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Fact-Checking Shows Romney Act Surreal In 1st Debate

The world is in the throes of a mammoth shift in human consciousness. We are struggling to rise up into a better, higher place – a place of higher consciousness – that has many names, but is called “The Christ Consciousness” by Christians.

It is not surprising, therefore, that the 2012 presidential election is demonstrating this spiritual struggle on a national scale. The contrast between the two candidates – and between humanity’s old paradigm and the new one being birthed  – is huge.

Although the candidates themselves represent the contrast between the old way of thinking (and doing politics) and the new way, this birth process will continue no matter who wins or loses. Our evolution to higher consciousness is mandated by our very existence.

So, as the old ways bubble up, it is not time for despair and hand-wringing, but a time for each of us to us to go inside ourselves and contribute to clearing out the old, punishing ways by healing ourselves of fear.

To put this shift into black and white political terms:

If you think you deserve to live in a lower-self centered world and there isn’t enough for everyone, then you will vote for Mr. Romney. Likewise, if you think it’s okay to lie to obtain the Presidency, you will vote for Mr. Romney.

If you think you deserve to live in a heart-centered world with prosperity for all, then you will vote for President Obama. Likewise, if you think that the person elected to the Presidency should care more about serving the greater good of all more than about attaining power for personal aggrandizement, then you will vote for President Obama.

That’s the ultimate difference between their philosophies.

So what kind of country – and what kind of world – do you feel you deserve?


Do you deserve, for instance, that a candidate should put on an “act” and refute everything he has run on to get your vote?  Do you deserve to have a candidate boldly lie to you, as candidate Romney did in the first Presidential debate? Do you believe he should then be rewarded by being elected?

And, if you doubt he lied, I invite you to watch this video which documents over 30 specific lies he uttered during the debate. The facts are there and you can research them yourself. Some of them are astounding, like Mitt saying that Obama has doubled the deficit when he has, in fact, cut it.

Frankly, I could not believe Romney’s performance. It was surreal. Mitt Romney attempted to present himself as a completely different candidate from the one he has been.

So has Governor Romney been deceiving his Tea Party base all this time? Does he really plan to betray them upon election? Or is he deceiving us and then, once in office, he will implement the standard Republican agenda he has been supporting all his life?

I have never liked the term “flip flop” and have always felt that a candidate should be able to change his mind on an issue after receiving more and better information than he or she had.

But Mitt Romney gave us more than a single “flip-flop.” He presented us with a fabric of lies.

He was saying things that just are not true. He said things in a way so as to attribute Republican philosophy to President Obama! And he did that by wrapping himself in a bunch of confusing words.

It struck me how he seemed to be using “New Speak” – a term first used in George Orwell’s futuristic novel 1984  – as he accused President Obama of relying on “trickle down” economics to help the middle class, when that has always been a failed Republican strategy.

He was so careful and so crafty not to answer direct questions, but to say things in such a way that you might think he isn’t going to destroy the programs that he, his running mate, and his party have pledged to destroy.

Gov. Romney Fires Big Bird

He was honest about one thing. He pledged to eliminate all funding for PBS, but couched it in a joke, by saying that he likes Big Bird.

This is the skill of an expert dissimulator. Tweets during the debate show us that he completely deflected the emotional reaction a person might have to the idea of PBS being eliminated by saying he loves Big Bird and thereby triggering the fuzzy feelings people have for Big Bird.

We witnessed someone who has been schooled by million-dollar experts in psychological trickery. And he pulled all the psychological tricks in the book.

So why should we stop looking at the joke he made and look at the substance?


Because PBS is the most trusted news source in the U.S. In addition, PBS cultural and educational programming is far superior to anything commercial stations offer – and all without incessant commercials that interrupt the programs.

Yet, Republicans have been whittling away support for PBS, year after year. Grover Norquist, during the 2000 Republican convention, vowed to “stick a knife” in the back of PBS and turn it. So you can thank him, the GOP and President Bush for the fact that your local PBS station has to do so many fundraisers and is under more and more financial pressure to allow advertising between programs.

Yet, that isn’t enough for Mitt. He wants to destroy all commercial-free, quality programming. Why is destroying PBS such a priority for Mitt and his party?

Because PBS actually presents information objectively and in depth. It helps us see through deception. It helps us become better informed citizens. And that is something you do not want if you are trying to win elections through soundbites and deception.

In addition, PBS does not bombard us with commercials during programming. So advertisers are “denied” their shot at ensnaring us with their incessant pitches. Your train of thought is not diverted. Your attention is not fragmented. You can get the full story.

Have you ever thought of how commercials destroy your focus and ability to take in all the aspects of a story? Or the enormous amount of your time that commercials waste? “Oh, I mute the commercials or go fix a sandwich during commercials,” you may say. “I don’t let them bother me.”

Maybe not, but that is still time that is passing and time that is, incrementally, lost.

Over the course of 10 hours, American viewers are shown approximately three hours of advertisements.

That’s three hours lost. Poof. Gone.

Multiply that week after week, and you can see how it adds up and why people are always saying they don’t have enough time.

Then, multiply that by a couple hundred million people who watch TV, and you can see the drain on us as a people.

It’s being gobbled up by commercials.

And I am absolutely convinced that the reason the U.S. has become a nation of overweight people is because most of those commercials are for fast food – the highest calorie food on the planet – and programming us to feel hungry and eat fast food.

So we are paying our cable companies to funnel advertisements into us that are killing us.

Worse, there was a recent request by stations to increase the percentage of advertising to programming. It was proposed that the current 18 minutes of commercials per 42 minutes of programming be increased to 22 minutes of commercials per 38 minutes of programming.

The irony is that we pay cable providers to do this to us. We pay to give advertisers access to us and to waste our lives. We pay to be programmed to want things we cannot afford and to eat more than our bodies need.

So – do you deserve this? Is participating in this system loving yourself? Or do you deserve better?

The unspoken contract between viewers and stations – before the cable system – was once different. We understood the service had to be paid for in some way. Having to sit through commercials was the price we paid for the free programming we received. It was an exchange that wasn’t great, but we understood why we had to put up with ads. It was so all we had to pay for was the television set and electricity.

Now we have to pay for the service AND we have to sit through twice the commercials that we had to endure when television reception was first introduced and free. Now we pay a huge amount to have commercials fragment our attention, waste our time, and program us to live in ways that are not necessarily in alignment with our higher selves.

Not satisfied that all other stations flood us with ads, Republicans would eliminate the one alternative – PBS. PBS is the alternative to ad bombardment, sound bites, shallow reporting, and children’s shows that are working hard to turn our children into super consumers.

Along with programming our kids to serve corporate interests, our kids will also be denied security in their old age.


Republicans have been out to destroy or privatize Social Security since it was created by Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Likewise, they have been out to get rid of Medicare since it was put in place by Lyndon Johnson

So – no matter how Mitt tries to explain it away – the Republican goal is to erode and eliminate Medicare. Read between the lines and his plan is to weaken and dismantle Medicare and then leave it to individual states to provide – or not provide – some version of it.

Mr. Romney also plans to get rid of the regulations put in place by Obama which currently insure we do not have another economic meltdown.

Based upon all Mr. Romney has said during his campaign up to this point, he will simply pick up where George Bush left off in regard to continuing Republican policies of looking out for the super wealthy and leaving everyone else out to dry.

Mr. Romney has already said he doesn’t care about 47% of the populace. Caught on film actually saying that, now he’s trying to fool the 47% – along with others who find his position unacceptable – and woo them back through skillfully practiced deception.

So which Romney do we believe? And what do we believe? Do we believe the indisputable record of his life or what he said in one debate?

He made his fortune as his father did, by buying companies and laying off workers. So is he to be trusted to care about creating jobs? I can’t conceive of him caring. He cares about the profits of corporations, not the fortunes of the working class. His mantra is to cut wages and jobs, not create or increase them.


Romney claims to be anti-abortion, yet the National Catholic Reporter finds that President Obama is more “pro-life” than Mr. Romney. For instance, Mr. Romney had no problem with making a profit from abortion. He was an owner of Stericycle, a major disposer of aborted fetuses. In addition, he started Bain Capital with millions of dollars in funding that he solicited from wealthy El Salvadorian clans, some of which according to the Salt Lake Tribune, were “linked to right wing death squads.”

Mr. Romney has, also, spoken out consistently against social safety net programs and against Medicare. As President Obama correctly pointed out, Governor Romney’s health care plan in Massachusetts was a plan to benefit insurers. If Mr. Romney cared about individual Americans and the health of the nation as a whole, he would support Obamacare.

Yet he presented himself as something else during the debate. Someone who cares.

Sorry, his record shows me he doesn’t. He is out of touch with the real problems of the middle and lower classes. Plus – irony of ironies – his policies will not even grow business.

No wonder the President avoided looking at him and concentrated on making notes. How could do you look at someone who is lying through his teeth and dissembling about everything he stands for without your jaw dropping?

How do you restrain yourself from saying, “Mr. Romney is without shame and this  is ridiculous. I’m not participating in a debate in which this guy is allowed to lie about my intentions, dissemble about his own, and pretend he does not have the agenda he has.”

Because what Mr. Romney gave us was a performance. And it was breathtaking in its falseness.

In summary, Mitt has no answers, he has no workable plans, and he only knows how to run one kind of business model, one that makes its profits by cutting wages and laying off workers.

Mr. Romney reminded me of a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing, trying to convince the sheep to open the gate and let him in.

But when he smiled, I still saw his big teeth.


I write all the time about how we are not to judge others. Yet that does not mean that you do not develop keen discernment so you can see through falsehoods to the truth.

Mr. Romney is pursuing his dream – the pursuit of ultimate power – and saying what he thinks he must to obtain the most powerful office in the world.

God bless him in pursuing his dream. Yet, if he can only achieve it through giving a false impression of what he stands for and concealing his plans in regard to the impact he intends to have on the rest of us, then I have to ask you: Is he fit to be President? Is that who you want? Is that who you deserve?

Yet, a country gets the leaders who reflect the values of its people.


Are we a nation of liars? Of people who think its okay to lie to make a profit or get power? Then its appropriate to elect someone who dissembles about who he is, what he stands for, and what he intends to do.

Are we a nation of people out-of-touch with their heart-centered intuition so they cannot tell when someone is lying and when someone is telling the truth? Then we will vote for someone who lies to us because we won’t be able to tell he’s lying.

We’ll also vote for someone who places the bottom line above all else – even though the bottom line is a flat line from the soul’s perspective.

Are we a nation of people who do not care about others? Then it’s appropriate to vote for a party with policies that cut people loose to live or die, sink or swim on their own – with no instruction on how to choose one over the other or how to accomplish one over the other.

Are we a nation of fools who are unwilling to see what is true and what is false? Then we will vote for someone who withholds and distorts facts or turns them on their heads.

Are we a nation that refuses to use the experience and data of the past to discern what works and what doesn’t? Then we should ignore the legacy of Bill Clinton’s programs which created prosperity, ignore the legacy of George Bush’s programs which created financial disaster, and simply vote on who seems more “likeable” and energetic during one debate.

Are we ignorant of how much we need others to succeed in order for us to be successful? Then we we should simply look out exclusively for ourselves in the short term and remain blind to the fact that, when the ship goes down, everyone will be on it – including us.


Or is there another problem, one that has not been identified and articulated?

What if the real problem we have had in electing politicians – the resistance we have had to electing politicians that consider people to be at least as valuable as corporate entities – is that we do not feel we deserve better than what Republican administrations impose upon us?

I do not think Americans are liars or selfish or stupid.

As an aside, I do not think Mr. Romney sees himself as a liar. He probably sees himself as a pragmatist and a skillful debater.

I think that, if American voters elect Mr. Romney, it will be because, deep in their hearts, Americans feel undeserving.

They cannot allow themselves to live in a nation in which the nation’s infrastructure gets higher than the “D” grade that the American Society of Engineers gave our bridges, dams, drinking water, schools, energy, etc.

They cannot allow themselves to believe they can have – or deserve – great jobs  or comprehensive zero-deduction healthcare.

They do not believe they deserve ease.

None of these beliefs are within their energy bodies. They are blocked from receiving all the goodness from God that is available to them.

They think punishing, limiting thoughts about themselves; so it is natural that they think punishing, limiting thoughts in regard to others and vote for politicians who think there is not enough for everyone and not enough to share.

They are – in short – disconnected from their all-giving, all-loving Source.

They have been taught to question whether God loves them. They have been told it is “pie-in-the-sky” to think that the real reason for life is so that each of us fulfills our potential and achieves our dreams.

They have not had a spiritual epiphany in which they realize that we are each here to serve each other because that is our soul’s greatest joy.

So they do not vote for that which would raise the over all well-being of the nation even though doing so would would support them.

This election will be revealing about our state of spiritual consciousness. It will show whether Americans, as a whole, are starting to realize they deserve to feel more empowered, safe and at ease, and whether they deserve to live in a nation that pulls together for the good of all.

As President Obama said (to paraphrase):

If you think Mr. Romney has not revealed his plans to you because they are so good, then he may be the candidate for you.

If you think that Wall Street does not need to be regulated, then you might want to vote for him.

And if you think that hard-working people who have paid into Social Security and Medicare should be left to fend for themselves in their most vulnerable years, then he’s your man.

It’s your vote and your decision. As I wrote at the very beginning of this post:

If you think you deserve to live in a lower-self centered world and there isn’t enough for everyone, you will vote for Mr. Romney.

If you think you deserve to live in a heart-centered world with prosperity for all, then you will vote for President Obama.

That’s the ultimate difference between their philosophies.

So what kind of country – and what kind of world – do you feel you deserve?

Lifting personal and world energies since 2003.

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1 Teresa { 11.05.12 at }

Awesome … definitely a 10 + … thank you for saying what I have felt for awhile now and saying it all better than I ever could.

I pray we have evolved farther than what Romney would bring us

2 Clyo Beck { 11.16.12 at }

Thank you so much for your comment, Teresa. I thought long and hard about posting that because I really do not feel it is helpful for me to use this blog as a forum for my political opinions, yet felt I needed to step up and give my perspective. Thank you for your validation.
I send you much love,

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