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Why Believe In Your Dreams?

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt was right. Yet, do you believe in the beauty of your dreams?

What has stopped you – along with most people – from believing your dreams are beautiful? [Read more →]

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Inspiring Louise Hay Interview Starts 2013 Hay House World Summit

I hope you already know about it and are listening, as I am, to Hay House’s incredible and transformative inspirational speaker summit. Today is day 1, and first up was the incomparable Louise Hay, the inspirational queen of how to improve your life.

100 motivational, cutting-edge speakers are being featured over the next ten days. Each one will give you tips for improving your life. So be inspired through the first world summit hosted by Hay House Publishing. (First listens, up to 24 hours are free, then you have to buy the mp3s to hear what you missed; so don’t delay – get over there and listen now.)

I have used Louise Hay’s little blue book, Heal Your Body, since it was first published. [Read more →]

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Prayer for Botanical Biodiversity Triumph and 88 Farmers Standing up to Monsanto

It is amazing to me that people get so worked up over keeping ownership of guns, yet they are completely oblivious to the fact that their right to grow their own food is steadily being taken from them by Monsanto, one lawsuit at a time. Use the prayer at the bottom of this post to help reverse this trend. [Read more →]

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Restorative Justice A Call To Christians

Even as the gun battles rage, the seeds of a new and more spiritual way of living are being planted everywhere.

It’s clear that this inevitable process is accelerating when you read this restorative justice story about Andy and Kate Grosmaire, who always tried to model their lives after Jesus and St. Augustine. After their daughter Ann was shot by her boyfriend (who used his father’s gun) and she lay unconscious in the hospital, they were not thinking about vengeance.

Instead, they turned to prayer. Ann’s father, Andy, sat at Ann’s bedside – where she lay mortally wounded – and sent silent messages of healing to her. Then, out of the blue, he received a message back that seemed to be Ann’s voice sounding in his head. It asked him to forgive her murderer.

“I realized it was not just Ann asking me to forgive Conor, it was Jesus Christ,” Andy Grosmaire said, “And I hadn’t said no to him before, and I wasn’t going to start then. It was just a wave of joy, and I told Ann: ‘I will. I will.’ ” [Read more →]

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Prayer For Families In Newton Connecticut

This morning, as everyone probably knows by now, 20 kids and at least 6 adults were killed in Sandy Hook Elementary school by a young man with a gun. I cannot hope to match President Obama’s eloquence in describing how this kind of thing makes most of us feel. He has spoken for me – and I suspect for most people in our nation – so here’s the video and transcript if you haven’t seen it. He, somehow, finds the right words after these horrible events, which I so appreciate. At the bottom of this post I have written an inadequate prayer. There is no way to heal this kind of grief and loss with a few words. All we can do is try to comfort each other in whatever way we can. This is my attempt. [Read more →]

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How To Honor Jesus At Christmastime

As Christmas approaches, it’s important – as we rush around for gifts – to remember that the best way to honor the person, message and memory of Jesus is to be kind to others.

Above all things, Jesus was kind. He taught forgiveness (forgive 70 times 7) and urged everyone to stop judging each other (judge not lest ye be judged). His message was that we should learn to love everyone and everything in the world because that will allow God to heal your heart, your life, and the world.

That is a pretty amazing promise. Yet it’s not easy to give up our fears and resentments and blaming. It’s not easy to give up pointing the finger at others and saying, “It’s them – over there – who are doing wrong.” It’s no wonder people fall into judging and complaining, calling others evil, and wanting to punish others even for petty annoyances. It’s so much easier than loving, isn’t it?

So if you find yourself irritated or ready to blame anyone for anything – whether that’s a clerk in a store, a driver on the road, or someone in the government – stop. Remember that is not what Jesus taught.

What Jesus Taught

Jesus taught that we are to bless everyone, everywhere – and without exception. He did not tell us to go out and show others the error of their ways. He said, instead, to remove the motes from our own eyes so we could perceive our own errors.

He did not say to take revenge, but said that if a man forces you to walk one mile with him, walk with him two.

He did not tell us to go out and kill others on his behalf or act the part of a wrathful God – as some people seem to believe – but told us to love on his behalf.

Remember the words attributed to him in Matthew 5:46-47?

“For if you love those who love you, what reward have you? Do not even the tax collectors do so? And if you greet your brethren only, what do you do more than others? Do not even the tax collectors do so.”

Yet, when you choose to love and bless others who are strangers – or even “enemies” – he says this:

“Therefore you shall be perfect, just as your Father in heaven is perfect.”

So what is the true meaning of Christmas – and the hope embedded in celebrating it? It is that individuals like you and me will choose to radiate the love of God upon humanity as we live our everyday lives. It is that we will awaken to the possibility of perfect happiness through choosing love over fear and forgiveness over revenge.

That was the message of salvation brought to us by Jesus Christ, and it was a message with the power – if we take it seriously – to lift us out of hate, want and war and change the world into a haven. It’s why Jesus was born and why he lived.

As to why he allowed himself to be crucified, that was to demonstrate that there is no death. Consider that the reason people are selfish or cruel or violent is because they think this is it – this is the only life they will ever have. They then feel they have to protect their one life or  get an advantage over others,  even if it means killing or cheating someone.

When we really understand – in our guts – that we are eternal beings who do not die – when we realize that we only shed our human bodies like skins – then there is no reason for fear, hate or violence because there is nothing to defend. No one can kill you. Yes, your body can be killed – and it will eventually die – but the core of who you are and your awareness of being alive can never be killed. You go on after this life. Forever.

The truth is that you have an eternity of experiences awaiting you. You don’t have to pack everything into this one life, nor could you. So do your best to be kind to the harried sales clerk. Let the guy in the pickup truck – who wants to pass you – go by and bless him as he does. Likewise, bless all that irritates you. Wish everyone well, even those you think are “evil.” Bless them all and let the peace and love of God fill you up this holiday season.

Do that and you will be honoring Jesus, and living the true spirit and meaning of Christmas.

Lifting personal and world energies since 2003.

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Huston Smith Reveals The Wisdom of Faith

Just finished watching the two-DVD set, Bill Moyers: Wisdom of Faith With Huston Smith in which Bill interviews religious scholar Huston Smith. These are splendid interviews and the material is so rich – even heady.

Huston Smith first appeared in the living rooms of Americans on black and white television after his seminal work, The World’s Religions, was published in 1958. Now, after devoting about ten years of his life to immersing himself in each of the world’s six major religions (Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism for a total of sixty years), he has  updated and reissued his book as The World’s Religions (Plus).

Having become so well-versed in these six religions – and having practiced them to understand their characters and power – Mr. Smith is of the opinion that all religions, at their core, are the same and, together, encapsulate the wisdom of humanity. He has found that, at it’s best, each of the world’s major religions provides valuable insight into universal spiritual truths and imparts life meaning.

This was a wonderful series to watch because Mr. Smith is not just a comparative religions scholar. He is a devoted believer. His blend of prodigious intelligence with a great, good heart enables him to discuss the world’s great religions objectively, yet with tenderness. He also has great skill in addressing the standard objections to God posed by atheists. He is brilliant role model for the rest of us. [Read more →]

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Get My Prayerbook FREE November 17 2012

In 2004 I wrote Prayerforce: 365 Days To A New Life, a book of 365 devotions. Last week I uploaded a Kindle version and I would love for you to download it and then, if you are feeling generous, post a review of it on Amazon

Now I DO NOT expect you to buy it. Instead, if you have any time at all this Saturday, November 17th (tomorrow) to download it, it will be FREE for about 24 hours. The free period begins at one minute after midnight on November 17th (12:01 a.m.) and extends to 11:59 p.m.

The name of this version is Prayerforce Book of Prayer, and  I think it’s pretty cool. [Read more →]

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Claim It! Webinar On Abundance

I receive emails from subscribers daily – and also see comments on my prayerblog – asking for a prayer or something that will help those who write to me get out of struggle. They write that they need money to pay their bills and not lose their homes. They often don’t know what to do. [Read more →]

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Fact-Checking Shows Romney Act Surreal In 1st Debate

The world is in the throes of a mammoth shift in human consciousness. We are struggling to rise up into a better, higher place – a place of higher consciousness – that has many names, but is called “The Christ Consciousness” by Christians.

It is not surprising, therefore, that the 2012 presidential election is demonstrating this spiritual struggle on a national scale. The contrast between the two candidates – and between humanity’s old paradigm and the new one being birthed  – is huge. [Read more →]

October 15, 2012   2 Comments