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Energy Medicine Decreased Breast Cancer In 1 Month

In her article, Energy Medicine as a Keystone in Multimodal Approach to Cancer, the legendary Donna Eden, author of Energy Medicine, documents how a 52-year-old client whose mammogram showed prominent spots on both breasts [spots that would signal evidence of, at least, the beginning of breast cancer tumors]¹ saw those spots diminish after one month of energy medicine so that “only a very minimal surgical intervention was required.”

The main energy work (below) that was done for and by the client does not take long to do – maybe 15 minutes per session. I know, because I have Donna’s book and perform this energy work on myself. [Read more →]

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Energy Healers Once Persecuted

Donna Eden, the author of Energy Medicine, The Essential Techniques, has seen meridian energy ever since she can remember. She has been healing people – and teaching people how to heal themselves – for over thirty years.

A born healer, Donna is a delight to be around. We are all fortunate that she has had the courage to pursue her gifts and share them with the world.

Yet, when she first started out, there was a lot of skepticism since most of us have been taught from babyhood not to see energy. And when she told her first husband that she saw energy, he told her never to mention it again or he would commit her to a mental asylum!

Fortunately, we have made great progress in clearing superstitions and fear about people who experience psychic phenomena, or who see and channel healing energy.

They – along with spiritual and faith healers of all stripes – have been pioneers, people who have gone ahead of the rest of us in their fearless exploration of our God-given potential to channel God healing energy.

Their empowering message is that we are in an energy universe and connection with Universal Mind – God’s Mind – is both possible and necessary for optimum health and abundance. Yet what was the fate of women like Donna in the past? [Read more →]

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Donna Eden Video On Seeing Energy

I want to write a bit more about Donna Eden. Until autumn of 2009, I had never heard of the woman whom many (including me) call “the happiest woman I’ve ever met” yet the inspiring Donna Eden has been a pioneer in energy medicine and energy psychology for thirty years. [Read more →]

July 21, 2010   1 Comment

Four Resources To Help Heal Longstanding Heartache

We are called by God to increase the love in our hearts. Yet, an injured heart has trouble being an open heart. So how do we heal long-standing emotional hurts or abuse that has made it feel impossible to forgive or love unconditionally?

What steps can we take to restore hope for healing, hope for life, and hope for ourselves? For, as it says in Proverbs 13:12 “Hope deferred makes the heart sick,” and many hearts that become sick emotionally and physically become even sicker for lack of hope that anything can help. [Read more →]

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