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We are in a new age. We are understanding that our thoughts attract events to us. Through genuinely blessing our enemies, as Jesus exhorted us to do, we protect ourselves and those we love. ~ Clyo

Prayer for Safety

Prayer For Freedom From Attack

Dear God,

I acknowledge that we are all capable of harming another.

Yet you told us that attack against one is attack against all,

That crime against one is crime against all,

And harm done to another is deep harm done to oneself.

But, sometimes, we harm others because we fear.

Or we take revenge for deep injury.

But attacking out of fear or pain will not protect us. . . or me.

Because when I find myself guilty of anything,

I always attract punishment to some degree

Whether I know it or not.

So I—hereby—forgive myself for anything and everything real

Or imagined for which I might attract punishment,

And I decide to react to fear and pain in a better, smarter way.

Because fear is a warning to alter my course,

And pain is a call to love myself better,

I can protect myself best through following Your guidance

And learning to love.

So I decide to trust in Your wisdom and follow Your guidance.

I declare that we— including myself—

have learned all we can through attack and his sister, revenge.

So, rather than attack, I align with You.

I release any and all attack thoughts hidden in my mind or soul.

I make the decision to learn through joy and love

As opposed to pain, suffering and guilt.

As a result, I have no need for attack.

For You know all things, love me and want only my happiness.

In You lies my safety.

I receive Your guidance and protection in every moment.

I rely on it and Your infallibility.

Filled with inspiration, I keep myself and my loved ones safe.

Aligned with You, I create a new paradigm on earth

—and within human consciousness.

I bless those who, in fear and ignorance

Would attack me, my family, my country or anyone else.

I affirm You now enter the hearts, minds, souls and bodies

Of those who would harm me or anyone else,

And You create a miracle.

To these people I say:


Your plans are like dust.

Your intentions fall away.

You grow confused in your actions.

You turn now, instead, to God and forsake all need for attack.

And by the Grace of God,

I am lifted out of the attractor field of attack

And into the attractor field of forgiveness.

For by choosing this path, I bless myself.

I am safe in Your arms now and always.

Thank You, Amazing and Merciful God, for this peace of mind,

For this innocence and transformation.

And so it is.



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