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Spiritual Approach To BP Oil Spill Part 3

Here’s a radical idea for transforming the BP oil spill and the effects of the BP oil spill. You may see it as crazy, but try it.

Envision all that oil spewing out as love.

Yes, I know it’s a chemical soup that’s toxic, burns, and kills everything it touches. But that oil is God. Yes, I know it may sound counter to the usual response of blaming, raging and lamenting that is typical in a situation like this, but everything is God.

Everything is God. And that means the oil spill is part of God, and God can transmute it and create something good from it. [Read more →]

June 4, 2010   1 Comment

Spiritual Approach To BP Oil Spill (If You’re Furious) Part 2

Are you furious at BP? Then you may not like what you are about to read.

We must stop separating ourselves from those who work for BP or seeing BP as an enemy.

We are all one. Whatever happens, no matter what any of us has done or not done – switched to solar, switched to smaller cars, turned off the electricity OR driven gas guzzlers, left all our lights on 24/7, considered environmentalists to be misinformed, etc. – we must put our ideas about each others’ shortcomings aside and, instead of focusing on them, pull together in Spirit to fix this.

Yet why do I suggest that all animosity toward BP be put aside? Why should you let go of your fury? Isn’t that letting BP off the hook?  [Read more →]

June 3, 2010   1 Comment

Spiritual Approach To BP Oil Spill Part 1

God is All That Is. Yet it’s hard for most people to see God as both the beautiful Gulf and the BP oil spill. We have been taught that what is beautiful and good is God and what is ugly and troublesome is something else. Yet if God is, indeed All That Is, then it’s all one.

Clearly we would prefer a pristine Gulf to what we have today. So what kind of spiritual approach do we take? [Read more →]

June 2, 2010   3 Comments