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Life Is Too Short For Regret

Quote By Harvey MacKay

Do you have the nagging feeling that your life is not all it could be? Do you have regrets about roads not taken? Do you wonder why other people seem to be happier than you are? Are you afraid to pursue your dreams? Are you afraid you will die with a basketful of regrets about what you might have done with your life and how you would have rather lived?

What if you knew that you need have no regrets? That you didn’t have to “play small” or “play it safe?”

What if you knew that you are here on our beloved Earth to expand both your human limits and the limits of your soul, and not just for yourself, but for all humanity?

What if you knew – really knew in the marrow of your bones – that when you keep your mind filled with positive thoughts and your heart filled with faith, that your heart’s desire must unfold for you?

Believe It’s Coming And You Shall Receive It

This is the essence of spiritual law. It is the truth behind scriptural passages such as “Ask and ye shall receive,” “Knock and the door will open,” and “According to your faith will it be done to you.”

As you believe, so will it be done “unto” you.

So get clear on what you want. See it. Feel it. Imagine yourself living that experience. Thank God for bringing it about. Let no one shake your belief that it is coming. Rejoice in it and “be of good cheer.”

Whether it takes two days or two years, events and circumstances will slide into place as long as you do not vacillate back and forth between believing and disbelieving or imagining disaster scenarios between imagining the good you want. You will be led to what you want, without fail.

In this life, there is no such word as “No.” God is a giver, and will give all to you. The only one limiting you is your thoughts about time frames, what is or is not possible, and whether you deserve it.

Do you want to be happier in life, and stop feeling your potential is being wasted? Then stop worrying about what’s going wrong. Stop seeing yourself as unfulfilled. And, definitely, stop asking God for miracles that you do not believe can possibly happen.

As You Believe It Will Be Done Unto You

“Ask and ye shall receive” has been interpreted to mean that if you beg God to give you what you feel incapable of receiving, a miracle will occur and you will receive it anyway.

While that can happen, especially if others are praying on your behalf, most people who ask in this way just wind up thinking God doesn’t care. Their own thoughts and beliefs assure that they will simply go on receiving more of the same kind of life they have, more of what their minds are already focused upon.

So, instead of trying to figure out a new way to ask, train your mind so you BELIEVE what you desire is already created and coming to you. As you believe it will be done unto you. Follow these good-feeling steps, and a more fulfilling and happier life will be yours:

How To Live A Fulfilling Life

  1. Get your thoughts aligned with God’s love.
  2. Know that you deserve everything good.
  3. Imagine the “feeling components” of your ideal life, and how good you feel doing everything, from working to sleeping and everything in-between. (For example, if you need an apartment, imagine yourself dancing around in one that’s perfect for you. If you’re lonely, spend time imagining yourself in a great-feeling relationship. If you’re ill, imagine yourself doing what you’d do as a well person.)
  4. Rejoice in all the good that’s coming and give thanks for it ahead of time.
  5. Be kind to everyone in thought, word, and deed, including yourself.
  6. Follow your inner guidance immediately.

Are you willing to be carried from a life of longing and regret to a life of fulfillment? Then follow those steps faithfully. You will be amazed at how your life transforms before your eyes.

From my heart to yours ~ Clyo

Lifting personal and world energies since 2003.

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