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Posts from — February 2016

The Answer To Life’s Problems? Fall In Love With Yourself

Older couple at peace with who they are

Today’s prayer is “I Fall In Love With Myself” and reading it anew just about knocked my socks off. Today, so much more than when I wrote this prayer sixteen years ago, I realize how important self-love is.

It’s astounding, really, that after decades of spiritual practice (meditation, prayer, affirmations worship, etc.) I am just now grasping the vital role of self-love in being able to align with God.

It goes this way: [

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Image Of Mohammed Gets French Weekly Banned

This issue of the French weekly, L’espress, has been banned in Morocco for allegedly committing blasphemy against the prophet Mohammed by putting the image of his face on the cover. The sad thing for me is that the magazine had to print two versions of the issue, one with a representational image, and another (below). The first looks like a historical painting of Mohammed and has real dignity to it.

This alternative  cannot compare.


Still, I understand why L’espress doesn’t want to risk getting a fatwa issued against its publishers.

Whereas Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and other believers tend to create personalized images of God in order to feel closer to Him, Muslims consider it an affront to God to create an image of Mohammed.

This seems ironic to me since since God is love, He wants a relationship with us, and He knows how we crave to imagine our Beloved through some visual representation. Our churches have commissioned humanity’s  most gifted artists to create images that represent God. They, in turn, have sought to give expression to those qualities of God that we wish to emulate, such as love.

It’s true that we can never depict the totality of God in a picture. God is everything, the entire universe and all that is. We cannot paint a picture that will elicit the immense love or power that is. Anything we create is inadequate. Yet we create images to comfort and inspire us.

In other news, it appears that the Catholics are considering reinstituting the ban against eating meat on Fridays.

According to that link, eating meat on Fridays is still a mortal sin, but beginning in 1983 a Catholic no longer had to abstain from eating meat on Fridays if he or she performed an act of pennance (of his or her own choosing) instead for each instance. However, the writer speculates that most Catholics forget about that act of pennance.

It seems to me that “religion” is about rules and punishment whereas “spirituality” is about actually having a loving relationship with God. It seems fairly obvious that some people love making rules and dictating them to others. Yet all God cares about is whether you love yourself and your neighbor enough to live happily.

Humans – not God – create rules that divide us, and these divisions are entirely born out of fear, not love of God.

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