365 Days To
A New Life

beautiful book of prayers

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12-step prayer journey
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365 Days To
A New Life

beautiful book of prayers

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365 Days To
A New Life

beautiful book of prayers

Purchase today
and begin a
12-step prayer journey
that will align you
with your higher self.


It's what we all want, isn't it?


I'm Clyo Beck and I know, from experience, that if you do not feel joyful and peaceful, full of energy and enthusiasm about your life right now, then your mind is giving you the wrong messages.

Are you willing to let go of all pain and resentments to create a better world for yourself and your children? Do you want to help create a compassionate and sustainable world? Do you want to insure that your children have a world to inhabit? Do you want to look at yourself in the mirror and feel love? Do you want to feel happy? Are you being dragged down by all the news about climate change or the war or bird flu or globalization? Do you feel like things are getting out of hand? Do you want to be a part of the solution?

Of course you do!

So what can you do?

Join us in our world-wide quest to change humanity's consciousness and create a better life for all of us.

When your mind criticizes you and everyone around you, it is not being your friend.

For instance, is your mind giving you reasons not to believe? Is it telling you that you can't change - or that you shouldn't have to change? Is it telling you that you can't make a difference because only people with power and money control what's going on?

Those thoughts are will make you into a victim while other people destroy your world.

Conflicting thoughts keep us confused and afraid. They tell us that other people can make a difference, but not us. They tell us that other people are smarter and better looking. In the morning, when we look in the mirror, what do our minds tell us? Do they say we are wonderful, beautiful human beings brimming with love? Or do they tell us we look like hell?

Now tell me: how would you feel about someone who told you, day after day, that you are fat, ugly, broke, hopeless and will never be loved for who you are?

The truth is, a mind that is not continually given positive "food" can become an abusive terrorist. It will stop respecing our feelings and have no respect for what we've gone through. A mind that is turning on itself has no empathy and is as likely to send you on a wild goose chase as it is to give you a good idea on how to make things better.

You can't leave your mind, therefore, you must change the thoughts it thinks so it's on your side.

If you don't change how it thinks it will continue to defeat you, telling you that you're too young or too old or too busy or too tired to solve your problems or make a difference. Your mind - correct me if I'm wrong - even tells you that you are not worthly of God's love. And doesn't it, at times say that "people" - and that means you, since you are a person - are "just no good?"

You hear thoughts like that going through your mind, don't you?

Listen to me: those thoughts are all lies. Your mind is lying to you. You are called - now - by God to change your thoughts and change your world.

Why is your mind full of self-defeat? It has accepted what you've been taught. It's committed to keeping everything the same. It's been filled (by advertisers) with burger commercials that keep telling you that you're hungry even when you're not. "Eat a burger and you'll be happy." Wrong. Eat a burger - instead of fruits and vegetables - and you'll get fat, risk getting coronary heart disease, diabetes and a host of other ailments.

Yet that is exactly the type of thing with which our minds have been filled.

Take your mind back! Begin your Prayerforce journey and things will begin changing for the better. You will start to get clear on what is good for you and what isn't. Best of all, your heart will be nurtured and comforted throughout the entire journey.

Our minds don't want us to change one thought because it's easier for them to keep track of our thoughts if none change. But we must change if we want to end terrorism and want to stop Global warming. We must change if we want more friends, better health, happiness, security, peace and feelings of well-being.

EVERYTHING you see in your life and in the world starts in your mind, with your BELIEFS. Change your inner, core beliefs and you will change your life and give your children not just a future, but a future worth living. Start today. Prayerforce will lift you up and - powerfully - change your inner feelings and beliefs. You will, subsequently, become part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

Don't sit by the sidelines as your mind argues over petty problems and tells you how fat you look. There is only one way to reverse the negative trends we see in the world: Each one of us who is called must turn his or her mind over to God to be used to create positive, life affirming thoughts and undo negative thoughts. If you are reading this, then YOU HAVE BEEN CALLED.

Get your mind grounded in LOVE. Don't put it off one more minute. Imagine standing before God and having to explain why, although you had the chance to align your thoughts with HIM, you chose not to.

Begin turning your mind over today.

What are people who have read Prayerforce saying?

"Clyo, you know I would never say anything unless I felt it was true. When you
first handed me your book I thought, 'Well, I don't know about this.' But I've
read through it and I want to tell you that if you never do anything else in your
life, this is enough. You should be proud. You have given the world a gift. Your
prayers are - this entire book is - remarkable and beautiful."

Roy McDonald author and poet of London, Ontario

"I love this book more and more."

Belva G. of Tarpon Springs, Florida

"What a beautiful book, truly a gift to the world."

Susan M. of Cary, North Carolina

"Amazing. You've really helped me. Thank you so much."

Julie R. of Hamburg, New York
(who bought 7 more copies for friends and family)

"I love your book. You have to get this out to the world."

Bessie S. of Brandon, Manitoba

"Impeccable...your book really astounds me with its scope."

Charlotte F. of Hiram, Georgia

"This is great, thank you."

Dr. Peter DeShane, London, Ontario

"This book has raised my prayer to a whole new level."

Reverend Heidi Dahlgren, Hudson, Florida

"Enjoying your book and reading your prayers every day before meditation."

Mary Ann Detzler, Spiritual Response Therapy, Redmond, Washington

"Prayerforce is brilliant!"

"I love this book!"

"I was brought up Catholic and had confusion about 'Only God Can Do It' versus 'God Helps Those Who Help
Themselves.' This book is the bridge between those two concepts and has been extremely empowering for me."

"This is a 21st Century book of prayers that really works and you find out why and how it works, too. This has
helped me change some difficult situations in my life into something more ideal and toward the highest and best
good of all concerned. The entire world needs this book!"

Karen H. of San Diego, California

"Prayerforce is a terrific prayer source."

"I didn't expect to like Prayerforce. As a hard-assed agnostic I think of praying as sort of holy whining.
I expected 366 self-pitying exhortations - Please God, solve my problems!"

"Prayerforce, remarkably, is quite different. It's more like tough love. Whatever you need to pray for, regardless
of your religious commitment, here are words which help and soothe even your worst concerns and fears.

I now say "Prayer of Protection For My Child" (p.198) every time my daughter is out with the car.
My agnostic reconciliation with this remarkable work is that if God is not listening, you should be saying
these things to yourself anyway."

Angus J. of London, Ontario

365 Days To
A New Life

beautiful book of prayers


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