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Why Not Cover All Americans Under Medicare?


I love Barack Obama, but I think he has been “making nice” with insurance wolves.

I choose to think that he is just trying to open a door to health care change that has been hermetically sealed for decades, and believes he can improve an awful bill “later.”

But I do not believe that will happen. Vested interests and members of both political parties have been trying to trap him into pushing an unworkable health care “reform” that isn’t real reform, and will never be what Americans need it to be.

Regardless of his intentions, Americans need to look hard at any bill to see whether it actually reforms the way insurance companies operate.

Will it stop them from terminating or limiting coverage?

Will it provide a low-overhead not-for-profit one-payer option?

Or will the bill simply make it illegal for Americans to be uninsured, without providing a low-cost one payer option?

If so, think about that for minute. After all, insurance companies are.


Make no mistake, insurance companies are salivating over the idea of making it illegal to not have health insurance, provided that there is no single payer option (a low-cost government administered option such as medicare) available.

Insurance companies want every American to be covered by insurance – their insurance. They want every American to be required to buy insurance or every employer to be required to provide insurance for employees, and for the government to pick up the tab for those too poor to pay.

Because that would mean billions more in profits for the top insurers.


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The Truth About Canadian Health Care

health care comparison


As an American who has experienced the Canadian health care system for four years, I can tell you that comparing the health care system in Canada with what goes on in the U.S. is like comparing apples to stones.

First off, labeling the mess in the U.S. a health care system is a misnomer.

What the U.S. has is a health insurance business run by and for insurance companies to maximize profit. And in this business, those who will cost the system money are dropped or not insured, and then find themselves with no access to medical services.

Those who say that instituting a government-supervised one-payer health care system in the U.S. will put a government bureaucrat between you and your doctor fail to tell you that, right now, you have a capitalist accountant between you and your doctor, and that his job is to deny care.

I understand why U.S. insurance executives are spreading so many lies about the Canadian system. They want their cash-cow stranglehold over the American people strengthened, not weakened.

But it really burns me when Congressional representatives and Senators speak out against a one-payer system as though its some great evil.

That’s total hypocrisy considering that they already have what they are denying everyone else, no-cost medical care provided and administered by the one-payer provider they deride: the U.S. government.

Of course they do it because they are not only told by insurance industry lobbyists what to say, but that the industry will work to defeat them in the next election if they don’t say it.

So here is the truth about the Canadian system: [Read more →]

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Canada Health Care Compared To U.S.

As I wrote in my previous post about health care reform, before I met my husband, I had no health insurance. In 2002, no insurer would have me. I guess I was too old. I didn’t fit the profile.

I was probably judged as being on the cusp of having problems  because of my age, even though I had never had a serious illness, was not overweight. and was  fairly physically fit. (I weighed 108, my blood pressure was 70/110 and could bicycle 30 miles in Florida’s July heat.) [Read more →]

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