"Lifting personal and world energies through awareness, intention and affirmative prayer."

""Help me to perform whatever miracles you want of me today.""


That it's time to heal not just so we feel better, but for the sake of the world?

You KNOW the world needs healing.

But do you know the best way to heal it is through healing your own mind, body and soul?

YES! And this is brilliant love of God. God makes no unequal contracts! As you heal, the world heals and, as the world heals, you heal!

Yet so many people pray and pray and pray, with no result, no healing. How can this be? I blush to tell you. Many prayers we have been taught are working against us. They tell us we are sinners and undeserving. And when we believe we do not deserve help, we will not get it. God's hands will be tied.

Likewise, affirmative, verbal prayer is sometimes not enough. While it creates lasting and positive change, for some it does not go deep enough.

How do I know? Because I knew grinding physical pain that lasted for decades, and extreme emotional anguish, loneliness and despair that were wondrously healed, but not by affirmative prayer alone.

Affirmative prayer prepared and led me to my ultimate healing so, make no mistake, affirmative prayer is a necessary part of the process. But there is even more. God has give us a way to heal that is transformational.

So get ready to lay down your frustrations, your pain, your depression, your fear, your doubt, your loneliness, and your despair. Pray to create the opening for what's coming, because it will transform your life.

Time To Heal

How Do You Want To Live Your Life?

Sick of pain and struggle? Do you want to love your life? Do you want to learn the miraculous spiritual method that God led me to, that changed my life completely?

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