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Restorative Justice A Call To Christians

Even as the gun battles rage, the seeds of a new and more spiritual way of living are being planted everywhere.

It’s clear that this inevitable process is accelerating when you read this restorative justice story about Andy and Kate Grosmaire, who always tried to model their lives after Jesus and St. Augustine. After their daughter Ann was shot by her boyfriend (who used his father’s gun) and she lay unconscious in the hospital, they were not thinking about vengeance.

Instead, they turned to prayer. Ann’s father, Andy, sat at Ann’s bedside – where she lay mortally wounded – and sent silent messages of healing to her. Then, out of the blue, he received a message back that seemed to be Ann’s voice sounding in his head. It asked him to forgive her murderer.

“I realized it was not just Ann asking me to forgive Conor, it was Jesus Christ,” Andy Grosmaire said, “And I hadn’t said no to him before, and I wasn’t going to start then. It was just a wave of joy, and I told Ann: ‘I will. I will.’ ” [Read more →]

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A Meditation On Forgiveness

I found this video meditation on forgiveness on YouTube. A little “me” oriented, it is fundamentally correct and soothing.

Forgiveness is so vital to living a happy life. Resentment is a concentrated poison that leaches into every corner of a life. We cannot be fully alive as long as we hold resentments and unforgiveness.

Yet forgiveness is not necessarily as “easy” as this video makes it out to be.

Make no mistake – forgiveness is not a simple intellectual act. True forgiveness is an emotional transformation. The ability to forgive terrible harm comes through grace. You may be taken through profound changes.

First create the intention to forgive, then pray for guidance to be led to those experiences, thoughts and feelings that will transform you and allow you to forgive.

Just watching a video will not necessarily transform your inner landscape. Yet it may help you to begin thinking about who you need to forgive and how to go about it.

And that is a beginning.

Dear God,

Is there someone against whom I am holding resentment?

Create within me a desire to let go of it.

Guide me to healing and complete forgiveness.

For both the world and I deserve the peace that deep forgiveness brings.

Thank You,


“Then came Peter to him, and said, lord, how oft shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? till seven times? Jesus saith unto him, I say not unto thee, until seven times: but, Until seventy times seven.” Matthew 18:21,22

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The Rapture Of Unforgiveness: Only $40

Imagine a sign that says Unforgiveness: Only $40.

Would you buy it?

Of course not!

However, those who sell unforgiveness always call it something else, something we don’t recognize as unforgiveness, like the “service” of sending an “I told you so” e-mail to the recipients of your choice after the end of the world.

(I found mention of this here:  I Didn’t Make This Up.) [Read more →]

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