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I receive emails from subscribers daily – and also see comments on my prayerblog – asking for a prayer or something that will help those who write to me get out of struggle. They write that they need money to pay their bills and not lose their homes. They often don’t know what to do.

I am unable to respond to everyone. I also know that no two people are on the same path and advice that rings true for one person may not resonate with another.

One person can say a prayer and all of a sudden be filled with a certainty that help is coming. Something just “clicks” for that person.

Belief in the power of that prayer – and in God – creates a feeling of certainty that the person will receive. It raises the person’s vibration, dissolves resistance, and allows what is needed to pay bills, etc., to come in.

That is great as a one time event. It’s wonderful to know that we can be in need of some kind, ask for help and see it come through.

Yet, experiencing crisis after crisis is not how any of us should be living. We should not be living from paycheck to paycheck. We should not be holding our breath between desperate prayers.

Why not? Because it feels horrible. There is too much uncertainty. It tests faith over and over again so that people get exhausted. They get tired of asking. They begin to feel like beggars.

Yet, even worse is the experience of the person who prays and nothing ever comes in.

Those are the emails that really bother me – the ones in which people say they have “prayed and prayed with no result.” Those remind me that most people are just guessing as to what it takes to get out of struggle, and of the importance of getting people educated as to the root cause of lack.

There is so little understanding about what is really going on and why there is no ongoing flow. This is the cause of the global economic crisis and why the entire world is going through financial turmoil.

Yet this widespread turmoil is also happening for a reason: we can heal what we can see. And we will heal suffering that persists because we will – eventually – get angry about it and decide we don’t deserve to suffer. At that point we will leave no stone unturned to find out what’s happening and reverse it.

If you are already at that point and have come to this post for the link to an on-line webinar on how to create an abundance mindset, you need not read my entire post to get to the link. You can register here.


We cannot heal poverty or financial struggle when we attribute those problems to just a few people “who aren’t trying” or to some group we label and dismiss as “the poor.”

In the past, it has been too easy for people with money – or even the middle class – to point at those without money and say they are lazy or stupid or not trying and – worse – that there is no hope for them.

Now, middle-class people who studied and worked hard, and who have still fallen on hard times despite their efforts, can see the lie in blaming and stereotyping. From one point of view, we might rejoice over this because more eyes are being opened to how counterproductive it is to stereotype or blame others who are struggling.

For too long, people without money have judged themselves in the same way that people with money judge them. All this does is convince them there is no reason for them to try to do better.

Yet this is so natural.

When you do not have money and are struggling and everywhere you look people are judging you, it is easy to begin to feel as though you are deficient in some way.

It is normal to begin questioning yourself and to think that you do not know enough or are not trying enough, or fear you are doomed to be poor or struggle because you do not have the advantages of those born into wealthy – or even comfortable – families.

Yet, you know what the real advantage of being born into a wealthy family is? Ironically, it’s not the money itself.


It’s the MINDSET that you deserve and will always have money.



Money doesn’t automatically come to a person because he or she works harder. My parents worked very hard and they were always broke; always “robbing Peter to pay Paul.”

This was because their experience – and their parents’ experience – had trained them to feel poor – and to expect to never rise up. Even when money came in there was a fear that it wouldn’t last. And it didn’t.

So why is this?

Money comes to people with a certain mindset – a money mindset. It’s characterized by a belief and a feeling – a confident knowing – that they deserve.

My parents – along with a lot of people – never really felt abundant. While they knew very well what feeling poor felt like, they simply did not know how feeling abundant felt.

Not knowing how abundance felt, they could not recall the state. Without being able to recall or evoke the sensations that accompany feeling deserving and abundant – a state in which there is no resistance to the flow – they could not develop a mindset of abundance.

So how do you get that mindset – one that allows you to feel joyful ease  – if you have never had a taste of it?


You don’t get it by quoting scripture that says money is evil.

You don’t get it by condemning people for wanting to try something different because they are tired of struggle.

You don’t get it by groveling to God. Groveling puts you in a mindset of “I’m not worthy and this is a special, one-time favor.”

You don’t get it by focusing on how much you owe and worrying about it. You only attract more to owe and worry about – more proof that your subconscious beliefs are correct.

You don’t get it by working yourself to the bone and running yourself ragged chasing after money.

You get it by changing your vibration. Period.


Whether you pray to God and God transforms your vibration in a moment of grace or you work with an EFT practitioner to steadily raise yourself up over several months, your soul is nudging you to take some action that will lift your vibration and create a different point of attraction and understanding for you.

To that end, every prayer’s function is to raise your vibration. When your vibration has risen high enough, you will awaken to the reality that you are an eternal being.

Eventually your personality will merge with and serve the needs of your soul. You will feel God’s immense love for you. You will realize that there is no death. And you will realize you are here to expand in joyful service which may or may not require wealth, but most certainly is not facilitated by lack.

So, when you change your vibration on the personality level in small steps, you are steadily moving toward unification with your Higher Self.

Likewise, when you change your vibration so you allow instead of repel money, you are also opening and raising yourself. You will subsequently allow God to circulate money through your life whereas, previously, you could not.


Few people can just say to God, “change me” and then experience such radical change that their entire world – and their belief system – changes from that point on. Most of us can’t accept any change or healing that quick. Our energetic blocks keep God’s healing out – again part of free will.

While the key to all happiness lies in changing and purifying your vibration, it is you who must decide you want to live a different way in the first place. It is then up to you to take action to change your energy because God can only do for you what can be done through you.

While I strongly recommend grounding all your work in prayer and asking that it be for the highest and best good of all concerned, what action you take – and what intention you set – is up to you.

Still, people who decide they will lift themselves up into abundance find it useful to notice and follow the prompting and guidance they receive from their soul. They do so far more than those who fear God (or the soul) or who remain unsure about whether it is really right to take matters into your own hands and shape your own consciousness.

And there we have another limiting belief. Although we were created as consciousness that would, ultimately, shape itself and become co-creators with God, we are still afraid that growing into our joy and abundance will usurp God. We “play small” because we do not want to offend God by claiming power that we have been told is God’s alone.

God gives and God receives. Who are you to dare say you can change your vibration and receive?

Yet, who are you to not assist with the evolution of your own consciousness? Are you not charged with this task through the gift of freedom of choice?

If you are a being with two “selves” – one eternal potential and the other (focused here on earth) meant for expressing your eternal self in physical form, then how does limiting your expression serve your spirit? How does further struggle and continued resistance to your expansion make you – or anyone else- better?

So there are many beliefs you will have to surrender to be one with your abundant Source and receive without struggle.

How fast this transformation of your consciousness can occur – or will occur – is something you will have to discover.


The most important thing is to do whatever you can to get to a place where you understand money, itself, is not evil. It makes sense that we would have received this teaching because the church fathers who codified it into scripture wanted people to get rid of the money they had as quickly as they could by putting it in church coffers.

So it served those in power for people to be afraid of money and to fear it was evil because, then, they gave it away. They also did not seek equal opportunity. Yet money is not evil. You can even love money. You just can’t worship it. It is not a god. It cannot do everything, although you can use money to make many good things happen.

So you will not make God angry or lose God’s love by opening to your flow of good or rejoicing in money and what it can do. If that were true, every wealthy person on earth would be stricken with some terrible calamity, and they aren’t. They tend to live happily and well.


Rather than wanting you to live in lack and limitation, God wants you to have a great life. God wants you to choose to be a co-creator with your own soul to create good and ease for yourself so you can be in a position to help create good and ease for all.

Yet, you have free will. You may believe money is evil if you prefer, or reconsider. You might, instead, note all the good that has been done with money and make a list of all the great philanthropists who have made their money with integrity and then used their fortunes for the public good.

You can reject the idea that you – and others – deserve. Or you can embrace the idea and liberate yourself from poverty with it.

You can accept the idea that you are made in the image and likeness of God (you are energy) or reject it.

Likewise, you can decide to immerse yourself in positive ideas designed to clear all your old vows to resist learning who you are – or stay the same.

You can accept your responsibility to flourish – and then use your abundance as a tool to serve others and ease suffering. Or you can reject your opportunity to grow, enjoy life, and become part of the solution and choose, instead, to remain part of the problem.

You can insist that you are spiritual and being spiritual means you reject money. You can insist that God will provide in His own time and you will not ask nor change to facilitate that. You may insist on vibrating with the messages that you neither need nor want money.

Or you can choose to experiment with changing yourself and hold a vision for a better, more loving and more abundant world for all.


We are all here to merge our personalities with our souls – to surrender the human to the Divine – and give our souls the vehicle for doing good in the world through serving others. We are invited to do that with as much ease, grace and joy as we can.

Yet, most of us were taught three conflicting beliefs that distract us mightily from that goal:

  1. that money is bad (and ironically)
  2. that everyone wants money (and perversely)
  3. that there isn’t enough for everyone

Since we want to be good and special, we reject anything that we have been taught is bad. Yet, those of us on the spiritual path also tend to make a subconscious vow that, unlike “everyone else” who wants money, we’ll be different. We have also bought into the idea that, if we receive, we are taking from someone else.

So we decide we will not want money, we will not want to deal with money, and we will reject money.

This creates a terrible conflict for us because we need money to live. We wind up asking God for money from behind an energetic barrier of refusal.

The real irony is that, because we cannot live on this earth without money (or some means of exchange) – we spend our lives obsessing about money because we never have enough. So, instead of being able to focus on giving and being generous, we find our hands tied.

It’s obvious that humanity is really sick of this ridiculous struggle and wants to rise out of it.

This is why the entire world – and entire nations – have been thrust into financial struggle.

We are in a position in which we have to ask ourselves how valid our ideas about money and wealth are.

We have to demand of ourselves that we find out the real answers to such questions as: “Why does one person amass three billion dollars while a billion people slowly starve to death?” and ” Why can a person with dubious values become a millionaire while good people struggle?”

For too long we have said that it is the fault of those with money, and that money itself is bad. Somehow, the people with money are taking all our money away from us.

Yet we also say that being poor is the fault of the poor.

We have not looked for the root cause within us which creates this scapegoating, the purpose of which is to cover up its resistance to our receiving.

Yet that blaming – if we will look around and notice – is not helping us. It never has and it never will.

That doesn’t mean we don’t have rules or laws or tax the rich so they pay their fair share.

It means we are asking the wrong questions and making the wrong assumptions. It means we are not looking inside ourselves to find out how we can say we believe in a loving God and still feel so undeserving that we live in lack and struggle.

As long as we blame money as the root of all evil – and label those who are open to attracting money (or who have an open flow) as “evil” – we will never get out of this struggle.

As long as we accuse the wealthy of hoarding money and see them as taking our share we will never evolve in this lifetime or attain true spiritual understanding of who we are.

Your God loves you. Your God gives you air, water, plants, light – and Love – abundantly. So does it make any sense that God would want you to struggle? Does it make any sense that lack would be our natural state?

Or does it make sense that lack is something we are meant to outgrow as part of our spiritual evolution?


The truth is that abundance is the natural state of the Universe. And abundance is not just for some, but for everyone.

Yet, it is up to you to choose abundance. It is up to you to decide whether you will change your vibration.

It is up to you to go about uncovering and healing your inner, energetic blocks to wealth so you feel abundant, know you deserve a constant flow of wealth, and begin receiving on a steady basis.

Who you are is deserving of financial support.

It is only when we do not value ourselves that we refuse to be led to ways of earning money that are consistent with who we really are.

It is only when we do not value ourselves that others are able to victimize us and short us on wages or compensation.

There are many ways to make money and receive money.

You will be led to those ways that are right for you to the degree that you heal yourself of your resistance to accepting money as good and yourself as deserving.

I cannot tell you what path you must follow. I cannot assure you that any single prayer or tool or method or strategy of healing that has worked for me or someone else will work for you.

I can only urge you to begin to do what calls to you heal the kind of beliefs I have mentioned and raise your vibration.

I also can recommend these tools and strategies:


1) Emotional Freedom Technique – this clears energy blocks in your energetic body and, as the energetic patterns of your limiting beliefs are released, your vibration rises. As more things come up, more is released. It can produce rapid shifts. I recommend EFT for releasing limiting feelings and beliefs about money and what you deserve. I have found EFT to be so powerful that I am currently working toward certification as an EFT practitioner.

2) 7 Levels Of Wealth Manifestation – Margaret Lynch takes EFT to a new level. She incorporates the teachings of Rhys Thomas, of the Rhys Thomas Institute For Energy Medicine, into her group work and teaches you how to clear vows held in your energy field that were made when you were a child. I took two of Margaret’s courses and found them to be empowering. I achieved great clarity and was able to change a number of my limiting beliefs which has affected my own flow of abundance.

3) Mind Movies – Easily allows you to quickly make movies with images that evoke feelings of abundance and wealth for you, then gives you software that allows you to play those movies in the background on your computer. The result is that you can program your subconscious subliminally and raise your vibration while you are doing other work on your computer. I’ve used this and find it’s a fun way to spark – and continue – inner change.

For many of us, to get out of lack and into a place of ease and well-being requires immersing ourselves in a positive program of change until our vibrations are raised to a certain place where going with the flow becomes natural and self-sustaining.

Also, the more you do to uplift yourself and raise your vibration, the faster your results are likely to be.

Still, your process must not be one of struggle. Anything you do must feel expansive and positive. If you have to force yourself to do something, it’s not for you right now.

Change can occur within minutes, hours, or days.

Yet it can just as easily take months or years to change your vibration, depending upon how quickly you are able to allow yourself to change.

Some people never change and die in poverty. Yet, in all fairness, those people were never exposed to the idea that they needed to raise their vibration nor given tools to do it. They were floundering on their own, without a clue.

My hope is that the current economic climate will give us all the incentive to learn the truth about what causes poverty and raise our vibrations completely out of lack and struggle.

I am also hopeful that, because of our own experiences with struggle, we will also begin to see that judging others for their struggle is inappropriate. People who struggle simply do not know what is going on and what to do – they have not been taught.

And how are you supposed to know what you have not been exposed to or taught?

As we learn to lift ourselves, we will be examples to others. Others will then ask us how we rose up. And, if we are generous, once we experience it for ourselves, we will tell them this:

Abundance is a stream that is trying to flow within you. It will carry you once you learn to surrender to it.

Abundance is NOT something outside of yourself that you have to work hard to earn. (Yes, you probably will work at something, but you will be called to it. It will be a vocation, not odious or draining.)

Abundance is simply a recognition of WHO YOU ARE.

There is no question of deserving.

There is no questioning of earning the right to ease and plenty.

You are created of God and God is abundant.

Therefore, abundance is YOUR NATURAL STATE.

Not being in the flow of abundance is counter to who you really are.

When you are not in the flow of abundance, it is because your human personality has learned how not to be abundant and to block the flow.

So abundance is not a process of becoming more. It is a letting go of resistance to learning and discovering the worthiness that is you.

Lack, on the other hand, is resistance to aligning with your eternal being for whom being in the flow is a constant and natural state. Lack goes hand in hand with subconscious beliefs of being sinful and unworthy.

So we would all be wise to let go of the false humility that has kept us small and powerless. We would all be doing the world a favor by releasing the resistance that has kept us afraid and separated from God – and which has kept so many people from the flow of their good.

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1. The Universe is naturally abundant in every way.

2. Because of this, YOUR natural state is also abundant!

As humans, you and I are naturally meant to experience abundance in every aspect of our lives.

Thinking that you have to commit blood, sweat and tears to earn your natural inheritance of abundance is just like thinking you have to prove that you’re worthy of the kindness, dignity and respect of those around you.

You don’t have to earn or prove anything – it’s simply your birthright!

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