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An angel sits close by, waiting for our decision as to whether we will choose fear or love as our response to 911.



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We rushed into war as revenge and nothing has gone right since. We have entered an age in which our own unforgiveness will hurt us more than what anyone else can do to us. Love will prove to be our only protection. ~ Clyo

Prayer For 911

Dear God,

My nation was traumatized on September 11, 2001.

Lord, I cannot let this stand.

I must do something to protect my nation and myself;

So I give my mind to you.

You unite me, in intention, with my brothers and sisters.

We stand in that place where there is no space and no time, but only energy, love and truth.

In this place we say to those who would hurt us:


We refuse to be victims.

We refuse to be misled.

And we refuse to be like our attackers.

To those who hurt us on September 11th, we say this:

You are undone.

Your power in this world is over.

Your influence is as dust, and the damage you did will be repaired.

Furthermore, we will never participate in your plans for the world...

... because we REFUSE to hate back.

And to those who may contemplate victimizing us in the future for their own ends, we say this:

You have no power to do so.

We see your earthly plans DISSOLVE into the nothingness from which they came.

You are rendered harmless.

Your minds grow confused.

Your plans go awry.

Your convictions dissolve.

You feel the horror of what you were about to do.

And you repent.

As Christ forgave those who crucified Him, we forgive you.

Because we realize you do not know what you do.

But your misguided activities stop HERE and stop NOW.

And so it is.

And Lord, for my part, I choose now, in this moment, to accept the truth:

Attack breeds attack, and revenge breeds revenge.

And while attack and revenge must inevitably backfire, I admit I have been part of this cycle.

My weapons of war have been thoughts and words.

For I have uttered unkind words.

I have held resentments.

I have felt fear, hostility and hate.

And I have cursed others despite your instructions to forgive.

Dissolve the effects of these actions, Lord.

Neutralize every hateful thought I have had.

Cancel the effects of those thoughts, words and pictures in my mind.

Undo whenever I attacked anyone in any way, even if that person attacked me first.

Undo every resentment and every jealousy.

Undo every wish for ill I have ever held against anyone for any reason...

...no matter how slight.

For You have the power to do this.

Take all that back, Lord, now.

Undo my contribution, and guide me in making personal amends.

I affirm that You guide me so well in loving myself, that I am empty of hate.

For I refuse to be part of this cycle any longer.

I am, instead, impeccable in my quest for peace.

I am determined to treat others kindly in my mind.

I change how my mind thinks about others.

And I create peace in the world.

I visualize each person against whom I have been holding resentment or anger and I say:

I am sorry.

Please forgive me.

Thank you.

I love you.

And so it is by Your Grace, Heavenly Father.

In the name of The Christ Within I am forgiven and I forgive.

The world is blessed by the healing that arises from these ashes.

And so it is.


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