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To be seen "saying grace" has become politically incorrect. Yet we take in tons of food into our bodies, much of it from vegetables and fruits treated with pesticides and animals that have been slaughtered in horrible and frightening circumstances. So whether we say a traditional prayer before eating, or ask that all negative energy be removed or transmuted, it is in the best interests of our own health and well-being to bless our food before eating it. ~ Clyo

Meal Prayer

(Below you will find one blessing for meal preparation, six short meal blessings and a longer prayer for Thanksgiving)

~ * ~

A Blessing For Meal Preparation

Dear God,

Bless me as I prepare this meal.

Bless the ingredients I use.

Create a Sacred Space of joy around me as I cook.

Help me feel the importance of what I do.


May this meal be a reflection and embodiment of Your love.

May its flavors delight and its textures please.

May it nourish and comfort.

And may it bless the body, mind and spirit of all who partake of it.

Thank You.


~ * ~

Six Meal Blessings

Bless us, O Lord, with these gifts which are the bounty of Christ.


~ * ~

Bless this meal, O Lord, and all that we eat.

May it strengthen us in our love and service to You.


~ * ~

Dear God,

Thank You for this wonderful meal You have provided.

As we eat this food we are blessed beyond imagining.

We grow healthier, stronger, and more energetic.

We are filled with gratitude and joy.

Every bite is a miracle.

Every bite is a gift.

We are so grateful for this bounty.


~ * ~

Dear Lord,

Thank You for blessing this meal.

May it strengthen us.

May it energize us.

May it heal us.

May it help us to be better, more grateful people today

Than we were yesterday.

You are the Alpha and Omega of our beings

We live in Your Glorious Love.

Thank You, Lord.


~ * ~

Dear Lord,

May I consume this food from a Sacred Space.

May I appreciate and savor it.

May the earth be blessed and replenished.

May I be strengthened and energized.

May I live to serve as a gift to the world.

Thank You for taking such good care of me.

I love You.


~ * ~

Dear Lord,

Bless this meal and my eating of it.

Bless the animal that gave its life so I might live.

Bless the soil and seeds and plants and bees

That produced this bounty.

Bless the farmers and ranchers and grocers

And all who helped bring this food to my table.

May they be safe.

May they be happy.

May they be healthy.

May their lives be filled with ease.

I eat this meal in reverence and gratitude for all that is.

Please bless this beautiful, abundant world.

Thank You.


~ * ~

Prayer For Thanksgiving Dinner

Dear God,

Thank You for our blessings.

Thank You for our health.

Thank You for our home and its comforts.

Thank You for our family

—our spouses, children, parents, brothers and sisters—

and all whom we adore.

Thank You for our friends and our community.

Bless the many wonderful people striving to be their best.

Thank You for our nation which protects us.

Thank You for our opportunities.

Thank You for this beautiful planet we live on.

Thank You for all that we are, all that we have, and all we can give.

Make us vehicles of Your Grace.

Show us where we are needed.

Guide us in doing every small thing with love.

And bless this sumptuous meal before us.

May it strengthen us and bring us closer together as a family.

May our gratitude radiate out into the world

And work Your miracles.

And so it is.


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