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Grace often seems to come out of the blue. We do not know why God has intervened on our behalf. Other times we suffer piteously and think we have been abandoned. Yet God would save us every time if we could only believe, in our heart of hearts, that Grace is our natural state. ~ Clyo

Grace Prayer

Dear God,

I call out to You for Grace.

Yet, so many times You have saved me without my asking.

How You have rescued me from the depths of despair

And the pit of death!

When I think of the close calls I have had with diaster

I bow before Your sweet goodness with tears of gratitude.

Help me see that You have not just saved me once,

But that my whole being exists in a state of Grace.

For You gave me life and You are always with me.

It is You who made this beautiful earth for me,

You who made the air sweet,

You who made the waters refreshing,

You who gave me the capacity to feel,

You who taught me love,

And You who works to bring me in alignment with You

So I might feel ever greater joy.

I am so grateful for my life And for Your intercessions.

I am so grateful for the pain You have spared me,

And the pleasures You have given me.

I am so grateful for Your Holy Presence

Which I so often feel inside my own heart.

Help me share Your Love in a deep and meaningful way.

Help me pass the Grace I have received from You on to others.

May I be at the right place, at the right time to do good.

May I listen to the still, small voice within.

May I take every possible opportunity

To offer words of comfort, encouragement and joy to others.

May I be a vehicle of Your compassion.

May I reach out a hand whenever I am needed.

May I pass Your kindness on to everyone everywhere.

My heart be true to You always.

Make my heart strong and sure, giving and receiving.

Help me to open myself to the Grace You have in mind for me,

And help me use the precious moments of my life in blessing others.

Thank You for the unearned fact of Your Grace, Father.

It is a phenomenal gift.

May Your acts of Grace never go unnoticed.

Thank You



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