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Gratitude Prayer #4

This morning’s coffee with petunias picked by my husband.

It’s so much better for us—for our brains and bodies—and so much better for others in this world when we turn our thoughts toward gratitude as opposed to letting ourselves remain angry, disappointed, afraid or ungrateful.

The road of gratitude is often the road not taken. Yet, taking that road will, over time, make all the difference; so here’s my gratitude prayer for today. I hope you will take a few moments today and write your own.

Dear God,

Thank You for my morning coffee;
For the beans grown so very far away;
For those that picked them;
For those that roasted them;
For those who packaged them;
For the drivers who transported them;
For the smiling young man who sold them to me.

Thank You for my grinder that earnest workers built;
For the glass carafe that holds fragrant brown liquid;
For the light that reflects on the glass;
For the spout’s design that works so well;
For the sound of richness splashing into my cup;
For the scent and rising steam I find so comforting;
For the smooth bitter taste on my tongue;
For the civilized feel of cup in hand;
For the china clink of cup against saucer.

Thank You for the artist who painted
Delicate leaves and cherries;
For the decision to rim this particular cup with gold;
For the feeling of graciousness it brings me
As I cradle it and contemplate the moment.

Thank You for all those who made this cup
—and this coffee—

Bless them all.
May they know deep contentment today, and always.

How is it that I ever feel distress or doubt
When You have filled my life with wonder?
When You arrange a world of such diversity of interests
For me to revel in and enjoy?

Remind me, in every moment to be grateful;
To trust You and myself as Your child;
To see the beauty of the Present Moment;
To sit in stillness, feeling Your energy
Beat my heart.

Help me love this grand world,
In all its riotous complexity;
And help me love myself
In all my complexity.

Today is not yet over;
Help me make the most of the minutes before me;
I dedicate them, now, to You,
And to Your holy plan for the world.



P.S. This excerpt from Super Brain sums up my credo. (From page 262):

“Open a space for the possibility that all the charges leveled against God might not be the whole story. Despite every woe that human life is heir to…a loving God might still exist who allows humans to commit mistakes and learn at their own pace.

“Adopt the attitude that you can solve the problems of violence, guilt, shame, anxiety, and prejudice—the roots of global problems in your own life. Undertaking personal growth is far better than bemoaning the perennial state of human suffering.”

Lifting personal and world energies since 2003.

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1 Petro { 01.30.14 at }

I would like to express my gratitude and thanks to Saint Michael, saint Rafael and Saint Gabriel for granting me one wish for Love, one for Bussiness and one impossible wish. I love you and trust you. I thank you for also loving me and my fellow brothers and sisters here on earth and that you always guide, protect and help us in every erea in our lives.

2 joseph { 07.31.14 at }

I would like to thank St. Michael, St. Raphael, St Gabriel for the favors received.

3 joseph { 12.04.14 at }

Thank you for favours received

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