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Healing Your Inner NRA

We walk a fine line here on earth. We are not to judge because, as we judge others, so are we judged.

Yet, what does this mean?

It means that, whatever I find in you that I do not like, I have that in myself, and probably in spades.

In other words, my disapproval of you, an organization, or a culture is a red flag that tells me this: whatever really makes me see red about the “other guy” is something I have in myself and I do what they’re doing in some way.

In other words, I contribute to this thing I do not like with who I am.

Yet, we are usually blind to this. We project things we do not like on others, all the while thinking we are “pure as driven snow” and do not have these characteristics.

That’s simply not true. In fact, if a behavior does not have a corresponding match inside you, you will never even be aware of it. Things only come to your attention that are a part of your own makeup.

Given that we are One With The One and we are, really, individual cells in a being we call Humanity, most of us have everything that is in all of humanity.


For instance, say there is a nasty person at work. Say this person never misses an opportunity to say something snide to you.

Chances are, you think snide thoughts about others, even though you do not utter them. You may even wish you could say some of the things you think – and deliberately insult people, and especially this guy – but you are afraid of confrontation and winding up the loser.

Dig a little deeper and you may remember that, as a kid, there was a bully who made your life miserable.

Well, that bully taught you how to think bullying thoughts. And, like it or not, you are still in battle with that bully.

You were, most likely, never able to stand up for yourself and be in your power against this person. So you took it. And you are itching to – just once – give as good as you got because you haven’t been taught how to stand, unfazed, in your power. So you have attracted this snide bully at work so you can be in battle until you figure out how to stand in your power.

But no one teaches you how.

While this is going to change dramatically in this century, that’s not helping you at the moment.

So my point is, whatever shows up in your face that makes you angry – you are in battle with it. You are trying to figure out how to stand in your power against it.

Yet, you would not have to deal with it if that energy were not inside you.

Consider the implications of having energy you do not want inside you and battling with that energy. This is unnerving to most people, especially when we are looking at behaviors that most of us find disgusting and repugnant, such as pedophilia.

“Okay, wait a minute,” you may be saying now. “You mean, because I am coming across all these stories about pedophiles and I despise pedophiles and find myself raging about them, and want to see them flogged and killed that I have an inner pedophile?”

Take a deep breath and count to ten before you explode in frustration, disbelief, anger and fear because the answer is, “yes.”

But this is an archetypal energy. It doesn’t mean you have anything to be ashamed of or afraid of.


Just because we have these energies – or access to these energies inside us – does not mean we will act on them.

Going back to the bully for example, you really don’t want to be the bully because you know how hurtful it is, yet because you do not know (yet) how to stand in your love so you are in your power when facing a bully, part of you wants to engage with that bully – “out-bully” the bully – and fight to the death. So the battle rages.

In fact, our anger, our denial, our disbelief – our rage at the very idea of having this energy and fighting with this energy – shows us how firmly committed we are to never expressing it.

This is why we want to kill the killer, we want to rape the rapist, and we want to torture the torturer.

We want to get rid of these energies. But we can’t. Yet we don’t know what else to do. Still, killing a killer certainly doesn’t get rid of the act of killing, but strengthens it.

These energies are part of living in this world. We have to learn how to feel and handle these archetypal energies. We have to mediate and transform these lower energies with the higher energies of our soul.

Yet, most of us are cut off from our own soul energy, the energy that could make us feel empowered and guide us to deal with this situation. We are often cut off from joyous feeling of our own power and feeling so strong in who we are – and so strong in love – that we have no need to battle to defend ourselves.

Yes, a little soul energy comes in, but we are subject to pain, fear, and anger – and never taught how to cope with these emotions – and so we spend a lot of time in lower thoughts and lower energies. In those lower energies we know we are susceptible, at times, to acting out things we do not want to do.


So our fear and rage comes from distrusting ourselves. It comes from being afraid we will be victims or those we love will be victims we cannot protect. It comes from not trusting ourselves to be resourceful enough to be safe and protect those we love.

Bottom line, it comes from not being aligned with our Source, with the intense Love of God.

So the point of this post is to say, fear is part of life and it is not, in itself, bad. It is just emotion. You can act on it in a positive way or a negative way. You can learn from it. And you can heal it.

Rage, although it has a very bad reputation, can get us moving in a positive direction. It can motivate us to get to the core of an issue. It can push us to take positive action, to not stay passive, to not accept abuse for others or ourselves. Rage can inspire us to aspire to a better life. It doesn’t have to be destructive.

In fact, when we feel indignant, we come from a place of empowerment that says: This is wrong, and I canand I will – do something to rectify it.

When we are in blind rage, however, we do tend come from a place of disempowerment. We are most often in a place that says:

“I am terrifed that this will come to pass; I fear myself; I fear I cannot depend upon myself; I am terrified there’s nothing I can do to protect the innocent; I am beside myself with fear that I am at the mercy of forces over which I have absolutely no say.”

Rage and fear, when they rise up and you view them as indicators and teachers, tell you something about what’s wrong. They tell you you have inner healing to do. They give you the opportunity to seek Divine Love and learn how to align with God.

Stay in fear and anger – feed the monster without an intention to use it for spiritual healing – and you are powerless.

Rise up into love, forgiveness, and compassion – and a Divine solution for all – and the energy of the Universe which is the energy of God’s immense love – will move through you and guide you into being an empowered Force for good.


So our choice is clear. We want to align with our Source energy, with love and well-being, and take inspired action. We want to be in touch with our Higher Selves and mindfully follow our intuition and higher intelligence.

We want to act from a spiritual place as opposed to acting from a purely biological place in which we react to adrenaline that begins coursing through our veins based upon partial cues about what’s going on.

Now, all this is a preamble to another issue which affects all of society and all of us, for as John Donne said, “No man is an island” but each man is affected by what happens to others.

Yet, this does not have to be your issue. If you are not called to it; if you have no anger or fear or indignation or hurt around it, then it’s not yours.

But if this issue nags at you and you feel you would like to make a difference concerning it, then you are called to personal transformation so that you can be a force for healing this issue.

This issue is “guns vs God.”


In short, the two words are not compatible.

If you need a gun to feel safe, then you are not aligned with God or God’s love.

When, however, you are aligned with God’s love, your intuition will guide you and you will not need a gun to protect you. Instead, you will follow your intuition and radiate love to all. You will, then, never find yourself confronting a person with a gun.

Or, if you do, it will be something that you had a feeling about and you chose to experience. You will face it in a mindful manner. If, like Martin Luther King, Jr., you go forth with the feeling that you are going to be killed by a gunman, you will go forth to your appointment with death knowing that it is part of a larger plan, and one that will somehow benefit more people than it hurts.

Crisis is always an opportunity for change. King’s life – and his death – have inspired and emboldened millions of people. They got angry, they were torn apart by grief, they searched inside themselves, and they decided they would follow his example, practice bravery, and stand for something noble in their lives.

As Jesus said, do not fear those who can kill the body. Once the body is dead, that’s all they can do to you, for you are an eternal being and your soul simply returns to the perspective of the non-physical realm.

This may sound cavalier – and I certainly do not mean to trivialize the effect a death has on those who love the person killed – but being killed is more like being escorted out of a nightclub and placed on the most awesome roller coaster imaginable.

Your energy changes in a heartbeat. You go from inhabiting a physical suit weighed down with fear and judgments to experiencing absolute joy and unconditional love – and all in less than the blink of an eye. And you see everything about everything, but through a perspective of absolute love.

Sure, your friends miss you, mourn you, weep over you, and are sorry you are gone. Some may never get over their loss. That’s the agonizing part. But for the one who dies, the experience – or so I’ve come to understand – is exhilarating.

Imagine being completely released from fear, worry, concern, and all limitation, yet still having the awareness that you are you, but a bigger, expansive, all-loving, all joyous You.

Pretty awesome. And that, I’ve come to understand, is what death is.

The ramifications of this are staggering and have the potential to change society at its core.

First, those who are killed and leave us are, really and truly, in a far more joyous place. We are the ones left behind to suffer. So the best thing we can do is remember them in love and do our best to recover enough to become forces of love in the world, to honor them and help turn the tide of violence in the world.

Second, those we execute as “punishment” aren’t being punished. They are actually being released from all the care, confusion, distress, regret, hate – whatever inner torture or inner deadness they built up – that they experienced.

If those who seek the death penalty as punishment knew what a joyful release death is for those executed, they would stop calling for it because death is no punishment at all.

Yes, the manner of death during executions used to be a torture. Being burned to death for heresy in the Middle Ages was horrible, agonizing, excruciating. But when death came, all that was gone, for God does not judge, does not punish, and there are no burning flames of eternal torture.

So, today, with execution methods designed to be painless, death is simply sweet release.

And this is true for everyone, even for the meanest and most perverse criminal. No matter how screwed up your programming is in your mind and body, when the body is left behind, that screwed up perspective – that inability to love or feel empathy or compassion – that is left behind and the soul awakens back in its natural perspective, as if from a bad dream.

So death is not what we have been taught. We need not fear it. and it is less than useless as a weapon of punishment.

Now, some statistics. (Thank you Wikipedia.) There were 52,447 deliberate and 23,237 accidental non-fatal gunshot injuries in the United States during 2000. In 2009, according to the UNODC, 60% of all homicides in the United States were perpetrated using a firearm.

So – if death is an exhilarating experience for the soul, why care? Why worry about it? Why try to save lives?

This is why: because we are here to alleviate suffering and the people left behind to mourn and cope with the loss of their loved ones suffer terribly.

And these are people we instinctively care about. That person who lost a father, a son, a brother, a sister, a wife, a mother, a baby – any of them could be you or me. And we know how horrible it is for them. We know how great their agony is. We feel it. We share it.

So, spiritually, we have an obligation to do something to alleviate this suffering because it isn’t helping us as people or as a nation. We have an obligation to do something so such killings are not so acceptable and – sad to say – so routine.

But what?

I’m getting to that.

All this is a preamble to a excoriation of the NRA which I am going to post here next.

Yeah, I know that the fact I am ticked off at the NRA (National Rifle Association) means that I AM the NRA. In other words, the energy that funds the NRA is in me.

Consider, for instance, that like NRA members, there are times when I am afraid. There are  also times when I feel so angry and so intolerant – and feel so impotent against things that are happening – that I mutter things in anger, such as saying that “I’d like to kill that guy.”

And who hasn’t uttered – or thought – such a thing when angry?

Who hasn’t felt, in his or her heart – whether uttered or not – about how you could kill your neighbor or your spouse or your kid or a politician when you are stressed out to the max.

Sure, you don’t really mean it, but the energy – you know how it feels. There’s no joke in that energy. That is your inner killer, there, giving vent.

What’s more serious – and what we say with far more rancor and seriousness – we say against those who terrify us because we have no control over them. Usually we do not even know they exist until they are in the news.

Then it bubbles up with horror and we may find ourselves saying, “I’d like to kill that…” when referring to the pedophile who killed a little girl after raping her.

The truth is, we become enraged. We react, in our lower energy centers, to ugly and frightening and annoying things.

This is normal. It doesn’t mean we will act on that anger. But when we have the anger, when we have that intense rage, and when we have the fear that makes us boil and seethe, it does us no good to pretend we don’t.

So we need to face it and deal with it.

I find that the best way to deal with these powerful energies is to let them flow and tap them out, safely, using EFT because you do not want to “feed the monster.”

You do not want to build energy like this so it erupts. You do not want to condemn yourself for having it or secretly nurture it and savor it as a secret, ugly pleasure that you indulge in.

That is, no doubt, what the killer in Aurora, Colorado did. He fed the monster of anger and rage. He fed the fantasy of killing some imagined enemy – be it humanity – and it overcame him. He reinforced it – apparently – with violent video games until he became the monster.

That is exactly what happens when you justify the anger, make a case for it, and feed it.

That is what happens when you exult in anger, and decide you enjoy that adrenaline rush of being angry and imagining revenge.

Then imagine getting a gun and planning what you will do when someone threatens you, and of course you will look for threats so you can use your gun.

So while you do not want to deny the depth of your distress, you do not want to dwell there any longer than it takes you to feel it and release, and getting a gun is not going to give you the incentive to deal with it in a productive way.

Getting a gun is an excuse to stay blind to your inner workings  and to avoid healing when your job  here is to accept your emotions, love them for the messengers that they are, and deal with them mindfully and productively.

Let them flow, express them in a way that gets to the heart of the issue that is scaring you, and release them.

Then they will not haunt you or “bite you” or hurt others when you least expect it.

The goal of life is to be fully empowered in love. When we are fully empowered in love, we can feel a few moments of rage or anger, not judge ourselves for it, see the message it has for us, bless it, and use it to uncover and heal whatever is keeping us from our full love and spiritual power.

So, after this long preamble, here’s what I have to say about the NRA, because no one seems to be talking about the NRA. The NRA represents the elephant in the room that is blocking our spiritual growth.


The NRA is a symptom of how we are cutting ourselves off from facing the healing we need to do on a personal level.

We are all complicit in ignoring what the power and presence of this organization in our society says about us and our relationship – or lack of relationship – with God.

So we really need to face our inner NRA.

So here we go. Here’s my rant, to get it out. And I’m using EFT (tapping) to as I read through this, because even this relatively mind rant is full of blame. (I’m omitting all epithets.)

A 30-year old man who was going door-to-door selling steaks and lobster was shot and killed in Florida last month. The perpetrator – for whom the NRA has apparently established a legal defense fund – took offense that the salesman had ignored his “no trespassing” signs. So he shot him in the shoulder and, when the man lay wounded on the ground, walked over to him, aimed at the back of his head, pulled the trigger and killed him. Here’s the full story:

Nice work, NRA. You must be so proud. I understand you’ve established a legal defense fund for Mr. Roop. Too bad you’re not paying the hospital bills of the uninsured in Aurora, Colorado, but your priorities are pretty clear.

Deny it as they may, this death is on the head of the NRA and its supporters who insist on promoting a culture of fear, revenge, and need for guns.

Thanks to the NRA, Americans get to live with the ever increasing chaos and insanity inherent with implementation of NRA’s policies which are aimed at getting a gun on every American’s hip.

Consider the NRA’s relentless push to not just allow virtually everyone to own guns, but to allow gun-carrying in public, and in full view. If you doubt the NRA’s agenda, see this article:

Hey, that encourages open conversation and transparency, doesn’t it? Yeah, I’d go in a store in which a guy sporting his gun is buying chips. Sure I would – not.

The police say that, in responding to a call, if both people are armed, it’s impossible to know who is a perpetrator and who is a “victim.” I say that anyone with a gun is a wannabe perpetrator, a person afraid of others who is just waiting for the opportunity to have a gun fight with someone. And, as he waits, he’s feeding the monster within through his fear and anticipation of what he’ll do when and if he feels threatened.

My husband, laughingly, said that if both people are armed, the police should “should shoot them both, and get rid of two nuts.”

That dark humor is what a lot of people are relying upon to cope with this insanity. But, having the police just open fire is – obviously – not where we want our society to go. Still, this is where it’s being pushed by the NRA even as the NRA protests alleged police “harassment” of gun owners.

Quite a catch-22. Somehow the police are supposed to know which guy brandishing a gun is the “good” guy and which one is the “bad” guy. The NRA doesn’t realize that they are two sides of the same coin.

Thanks to the NRA and its supporters, Americans get to add another worry to their harried lives, which is that there is a growing culture of people who, based upon their petty fears, are not afraid to kill the innocent with impunity.

Forget self-help. Forget God or prayer. Forget spiritual growth and enlightenment. Forget meditation. That’s for wimps. The NRA has made the answer to a person’s paranoia and inner turmoil dead easy – just get a gun.

The NRA has made healing personal pain and personal issues unnecessary. A person need not deal with the real work of living and becoming a whole human being. All a person needs to do is get a gun and he need never again have an unpleasant conversation for which he lacks the courage or coping skills.

Instead, all he has to do is flash his gun and the other person – if wise – will run.

Unless, of course, that person has a gun and a bad attitude of his own, and then one or both of individuals are likely to wind up dead, along with bystanders trying to figure out what’s happening.

And who benefits from these rampages? Gun manufacturers – who have steadily grown this nightmare for profit. They are in the biz to sell guns, not make society sane and safe. And they have succeeded in spades.

One day Americans will realize that guns do not make them safe, but create incredible risk. Realizing how the gun culture degrades their lives and isolates them from their own souls, they will rise up out of fear, stop having anything to do with guns, and demand politicians pass different laws.

Ironically, and especially if we restore our U.S. Constitutional rights, we will not need guns “to protect our freedom against the government” – which is the lame excuse the NRA uses to inflame supporters – because we’ve seen how the cell phone (and taking pictures of law enforcement and military abuses) is a far more powerful weapon against infringements on personal freedom than a gun is.

It will be a joyous day for America when people rise up into spiritual empowerment, see guns for the insidious influence that they are, abandon them, and equip themselves with cell phones instead.

Until then, encouraging the populace to arm itself out of paranoia will continue to be a nightmare for law enforcement and a sad statement about those who “need” guns to feel safe. They are cut off from God and their own loving Source energy.

Okay, that’s my rant against the NRA. Yet the truth is that the rest of us – including me – are equally complicit.

Until more of us make the decision to give ourselves over to Divine Love so that America reaches a spiritual tipping point, this insanity will not be healed. As long as there is anger and blaming in so many hearts, healing cannot happen.

We must each stop blaming others, and take complete responsibility for this tragedy and all others. And this is where the NRA really falls short. It takes no responsibility at all for any of the fallout from what it promotes. Yet, neither have I, and neither do many who want to see better and saner laws passed than what the NRA is promoting.

But here’s the thing: as long as I blame the NRA, I am scapegoating this organization and taking no responsibility for having any of the fears that cause people to join the NRA. In fact, if I did not fear the NRA and what it is unleashing, I wouldn’t care about it.

So this is the catch-22. Every time I blame someone else, I need to stop and look at myself. I need to own whatever is going on as mine. And I need to heal what I’m doing (such as fearing) through spiritual work.

So I accept that, with every angry thought I think I actually support the NRA’s stubborn refusal to admit it is part of a massive problem. With every angry thought I have – even against the NRA itself – I promote hate, fear, and this gun culture that is taking so many innocent lives and causing such agony to those who are losing their loved ones.

So I make a vow, today, to renew my commitment to do whatever it takes to heal whatever is unlike love within me. This is what Christ calls us to do.

I hope you will do the same.

Make no mistake, the NRA will lose supporters and the poisonous fear from which its current incarnation was hatched must evaporate as we become more spiritually empowered. It may be in five years or it may be in fifty years. Whenever it happens, that will be evidence of our spiritual growth as a nation. To assist with that growth, let us first commit to our own inner healing. Let us commit to learning how to feel and process our “difficult” and frightening emotions without striking out at others.

Next, let’s visualize the NRA’s political power and influence melting away. Let us envision it returning into the nothingness from which it came.

So send it love. Send its supporters love. See them awakening to a higher truth. Let us see them feeling safe, happy, and empowered without guns.

And absolutely do the same for yourself. See yourself awakening to a higher truth. See yourself living in joy and well-being. See yourself standing in your power, strong and fearless while at the same time feeling compassionate and loving.

That is true power, the power we are here to learn.

Let’s envision that, five years from now, the NRA will be a forgotten entity, and American kids can go to the movies – and a nice man can sell lobster – in a state of well-being and safety, instead of being killed.

Let us invoke God’s help so we are able to look at ourselves in five years and feel proud that we all have pulled together and made the love within us our guiding principle.

I speak The Word and give thanks that it is so.

“No man is an Island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the Continent, a part of the main; if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as well as if a manor of thy friends or of thine own were; any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankind; And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; It tolls for thee.” ~ John Donne

Lifting personal and world energies since 2003.

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