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We have entered a new age. Unresolved conflicts and anger are backfiring more quickly; so we are beginning to connect the dots between what is happening "out there" and what is going on "in here." We are in a pivotal moment. ~ Clyo

Peace Prayer

Dear God,

When I am very still, you whisper within my heart.

When peace fills my body and mind, Your Presence is like a breeze.

Although I do not see you, I know You have touched me.

You want to see peace everywhere in the world:

between parent and child

between neighbor and neighbor

between country and country.

So help me reach that still, shining place of wisdom now, Lord.

Not just for myself

But for those who know neither joy nor peace.

Gandhi said: "We must become the world we want to see."

So let peace begin with me, here and now.

For those who live in war-torn lands

May I serve as their conduit of peace.

Show me the unrest in my soul, and let Us resolve it, You and me.

Show me my hostilities so I see them for what they are,

And let Us melt them, You and me.

Give me the healing work to do

And I shall do it, under Your guidance and care.

Let this be true now:

—I recognize and resolve the conflicts within me

—I surrender my need to "be right"

—I stop criticizing myself and others

—I choose love over fear

—I choose forgiveness over hate

—I cease all attack in any form.

In giving my life to You—

—I am willing to forgive what feels unforgivable.

—I am willing to be Your voice for peace.

—I am willing to learn fearless love.

For if I do not answer Your call, who will?

So plant the seed of peace within me, O God.

Grow it strong.

Make of me a peacemaker.

Make my life a blessing on the earth.

I take responsibility for raising myself onto the plane of peace.

And I help create peace on Earth.

I do this for You, for my family, for my friends and for my nation.

I do this for the Family of Man and for all creatures in the world.

I affirm that there is peace in my time.

I affirm that, everywhere I look, I see peace spreading.

My heart sings with the joy of You

As Your vision of peace for the world manifests.

Thank You, Mighty Peacemaker.

And so it is.


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