1/2 minute video and see why.

I love this video. It’s smart, simple, short and fun.

And, in just over three minutes, it shows how using the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) index as a measure of a nation’s well-being encourages economic development that is dysfunctional and unsustainable:

1) Development is pursued at any cost and without consideration of other human values.

2) The impact on a community or the environment is not considered. Only profits are relevant.

3) A relative handful of people can become fabulously wealthy while tens of millions live in abject poverty and yet the GDP will seem to indicate that everyone is doing well.

4) Making money is trumpeted as the major goal of life, even though having a reliable source of money is only one of several factors necessary to human happiness.


We need sustainable economics. We need development with values. We need a more spiritual approach to life and business.

Using an index of Gross National Happiness, instead of a Gross Domestic Product index, can help us correct the gross imbalances in our current economic system and forge a path of sustainable economic development.

If you want a world filled with more happiness, then visualize and affirm that the GNH and other innovative ideas, that will lead to a better world for all, are being embraced and implemented.

Just seeing this idea disseminated is evidence, to me, that human consciousness is evolving and becoming more aligned with God’s love.

All things are working together for good. Tens of millions of people want to help create more joyful, responsible and sustainable ways of doing business.

Eventually we’ll achieve “critical mass” and there will be major shifts toward making the world a happier and more abundant place for everyone.

Believe it and you will see more and more evidence of it.

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