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Get My Prayerbook FREE November 17 2012

In 2004 I wrote Prayerforce: 365 Days To A New Life, a book of 365 devotions. Last week I uploaded a Kindle version and I would love for you to download it and then, if you are feeling generous, post a review of it on Amazon

Now I DO NOT expect you to buy it. Instead, if you have any time at all this Saturday, November 17th (tomorrow) to download it, it will be FREE for about 24 hours. The free period begins at one minute after midnight on November 17th (12:01 a.m.) and extends to 11:59 p.m.

The name of this version is Prayerforce Book of Prayer, and  I think it’s pretty cool. [Read more →]

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Prayer For Financial Help

If you want the words to this prayer, I posted the text several months ago, in this previous entry.

Do speak this prayer out loud, along with other prayers that affirm that you are receiving the financial help you want. The more you pray, affirm and VISUALIZE that good is coming to you, the faster you will see it.

The best way to have God answer your prayers is to develop a daily spiritual practice.

For more about what a spiritual practice is (or can be), read my post on the what, why and how of spiritual practice.

Prayerforce.Org: Healing Prayer Since 2003

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Alex King’s Twitter Widget For WordPress Blog Works!

Brilliant.  Alex King’s Twitter widget for a WordPress blog works beautifully. Thank you, Alex King!

Alex definitely deserves gratitude and a donation from everyone who downloads and uses his widget. He asks for a donation of a couple of bucks or so from anyone who downloads and uses his creation, which is a tiny price to pay for this lovely little bit of cool technology.

So send good energy back. Remember: As you sow, so shall you reap.

As Mother Teresa said: Nothing is between you and them. Everything is between you and God.

So when you are fair with the developer of some piece of software that you are using by making a donation, you are being fair with God, who is our life force.

God Always Says “Yes”

Have you noticed how God always says “Yes” to every prayer you send out?

As soon as you think: “Hmmm… a thing-a-ma-jig that does so-and-so for me would be a real help,” God springs into action to create it in the world. As you imagine how cool it will be to use it, you may be surprised how rapidly it will be created and available for you.

We have, after all, a planet of nearly seven billion creative people all of whom are wanting to expand by using their talents.

For instance, bloggers wanted a Twitter widget and, by gosh, Alex King was inspired to create a good one.

When you know this is how things work, you really start to appreciate how very good and amazing God – and life – is, and how absolutely anything is possible.

The Secret To Life

The secret to life is really about raising your vibration up into belief where you just know that good things are coming and “will follow me all the days of my life.”

My personal vibration is still going up. It dips down, from time to time, but my main job – like everyone’s main job – is to raise myself up to a point where I am at a high vibration – feeling love and gratitude – so that life is pretty beautiful pretty much of the time.

Do whatever it takes to feel happy and you wind up lifting everyone else around you up as well.

Spiritual development – learning how to live in a place of love and gratitude – has always seemed like the most worthwhile endeavor in which to invest my time and energies because it not only gives to me, but to everyone else I encounter on my path.

What could be better ?

Lifting personal and world energies since 2003.

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Use Music To Enhance Prayer Experience

If you are new to Prayerforce, then this is what’s new: I have been in the process of rebirthing the site in order to provide a more uplifting prayer experience for you.

It is no secret that music can raise your feelings out of depression and into joy.

It is no secret to you – and especially if you have ever sung sacred music in a choir – that being exposed to sacred and uplifting music really raises your vibration.

So does beauty.

So I have done my best to make your experience on Prayerforce.Org an experience that will lift up your feelings as much as possible through a combination of a beautiful layout, uplifting music and empowering affirmative prayers.

I just uploaded all the pages, checked all the links once last time – it’s looking good!

Please leave a comment below and let me know if you like the new main prayerforce site: the background, design, fonts, and music.

This is the way we get our prayers answered: by cultivating the best and most loving feelings – feelings of generosity, expansion and a sense of unlimited possibilities – and training our minds not to dwell on the past or any perceived “inadequacies” that we have may been taught, but to forgive the past and love ourselves.

This creates focus that creates miracles as our thoughts grow more and more serene and loving.

So I have tried to create a prayer experience that will facilitate that transition for you.

I have done my best to create a site that will raise your spiritual vibration by making you feel better.

Now you can help me by giving me your feedback about whether I have succeeded. That would really help me.

Does the music enhance your prayer experience? It’s not too loud, is it?

I tried to adjust it, but I can only tell how it plays on my computer.

So, on a scale from 1 to 10, how does the new site rate in meeting your needs for upliftment?

If it is not a “10” then what would it take to make it a 10?

Be honest. Do not worry about hurting my feelings. Just tell it like it is for you.

Thanks so much, beloved.

P.S. Still a more things to do like get a Technorati button. Little tweaking here and there. Some of my keywords probably need adjusting. I want to put a few different header images on this blog. But it looks like everything works. Hooray! Technorati Profile

Lifting personal and world energies since 2003.

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Prayer Of Thanks

I’ve been rebuilding the Prayerforce site from the ground up for a couple of weeks. I bought music that makes me feel I am in a sacred space and have carefully chosen different tracks to accompany different prayers. I’ve uploaded most of the pages and I’m almost ready to relaunch my site which has been “down” for about four days now.
Right now I want to thank God for the immense joy I’ve felt in working on the new Prayerforce site. I’ve put in a lot of hours; it has taken longer than I thought it would, but tears have come to my eyes, at times, in gratitude. To think that I have been able to do this wonderful, creative work that is so meaningful to me!

[

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