"Lifting personal and world energies through awareness, intention and affirmative prayer."

Comfort and Expand Your Spirit with Affirmative Prayer

Welcome To Prayerforce!

Clyo Beck We do not not need to beg God to bless us. We simply need to understand that blessings will be ours by Divine Right once we get control of our thoughts through prayer.

As we practice thinking more loving thoughts, we align with our Source and feel better. As we begin to affirm the best for others and feel gratitude, blessings will flow to us.

This is the essence of Christ's teachings. May you walk in His spirit. I send you much love ~


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Feeling "on fire" with the Holy Spirit, I wrote 365 prayers in 2003, which became Prayerforce. (Get all hardbound and soft covers HERE; Kindle versions HERE.)

I share some of the prayers in that collection with you here. SEE LIST

Everything we see in our lives starts in our minds, with our beliefs, for God's Law Of Attraction brings us what is a matching vibration to our own thoughts.

So when we use affirmative prayer to help us forgive ourselves for being human and understand that God loves us with unimaginable devotion, we open to miracles.