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Gratitude Prayer #1

Gratitude Prayer #1 Partly Inspired By Farmer’s Market Visit

My plan is to reinvent this blog as a place to post my daily prayers of gratitude. (For more on this, read my P.S. at the bottom of this first prayer. )

Gratitude Prayer One

Dear Beloved Creator,

Thank You for the gentle blue of the open sky.
Thank You for this porch
Upon which I sit, relaxed and peaceful.

I am so grateful for this quiet, unburdened time
To gather my thoughts and count my blessings.

Thank You for our car, which transported us today,
And for the farmer’s market that was our destination.

Thank You for all the vendors there
Who presented us with an intoxicating display
Of Your abundance and creativity.

Bless them so they joyfully prosper.

Thank You for my wonderful cup
Of fragrant, hot coffee
And the money to pay for it.

Thank You for creating coffee;
Bless those who grew that coffee,
Those who roasted it,
Those who ground it,
Those who brewed it,
And those who served it to me.

I am especially grateful for Craig,
The owner of the produce stand
And how we connected heart to heart
In simple conversation.

He spoke of his young helper
And how keen the boy is to be useful.
It was so beautiful to hear
Craig’s expression of appreciation
And such a wonderful feeling
To hear of a young man focused on service
With such an awesome heart.

Thank You, Lord that I began this day
After a good night’s sleep
So that I was well rested,
Able to enjoy my day,
And able to respond from the heart
As my day unfolded.

I thank You that this day brought me a bounty
Of scents, colors, sounds, and flavors.

I partook of wonderful, healthy food
And had time to rest and do what I wished.

I thank You for my wonderful, kind husband.
I appreciate his company and his perspective.

He provides me with much needed balance,
And I am grateful that you brought us together
For this journey.

We saw a man in a wheelchair and I thank
You for raising everyone’s consciousness
To understand the need for accessibility.

That man was able to cross the street
Without a curb to impede him,
And I give thanks for how far we have come
To being sensitive to the needs of others.

I am, of course, profoundly grateful
That I have full use of my limbs
And that I can walk, run, skip, and dance at will.

Oh, Lord, thank You for protecting me
From my own folly and carelessness.

We both know there have been times when
Things could have turned out differently
Than this happy place in which I reside
That contains so much promise.

I could spend hours thanking You, Lord.
There is so much You give me in every moment
That is precious and life-sustaining.

I love this feeling of gratitude, Beloved Creator.

I intend to grow my awareness
Of the good in which I live
And abide in gratitude often.

Thank You for my life
Thank You for this beautiful world
And thank You for blessing
Everyone and everything in it.

My heart is Yours.
Do with it what You will, my Beloved.
I am here to serve You in any way I can.


When I conceived of this blog, it was with the intention to provide commentary about daily challenges and provide suggestions on how to lovingly approach them from a spiritual perspective.

While I intended to include prayers as part of the “spiritual treatment” for rising above challenges, I never intended to post only prayers.

Times change and so do we. My feeling now is that I want to make this blog an ongoing hymn of praise by filling it with prayers written in gratitude for my life.

That doesn’t mean I’ll never post anything else. There will, likely, be topics I want to address and videos I want to share here.

Yet my intention, from now on, is to make each post a prayer of thanksgiving for my life and the day – or for an experience that occurred during the day.

Rather than thinking up a relevant title for each prayer, I’m going to number them. That’s why this first prayer is entitled Gratitude Prayer One.

I have so much for which to be grateful. Yet I haven’t always felt that way.

So, if you don’t feel grateful, don’t beat yourself up over it. Instead, start building feelings of gratitude by writing gratitude prayers of your own. Do that and, over time, you will feel more grateful for everyone – and everything – and become aware of the grander purpose for all that exists.

Becoming grateful for “all that is” – all that you see and experience – will allow you to inhabit the Kingdom of Heaven while still here on earth, for you will quite naturally begin to feel and radiate joy and love.

As you radiate joy and unconditional love to others, you must attract wonderful experiences to you. That is spiritual law.

It has been said that Christianity is a wonderful idea that has never been tried – i.e. no one seriously tries to unconditionally love and forgive all that they see – and all whom they see – which offends them. Instead, Christianity has been a banner under which zealots judge, blame and persecute others.

While the statement makes a valid point in that many do blame, shame, and persecute others while calling themselves Christians, it is not entirely true that Christianity is an idea that has not been tried.

Many individuals – in groups that include the Amish, The Society of Friends, and The Christian Peacemakers – aspire, in earnest, to live Christ’s principles and present us with wonderful examples of how to do so.

Yet, you do not have to be a member of one of these groups to make the attempt to live Christ’s new idea for humanity.

Should you, too, desire to put Christ’s ideas into actual practice, then make it your intention to learn how to feel love and gratitude toward everything, including things you currently judge as unacceptable or bad.

How do you start?

Begin by becoming more aware of what’s working in your life and give thanks for that every day.

Should you not know how to begin your gratitude practice – because you can’t see anything that’s going right and aren’t feeling grateful – don’t worry.

Instead, sign up for my blog posts on your RSS feed so you can read mine as I post them.

Eventually, you’ll begin to recognize the blessings in your own life, and you’ll find you have plenty of material with which to write your own gratitude prayers.

Then nothing will hold you back from riding the river of God’s love to the fulfillment of your dreams.

I send you much love,

Lifting personal and world energies since 2003.

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1 Samuel Roberts { 08.27.16 at }

I’m happy for the life which the Almighty Heavenly Father has given to me and those who believes in his love for you and me.

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