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Religions For Peace: Inspiring The Faithful

Remember this slogan: What if they had a war and nobody showed up?

Well, what would happen if everyone – or near everyone who believed in God – showed up for peace?

What would happen if a majority of religious leaders stepped outside their differences with other religions in terms of dogma or doctrine, and united as one force to inspire their adherents to help achieve peace?

Religions for Peace, an umbrella organization has just such a vision and is based upon these tenets:

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January 15, 2009   1 Comment

Peace One Day

Peace Day is September 21st. See this one-minute forty-nine second video made by the man who worked to make an international “day of peace.”

Queen Rania of Jordan speaks moving words in this brief video in which she begins by saying: “The reality of peace is sadly absent from too many in the Middle-East. Too many of my people are starved of the thing they need most: peace.”

Annie Lennox speaks about peace in this video in which she says peace is within ourselves, yet seems harder and harder to find.

Lastly, the Dalai Lama gives us his insights in this video wherein he says “This is our moral responsibility to make the attempt… we have the responsibility to show the right path or at least make the attempt for a better future…”

All of these links come from Peace One Day.  


August 30, 2008   No Comments

No One Wants World Peace

No one wants world peace. At least that’s the conclusion we might come to if we look around at the conflict we see and the fact that few people seem outwardly concerned.

Yet here’s a secret: although we’re not seeing big peace marches, millions have begun the peace journey inside, where it really counts. They’re taking small, inner steps toward peace because that is where world peace starts: inside you and me.

Do you want to contribute to world peace? Can’t imagine yourself organizing a peace rally? Don’t have the time or energy to march on Washington? Feel overwhelmed by ideas about what you “should” do to help create peace? Are you beating yourself up over it, mumbling that “no one” cares or if you “really” cared that you’d “do something?” [Read more →]

August 14, 2008   3 Comments