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Prayer To Increase Self-Worth and Self-Esteem

Dear God,

I have been told I am a sinner and unworthy because I am human.

For, as a human being, I make mistakes.

I cannot dispute that I make mistakes, God.

It seems, sometimes, like my entire life is trial and error.

The worst part is, sometimes, I make a mistake over again because I did not learn from it the first time.

It is easy to judge myself and withhold love when I look at my life.

After all, God, am I smart enough?

Successful enough?

Loving enough?

Rich enough?

Thin enough?

Can I ever be?

More importantly, have I given anything to the world that it really needed?

Or have I concentrated on what I saw as my shortcomings, instead of giving what I had to give?

I know how to criticize myself, Lord. I have been very good at it.

Teach me how to accept and love myself as I am.

For, although I am grown, it is my nature—my human nature—to keep trying things, as a child tries.

As a child falls, I have fallen.

That does not make me bad in Your eyes. It makes me brave.

For I am resilient, and I never give up trying new things.

Which is how You created me. You created me as a seeker.

You gave me courage to fall and stand up again.

You gave me curiosity that wants to know and see and experience.

So, like a child, sometimes I get in trouble.

Or, sometimes what I do winds up not feeling good.

Guide me, Lord, so that I explore and savor life in safety, knowing I am worthy—infinitely worthy—of Your protection and love.

Just as my infant child is worthy of my love when she falls, so am I worthy of my own love as I explore life.

Fill me with love for myself. Transform me with new appreciation.

Align me with my highest good, for You know I deserve it.

I am worthy:

—I am worthy of tender care

—I am worthy of a life I love

—I am worthy of loving friends and family

—I am worthy of wonderful work

—I am worthy of peaceful thoughts

—I am worthy of a peaceful world

—I am worthy of a healthy, happy body

—and I am worthy of Your guidance and protection.

And the miracle is, when I accept these things as my Divine Right, then I serve You better.

I serve You at the highest level.

I serve You in joy, in gratitude and in freedom.

I have no agenda other than loving You and All That Is.

So I accept my worthiness now, and I am made anew.

I live in Your heart, bathed in Your love for me.

You love me. I can do no less.

Thank You, Divine Friend, Companion, Creator. You bless my life with such meaning. My life is my prayer to You.

And so it is.

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