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The Answer To Life’s Problems? Fall In Love With Yourself

Older couple at peace with who they are

Today’s prayer is “I Fall In Love With Myself” and reading it anew just about knocked my socks off. Today, so much more than when I wrote this prayer sixteen years ago, I realize how important self-love is.

It’s astounding, really, that after decades of spiritual practice (meditation, prayer, affirmations worship, etc.) I am just now grasping the vital role of self-love in being able to align with God.

It goes this way:

If you do not love yourself, you are in judgment of yourself.

If you are in judgment of yourself – for any reason – you cannot align with God because God sees you as perfect. Therefore, the energy stream between you and God gets pinched off.

When your energy stream gets pinched off, you lose clarity and guidance and your feeling of security.

When you feel insecure, you will not see yourself as deserving. In fact, you will be sure that you are doing things wrong.

When you do not see yourself as deserving, you cannot align with Source because God simply will not see you as anything but the real you: your Higher Self, the perfect, eternal, infinitely deserving stream of love energy that gives your physical body life and is the real you.

So the secret to aligning with God is to get on the same page as God and teach yourself to see yourself with kind and loving eyes.

I am convinced that the reason we do not receive the answers to all our prayers is because, deep down, we have been taught that we are undeserving, and especially undeserving of the loving attention of the Creator of the Universe.

Friends, our only job in life is to learn to love and adore yourselves as Christ loves you.

Do that and 99% of your problems will begin to dissolve.

Once you truly appreciate yourself for tripping around down here and – yes – falling down and guessing wrong and getting hurt – once you appreciate yourself as an explorer and a discoverer and an experimenter – once you appreciate yourself and realize that you are valued beyond measure; once you know you are adored and deserving just for being you, then you will align with your Source, let in your stream of good, and never look back.

Life is supposed to be good for you; it’s supposed to be fun and exhilarating. You are supposed to kick around here, figure out what you what – what improvements you would like and what new things you would like to create – and then follow the path to that fulfillment.

But when you are angry at yourself or disappointed with yourself you can’t hear your guidance and you can’t see the path.

That’s when life can get to feel like a hamster wheel on which you are running and running but getting nowhere.

The answer – so simple, yet such a challenge given all our past programming – is to stop criticizing ourselves and think good thoughts about who we are, how far we’ve come, and where we are going.

The answer is to decide to be kind to you, and not just for one minute, but for the rest of your life. Imagine making it your job to soothe yourself and make yourself feel better, no matter what’s going on?

So do it! Love yourself, my friend. Give yourself a break. Take care of yourself. Be kind to yourself.

Do this today and tomorrow and every day for the next year – striving to be ever more kind and loving to yourself – and all the answers to your prayers will begin to pour in, for you will finally know – in your gut – that you deserve only good things.

We find so many reasons to judge ourselves. And you know why we do it? We want to be good people. But as you learn to truly appreciate yourself you will also become a kinder, more loving person to others.

We are always told to love others, but you cannot give to others what you cannot give to yourself. Rather than being selfish to be good to yourself, you are being kind to the world, for when you feel truly good, you will be nicer to everyone you meet.

So give yourself love.

Give yourself moments of laughter.

Give yourself the opportunity for joy.

Give yourself the best thoughts you can about yourself and how God thinks about you.

Expect life to support you.

Expect you to support you, and do it.

You are so loved.

Believe it and feel the miracle Christ came to teach us.

You are adored – and completely lovable.

If you have no idea how to learn to love yourself, check out Life Loves You: 7 Spiritual Practices to Heal Your Life by Louis Hay and Robert Holden. It’s a great resource with easy, practical exercises that will get you going in the right direction.

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1 Anna { 07.05.16 at }

It’s true. I judge myself all the time and I do realise if I am not good for me how can I counsel others. I know that I am a very lovely person; kind, tolerant, (most times, I have a temper) understanding, giving, humourous, caring, hopeful, faithful, and just a good person. Lots has happened to me; some very bad and lots of good things as well. I believe in me and pray for God’s guidance for me to truly love me and not dwell on the bad things that happened and made me feel undeserving.
Thank you for your words of inspiration! I give you a 10. Please pray for me and my family.

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