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"Help me understand the incredible beauty of my own soul."

Listen to Verdant Pastures:

Beauty Prayer

Dear God,

Incredible beauty exists on this earth.

Beauty expresses as nature.

Beauty expresses as art, music and architecture.

Beauty transports us to higher levels

Of consciousness, inspiration, imagination and action.

Beauty is a by-product of loving myself, the Earth and all life.

I thank You, Lord, for beauty. It is a treasured gift.

I acknowledge that ugliness in my environment

Reflects that part of humanity—and that part of me—

That is confused or would seek to punish itself for being unlovable.

I acknowledge that creating ugliness in my home

—or in the world—

Is the saddest form of self-hate.

As I read this, the power of my mind

Is multiplied exponentially by all who read and speak this prayer.

Across the Web of Humanity we join our Minds together

And accept that we are—and I am—worthy.

You now raise me

—and us—

Up into the attractor energies of self-appreciation and beauty.

As part of Your Magnificent Whole,

I cleanse and beautify my physical life and,

In doing so, cleanse and beautify my mind.

The beauty of meaning, connection, inspiration and love

Now fills me, and with me, all humanity.

I am innocent. I am valuable.

I am intrinsically lovable.

You, God, love me as I am.

You fill me with Divine Enthusiasm.

I now experience immense joy and appreciation of myself.

I embrace myself with love, as my gift to You.

I surround myself inside and out with beauty.

Beauty shines within the eyes and souls of people I speak with

And it energizes me.

The beauty of intimacy in everyday conversations

Heals my loneliness, and my self-doubts.

Daily, I tell myself I am beautiful, and worthy of Your love.

Because these are true things in Your heart, I embrace them.

By loving myself, I create more joy in my life.

In pure joy, I make the world more lovely.

My life is a beautiful gift to You, My Beloved.

Thank You for making me a caretaker of Beauty.

And so it is

Beautiful book of prayers and affirmations for uplifting the spirit and changing your life for the better.

June 25th: I Bring Beauty Into My Life

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It can be hard to feel beautiful when we are unable to control our eating habits and put on extra pounds. The best treatment is to look in your mirror every day and tell yourself you love yourself, just as you are. If that is not emotionally possible for you right now, try looking into EFT techniques. They are life changing and can help zap food cravings.

Clutter creates anxiety and is a block to living a beautiful life. If this is a problem for you, or if you are feeling shame over the clutter in your life, then do something about it using Carol Look's proven methods

The feelings we hold in our hearts and bodies, along with our thoughts, create our present and future. Keeping yourself inspired with beautiful images, harmonious thoughts, and generous ideas helps to create a better future.

Modern culture thrusts a lot of what is ugly and frightening in our faces. It's up to you to turn away from that and, instead, seek out lovely images and methods for bringing beauty into your life that you intuitively know will raise your vibration, bring you joy, and make you a better person.

EFT can help so much with all these issues! Check out Pat Carrington's free step-by-step guide.

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