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The Kingdom Within – Part 3 – How God Works Within You

The final installment of my 3-part series on “The Kingdom Within.”  Read Part One. Read Part Two.


God manifests what you are focused upon OVER TIME. (Remember the story of the elephant from part 1 and how manifestation is delayed to protect you?) So you need to get what you want clearly in mind and hold a vision of it.

Notice I did not write “get what’s happened to you that you do not like” clearly in mind.

No, you do not want the problem in mind.

You want a clear idea of the solution, the healing, the ultimate picture of what God’s “answer” to your prayer will be and “look” like.

Why is this?

Because the “Kingdom Of God” is within you.

This isn’t “new age” babble, it’s in the Bible, in Luke 17:21:

“The kingdom of God is within you.”

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The Kingdom Within – Part 2 – What Jesus Required Of Those In Need

You’re visualizing all the time. And Jesus prompted those who sought healing to ask explicitly for what they wanted.

So how do these facts relate and affect you? Let’s take a look.

This is Part 2 of my 3-Part Series on “The Kingdom Within.”

Read Part 1. [

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The Kingdom Within

Luke 17:21 states, “The kingdom of God is within you.” What does this really mean?  And what are the 7 things you can do to access God’s kingdom and create good?

Let’s begin at the beginning: There is nothing that is not part of God.

All evil and lack is illusion. It is not what God has waiting “outside your door.”

And God brings things and ideas to us to help us dispel illusions of lack, evil, and disconnection from God’s love.

That is His grace.

Yet we do not have to look at those things. That is the essence of free choice.

The essence of free choice is getting clear on what your preferences are.

What things and experiences do you want in your life?

Often, you cannot know what you want until you have had an experience of what you do not want.

Then it’s crystal clear you want something else.

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Use This Video To Visualize Healing In Gulf Of Mexico

A video from Dreamhealer may help you visualize Light, Love, and Healing going into the Gulf to restore it to its prior condition, before the bp oil spill.

As more people pray, bless the situation, bless all concerned, and visualize the Gulf being filled with Love, Light and healing, our collective efforts are bearing fruit.

Oil is being captured now, and I heard a clip on the news in which BP CEO Tony Hayward pledged that The Gulf will be restored to what it was prior to the explosion.

“We will get this done. We will make this right,” he said.

Let us rejoice that BP has the resources to 1) compensate everyone out of work because of the spill and 2) do whatever it takes to clean up the mess.

If you know someone who is criticizing BP, you might remind that person that there have been plenty of instances in which corporations and individuals have created terrible messes and just walked away from them or fought liability for them. Litigation takes decades and often ends in a settlement that is a fraction of the actual costs to clean up the mess.

Let us recognize that BP has pledged to do the right thing. BP isn’t running away here. So be grateful and send the company love and light – pray for the company – as you do so for all coastal residents and marine life.

Thanks to the power of spiritual reciprocity, the more love we send to the company, the more love will be returned.

So please continue to lend the power of your beautiful mind to the full restoration of the Gulf of Mexico.

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