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"Help me to embrace the life-giving changes You know I need."

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Prayer for Change

Dear God,

As I read these words, my energy

—which is really Your energy—

rises to a new high within me.

Your beauty, Lord, fills me.

Your love expresses through me in all that I do.

For You are everywhere and I am part of You.

As a drop of Spirit in Your vast sea, my core is Love.

My true nature is Compassion.

For You and I are One Mind and I am aligned with You.

I speak Your words and You make them manifest now.

Peace reigns within me and in the hearts of my brethren.

I unleash healing of myself, my nation and my world.

I am guided to what is most life affirming.

I embrace and fulfill my authentic spiritual needs.

I am filled with new love, new power and new purpose.

I use my power on Your behalf for the salvation of all.

Together, We promote world harmony

And personal healing of every kind.

For I am One with You and You fill me with Your healing force.

In Jesus name, who inspires me to be both human and holy,

I affirm that You and I and everyone on this planet

Are a loving team united in peace and joy and Higher Purpose.

Jesus said:

"Ask and ye shall receive."

"Knock and the door shall open."

He did not say: figure out what is best to ask and only ask that.

Nor did he say: your Father in Heaven will say, "No."

Neither did he say: some doors will be closed to you.

Jesus said: have faith the size of a mustard seed

And whatever you ask will be done unto you.

By the power of these words,

I am aligned with the Dearest Keeper of My Soul.

My faith is strong and You work Your miracles through it.

Wonderful change occurs in my mind, body and soul.

I visualize and affirm what I really want.

I notice how my life is changing for the better.

I give thanks for these changes.

And I am born anew.

Thank You, Father.

Praise Hosanna in the Highest.

And so it is.

Beautiful book of prayers and affirmations for uplifting the spirit and changing your life for the better.

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Prayerforce: 365 daily prayers

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