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Christmas Has Arrived Early This Year

Globe & Mail November 5, 2008: Obama overcomes

Globe & Mail November 5, 2008: Obama overcomes

Are you like me? Do you feel that Christmas has arrived early this year? Yet this is not a commercial Christmas that I’m writing about.

This feeling I have that Christmas has arrived early has nothing to do with tinsel and toys or holiday displays.

I’m talking about the sense that the spirit which awakens our feelings of connection, awe and gratitude each holiday season – feelings which are so hoped for in our preparations for Christmas – is close to us now, along with the elevated feelings it brings.

I’m suggesting that, just in time for us to give profound thanks during our Thanksgiving meals, this spirit which allows us to feel love, hope and belief in our own inherent goodness, has swept the nation.

It has swept the nation because we have invited it in. We have chosen a different path. And we are about to begin an uncharted journey paved with higher ideals.

I wept when it was clear that we, as a people, had elected Barack Obama our president – and not by a hair’s breath, but by a clear majority. [Read more →]

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Barack Obama: All Things To All People

New York Times front page November 5, 2008: Obama

NY Times front page November 5, 2008: Obama elected President

Some discussion now, post election, concerns how  Barack Obama is perceived as “all things” to all people. [Read more →]

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The Living Water Of Forgiveness

“Help me be the living water of forgiveness, God. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray. Amen.”

It’s September of 2008 and I’m feeling very hopeful about the future of our country because so many people of faith have embraced Barack Obama.

Many have recognized that the policies of the Bush administration, in their essence, have been anti-Christian. (Really, now, would Jesus have started a war in Iraq?)

Still, as with everyone else, we must forgive those who deceived us, including President Bush who will, “strut out of office leaving the nation in roughly the same shape as a toddler leaves a diaper,” to paraphrase the editor in the June 2008 issue of Vanity Fair.

Because even when the current administration leaves office, we will not be out of the fire and we cannot waste any more energy on reciting the president’s “sins” as they are endless.

We are called, instead, to forgive and visualize healing for the nation and the world.

Bin Laden’s Driver Tortured and Scapegoated

Yet, while I’m no longer angry about the mindless damage inflicted upon the country and upon Iraq, a story from a couple of weeks back about bin Laden’s driver being made a scapegoat for 9/11 made me flinch.

The man, whose name is Salim Ahmed Hamdan, has a fourth-grade education and was described during his trial as a “more primitive (Bedouin) person” who didn’t even believe in bin Laden’s ideology, but drove for him for the paycheck.

Of course he was tortured, to get a confession.

Yet, really, what did that driver do that most of us have not done? He went along with a powerful and wealthy person who was calling the shots.

His crime is that he didn’t try to stop anything. He just let things unfold and kept his eyes on his own small picture, his paycheck.

Who do you know who doesn’t do that?

Who pays attention, doesn’t close his eyes and speaks up when a wrong is about to be done even if it means he’ll lose his job, be shunned, threatened or even killed? [Read more →]

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