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Are You Judging Others And Not Knowing It?

I came across this essay which, on the face of it, is very well-written and likely expresses a lot of what “loving” Christians feel about those “other” “judging” Christians – you know the ones. Yet, let’s face it: with the possible exception of the Dalai Lama, most people – including Christians – are in judgment of one another.

Ah, I can hear it now:

“Yet the judgement by those Christians  who aren’t really Christians is worse judgment, isn’t it, Clyo? Because those Christians seem unaware that they are not following Christ’s path at all. They fear death, love guns, and love to tell others they are going to hell. They are nowhere even close to following Christ!

“We’re not like them at all! We believe in evolution! We are for peace. And we are reasonable, only judging those other off-base “Christians” and wringing our hands over how bad they make us look (the real Christians who really, really follow the teachings of Christ). I mean, no wonder atheists make fun of Christians. How can we let them know that we agree and to please, please, not include us in that mix? Because we are different.”

Oh, but are we? If we were amused rather than saddened by Charismatics who have lost their way or if we were laughing instead of enraged over “Christians who aren’t” i.e. people who carry the banner of Christ while fearing, I would say we were different. But then, if we were all that different, we wouldn’t be comparing and wouldn’t even raise the question, would we?

Consider this: how many of us train ourselves to be so secure in our knowledge of the loving nature of this Universe – of our Source – that we can be amused by (what is from Source perspective) the silliness of those who want to convince us that there is anything to fear?

Not too many. Few of us have reached that point, which is okay as we are collectively in a process of evolution, of learning to align our human and Source Energy selves. So, at this point in time, most of us do not let ourselves be amused, but take it all very seriously.

We take it seriously because most of us are still struggling with simply being able to hear – much less accept – that we and everyone else on this planet have a corresponding soul of pure positive energy which is the greater part of us and there is – really – no death. We have trouble even hearing that we each create our own reality through the thoughts we think, and that to incarnate on earth is not entirely unlike an actor accepting a temporary role.

We get upset with these other people who are flogging our own worse fears in our face because most of us are not quite there – in that place of not just of hoping or trying to build faith, but of knowing.  We do not yet feel that we are worthy of all good things and have not noticed that, indeed, we begin to receive all good things as we stop beating the drum of how unworthy we are and how many mistakes we have made or how lowly and “sinful” we are – in short, when we stop thinking thoughts that make us feel and believe how bad it all is.

We also get upset because, for certain non-Christian Christians, it seems as if the word “Christian” is a defense, a “get out of jail free” card, a way of avoiding all responsibility for what they think, say and do.

So why do we get upset? Isn’t it because we think they should take responsibility? Isn’t it because we think they should be helping us to really become Christ’s message instead of working counter to it and lighting up our doubts? And isn’t it true that, in our hearts, we think they are making us look and feel bad?

Truly, beloveds, there is nothing more amusing than Christians judging Christians. I’ve done it in the past, and I’m finding it is pretty much a losing sum game that gets me off Christ’s message and out of my own flow of feeling good – every time.

You have to admit it’s humorous – don’t you? – that a person who fears and hates would not see any contradiction in claiming to be a follower of the one guy who made it crystal clear that loving others was the goal of life, and that the illusion of death was nothing to fear, and that turning the other cheek could make you free?

And you have to admit – don’t you? – that a person who was really trying to put Christ’s gospel into action, was trying not to judge, to love his or her neighbor as oneself, to turn the other cheek, etc. – that that person would abandon feelings of absolute joy that God is for you and never against you and is radiating well-being to you 24/7 and that there is no death – that death itself is a joke, a simple changing of perspective, a casting off of mortal clothes? I means, it’s humorous – isn’t it? – that any one of us would willingly exchange the joy of living that reality and for what? – for wringing our hands and moaning over what other Christians say or do or think – judging them as they judge everyone else.

So if you’re judging, the best thing you can do is call yourself on it and laugh at it because – guess what – judging yourself takes you out of alignment with your Higher Self. It isn’t just judging others that throws a wrench in your spiritual works. Judging yourself and finding yourself falling short does the same.

So what’s the solution? Loving humor. Try to get your mind around the fact that you are an eternal being and this life is a tiny speck of your immortal experience. Doesn’t that put things in perspective? If so, you’ll be able to look for the humor when things rub you the wrong way.

I tell you friends, until we learn that these struggles are all in our minds and we can abandon them at any time, we will still point the finger at each other and dwell in the misery that is separation from Source.

Instead of looking to find what’s wrong with how other people are thinking, how much better it would be for us to appreciate all that is working today. So let us look for all the things going right in our lives to which we have grown blind because they are such an embedded part of our current experience they have become invisible.

And here’s the kicker: as you appreciate and love more and more of your life and turn your focus away from criticizing and judging yourself and others (you judge others out of fear that they will impact you negatively and judge yourself because you want to be good) you raise us all up closer to love. It’s win – win – win every time.

Bottom line, it doesn’t help one iota to figure out who is right and who is wrong. Those hairs can be split ad infinitum. Instead, do yourself a favor and give thanks today for all that is going right in your world and let others do as they may. You can’t stop people from going through their own process, their own evolution. You can only judge them and keep yourself out of alignment with the Love that you truly are by doing so.  And why would you want to do that? Better to change your focus to something you do like, or laugh and send them – and yourself – as much love as you can.

The greater part of you – the real you – is great, grand, magnificent, loving and is never irritated or afraid of life. It is deeply – and lovingly – amused at our “misfortunes” because it knows all this conflict is illusion and transitory and the pain of it all is of our own making.

Align with it and you’ll start to see things in the same way.

Align with your true, loving, trusting Self because that part of you knows that the way to change your life – and, indeed, all the world – is to focus on what is pleasing, loving, beautiful, and joyful. Remember Philippians 4:8 (this from the New International Version of the Bible):

“Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.”

Decide today that you will answer the call of Source and stop worrying, fretting, judging, trying, moaning, complaining, and judging yourself for it all. See everything you do not like as a choice for you – is it something you want to be or not? Then turn your thoughts toward telling yourself you are the way you want to be and spend time visualizing yourself act out the way you want to be.

Do you not like for people to call themselves Christians but fear other people?

Then decide you are a Christian who deliberately trains your perspective so you see more and more in people to love. Make a decision to give in to the flow of love that is trying to pour through you into the world.

Life is decision. A behavior you see that you do not like gives you the opportunity to ask God to guide you to embrace something better and happier and more positive than that behavior.

So decide you want to go with the flow of your soul and feel good. Do and think things that make you feel good instead of worried, afraid, or not good enough. Tell God this is the way you are going and give thanks because all the help you need to get where you want to be is being flowed to you right now.

Decide who you want to be and let others make that decision for themselves.

You are an eternal being, you are deeply good, and your worth is not in question.

The closer you move toward feeling the true nature of you – and acting from the impulses of your Higher Self – the happier you will feel.

Your feelings indicate what you are attracting in your life. The better you feel, the closer you are to the perspective of your soul. Close the gap between you and you – your human ego and your Higher Self – and the contrariness of this life, along with other people’s judgment, will lovingly amuse you. Your response will then be to send a gentle prayer of love to those still caught in the muddle before going on your happy way to spread more light and love in the world.

And isn’t that better than joining in on one side or another?

Isn’t that truly following the message of Christ?

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