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Prayer For Iraq

Dear God,

Sages have said throughout time that WE ARE ONE.

Connect me with myself, O Lord, in Iraq.

For if we are one with You, I am there with You

And with the Iraqi people who reside in that place.

Had their fathers made different decisions,

They might reside here, as my extended family.

And, Lord, had I decided to explore the world;

If I had longed to see one of the oldest cities

In the Cradle of Civilization,

I might be in Baghdad tonight,

With danger all around me, praying to You for help.

My people suffer, God, and they choose not to.

They are good; they believe in You with all their hearts.

There was a man who convinced them they were victims

And his name was Saddam Hussein.

He told them that we

—in the Western part of this small world—

Have no regard or love for them,

And that our waging war against him was not for their benefit,

But over oil.

O God, let this be a lie.

Speak to their hearts, O God, and to ours in the West.

Awaken within us our brotherhood; our sisterhood.

For we are one humanity of which each of us is a vital part.

No one is expendable. No one is less adored by You.

We affirm that our Iraqi brethren are precious to us

and we are precious to them.

We affirm their true Muslim faith honors You and is

a powerful conduit for good in the world.

By Your Grace

We demand that You raise our brothers out of victimization.

Lift us all to a higher energy level wherein we see

There is no need for conflict.

Let this be true:

We are filled with profound understanding of each other's Divinity

And each other's worth.

We are filled with profound respect for each other's cultures.

We, in the West, show our brethren our true colors

And they reflect Your Love.

We now work together and restore peace and prosperity in Iraq.

—All water, electricity and power are restored.

—All schools, hospitals, businesses and cultural centers reopen.

—Those who have been injured are made well and brought new life.

—Order, health, commerce and free speech are restored in Iraq.

Those who have died are mourned, blessed and released.

You mend the hearts of those who grieve.

The living heal and go on to live lives of supreme joy and gratitude.

Iraq blossoms and her people live in peace, freedom,

And prosperity.

Our brave soldiers come home.

Welcomed with love

They heal from their long and agonizing experiences

So far from home.

Those who have been lost are mourned, blessed and released.

You mend the hearts of those who grieve.

The United States blossoms

And her people live in peace, freedom and prosperity.

We, the people of both nations, forgive our countries

—and each other—

For everything.

Profound peace and friendship reign between us.

You strengthen this prayer

—as we speak and read it—

So it resounds through the Heavens and across our world

Transforming us with Absolute Joy.

I do my part to create peace and joy now.

I praise and dedicate my life to You,

Our one Creator to which we have given so many names.

Praise Allah, Praise Christ, Praise God, Praise Yahweh!

Peace is now, in my heart.

And so it is.

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