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Dissolve Blocks To Your Life Purpose, Well-Being and Money

I am so sorry to tell you that you missed out on Margaret Lynch’s free videos for clearing out the vows you made when you were a kid that are now blocking your spiritual connection and well-being and are the key to your money blocks.

I watched them all, went through her exercises, and loved them.  She is really on the right track. Here’s the link to her:

I didn’t think I was going to get to blog about this before she closes her program on August 15th because my blog went down.

I was fiddling with some code and, next thing I knew, I had a blank screen.

Now, I did this to myself, through a series of choices and decisions, including not backing up my blog first.

So why did I sabotage myself like that? [Read more →]

August 12, 2011   No Comments

7-Point Plan To Make Money Your Friend: #5


A Young Brooke Astor

      A Young Brooke Astor

Most people who are on a strict budget, or who are in debt and feel they need more money than they have, spend whatever money they do have with fear and misgiving.

In other words, they do not enjoy handling money, looking at money, or spending money because they feel the lack of what they don’t have and that fills them with pain and fear.

Since they do not feel appreciation or enjoy money as they handle and use it, but feel fear and lack, they give God the message that money makes them miserable, and they do not want more. God, therefore, complies. [Read more →]

July 1, 2009   1 Comment

7-Point Plan To Make Money Your Friend: #4


Sometimes we subconsciously create money problems as self-punishment for not being good enough.

For instance, when I do not think positive thoughts about who I am, but always find fault with myself and everything I do, then   I will automatically make decisions that result in money problems so that I will have more “proof” of how wrong, bad or inadequate I am.   [Read more →]

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7-Point Plan To Make Money Your Friend: #3


Rich persons dog house.
Rich person’s dog house.

How does this image of a mansion-sized dog house on the lawn of a real  mansion make you feel?

I hope you think it’s kind of fun, because we start to create lack for ourselves when we hold resentments against those who have more money than we do.

We also create put a cap on how much money we can have when the idea of  “having more than our share” (whatever that is) embarrasses us. 

When we hold critical judgments about how much money is “too much” for one person to have, they influence every decision we make. [Read more →]

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7-Point Plan To Make Money Your Friend: #2

This is the 2nd of  7 posts on how to change your relationship with money.

As indicated in post #1, when having money troubles, you must  recognize that those problems are the result of your embedded attitudes and beliefs  about money, many of which are likely to be subconscious. The good news is that, once you realize you have them, you can take the next step. [Read more →]

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7-Point Plan To Make Money Your Friend

Has  money run away from you? Left you in the lurch? Been a real stinkeroo?

If money is more of a foe than a friend, then it’s time to look inside to see if you fear money, or see it as a fickle and elusive enemy instead of as a friend.

Why? Because you have a relationship with money. And if that relationship is filled with distrust, there is bound to be betrayal and abandonment that translates into job loss, pension loss, home loss, increased interest rates on your credit card, or some other financial crisis. [Read more →]

June 14, 2009   14 Comments