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Why Believe In Your Dreams?

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt was right. Yet, do you believe in the beauty of your dreams?

What has stopped you – along with most people – from believing your dreams are beautiful?

What has put you into default mode so that you get what others want for you?

What Kills Dreams

The thing that kills dreams is negative self-judgment. If you don’t believe you are a beautiful and worthy person, you won’t believe your dreams are beautiful and worthy.

So why do most people think they are unworthy?

Why does almost every person have a secret list of faults that he or she thinks renders him or her unworthy?

Because we each have it all.  In other words, everything that exists, exists in each of us.

That’s why all projection is illusion. When you point your finger at someone who is doing something you have judged as unacceptable, what you need to wake up to is this: you are really pointing your finger at yourself and saying: “I do not like the fact that this exists in me, and I disapprove of both God and myself for containing it.”

Why Judging Ourselves (and Others) is the Product of Erroneous, Ego-Based Thinking

Humanity is one energetic being and each person is a hologram of the whole; so that means we all contain everything, including what we have decided to judge as the best and the worst there is.

We feel this truth, but it scares us. So it made sense, in the past – with the concepts of 2000 years ago – to simply call ourselves “sinners.” In Jesus day, a sinner was not a bad person, but an uninformed person, a person who needed to be taught a different and more loving way of thinking and being.

Sadly, the term “sinner” has become a perjorative brand for all mankind that has ground us down with the idea that we’re hopelessly flawed beings.

Yet, do you remember “Judge not lest ye be judged?” That was one of Jesus’ prime directives, and it applies to yourself as well as to others.

When you judge others, it is because you contain what you are criticizing. Yet, you cannot help but contain the entire world because you are an eternal, holographic energetic being that God created in its own image and likeness. In other words, you are a mini-universe. And, like the macro universe, the energy that feeds you is pure love.

Any other identity is the product of ego-based illusion.

This is eluded to in all religious traditions.

So what understanding would serve us – and God – better?

What basic spiritual truths – if we understood them and felt them deeply – would allow us to align our human perspectives with Divine perspective so we are able to live our dreams and be who we came here to be?

7 Basic Spiritual Truths

1) You are not a human having a spiritual experience, but a magnificent, eternal being that never dies projecting a part of you into your human body to learn mastery of living as love in human form. (Learning to uniquely embody and express what you really are – Divine love – while in human form is the whole point of your current spiritual journey here on Earth.)

2) God adores you and sees no flaw in you whatsoever.

3) You’re not flawed. You just don’t understand the true nature of who you are. You don’t yet comprehend that you – and each of us – is a microcosm of all that is. As a result, very few of us see or celebrate the magnificence of possibility that lies within each of us.

What does that leave us doing?

The default is to allow the personality to fear being human and hold judgments against itself and others. When your personality shuts off awareness of the Divine love in which it is cradled, that stops you from embodying all the love of which you are capable.

When you turn away that Divine love, you don’t have the inner strength to pursue your most loving, expansive dreams because you’re afraid that doing so will make you seem selfish or “big headed” as though you are “special.”

Worst than that, when you turn away from Divine love and having an experience of yourself as a vehicle for our Source’s all-embracing, unconditional, non-judgmental love, you are likely to start disapproving of others. You may even find you disapprove of some behavior so deeply that your purpose for living becomes an attempt to impose your will on others and control them, despite God’s mandate that they have free will to make their own choices.

This, of course, leads to conflict, misery, blame, anger, hate. A deep disapproval of God’s mandate that each person has free will can even lead to zealotry. History is full of people who subconsciously hated and mistrusted God so much that they persecuted others in God’s name – or in pursuit of an alleged “higher” ideal – in either conscious or subconscious defiance.

So our fear and loathing of ourselves (and, hence, others) tends to turn our dreams and ambitions into nightmares, both for ourselves and others.

4) You are special. You have a unique perspective and specific set of life experiences that no one else has which cannot be duplicated.

5) Your life purpose is to joyfully and lovingly offer the world the perspective of your one-of-a-kind spirit, with its unique set of experiences.

6) You are selfish! You can’t help it. It’s how you were made. (And that’s good and necessary because, if you weren’t selfish, you’d never ask for or get anything you want or need. Worse, you’d give away every single bite of food that came to you instead of eating it. You’d give it to someone else who was hungry – never accepting even one bite for yourself – and starve to death as a result.)

7) Yet, it’s also the truth that you are inherently unselfish, giving, caring, generous, loving and compassionate. (And when you have extra, you really get generous!)

So our solution is not to try to get rid of selfishness or any other characteristic that we fear will take over us or that other people (or God) will judge us for.

The solution is to realize God put you here to own it all, love it all, and love yourself for having it all, even as you learn how to keep yourself heart-centered and balanced between these opposite poles as you rise higher.

When you adore yourself as God adores you – deeply and profoundly and unconditionally – you will turn again to the dream within you and find it beautiful and worthy of manifestation.

When you adore yourself and, thereby, begin to adore others so that you genuinely want everything you do to be a win-win situation for everyone, what brings you joy will also be your greatest gift to others.

Then you will be one of those people who changes your life for the better because you love yourself (and, therefore, the world) enough to do so.

The truth is, you are God’s dream, and God believes in you, loves you, and is trying to get you to wake up so you catch up and feel the same about yourself.

When God believes in you, and in the worthiness of your deepest dreams, who are you to disagree? 😉

So do whatever it takes to strip away all that keeps you from believing in your most exciting, joyous, expansive, and beautiful dreams.

I send you much love

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