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The Shadow And Media

This is a follow-up to Prayer To Transcend The TV Shadow.

Today’s media is full of violence and victimization. Yet even those who pray hunger for thisĀ  “dark” material.

Why? And what can we do to move toward the Light? [Read more →]

November 22, 2011   No Comments

Prayer To Transcend The TV Shadow

As a result of my post about Jack Canfield’s new novel, I wrote A Prayer To Transcend The TV Shadow (which you will find about half way down this page).

I did it because I have a dirty little secret: I love to read mysteries and I especially love to watch them on television.

Yet mysteries are always about murder, deception, greed – negative behaviors that are part of humanity’s shadow.

Do I not know that, due to the Law of Attraction, the ideas, thoughts, and scenarios with which I fill my mind can attract events in the “real” world that are vibrating with similar energy?

Yes, I do know this.

Do I not write about how important it is to fill the mind with positive thoughts and ideas, and with what you want as opposed to what you do not want?

Yes, I write about this.

So – how can I watch shows about murder? Do I want to support the presence of murder, deception, and greed in humanity? Do I want real-life murders – the fodder for such shows – to happen?

Of course not.

So why do I watch? Why do I give in to the temptation, the allure of the mystery or, for that matter, the tragedy? [Read more →]

November 18, 2011   1 Comment

Prayer For The Leaders In Harrisburg

Harrisburg, Pa: a city at war with itself explains why the City of Harrisburg filed for bankruptcy protection this month. (Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett signed legislation last Thursday that allows for the takeover of the state’s capital.)

What does this article say to me? The title nearly says it all. There’s a war going on, but it’s not just in Harrisburg.

And it’s invisible.

The war is spiritual and is being waged inside each of us. It’s presenting us with the duality of our natures. We are Light and Dark at the same time, and the war between the two is creating chaos. [Read more →]

October 27, 2011   No Comments

Jesus Was Controversial As Is Cancer Summit

It is absolutely true that Jesus was a controversial person.

He not only claimed to receive guidance directly from God. He claimed to speak for God.

He taught peace in a violent time.

He taught his followers to bless their enemies when the norm was for people to hate and fear their oppressors.

He healed the sick. And he taught his disciples to be healers. [Read more →]

October 26, 2011   3 Comments

Prayer To Transform Business Relationships

The new business concern is how to build business relationships that last. People want their businesses to succeed. They know that big business has lost the trust of consumers. They are looking to “stand out” by projecting an image of business ethics and morality.


Coming across as an ethical business is something you can’t fake, and people know it. Either you come from a place of integrity or you don’t.

Yet, given today’s business climate and the push to make profits at the expense of quality, customer service, society and the environment, it’s difficult for people in business or going into business to know what kind of moral foundation they need.

To those who desire to build better business relationship and are not afraid to turn to God for guidance, I offer the prayer “I Transform My Business Relationships,” at the bottom of this post. [Read more →]

October 25, 2011   2 Comments