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About Clyo

Hi – I’m  Clyo Beck, one of about three hundred million bloggers on the Internet, and one of nearly seven billion people on Planet Earth.

I just realized (it’s February 2011 as I write this) that this page has been blank for three years.

Since this is my “about me” page, it’s about time for me to fess up and give you some kind of bio.

Yet, truthfully, my history is like that experienced by a lot of other people on the planet and really isn’t anything you want to be filling your consciousness with:

raised in a dysfunctional household

learned to be really critical of myself

didn’t know how life worked

had lots of buried (and denied) anger

had no mentors

had few friends

could not make life work

tried really really hard to always do the right thing

things went wrong anyway

felt I was swimming upstream

developed terrible back pain

hated my work

bad marriages

bad accidents

thought about suicide

had “psychic” experiences

saved from violent ends by acts of grace I did not understand

wanted to understand what the heck was going on and how life worked because no one could tell me

ticked off that everyone seemed to be guessing but pretended to know

So I decided that, before I died, I would figure out how life worked, what was going on, and why I was having such a bad time.

That about sums it up.

I would rather not spend any more time telling that story – at least not in the way we usually tell such stories – because I’ve learned that the story you tell yourself about yourself determines your life.

In fact, let’s both forget that old story.

So this is my story:

I was born into a loving family and my parents really loved me. They loved each other very much, but they were disconnected from God – from their Source – because of all the self-criticism and judgments they had passed down to them, and so they could not get in touch with that love.

So this family was a really great place for me to learn how not to live life on earth.

It made me an expert on the immense power of negative thinking to destroy all joy and create a rotten life.

It also made me very strong and determined to, somehow, rise above my programming.

I had to decide if I was going to allow my spirit to be squashed or not, and I decided I would not, but I would “be me” whatever that was.

As a result, I grew into a person who questions authority when my gut tells me that the authority figure standing in front of me hasn’t a clue about what’s really going on, but is trying to get me to confirm to his or her point of view so he or she feels more secure.

My whole upbringing conspired to force me to seek my own intuition and connection to Divine Intelligence, although I would have disdained that kind of language back then. I thought people who believed in God were – how can I say this kindly? – deluded.

After all I had not seen any proof of God. And all the teachings seemed just so contradictory.

So I became a seeker of truth.

Frustration goaded me into deeper seeking so that I decided I would – come hell or high water – know how life worked and what the Sam Hill was going on even though no one seemed to have any answers that made sense, especially not the church or people who got angry at me in God’s name when they could not convert me to some particular point of view.

So I rejected organized religion.

I became an atheist.

I decided that God was physics.

And I started from scratch, believing in nothing, but open to discovery.

In a perfect unfoldment of my being, God nudged me and nudged me and nudged me toward one small realization, one tiny revelation at a time – going only as fast as my consciousness would allow – to show me that I actually controlled my own experience.

I was a good person and I just could not figure out why people were so mean to me, why I had physical pain, why, why, why all the aspects of that old story I was raised to believe.

It was such a revelation when I read The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy because, all of a sudden, I realized that I had been programmed to feel worthless and that, therefore, I was programmed to attract people who would perceive me as worthless and then treat me badly for it.

Once I got clued in that the world is a big mirror for whatever’s going on inside you, my growth became exponential.

In fact, I had a dream that I was going up a mountain that was almost a vertical ascent.

And I woke up, panting, wanting to get to the top!

Now I can look back on all those “bad” things that happened over the years – and all the wounds I used to talk about all the time in a desperate attempt to get someone to care about me – as pieces in a puzzle.

Everything I went through was perfect for my growth.

And you know what?

What I went through filled me with a passion to help lift others out of the ignorance I floundered in for so many years in which I had no clue about how I could improve my experience of  life.

My goal since 2003 has been to figure out how to do that, and by doing that, help raise the world’s vibration.

Since raising the world’s vibration can only be done one person at a time, I’m writing this to you.

Thanks to my never giving in and always striving to learn the truth, my life has completely transformed.

I’m married to a great, kind and loving man, I am part of a close-knit family full of brilliant, talented and funny individuals, I am financially secure, I am pain free, I am able to spend my days pursuing my passion, and life keeps on getting better as new revelations reveal themselves to me for my continued growth and the growth of others.

So here’s the good news: you can have it all. You can be giddy with love and gratitude for all that is. You can have your ideal life and feel full of energy, purpose and joy.

There’s just one catch: you have to do it, and the only way I know how is to change yourself from the inside out so you can feel the love of God loving through you.

A few prayers to Jesus on Christmas will not get you where you want to be in life.

Jesus was a way-shower. He was a teacher. He taught in parables that were understandable in His time.

Much of what he taught is easy to understand:

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Turn the other cheek.

Forgive seven times seventy (or as much as it takes).

Bless your enemies.

That is all valid and easily understandable, yet who does it?

Yet, once you understand the importance of doing these things – and the absolute need to do these things – it becomes easier to change.

Fortunately, we now have more understanding of why we must do these things and why they bring about the results they do because of the wave of spiritual growth teachers that has arisen to meet our need for understanding.

This is because we are now in different times, expanding times. We are in a period of rapid spiritual growth for humankind.

So it’s essential that we use clear language and cut to the chase so everyone understands what is going on and no one is left behind to suffer needlessly.

FACT: A beauty and joy-filled life requires transforming your mind, your thoughts, your feelings, your actions so you are the embodiment of love.

That transformation requires you to dig out of the old bad feelings and reach better feelings.

It requires you to let go of all judgment of both yourself and others and accept everyone as part of God.

It requires you to understand that there is no force but God. There is no devil, no demons, no evil. You, literally, have nothing to fear except fear itself.

It requires you to understand that God sees no imperfection and that since you are part of God, God perceives you as being like itself, perfect and without blemish. Therefore you must learn to love – really love and accept yourself as you are – as perfect and beautiful in God’s eyes.

It requires forgiveness and release of everything that has ever hurt you.

It requires you to develop generosity of spirit and a feeling of lovingkindness toward everyone.

It requires you to frame whatever happens to you in the best possible light with an expectation that there is a silver lining and things are getting better and better.

It’s a process that will result in you feeling wonderful, feeling full of love and gratitude, and living a life you love.

I want to help you get to those feelings and to that life you so want.

I want you to experience what it’s like to love yourself and the world and face each day with joy.

I want you to feel inside you, with every fiber of your being that death, truly, has no sting and that you are an eternal being that will never die who is expressing in a body in order to learn, grow and feel joy.

I want to make getting to that place of joy a quicker process for you than it was for me because, IMHO misery is a waste of time and bogs everyone else down as well.

I’ve taken many inspired actions out of this desire.

I’ve written a prayer book (which, by the way, it is not really my book but a gift from God/Source that came through me as a willing scribe).

I’ve built Prayerforce.Org where you can find prayers that will help raise your vibration (provided you use them every day – there’s that time and repetition factor).

I’ve written about 144 blog posts.

And I’m working on a few other things that will come out in 2011.

So as you start reading and speaking the prayers,  remember this:  change your story and you change your life.

Ideas for inspired action emerge from a mind aligned with God’s love.

So you want to align your mind with God’s love.

To do that you want to train yourself to get away from complaining and your old stories of woe, no matter how interesting, dramatic, humorous or entertaining they are.

Look for and describe the good in every situation you face. (The better you can paint it, the better the result that will come from it.)

Give yourself relief from negatives at every opportunity. (Avoid late night disaster-filled news.)

Learn positive self-talk and how to self-program yourself to feel good.

Learn to be still and quiet your mind for some part of the day so you can begin to feel God’s presence.

Get whatever inspirational materials you need to help you transform your thoughts, and use them daily.

Commit to creating a spiritual practice that will transform your mind into a positive force that brings great and good experiences and things to you and commit to it, whatever that is.

Thirst to know the the truth of what is going on and how life works.

You will then be led, unerringly, to the truth, to new life, to joy and to an awareness of God’s immense and abiding love for you.

You will, in short, experience life transformation.

God speed you on your inner journey to joy.

So my story is this:

I have gone through fantastic learning experiences during my life that have made me an expert on how to help people accelerate their spiritual growth and transformation so they begin living lives of joy and fulfillment.

With my needs met, I am in the process of expanding my own spiritual essence through service to others.

And I’m having a lot of fun doing it.

Oh, and did I mention I love to write and that I can joyfully write thousands of words in one sitting with no awareness of how much time has flown by?

2045 words

That’s me.

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