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“Go your way; and as you have believed, so let it be done for you.” Matthew 8:13

Money Prayer

My Bank Account Is Full

Most Merciful Creator,

I have a spiritual bank account.

I fill it with positive intentions, thoughts, words, and images.

I decide to believe all of life in on my side.

I decide to have a loving relationship with money.

I trust myself to make good choices.

I visualize myself deserving all good things.

I see myself bathed in abundance and joy.

I thank you for every good thing in life.

I allow myself to grieve the loss of my old life of scarcity.

I expect and affirm increasing prosperity every day.

I say to Doubt: "Welcome, what have you to say today?"

Then I listen and reply: "It just is what it is," and let it go.

I endure this period of changing circumstances

I am patient during this period of changing circumstances

For I know money and divine support are mine by Divine Right.

As my positive thoughts, words and imaginings impact my life,

I receive ideas and inspiration for creating money.

As I visualize abundance for myself and others,

I act on the inspiration and ideas I receive.

As I act on the inspiration and ideas I receive,

the wealth that is within me begins to emerge.

As glorious wealth begins to manifest,

I feel even more excited about life.

I use my talents in wonderful ways to help others.

As I use my talents to help others,

I feel a wonderful sense of fulfillment.

As I feel more and more fulfillment,

I appreciate everyone and everything.

As my appreciation grows, my joy grows,

and my earthly bank account begins to fill.

As my joy increases, my spiritual bank account runs over.

It fills my earthly bank account to overflowing.

Surrounded by true friends who love me for myself,

I am now in a continual flow of good.

I take time every day to picture myself

As wealthy in body, mind, spirit and finances.

I visualize, expect and receive only the best.

and I live in a State of Grace.

My bank account is full.

I am so grateful to You, God.

Thank you for loving me, guiding me, and caring for me.

Thank You for providing for all my material needs.

May these feelings of joy and prosperity be contagious.

May my feelings of well-being shower blessings everywhere.

May I help create a new day of sweet abundance for everyone.

And so it is.
Thank You God.
Every cell in my body sings in praise of You.


Beautiful book of prayers and affirmations for uplifting the spirit and changing your life for the better.

See also November 12th: I Am Wealthy

Prayerforce: 365 daily prayers

Available as an ebook or hard cover volume.

Since everything is energy, prayer seeks to create a way for God's highest energy of perfect healing and abundance to enter us and transform us.

EFT is an effective energy-transforming modality; so don't be surprised if your prayer practice results in your being attracted to it. Attracting Abundance with EFT by Carol Look is a good resource.

Money image is courtesy of Jane M. Sawyer who took the photograph and uploaded to Morguefile.com.

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