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Inspiring Louise Hay Interview Starts 2013 Hay House World Summit

I hope you already know about it and are listening, as I am, to Hay House’s incredible and transformative inspirational speaker summit. Today is day 1, and first up was the incomparable Louise Hay, the inspirational queen of how to improve your life.

100 motivational, cutting-edge speakers are being featured over the next ten days. Each one will give you tips for improving your life. So be inspired through the first world summit hosted by Hay House Publishing. (First listens, up to 24 hours are free, then you have to buy the mp3s to hear what you missed; so don’t delay – get over there and listen now.)

I have used Louise Hay’s little blue book, Heal Your Body, since it was first published. [Read more →]

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Inspirational Messages

A New Inspirational Read

You may have noticed that I’ve posted very little over the last several months. This is because I was deeply absorbed in writing Inspirational Messages.

Published for the Kindle, you can also read it on your computer using Amazon’s Free PC App or Free Mac App.

My goal in writing this new book has been to help meet the great need for encouragement and spiritual solutions that exists today.

Every day, it seems, there is another disaster with misfortune falling upon good people who haven’t a clue as to why it’s happened. As the old saying goes, “That just ain’t right.” [Read more →]

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Golden Motorcycle Gang Novel Inspiration

 With the help of novelist William Gladstone,   Jack Canfield turned a vision for humanity that   he received during meditation into a novel.

 It’s called The Golden  Motorcycle Gang.

Jack’s vision was that he was a member of a golden, soul-traveling motorcycle gang who saw the earth in peril and decided to be born and live, in this time, so he could be present during humanity’s greatest crisis and help bring about massive global transformation.

The purpose of Jack’s novel is to help us understand that we are each a contributor to this new vision for humanity. He wants us to feel this truth: that each of us has something special and necessary to contribute to the evolution of humanity, and that our aim is make life on earth more closely approximate what we call “heaven.” [Read more →]

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The Power Of Words Video Moves & Inspires

I’m in a rush, just want to post this fantastic video introduced by Morgan Freeman on the power of words. If you read this today, April 29, 2010, you can still vote for this Webby nomination and propel it to “the best of the web” in the Public Service and Activism category.

The video was produced by Amnesty International, an organization that works across the globe to help those whose human rights have been violated.

Winners will be announced May 3, 2010

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Video Of The Desiderata


I had this video treatment of the Desiderata on my homepage because watching it filled me with positive emotion, and I thought it might be of benefit to someone visiting Prayerforce.Org.
That was not really the right place for it, however. I had put too many extraneous things on my home page so that it looked very messy. As a result, I’m posting the video here. Frankly, I’m thinking of removing all the “extras” – the badges about global warming and Deepak Chopra’s peace group, and all the affiliate adds – off that page as well.
Individually they appealed to me, but in putting them all together I think they look messy. 
Likewise, the widget with products related to the Desiderata video has also been removed, however, instead of just discarding it, I’ve given it a home in this blog post.
For those who want a framed copy of the Desiderata to read as daily inspiration or a recording of Samuel Barber’s inspired Adadgio for Strings after seeing the video, I’ve made it easy to get either without searching.   









P.S. The inspiring video of the Desiderata, set to the Adadgio for Strings by Samuel Barber, was uploaded to You Tube by Tweeklet.


Established in 2002 to help create world peace. 


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The Nature Of Inspiration – Elizabeth Gilbert On TED

Despite never having heard of author Elizabeth Gilbert and wondering if the book would wind up being more about material pleasures than a spiritual journey, I began reading Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia.

I wound up loving it and have already recommended it (in another post) to anyone who hasn’t read it. Yet, some readers complain that Gilbert is too self-absorbed.  This talk she gave for TED convinces me that nothing could be further from the truth.

Her inspired message has value not just for writers, but to anyone who tries to make of his or her life a spiritual service. The story about poet Ruth Stone, in particular, (which begins 10 minutes and 15 seconds into the video) is not to be missed by anyone interested in the workings of the divine in our lives.

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