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Prayer for Children

Dear God,

My child is so precious to me.

Please give me the words

You would have me speak

For my child's welfare.

Cleanse my mind of worry.

Fill my mind, instead, with the knowledge

Of how much You love my baby

And how strong Your power is to protect.

Help me hold this vision:

You speak to my child and guide her in Right Action—

As she explores life, she hears Your Voice clearly—

She listens to Your whispered warnings—

She follows Your guidance—

And she is safe in Your love.

And if she is so full of enthusiasm

—or confusion—

that she takes a wrong step,

You hold out Your arms, dear Lord, and catch her.

You whisper and paths change.

Danger turns away.

And my child, hearing You, turns toward safety.

For nothing is stronger than You.

No evil can circumvent Your Knowing.

No voice can speak louder.

No force can move mountains as You can.

Nothing can penetrate Your Net of Protection around my child

As You now move Heaven and Earth to protect her.

You are The Protector of all innocents, no matter their age.

And I decree—and You know—that my child is an innocent.

So I rest easy, knowing I have turned over the care of my child

To Your Infinite Wisdom

And that You never fail me.

I affirm my child is safe in Your Arms, now and forever.

Thank You for teaching her

—through me and through others—

about her inner beauty, her Divinity and her worth.

Thank You for guiding me in teaching her how to be safe

Without making her afraid.

Thank You for helping us both stay so connected to You

That we cannot help but hear the "inner voice" that keeps us safe.

Thank You for teaching my child such great self love and respect

That she takes tender care of herself always.

Thank You for the happy days ahead of us.

For it is a new millennium in which Your power and wisdom reigns.

As Jesus said: "Ask and ye shall receive;"

So do I speak The Word which You infuse with absolute power:

My child is safe.

Thank You, God.
And so it is.

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