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Gratitude Prayer #2

Gratitude Prayer #2

Dear God,

Thank You for this delicious toast,
A slice of the last loaf on the shelf,
And how I get to savor this unique creation
Of an earnest baker’s hands
Rejoicing that it was made for me.

How tender the crumb
How luscious with butter
This artisan bread!

Bless the ground that grew the wheat;
Bless those that tilled the soil.

Bless those that milled the grain;
Bless those that sold the flour.

Bless the cows that gave the butter;
Bless those that milked the cows.

Bless those that made the steel
From which still others fabricated oven and pan.

Bless those that provided the energy
That baked the bread.

So many contributed to this loaf before me.
I send them the gratitude of my heart.

May they be kind to the earth
And kind to the cows
And kind to themselves.

May I be kind and grateful to them,
In heart, mind, body and soul.

Thank You that there are people still
Who love to work the land.

Thank you that there are people still
Whose joy rises in tandem with fragrant yeast.

How beautiful the baker’s heart
Who longs to bestow upon me
That enjoyable moment
When my hunger is fulfilled
By something really yummy.

I am so blessed to live in a world
Where so many work to provide
For the common good.

May I, in turn, be a blessing unto Your world.


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1 susan muhlelnkamp { 06.17.15 at }

I enjoyed the simplicity of the prayer, a good reminder how we should be thankful for everything, we tend to forget and take God’s blessings for grant…I rate this a 10

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