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"Help me do the holiest thing I can do for those who suffer."

When we turn the moment over to our Highest Purpose and ask to be guided in right action, we create a Sacred Space. It is impossible to make plans to hurt others in that space. It is, instead, the place from which it is possible to experience deep healing and radical forgiveness. ~ Clyo

Holocaust Survivor Prayer

by Malka B.


Dear God,

I have lived
dear G-d
in a world gone mad
and I have seen
unleashed beyond reason or

I was with them.
We drank from the same
bitter cup.

I hid with them
Feared with them,
Struggled with them
And when the killing was finally done
I had survived
while millions had died.
I do not know why.

I have asked many questions
for which there are no answers
And I have even cursed
my life
thinking I could not
endure the pain.

But a flame
refused to die.
I could not throw away
What had been ripped away
from so many.

In the end
I had to choose life.
I had to struggle to cross
the bridge between
the dead and the living.
I had to rebuild
what had been destroyed.
I had to deny death
Another victory.


Beautiful book of prayers and affirmations for uplifting the spirit and changing your life for the better.

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Available in hard cover and softbound volumes.

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"A Holocaust Survivor's Prayer" and the image in the left column (at the top) are used courtesy of Malka B. who retains their copyrights.

The painting is a tribute by Malka to her twin sisters, Berthe and Jenny, who died in Auschwitz at age eight, and depicts them as they would have been as young women.

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