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"Help me do unto others as I would have them do unto me."

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We have entered a new age in which people and nations are learning they must walk their talk. How we treat others will come back upon us, both as individuals and nations. What is good for us must also be good for all. ~ Clyo

Prayer For United States

Dear God,

There is no place like home.

And The United States—we call her America—is my home.

My heart is here. I am one with her.

And no matter where I travel

—no matter how beautiful the place, friendly the people

or wonderful the experience—

I feel deep gratitude each time I return and stand

In my own country.

For I love my nation's people, cities, land, innovation and ideals.

Lord, America was created as a land of possibilities

Where whatever people imagined, they could create.

Her founders imagined a land of liberty and justice for all.

Align me—and us—again with their thoughts for this country.

Help her grow into a land of tolerance, patience, and reverence.

Bring us back to our founding ideals

Fill us with deep understanding of how precious and fragile life is.

As an American, I commit myself

—and my nation—

to being an instrument of Your Good.

I reject warlike philosophies.

I cultivate compassionate reverence for others.

It is my will that my country's leaders be guided by You

—not just for our sake—

But for the sake of the world.

For, in today's world, we stand together or we fall together,

As a nation and as a world.

We are all One in You, Lord.

Awaken us to this realization.

Lift America up out of the petty and into the profound.

Lift those who hate out of jealousy or fear

Into true self love and healed lives.

Help us love into wholeness those who cry out for war.

For they are the flesh of our flesh and bone of our bone,

Even if they or we deny it.

I take the first step and

—through spiritual practice—

Lift myself out of fear and into wisdom.

I help my people rise up as one with a new vision for ourselves.

We are leaders. We are fearless.

And, by Your grace,

We now lead the world to a day without hunger, want or war.

This is our mission; this is why we were created;

This is why we matter.

So help us remember our purpose

—from the perspective of our souls.

Help us remember we are here to make a positive difference.

Help us remember that we are not here to be big of ego,

—but to be big of heart.

Help us remember that we are not here to wage war,

—but to promote peace.

Help us remember that we are not here to exploit the poor,

—but to look after them.

Help us return to a higher standard of truth and justice for all.

Under Your Guidance, we fulfill this mission.

We commit to peace and justice above all personal concerns.

Thank You for making me a part of The United States of America.

I have known great blessings.

Help me bless the world in return.

And so it is.


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