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Claim It! Webinar On Abundance

I receive emails from subscribers daily – and also see comments on my prayerblog – asking for a prayer or something that will help those who write to me get out of struggle. They write that they need money to pay their bills and not lose their homes. They often don’t know what to do. [Read more →]

October 16, 2012   No Comments

Mr. Rogers And The Law Of Attraction

Mr. Rogers understood so many things about life. In this fun video remix by Symphony of Science’s John D. Boswell for PBS Digital Studios, Mr. Rogers has a twinkle in his eye as he expresses the essence of what we now recognize as The Law Of Attraction.

“Did you ever grow anything in the garden of your mind? You can grow ideas in the garden of your mind. You can think about things that make believe…and they’ll grow.” [Read more →]

June 27, 2012   1 Comment

How Should You Respond To Disaster?

I cannot tell you how you “should” respond to disaster – and I’m referring to a disaster that happens somewhere else – like the one in Japan last month. I can tell you, however, that your response will have an effect, and it will do one of three things: help heal the situation, keep it from healing, or make it worse.

I must caution you, however, that ignoring such an event isn’t much of an option because, if it’s in the consciousness of humanity, it’s in you and you will not escape having at least a subconscious response to it.

Now, when the earthquake and tsunami occurred in Japan on March 13th and I read that first news report, my response was that I would 1) make a donation to a relief organization and 2) not seek out any more news footage or photos of the damage.

You know how seductive those kinds of images are. It’s like looking at a train wreck. You may think you really do not want to see it, but then you catch sight of something that quickens your pulse and you just have to see how bad it is.

Yet I knew I did not need to watch the news or Internet slide shows to know things weren’t rosy. And while I didn’t intend to get in a struggle trying to avoid images of the disaster, I knew that the less I saw of it, the better.

Why? Because I did not want to lend my consciousness to the creation of more disaster for Japan. [Read more →]

April 8, 2011   No Comments

Are You Praying To Win The Lottery

At the bottom of this post you will find a link to two videos on how to win the lottery through spiritual methods. [Read more →]

December 11, 2010   4 Comments

What Instructions Are You Giving God?

What instructions are you giving God from the Innermost Sanctum Of Your Being?

Because those instructions determine your life.

Watch this video with John Assaraf for his explanation of why this is true. [Read more →]

November 16, 2010   No Comments

Spiritual Causes Of The BP Oil Spill Part 4

This is my last post in my series about the spiritual causes of the BP oil spill.

In my first post on the topic of the BP oil spill I revealed that I had received a revelation, during meditation, about the causes of the oil spill. This revelation hit me in the gut and left me nearly breathless because of its implications.

I did not write about that revelation. Instead, I posted a prayer to stop the leak since stopping the leak is crucial.

I wrote three follow-up posts on the spiritual causes of the BP oil spill – part 1, part 2 and part 3 – yet I still  did not disclose what had been revealed to me during meditation.

Why not?

Because I was not comfortable blogging openly about it. I’m still not.

It isn’t because I have any doubt that the insight I received is correct. It’s because I am afraid. [Read more →]

June 6, 2010   No Comments

The #1 Most Powerful Way To Attract Money

What is the best way to attract money? Create a visualization that is filled with such positive emotion that it suspends awareness of any negative reality and shows God the wonderful result we want.

Since finances will be on many people’s minds for months, it’s vital that we begin to pair finances with fun in our minds through visualization. How we think about our finances, and how we word and envision our prayers, will determine how fast positive economic changes will take place not just for us, but for everyone. [Read more →]

July 6, 2009   41 Comments