I hate unsolicited commercial e-mail as much as you do. Also known as Spam or junk e-mail, it is a disservice to the Internet community.

I fully endorse and comply with the requirements of the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act), and all other applicable unsolicited commercial e-mail laws. The following are my operational policies and practices.


I never purchase email lists. I never send out anything that could ever be characterized as pornographic. And I never sell my email lists.

All persons must go through a double opt-in process in order to get on one of my lists and receive regular emails from me in regard to the information and products I offer.

I will reply personally to those persons requesting permission to use one of my prayers in a service or intervention program, however, their email addresses will not be added to any list.


Regardless of whether you subscribe to electronic newsletters or subscribe to any kind of course, spiritual coaching, inspirational teachings, prayer requests, membership site, notifications or any other types of communications from my website, you will always have an option to unsubscribe immediately.

Simply go to the bottom of the email you received, look for the unsubscribe link and click on it. It's that easy to unsubscribe.

Be aware, however, that if you have subscribed to more than one of my courses or information lists (each list has a different name and you can tell which one an email references by the "from" line), you may need to unsubscribe from more than one list.

Again, the process is easy. It's not created to be hard or obscure. Either click the unsubscribe link in whatever email you receive that is in reference to another list or, when you unsubscribe from the first list, look to see if you are subscribed to more than one list and then select the radio button for "unsubscribe from all lists."


During the opt-in process I do my best to make subscribers aware that, when they sign up to receive free information or a free course from me, they will also receive information about other products and services that I sell and/or promote.


I offer free material 1) to show the value of the work I do and thus give you the opportunity to see how buying a paid program from me would benefit you and 2) because I am committed to helping those who truly cannot afford to buy a product but who would benefit from exposure to some of what I offer.


Providing inspiration and creating tools and courses for spiritual transformation is how I earn my living.

When I include links to products and discuss their value in an email to you, it is to acquaint you with what is available and give you the opportunity to participate in a win-win exchange. You can get the information and processes you need to transform your life and, in exchange, I will get the financial support I need to continue doing what I love, which is to help people grow and expand spiritually.


My mission is to help individuals who want to grow spiritually and who desire to align with God's love to transform their lives for the better, get clear about life purpose and/or help create a better world.

The products I offer for that purpose are many and varied, as the path of spiritual growth and personal development is a little different for everyone and everyone has different needs at different times.

Inspiration comes in different forms. So I may offer a prayer video series, a screensaver, a book, spoken prayer recordings or a prayer chant album to keep spirits up on a day-to-day basis, or to foster slow but steady transformation.

Spiritual growth can require effort so other products offered may be more interactive and intensive, such as a program with weekly participatory teleclasses.

I may offer group courses involving energy work with chakras, EFT, spiritual art therapies, Law Of Attraction principles, forgiveness work, or personalized, one-on-one spiritual coaching.

I may solicit input from you as to your needs and what kind of course you would like to see me offer.

I may alert you to an product or course (that I wish I had created) that is offered by someone else.


If any of the following apply to you, please do not opt-in to get information from me:

1) You would consider an email with a link to one of my products in it to be spam.

2) You would consider an email in which I included a link to someone else's product to be spam.

3) You do not want to receive any kind of marketing information from me at all, ever.

4) You do not want to receive any information that is not strictly about prayer.

5) You are offended by the suggestion that meditation, EFT, Law Of Attraction principles, and Chakra cleansing can be powerful aids to spiritual breakthrough and alignment with God.

6) You do not consider other religions to be valid paths to enlightment and alignment with God.

7) You do not consider any other version of Christianity, other than your own sect, to be valid.

If any of the above apply to you, then please do us both a favor and do not opt-in or become one of my subscribers because, sooner or later, you will receive an email from me that you will not like.

If you do sign up to receive information from my website and find what I have to offer is not really for you, you will always have an option to unsubscribe immediately from any and all emails from me.

Again, the process is easy. It's not created to be hard or obscure. Click the unsubscribe link in the email from me. If you have subscribed to more than one list, select the radio button for "unsubscribe from all lists." Your email address will then be removed and you will receive no more emails from me.

Lastly, those subscribers who either forget they double opted in for my emails or do not understand the definition of spam and click the "report as spam" button when they unsubscribe are removed by my email service from whatever list or lists they were on.


If you have additional questions, comments or concerns, please contact me by sending an e-mail to:

clyo(at) [replace (at) with @] and providing us with information relating to your concern.

You may also mail your concerns to me at the following address:

Pandia Publishing
43 Becher Street
London, Ontario N6C 1A4

Because spammers use automated robots to "harvest" e-mail addresses off websites, it is my policy to do what I can to defeat this practice by not listing e-mail addresses in a "harvestable" form.

This is why you see my contact e-mail address listed as clyo(at) and I give the instruction to [replace (at) with @] throughout this website, and I extend this practice to all other e-mail addresses listed herein.

This policy was last updated on 09-04-2022.

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