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How To Shift Perspective & Improve Your Life

I often receive requests for advice on how to put spiritual principles to work to achieve practical results. Here is a recent request:

“I do not have an income, I have a lot of debts and struggling to pay them off. Please advise me how I can improve my situation.”

I’m posting my reply here, for all those who are seeking to shift their perspectives and improve their lives:

I pray, my friend, that you fully receive what you are now reading, and that you are inspired to take it to heart and act on it.

For you cannot improve your situation from the perspective that got you into it. To arrive at a different way of being and living, you must see life from a different perspective.

How To Shift Your Perspective

First, ask God to do whatever it takes to shift your perspective so you can receive the blessings that are yours by Divine Right, as a child of the Infinite.

Then pay attention to what you feel called to do. See if you feel called to follow the advice below and, if you are, follow it scrupulously.

Begin A Meditation Practice

The best way to shift your perspective is by receiving Divine Guidance and Divine Inspiration. To get yourself on the right wavelength to receive this guidance and inspiration, you are well-advised to do two things:

1) Clear the mental debris out of your mind so it is not so busy and your thoughts are not so loud that you cannot hear – and feel – your guidance.

2) Raise your vibration with more positive thoughts and ideas so you are at the right frequency to receive higher guidance.

The most powerful way to do that is to begin a daily meditation practice.

How To Meditate

Get your calendar and mark out a 10-minute to 25-minute period of time for every day for the next two months. (Be realistic. Do not set yourself up for failure, but commit to an interval of time that you know you will keep.)

You will use these intervals for your meditation practice. Then, every day at the specified time, go where you can sit alone, silent and undisturbed.

If you mark out ten minutes per day for meditation practice, understand that approximately the first five minutes will be filled by praying and inviting in your angels. The next five minutes will then be spent in meditation practice.

Begin With A Prayer

Begin with a prayer thanking God for raising your human awareness to a higher level of consciousness. Thank God for lifting you up, so you can see the solutions that have been prepared for you and are waiting, this very moment, for you to allow them to appear to you and inspire you and bring you joy.

Invite Angels To Help You

Next, invite the Archangel Jophiel in to help you. Ask Jophiel to inspire you and raise your thoughts, emotions, and overall vibration up as high as possible.

Next, invite your own angelic guides (you have them!) to work with you and assist you in aligning your human energy with your Source energy.

Then start your meditation, your time of releasing all thoughts from your mind.

Be Patient With Yourself & Your Practice

Close your eyes, and put your attention on your breath. Allow yourself to relax and breathe deeply.

(There is no need to “try” – this is an absence of “trying.” Simply let your body settle and relax. Breathe and let go to whatever degree you are able.)

When you enter meditation, be patient. Do not expect anything. Your meditation time, especially in the beginning, is not a time for getting anything, but a time for learning how to let go of worry, tension, doubt, fear, and responsibility.

It is a time in which you practice letting go of all thoughts, all worries, all needs and all desires.

It is a time to let go of all in your mind that hurts you – all the disbelief and fear and worry and self-doubt that has brought you to this painful state in which you find yourself today.

Start With 5 Minutes Per Day

Meditate every day for just five minutes. Simply sit in a relaxed position with closed eyes closed and put your attention on your breath. Follow it as it travels in and out. Although you may not yet feel or understand it, God is breathing you.

When you start to enjoy meditation for how it makes you feel, extend your meditation time progressively, until you are meditating 20 minutes or longer each day. (Deepak Chopra meditates two hours every morning, crediting his meditation practice for giving him the clarity of mind to be one of the most prolific writers in the world.)

As you practice meditation and extend your time meditating, your mind will learn that you want it to be still. It is then, when your mind is peaceful and you are feeling good to the point that you may find yourself smiling during meditation, that you will be most open to inspirational ideas that will be of benefit to you and the world, which we all came here to serve.

Use A Mantra To Help You Focus

If simply paying attention to your breath is not enough to hold your attention and quiet your mind, focus your mind on a mantra such as Om or Ah.

Use the mantra like a switch to turn off negative thoughts and worries.

In other words, when you notice you are thinking a worrisome or anxious thought – anything other than something wonderful and full of love (which can be a message from God, an angel or your own High Self) – interrupt your mind by switching over and thinking upon the mantra instead.

Just gently think it over and over in your mind. This is a gentle way to distract your mind and wean it away from thinking, and especially negative thoughts.

Eventually you will have moments when your mind is empty without the mantra.

At that point you will likely start to feel a stronger, more peaceful or beneficial-feeling energy enter you during your meditations. Do not fear it. This is the energy of the broader part of you – the real you – which is the energy of your own Divine Soul.

When you find you feel peaceful and stress free while meditating, that is when you will become receptive to inspired ideas.

Recognize Inspired Ideas

Eventually you will have inspired ideas that urge you to inspired actions. You will know an inspired idea because it will make you feel happy to think of it.

You can always tell an inspired idea/action from an uninspired idea/action simply by noticing how the idea of doing it makes you feel.

If you feel energized by the idea of doing something or feel compelled to take action – and then doing it feels good and joyful and/or loving and expansive – then it’s inspired and you ignore the impulse to do it at your own peril.

If, however, you have to force yourself to take an action because it feels icky or draining to do it, then it’s not something you should be doing. It isn’t in alignment with your joy or your best future.

Seek Uplifting Thoughts That Give You Relief

Seek, therefore, only to think those thoughts and take those actions that give you a feeling of relief, well-being, joy, enthusiasm, increased energy or love. Only do that which tends to inspire and increase your faith, which is your inner knowing that better times are absolutely coming.

In short, dearest friend, you have to act and speak like a fool, at least to yourself. You must go on faith that you are changing and your life is changing, even when you see no outer evidence of it. While you do not need to broadcast what you are doing to others (and invite their derision or disbelief in your methods) you must resist talking about how bad things are with others.

So, instead of rehashing the same old story that got you where you are, it’s best that you create a new story for yourself.

Create A New Story

Your story might go something like this:

“I didn’t know I create my reality, I didn’t know God adores me, and I didn’t understand the power of faith; so I wound up inheriting a mental perspective from everyone else that resulted in my getting in debt and feeling pretty bad.

But I realize now that what God wants me to do do is practice feeling as good as I can, no matter what’s going on around me because what I focus on creates my reality.

So my intention is to feel wonderful as often as possible, no matter what’s going on in my life.

So I’m practicing feeling good about myself and the world, no matter what it takes. I’m practicing thinking happier and more optimistic thoughts. And if some people think I’m lying to myself or being a “Pollyanna” so be it. They’re not living my life – I am – and I’m excited that I can change it for the better just by focusing on what’s working in my life.

The truth is, I’m shifting my perspective to the one that God wants for me – a perspective free of worry, blame, guilt, shame, or anger. And although I don’t know how this shift is going to play out, I don’t have to.

All I have to do is trust God and continually tell myself thoughts about myself and my life that make me feel better than worse.

All I need do is build faith and expect things to work out. That’s all. That’s my work. The rest is God’s work.

So I don’t have to make anything happen. All I need do is believe and allow myself to feel good (even when people think I should be feeling bad) and I am getting very, very good at doing that.

In fact, I’m proud of myself. I am getting really good at looking at the bright side of everything. It’s fun. It’s almost like a joke between me and God that other people don’t get. But they’ll get it soon enough.

Because I choose to know that everything is turning around for me. And while I don’t know how long it will take, I don’t have to. All I need do is keep affirming to myself that it’s coming. Because I do not need to prove anything to anyone. God will do the proving.

So I’m simply loving myself and others the best I can every day. I’m just making myself feel as happy and as grateful as I can every day. And I’m letting God do the work through me, through my joy.

I’m so grateful for my life. I’m so grateful that I’m expanding and my world is transforming now. I feel it. I give thanks for it. And when the physical evidence of it starts showing up, people are going to be amazed.”

It’s vital that your new story be one in which everything is turning around. It’s imperative that you nurture expectancy and belief that good things are coming to you.

It’s crucial that you set no timeline, but you simply keep up your practice as long as it takes for the changes to appear.

You can’t do that from the same perspective that got you where you are.

It’s impossible to do without some help. So, along with that new story (which you can print out and speak whenever it makes you feel good to do so) seek out inspirational books, videos, and speakers to keep you uplifted and focused on your vision.

Seek Inspiration

There are so many inspirational books and videos available today. So, when you are tempted to give in to a negative vision for your life (i.e. despair that your dreams will never come true), seek out material that will buoy you back up and help you refocus on your vision.

To that end, you do not want to miss out on Jean Houston’s incredible The Wizard of Us. If you are ready to receive the information she lays out – and ready to put her suggestions into practice – then this book will change your life.

Learn To Feel Your Guidance

Whatever you want, God will create it for you and lead you to it. It doesn’t matter if what you want seems selfish and material or lofty and idealistic. God will lead you to its fulfillment. You, however, must do your part by making yourself receptive and feeling your guidance.

Your guidance is very simple.

1) Do what feels better and do not do what makes you feel worse in any way. (That applies, also, to thinking thoughts.)

If what you are contemplating (intending to think, say or do) feels joyously exciting, expansive, safe, peaceful, relaxing, good, comforting, supportive, beautiful, loving – etc. – then what you are contemplating will lead you in the right direction for you.

If what you are contemplating feels miserable, draining, frightening, unsafe, chaotic, bad, dangerous, alienating, ugly, full of anger or hate, or like you are being used or abused by doing it – etc. – then what you are contemplating will lead you in the wrong direction for you.

2) Do what makes your body relax. Do what makes it feel safe and open. Do not do what makes your body feel closed, contracting, defensive or afraid.

To this end, learn how to get in touch with your body and how your body feels. The first step is often to get rid of artificial stimulants that mask how you really feel about things.

Alcohol, drugs and over stimulation – even from television – confuses us. In short, you can’t be receptive to divine guidance – you cannot sense the subtle clues delivered by your God-created internal guidance system – when you are under the influence of a substance-induced adrenaline rush.

I cannot stress too strongly that, if you were receptive to Divine Guidance – and to receiving what you want – it would have already come to pass and you would be thinking up something else you want.

So, if you aren’t yet experiencing the improved situation that you want (or have money to buy the car, house, education you desire or to pay off your bills), that means your perspective must be shifted to a receptive state.

Here’s a recap of how to do that, through an example of how to turn a financial situation around. Just adapt the steps to your own situation.


Speak Affirmative Prayers

Speak prayers every day that affirm all is well and your financial (or other) situation is turning around.

If you know no affirmative prayers or none you know feel right, speak The 23rd Psalm every day – and not just once but over and over – with feeling and gratitude. Feel what the words are saying. Speak it for five or ten minutes – slowly – until you begin to feel the truth of it and your faith begins to build.

Ask Your Angels To Help Lift You

Every day – without fail – ask the angels of your choice to help you, to lift you, to guide you, to speak to you – and to open you and make you hear what you need to hear to live a happy, abundant, healthy and fulfilled life.

Practice Meditating (Silencing Your Mind) 

Start a meditation practice and meditate every day. This is how you let God in. God can’t get a word in edgewise when your mind is overflowing with worries.

Find What’s Working And Give Thanks 

Things change fastest when we are able to sincerely give thanks for everything in our lives – including unpleasant situations – because we know that everything that happens to us is feedback from God (the Universe) on whether we are on our true path or not.

If we allow unpleasant experiences to serve their true purpose – which is to make us more conscious of the choices we have made and choose to live differently – then they will be the impetus for getting back on track to self-love and a divinely inspired life.

So give thanks for everything, if you can. If you just cannot, do not beat yourself up over it. Instead concentrate on giving thanks every day for what is going right in your life.

If you have trouble finding things that are going right, then get down to basics, i.e. Can you walk? Can you see? Can you speak? I see you are literate – what a gift that is, to be able to write and read. Do you have running water, electricity, shelter, a bed? Are you loved? Do you love? (What a gift to be loved and to love – even if it’s just by a pet.)

Whenever I am tempted to complain, I always remind myself that no one is chasing me with a machete. In comparison to that, most of the problems we experience are insignificant. As long as you have life and a degree of liberty, you have another chance. You can lose everything else – many have done it – and wind up with a much better, far more abundant life down the road.

So make it a game to become aware of all the blessings in your life – find all that is working in your life – and give thanks. Then practice a rampage of appreciation for your life and all the good you have ever experienced.

Go On A Rampage Of Appreciation

Speak this rampage of appreciation out loud. Get into it. Walk around as you speak and raise your arms to Heaven, thanking God for everything. Dance it as you speak. Sing your appreciation.

I cannot emphasize how important it is to engage your body and get some sensory input going through it during this.

Imagine You Have What You Want

Every day take at least five minutes to have fun imaging yourself in your new life, having what you want and living in your preferred circumstances.

Involve Your Senses

Engage your senses in imagining your new life so you do not just see it, but you smell it, taste it, hear it, and feel it.

For instance, if you want a new job, you might feel yourself sitting in your desk chair and smelling coffee brewing in the break room. Hear the buzz of co-workers and phones ringing. Taste your coffee as you imagine your boss smiling at you and telling you what a great job you’re doing. Imagine touching and feeling the tools of your trade and working with them.

Engage Your Body

Sing your words about how your life is undergoing a complete turnaround.

Get up and dance your joy while imagining the life that’s coming and how grateful you are for it.

Have Fun Rehearsing

Imagine having plenty of money, going to a restaurant and leaving a big tip. In private, act it out, as though you are an actor practicing for a role. Play pretend and really get into the role. You are, in fact, rehearsing for the future.

Imagine being able to bail out others – or fund something that you would like to see in existence for others. Feel how good it will feel when you can help make other people’s dreams come true.

Allow Your Self Time To Dream

Allow yourself time to dream your new life into being. Daily dreaming is good. If you can’t manage it daily, mark your calendar and allow yourself fifteen minutes once a week to sit by yourself and dream and be happy in your imagination.

Spend that time dreaming of that wonderful new world that is beginning to form, even as these ideas fill your mind.

Dream it, give thanks for it, and open your mind through meditation to receive the energy and Word of God so you are guided step-by-step, one day at a time, to that beautiful day.

Rinse and Repeat

Keep these practices up as long as it takes for what you want to manifest. Do not stop until the personal world you imagined has come to pass – until it feels as good or better as you imagined it.

Be aware that your path is unlikely to be a straight one. If you need work, you might, in fact, be inspired to apply for and accept a job that proves to be less than ideal, that doesn’t fit your visualizations.

Still, if you feel good about applying for the job anyway and would like to be hired, you can be assured that this is a positive step; so don’t despair that the job is not your ideal.

In other words, don’t tell yourself you’re settling, because you aren’t. You’re on a path to a destination and this is a stepping stone on that path. So accept the job and do your best to help the company prosper and make your boss look good via the quality of your work.

In the privacy of your mind, refine your vision and keep on with your affirmations, meditations, and visualizations. The ideal job will eventually come. It may even open up as a new position in the company for which you are working.

Never say, “The ideal job (house or relationship) hasn’t shown up yet; so it’s probably not coming.” Instead, if you have negative thoughts, ask God to send you emergency help to take these thoughts away and replace them with an even clearer vision of what you would love.

When you believe in your beautiful new life so surely that no one can dissuade you that it is absolutely coming and you are being steadily led to it, you must be led to it, for that is spiritual law. There will be a tipping point.

Plant The Seed And Water It

It is like planting a seed. You do not see the root grow. It grows and grows and grows, but you don’t see it. Then, one day, a tiny little green shoot appears above ground. Nurture it and it will grow into a plant. Nurture it more and it will bear flowers or fruit.

So will your new life grow the root first.

So will your faith and belief you can have that new life you are imagining grow the root first.

So plant the seeds. Have faith as the roots you cannot see grow. Expect the fruit and flowers – know they must appear in time.

You Are God’s Beloved

You are so loved. I wish I could transfer what I know to be true to you, so you would never, ever doubt that, or that this is the way to true transformation.

You are a magnificent being, a being who never dies. I salute you, my brother, and I speak the Word now that you find your way to your joy; that you begin telling a new story for your life to yourself and, as you watch in amazement as that story begins to unfold in reality before you, you fall ever more deeply in love with yourself, with life, with the world, and with your Creator.

I send you much love dear, dear friend.

This is a beautiful world, you are a beautiful being, and you shall triumph.

I am holding that vision for you.

P.S. Regardless of the improvement you want to see in your life – whether material or experiential, whether a car or world peace – read The Wizard of Us! You will come away with secrets of manifestation that you were never taught, which you can use not just to improve your life, but to also create a more loving world.

Lifting personal and world energies since 2003.

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Beautiful Post , absolutely love it, you have put everything so well together, I knew before what I had to do but your step by step guide is so powerful and instructive, I can’t wait to begin this journey, the fear has gone and now the excitement is rushing through me as I write this. God bless you.

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